Monday, September 08, 2008

Golden Frog - Lim Kit Siang ain't no Moses

And The Lord said to Moses, "Go down; for your people, whom you brought up out of the land of Egypt, have corrupted themselves; they have turned aside quickly out of the way which I commanded them; they have made for themselves a molten calf, and have worshiped it and sacrificed to it, and said, 'These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt!'" - (Exodus 32:1-8 RSV)

In earlier days the word ‘rationalize’ means to ‘treat in a rational manner’ but in the latter part of the last Century, it assumed a completely different meaning, like 'to invent plausible explanations for acts, opinions, etc, that are actually based on other causes'.

The dictionary gave an example of rationalize in ‘He tried to prove that he was not at fault, but he was obviously rationalizing’.

The first time I was taught the use of the word, I recall, was during my teenage school days when my sweet English teacher, Miss Goh (poor dear was in her early 20s but losing her battles with pimples) gave the example of Soekarno (yap, that one) rationalizing to the Indonesian people that ubi kayu (tapioca) was more nutritional than rice and therefore good for the rakyat – ‘twas a time when Indonesia couldn’t supply rice to its own people.

So Soekarno was inventing an explanation for the lack of rice by referring to the ubi kayu’s so-called 'superior' nutritional values.

I see many such examples of rationalization in recent days at Malaysiakini. In my previous post The Silence of the Lemmings (published today) I mentioned the Malaysiakini Vox Populi writers who rationalized that seizing power through insidious froggies a la Anwar's Sabah 1994 would be good because of:

(i) the current economic woes, thus any nation-minded MPs who really care for the people should crossover (despite the author expressing his concerns that the act would be unethical and undemocratic)

(ii) patriotism, so BN MPs who do not crossover are ‘traitors’ to the nation.

That's the appalling nature of rationalization.

In Malaysiakini 'Get people's approval first for 916', there’s a more raw and blunt argument, which is not exactly new, and in fact related to my comments ;-), where in my earlier post, I had stated, rather wryly, if I may add (because some people take me literally – wakakaka) …

that PKR supporters would ….. after they got over their delightful surprise that they had on 08 March 2008 denied the BN its 2/3 majority and the PR controlled 5 States, including premier Selangor ..… condemn the EC for its corruption because the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) didn’t win all 222 federal parliamentary seats, and never mind that the PR didn’t compete in all 222 seats.

… or that they had cursed how corrupt the EC had been in only returning Anwar Ibrahim with a miserly 15,000 plus majority in the Permatang Pauh by-election when rightfully it should have been a majority of 58,459! (BTW, total registered voters in PP = 58, 459)

OK, Malaysiakini tells us that G Mugunthan, Hindu Action Network coordinator, disagreed with those (like kaytee - wakakaka) who questioned the ethics of frogging into power. He asserted that most people want Pakatan to assume power ‘by hook or crook’ because they desire change - aiyah, has to be 'by crook' lah - mana ada 'by hook' lagi, until 2012.

Of course he failed, as to be expected with those who defend the indefensible, to clarify who those ‘most people’ are?

Like one of the Malaysiakini Vox Populi writers, Mugunthan claimed that the rakyat are burdened with the high cost of living (hello, it’s a global phenomenon), political uncertainty (and who’s causing it?) and a tepid economy, and are not willing to wait for general elections (which apart from happening a few months back as he neglected to mention, was actually the democratic reformed process once promised but now ignored by his de facto idol).

He grudgingly conceded that yes, ‘polls are the accepted barometer of public support’, but (a new doctoral thesis on democratic process?) ‘it was not the ultimate yardstick in Malaysia where the cleanliness of the electoral process is viewed with suspicion.’

Aha, again, that corrupt EC who denied PR its victory of 222 parliamentary seats and Anwar Ibrahim its 48,459 votes majority in the Permatang Pauh by-election!

Mugunthan rationalized the froggy ideology by declaring: "The widespread allegations that national polls are marred by fraud itself demands a change of government"

... which (the election 'fraud') incidentally denied the BN its 2/3 majority in Parliament for the first time since 1969, and allowed the PR to control 5 States.

However, Malaysiakini reported that Anwar's critics pooh-pooh-ed his respectable majority in his Permatang Pauh’s victory, stating that it’s just a mere “… home state win, and not a victory in Umno strongholds like Johor”, therefore Anwar cannot claim his (rationalization of his) victory as an indication that Malaysians want him to form the next government.

P Sivamurugan, a senior lecturer at USM has been, as Malaysiakini reported, critical of Anwar attempting to take over power in an unethical and undemocratic way without the people’s mandate.

He stated what I have been saying, no masuk via back door to power please, wait lah for 2012.

Siva is worried that the BN may ‘resist’ with the attendant ‘political and social unrest’. He was too euphemistic – he meant ‘riots’!

Siva also mentioned that “… the Pakatan governments in Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor have yet to prove themselves since their election victory, by producing worthy policies or action plans to inspire optimism amongst Malaysians that ‘the country would be better off under Pakatan".

Indeed, they should be doing what they should be doing, namely govern better and win public support. But alas, someone can’t wait.

Siva indeed supported my perception, and which I crystallized in
The torment and impatience of Anwar Ibrahim that the 916 drive has been Anwar’s personal agenda rather than of the PR.

Siva remarked: "He looks to be the one in a hurry to form the government, not other Pakatan leaders."

But to Anwar’s credit (I don’t know whether I should use the word ‘credit’ or ‘evil genius’ – wakakaka), he has even managed to get Uncle Lim tap dancing around the ethics of froggy ideology, when once upon a time Uncle Lim would have without any hesitation smashed it to smithereens, like Moses smashing the Golden Calf.

To my sadness and great disappointment, Uncle Lim also rationalized for the worship of the Golden Frog:

I will have no truck with BN MPs who want to join forces with Pakatan Rakyat because this is an opportunity for them to make money or get other material gain, i.e. for “a pot of political porridge”, for this is clearly unethical, unprincipled and dishonourable which must be deplored by all right-thinking Malaysians.

However, if BN MPs are motivated by noble principles of saving the country from further drift and loss of direction of the Barisan Nasional government and for the political, economic and national betterment of the people, their honourable and principled action to leave the sinking BN Titanic will surely gain the sympathy, support and respect of all Malaysians.

after pontificating meaninglessly on his inner belief, which he stated as ...

I fully agree that Malaysian politics must be kept clean, ethical and principled and there must be no room for elected representatives to be “frog legislators” to defect for monetary gain or other material inducements – or to use Ongkili’s words “a pot of political porridge”.

(sigh) - guess I am politically broken hearted!


  1. Don't worry, George Bush could see into Putin's soul, and after many years as opposition leader Kit Siang can see into BN backbenchers' souls, so he will know what their motivations are exactly. It's all good. Semuanya bes, beb.

  2. You are absolutely entitled to your views mate..I have been following your blog for a while..and must admit I like your style..but not necessarily your form.....

    Keep it up.....

  3. It's realpolitik innit? By 2012 BN may well have got its house in order and PAS and DAP may well have split. The iron is hot & it is time to act-what does democracy have to do with it? Absolutely nothing!

    I share your views on Anwar (having personally witnessed his evil tricks in Sabah in 1994) and I can't stand party hopping, but I may just give a change in govt via frogs jumping a wry smile. What goes around, comes around anyway.

  4. you are, my friend , talking n writing just like an irrational unrationalised expensive but lost consultant !

    Making a simple issue deviously complex so you can have fun twisting the whole thing !

    politics is all about the right strategy , not Engrish, stupid frogs , Bible or Moses. din you know that ?

    rational guy

  5. Is getting into power by “frogging” less moral (for it is legal as the law stands) than the following:

    1. At the barrel of the gun, post 1969?
    2. Intimidation since then with the May 13 bogey?
    3. Creating an EC which has been little more than a government department?
    4. Using the every resource of government to support the BN election machinery throughout, including in March 8 and PP, in clear contravention of the law of the land (Indira Ghandi went to jail for this in India)
    5. Bribing the Malay population by the gross abuse of the NEP, which was never created for the Malays alone, but for all poor Malaysians?
    6. By using Islam to fool the people by lying that were it not for UMNO, Islam would perish in Malaysia?
    7. And, of course, the employment of lies after lies to hoodwink the people?

    In comparison to all of the above (and much more, I am sure), what is so immoral about forming a government by so-called “frogging”?

    Really you BN guys are so bereft of intellect in your arguments and positions that it is astounding.

    Can’t you lot see that whatever Anwar is, he has changed the language of Malaysian politics from Malay supremacy (i.e., the master-slave dichotomy) to:

    A Malay child is my child;
    A Chinese child is my child;
    An Indian child is my child;

    Support Anwar and the PK, if for nothing else, then that! Get rid of the corrupt UMNO/BN status quo, for that is the right thing to do. No one promises paradise thereafter, but a chance to never again talk of Malays being masters and non-Malays being slaves in the land of their birth (and for many generations over).


  6. I just want to tell you that I think you are stupid.

  7. I have had grave suspicions prior to this, KTemoc, but after reading this laborious Screwtape-inspired argument against Pakatan Rakyat's carpe diem strategy, there can be no more doubt whatsoever that Evil Incarnate exists - and it does its insidious work through Ivan Ivanoviches and O'Briens like YOU.

    The masturbatory mindscape in which you dwell is BLEAK, DESOLATE, AND PUNGENTLY BEREFT OF SOUL.

    You are much greater a villain than benighted entities like Najib, Khairy, Abdullah, and the rest of the Umno/BN herd - because their downfall is due to simple greed and powerlust; whereas your thoughts are like arsenic oozing pixel by pixel into the blogosphere and insidiously enfeebling those who would consume your sinuous musings, attracted as they are by your Aristotelian gift of rhetoric and your ability to hypnotize your victims like Kaa the python in 'Jungle Book.'

  8. Hah, my dear once-Facebook friend who spurned my friendship just because of a complete intolerance for our differences of political opinions and in affiliations - I must say, dear Anatres, you have a way with words and highly expressive in your condemnation of me as Kaa, when you know full well I am but Bagheera who warns all of the dangers of Shere Khan ;-)

  9. What is so democratic about Malaysia election? Is your vote equivalent to mine in an election in Malaysia? After years of intense gerrymandering, the constituents in Malaysia is so lopsided that BN still wins over 63% of the parliamentary seats by only securing 51% of the votes of the people. Tell me, is that democratic?

  10. L_J said...
    . At the barrel of the gun, post 1969?
    2. Intimidation since then with the May 13 bogey?
    Do we need to wait until today to correct the above ? why not immediately on the next GE after May 13?
    3. Creating an EC which has been little more than a government department?
    Why didn't the PR declare PRU12 results null and void as the EC which has been little more than a government department?

    7. A Malay child is my child;
    A Chinese child is my child;
    An Indian child is my child;

    Hogwash and pure Propaganda
    see my comments posted in an earlier aticle :
    I am also distress at the pure hypocrisy of the PR parties for their deafening silence on the Ahmad Ismail issue and those Anwaristas , PAS supporters and PAS supporters remaining very quite while their cyber troopers choose to continuously whacked the MCA and Gerakan . The racists referment of Chinese as pendatang refers to ALL Chinese in Malaysia and all political parties should come out to condemn this bastard . To date only the MCA , Gerakan and DAP has lodge police reports . What happen to PKR and their supreme leader ? His comment on Ahmad Ismail as a lowly politician falls short of what we expected of him to take on that racist . Or is it he is in cahoots with him ? Till today he has not defended the Chinese supporters in his party and also his Chinese YB's in his party for allowing an old friend of his to call all Chinese as pendatangs . And to fan the critisism being level at the BN . If they PR claim they are representing all Malaysians irrespective of races , semua anak Malaysia , I don't see it here . More like an empty hot gas promise or slogan more like to put their snake oil salesman as the prime minister . I am still waiting for the outcome of yet another racist's Zulklifi Nordin show cause ! Or is it another show ? by PKR to pacify the Chinese when he asked the Chinese to balek China ? Where is Anwar on this ? Why isn't he personally involved in the in the show cause case of HIS PKR chap ? Instead he is promoting himself as the PM in waiting in Indonesia . If this is NOT HYPOCRISY BY PKR then what is it ?
    Is PAS also secretly endorsing what Ahmad Ismail call on Chinese as pendatangs ? Where are their public rebuke on that issue ? Silence means consent .
    Is this the type of PR gomen we want to support and put up as the next Federal gomen ? Better think twice before we start asking all other parties to leave BN .!! As such xiean is right in not asking Gerakan to leave BN . I support that line of thought . UMNO today is facing an internal warfare , an inplosion , changes are being made , let's wait and see before we make our next move .

  11. Bro Chaptokam,

    Ur rite in saying 'Wait & See' heheh..wat can I far as sum Malays r concerned bro Ahmad is a bro AnWar's stealth soldier n dis is d way for them to potray UMNO as being racist,..aint we all deep in our hart..hell i gess i'm a racist to sum even to my own Malay ethnic..heheh.. its difficult coz deep in our hart we r not being truthful to d situation.. as for me bro I'd rather see dis moron of Ahmad being sack frm UMNO,..we dun need ppl who talk using deir sentiment n not deir head..i gess both Ahmad shud be sack i.e Ahmad Ismail n anothr one is d biggest moron of all who created dis funking mess i.e Mat SamDol..heheh..wat can I say..TIME WILL TELL..(,")

    p.s. KT gue salute ur stand as Bagheera.. ;)

  12. Folks like Antares give me the creeps. Don't support Anwar = don't have soul? Jebus. Methinks someone needs a timeout.

  13. Hi flygoon 10:59 pm

    This is why we need to change from the British "first past the post"
    (or "winner takes all") system to the German "proportional representation" system for our elections. New Zealand has done that and so can we in the future.


    Phua Kai Lit

  14. Phua, I support you on this. The other OK-type of system is Aus's preferential voting system.

    The first past the post is subject to possible inequity.

  15. Hi Chaptokam,

    conspiracy theorist have a point. Why did this Ahmad disappear when the controversy started, might have met someone in secrecy. Re appear and create the damage so that BN component party will leave and the timing is in line with 916. Thats why Anwar is keeping quiet. I have said before that a lot of Anwar people are still in UMNO to do the damage in within.

    Gerakan fall into the trap, in this case MCA is doing better.

  16. Hi xiean morning got a good sleep?

    Now the asshole is asking Gerakan to leave BN . Who the hell is he to ask Gerakan to leave ? That's why I have mentioned before he the Mafia boss in Penang . He only knows thuggery , corruption , bribery and power abuse . That's the sort of guy he is . His action clearly shows whose side he's on , no respect for his UMNO President and Deputy President . No respect for others too by tearing Koh's photograph in front of the press corps by his supporters .The more he wants gerakan to leave , the more they shouldn't leave , this is one way of getting component parties to leave BN on behalf of Anwar .I expected this happen but unfortunately my comments on him was deleted by KT .

  17. We have some punks here who do not write anything but only wants to tell KT he's stupid . That's the quality of some (not all) of the Anwaristas .Maybe that's the only sentence they know .

  18. I think what is the bigger worry is not Anwar and his political hyena's attempt to mug the Malaysian voters of their constituitional rights but the dark silence of the so-called "civil society" and "human rights" cheerleaders who seemed to have mushroomed like pasar malam VCD traders everywhere since the last few years.

    This only confirms my suspicious that all these groups are just fronts for Anwar and his motley crew politican hooligans, pretending to support democratic reforms but in reality wanting to hijack the country's leadership just like some Somalian pirates off the Gulf of Aden.

    DAP's stance is most puzzling. At one end they ride the high moral horse while on the other hand, they mud-wrestle with the pigs. If Lim KS is sincere he should call the BN MPs to resign rather than jump ship. He has accused BN MPs of corruptions and many other unspeakable evil deeds yet he would happily embrace them to his PR fold. Once upon a time, I had a healthy respect to this Ah Pek, but he has transformed from a fearless patriot into a dirty little ham sap uncle.

    I am also waiting patiently as the time now running out for Anwar. Every passing day must be an agony as he has painted himself into a corner and his supporters and cheerleaders raising the expectation sky high. And when it all comes down, it all will end up in a bad South American soap opera.

  19. Civil society groups in Malaysia grew out of the situation where the government was often making major decisions for the benefit of a small politically connected minority.
    Don't forget that many civil society groups do work With the government, on those occasions where the government is willing to listen.

    It was the voice of people who wanted to have a say on specific issues , but not necessarily aligned with any political party.
    They were around long before Anwar, and will be around long after he is gone.

    A wise government would treat them as part of the civil feedback mechanism (not necessarily agree with them). Instead the Malaysian government has treated most of the civil society groups with contempt (typical of what's expressed aboved). "We are the elected government - we don't need to listen to you."

    I'm happy that DAP has finally started to show that it has the political determination to play in the First Division, not just the principled blind alley it looked like retreating into in the last decade.

  20. Statement by Ahmad Ismail - from the Sun -

    He reiterated that he had called Chinese “immigrants” in the context of the pre-independence period. “History cannot be changed just to satisfy and make certain quarters happy. We have to accept history.”

    On assertions by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders that the alleged racial statements were made to divert public’s attention from issues like corruption by the BN, Ahmad said he got calls of support from many grassroots members from PR.


  21. "Read The Last Sentence"

    Please don't try to divert the issue.
    The fact is PR has forthrightly come out with a non-racial economic agenda.

    While Barisan Nasional (essentially UMNO - the others are just subordinates) is still stuck with "Ketuanan Melayu".

    Ahmad Ismail is only guilty of being impolite, but he reflects the thinking of UMNO, including the leadership.

  22. killer, you have too far in calling Lim KS ham sap - that derogatory term has a specific meaning in Chinese and I reject that description of him in no uncertain terms - now kaytee may be accused of being ham sap but certainly not Lim KS.

    Please don't do that again - I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you have been unaware of the meaning of ham sap.

    To be fair to Lim KS, he did bemoan the current Constitution (amended in 1990) that any MP who resigns (like Dr Wan did) cannot stand for election for 5 years. This has deterred a MP from resigning from his seat under banner X to re-seek a new mandate under banner Y, not that our species of frogs have any honour or regard for the rakyat's wishes.

    Notwithstanding above, the point is MPs should think carefully about which party they joined or want to leave before an election and not only after the election. Same goes for others (non MPs) - if you leave a party only after it gets gutted in an election, you're nothing more than an opportunist.

  23. Hi All

    From Malaysian Insider:

    Still think this guy is an Anwar

    Phua Kai Lit

  24. Actually, Ktemoc, Ham sap is an appropriate figurative description of Lim Kit Siang's current political tendencies...

    Anwar is seducing LKS with the DPM post, and various Power positions for other DAP leaders.

    Whatever publicly stated inhibitions DAP may have had about froggies are steadily melting away...

    Its like a chaste, principled maiden being lured into lust by the Beast...

  25. To fight the Devil (read BN) we need to depend on all means at our disposal, and that includes enticing BN MPs over to PR. This is because BN never plays fair, be it unequal mass media exposure time, inadequate federal fund allocation to PR-controlled states, ect. We wish to see an end to corruption in this country, and the sooner the better. And the only way to get rid of the Ahmad Ismails and Najibs and their would-be wannabes is to dump BN, by fair means or foul.

  26. KT

    My humble apologies for the employment of the word "ham sap" .I do own up that I am indeed aware of the meaning of that particular Hokkien expression.

    My intention was in the context of political scenario where LKS , once a principled politician who has been seduced (as correctly interpreted by the Beast)by the Great Snake Oil Salesman into joining his Snake Oil direct selling scheme. In the past LKS' criticims were motivated by a genuine desire to see political and social betterment for the nation. However these days the only motive I can detect behind his comments are a lust for naked power for himself, his family and his party.

  27. Dude, speaking of silence of Lemmings, where is on Mr. Ahmad "I will not apologise" Ismail, you seem to have your blinkers on man

  28. Ktemoc's focus is Anwar Ibrahim's misdeeds.

    Ahmad Ismail is just a minor side issue, only used to point out that PKR also has a Zulkifli Noordin.

  29. eugene, please read

  30. Guys, stay calm, stay cool on the Ahmad Ismail issue.

    Look at the calendar, today is September 9th, look at the planeload of MPs sent to Taiwan during the Fasting Month...

    UMNO is reaching for its old playbook...when you are in a weak position, make chaos, or at least the appearance of chaos...

    Don't play BUMNO's game.

  31. Who ask for it? We have argue here months back that is not right and unhealthy for jumping ship, and UMNO people won't sit still and be toppled without strong resistance and it will become a racist issue. Its rather naive to believe that UMNO is the only racist lah!.

    PR have rightly call not to celebrate the 08 March election not to give UMNO people reasons to cause trouble. But what happen after this, because of craving for more power, they lost their senses. If anything undesirable happen, Anwar is to be blame as he started the fire.

  32. Hi Ktemoc

    This is a good article by
    Nat Tan:

    Phua Kai Lit

  33. I think while we are in the process of blowtorching Ahmad Ismail, we have let the other uber-racist Zulkifli Nordin has been quietly been swept under the carpet.

    While the PR cheerleaders like Nat the Kid and others been hard at over-analysing the significance of Ahmad Ismail, they have conveniently glossed over their very own nuclear bomb from Kulim. That this super-racist from Kulim, an elected MP no less, has been spared of action until today is a testament of PR's myopic, selective and deceiving policies. While PR felt it was important to call for a meeting to issue a statement on Ahmad Ismail, it has somehow forgotten that it harbour racists of no less caliber.

  34. Talking about racists , this is what I have been informed quote /unquote :

    Armed Forces Chief has asked the govt. to take stern action against those who bring up racial issues . IT IS VERY UNUSUAL IN THIS COUNTRY FOR THE MILITARY TO BE INVOLVED IN SUCH ISSUES AND MAY BE INDICATIVE OF TROUBLED TIMES AHEAD . Be Alert .

    Do not wished to disclose my sources but believe this is being transmitted to a lot of individuals via sms.

  35. Armed Forces Chief has asked the govt. to take stern action against those who bring up racial issues

    Its out in Malaysiakini , Malaysian Insider and NSTP on Line .

  36. You misunderstand, Kaytee. The reason I deleted you from my facebook friends list wasn't because of "a complete intolerance for our differences of political opinions." It's obvious your outright scorn for Anwar is fairly irksome, but you're not the only one who seems quite immune to the man's charms. Years ago, when a movie called "Dances With Wolves" was premiering in cinemas worldwide, I was perhaps among a tiny minority who left the theatre feeling totally put off by Kevin Costner and his cheap attempt to ride the politically correct bandwagon. I also happen to loathe Mother Teresa (the only time I felt a twinge of sympathy was after her death, when someone found her secret diary wherein she confessed that she no longer believed in the Roman Catholic god and despised the Vatican's hypocrisy). We're all entitled to our personal idiosyncracies. No matter how annoying your anti-Anwar tirades, that wouldn't have given me cause to consciously sever facebook links with you.

    The earlier comment I left on this post was perhaps unnecessarily strident and overly judgmental but I'm sure you have the capacity to transmute it into a backhanded compliment.

    At the outset I was curious to know who KTemoc was but all I saw on your facebook profile was a playing card. When I messaged you about your whoabouts you played coy with me. During the Mahathir era the fear factor was genuinely potent. Anonymity would have been fully justified in those days - especially if you happen to reside in Malaysia, within easy reach of Mahathir's SB goons. As a Penangite who's migrated to Australia, there's even less reason for you to hide behind a mask - unless you're the Phantom of the Opera or extremely ugly or both. Let's just say I felt uneasy about you and your personal agenda - and, to a certain extent, still do. However, I admire intelligence in all its myriad forms - even when I feel dubious about how it's being utilized. This is exactly my attitude towards the Secret Brotherhoods. Their cloak and dagger rituals fascinate and repel me, and I put a fair amount of energy into exposing them. However, I do not hate them - and I do not hate you either. Indeed, the time may come when we meet as friends - but so long as you insist on playing the Hooded One, I'll just keep a safe distance from you.

  37. Antares matey, I am not sure why people keep saying I've migrated to Australia; working for a living in Oz and various Pacific regions doesn't constitute migration as such, but alas, .....

    Sorry but I choose to remain cloaked as Jack of Spades - and it's not so much the SB I'm worried about - I've already been threatened by some PKR and PAS blokes who love to lay their hands on me ;-)

    But who knows, one day maybe I'll reveal myself as the ugly dwarf that I am wakakakakakkakakakaaa