Thursday, September 11, 2008

Smoke gets in your eyes?

They asked me how I knew
My true love was true
Oh, I of course replied
Something here inside cannot be denied
They said someday you'll find
All who love are blind
Oh, when your heart's on fire
You must realize
Smoke gets in your eyes
- The Platters

In Malaysiakini Early elections if Pakatan takes over we are told that “some experts believe it may be even less ethical for MPs to stick with the same party if their constituents no longer supported the party's agenda or politics.”
And who are those ‘experts’?

Well, apparently one of them as reported by Malaysiakini appears to be Ramon Navaratnam, chairman of Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute.

He stated: "I don't think it is a pure question of just ethics as to whether to serve wrongly in the same party or to cross over to another party to serve the country and the people better."

"Moving over to another political party out of good conscience and with the ‘niat' (intention) to serve better should in fact be welcomed if the majority constituents generally support the move because of disenchantment they have with the political party they had voted for. The peoples' welfare should be paramount and not that of self serving political parties."

I see the Tan Sri tap-dancing around with his statement. But let’s examine his advice more closely. The crux of his statement lies in “… if the majority constituents generally support the move …”
Now, the burning question for all is: just where’s the proof of that?

If I recall, it was just a mere 6 months ago when Malaysia had its general election. Wouldn’t a general election in a democracy be the instrument by which the nation measures which party enjoys the majority support?


... or perhaps Yes?

Stop mumbling and shifting your feet!

Yes, those who have been most vocal about democracy and due process have suddenly become mute – parties like the Bar Council, that bloke Param who’s always criticising Dr M, the USA, Aliran, and most of all the Pakatan Rakyat, and disappointingly for me, the DAP.

Even Karpal Singh, Lion of Gelugor has become silent. Maybe his mouth is full of chapati, and yes, his mum did tell him not to speak when his mouth is full.

It’s just amazing and disgusting at the same time, that one snake oil salesman, who had shown his devious subversion of the ballot box before in Sabah in 1994, has managed to stupefy, mesmerize and proselytize all these paragons of democracy into becoming silent supporters of his subversion again.

Indeed, c'mon, prove to us that “… the majority constituents generally support the move …”!
Meanwhile, in another worrying area (regarding democracy), the Armed Forces Chief after his monumental intrusive (into civilian affairs) blunder, which I blogged in Someone's gonna use a sledgehammer?, continues to be defiant.

Malaysiakini in Army chief defends 'stern action' call General Abdul Aziz Zainal defended his rare totally unbelievable, unprofessional and unacceptable call for ‘stern action’ against those inciting racial conflict.

This man doesn’t seem to realize his unforgiveable faux pas in breaching military ethics, professionalism and protocol by meddling with civilian affairs.

I deplore this sort of senior military officer who obviously fails to realize that, while he wears uniform and commands armed personnel, his role does not extend to involvement in civil matters that lie in the jurisdiction of politicians and the police. RMC has gone to sh*t. But worse, such a military bloke poses a real danger to democracy.

And while I suspect the Defence Minister of being behind this unprecedented (hey, Malaysiakini, the general's utterance is bloody not 'rare', it's 'unprecedented' lah, got it?) military illegal intrusion, we have the so-called great Reformer commending the general for his timely warning – sheeesh, sh*t and shades of Suharto!

I also note we have zillions of Malaysiakini readers condemning not only Ahmad Ismail (and rightfully so) but also AAB , who had suspended Ahmad Ismail from UMNO for 3 years, for not doing enough (in this case, debatable).

Yet, I have NOT heard one single beep from the same people for Anwar Ibrahim’s non-action against the Kulim Wonder – Mengapa tu? Takut kurang sebuah kerusi, atau tidak berani menyinggung perasaan heartland?

And it also took him a damn eternity to condemn Ahmad Ismail! Keeping an eye on the UMNO constituencies?

I am disappointed that erstwhile clear thinking people have become so muddle-headed and blind to Anwar’s undemocratic bull that they have even allowed him to get away with shameless declarations that he would be prepared to chase the potential frogs to Taiwan.

'Smokehit gets in your eyes'?
I cringe at the very thought of this so-called alternate PM who has obviously abandoned all forms of propriety and decorum in his burning rage to get his old position of power back.

The torment and impatience of Anwar Ibrahim


  1. you only have a few days left to cry wolf, before the tired farmers know your dirty tricks, at last

    so shout long and as loud & louder as you can for the next 6 days !

    for 916 is at hand

  2. A Malaysian Time Clock Slowly Clicking towards 16 September!

    Tick, Tock! Tick, Tock! Tick Tock!

    Inbetween, spare parts and batteries still insufficient in case it stop.

    Some try to move it faster by 15 minutes, some by 30 minutes.

    Nobody thought of moving it backwards. I wonder Why?

    continue at

  3. 916 is at hand

    916 isn't that refering to the purity of gold ? When you buy gold , they always say 916 which means NOT PURE GOLD .Translate that to PKR 's dream ! NOT PURE in their intentions .

  4. Someone posted this in another blog .I repost his/her comment :

    Just out of curiosity I ask, if the present day govt is so crap, corrupt useless, why is Anwar recruiting from the very same mould. Strangely still delays in his plans are now blamed on the MPs who have gone on this much mocked trip…still if they were to cross over why would they bother going on this trip? Shouldn’t they have already given allegiance to him?
    Maybe the crowd in M’sia who so hate the present day govt ( are for fair reasons) should do a scrutiny as they do in the US elections on experience of leader. If current ones are useless what is the PM in waiting (DSAI) bringing to the table which is different in ACTUAL recordable experience. What is his track record. He has only worked for BN and UMNO. Apart from organising a good rally for elections , which kudos they won some big stakes…what are his executive experience that makes him better than the current. He has not even worked as an opposition MP properly since his election win. They say in mgt give them 100 days and you will know if they can do the job!! He has barely recorded 20 days and Malaysians are giving their lives on his promises.
    Some bare points:
    1. He comes from the current mould - i.e. his past
    2. Recruiting from the current to make the new govt albeit under different brand banner
    So are we gonna get the same old same old under different brand name…..

  5. These last two pieces definitely is conclusive and "logical" proof that you are paid by UMNO undercover agents to bash Anwar.

    What more proof do you need?

    If we miss out Change, you will perhaps be held accountable also.

    Perhaps "smoke" has gotten into your eye after seeing the wads of greenbacks at an amount no less than what the MPs on te junket to Taiwan have been rumoured to received.

    KT's soul for only USD50K?

    Kinda cheap I'd think.

    (ha Ha)

  6. Anonymous
    KT's soul for only USD50K?

    That's kinda expensive .

    In Thailand it costs only 25 baht for a done job . Life is cheap , even cheaper in Iraq .

  7. Cakap senang lah. Sekarang ni semua rakyat menyokong ke Anwar dan apa yang Anwar ni nak buat? Ada tak terfikir sebenarnya majoriti taknak dia jadi PM pun. Dia yang perasan sendiri. Masih ramai orang yang tak menyokong dia tapi diam. Kena ingat tu. Sabar dan tunggu PRU.

  8. My Mp is from BN,he got my permission to jump over.go ahead!!

  9. chaptokam sir

    I kinda like your style more than ktemoc hahaha

    but as I have mentioned earlier on top , he and you only got 6 more days ...and the rest as they say will become history !

    the proof of the pudding is in the eating , the feast starts soon

  10. saya percaya Isu Menumpang ini ada motif di sebaliknya...

    lihatlah ni...

    Kenapa Ahmad Berani Ingkari Arahan

    Rakyat Malaysia!
    Jangan Terpengaruh dengan taktik MEREKA!!!


  11. It's a matter of ego, I suppose - the fact that he so confidently claimed that on Sept 16, he will be in power to GEGARKAN parliament.

    Now it seems silly for him to run after the banished-to-Taiwan MPs.

  12. KTemoc

    visit this site and review your view about the military especially if the strongman in the red highlights is someone very familiar to all of us. May not be bad thing after all, if the military decides enough is enough.


  13. oops forgot to add the link:


  14. If it is true PR will hold elections soon after taking over, I will unconditionally support the kataks-but where are the guarantees? As much as i abhor the idea of the kataks (surely 'promises' have been made to make these corrupt dogs to lompat) I am coming over to the idea that BN has stopped ruling anyway.

    Life is just not black and white-I share the DAP's pain of now supporting the katak phenomenon. You manage to keep your views strong-congrats but the alternative of doing nothing is worse I fear.

  15. I think it is not worth our time to comment on Anwar's stupid stunt of 916, which I think just another catchy marketing slogan of his Great Snake Oil Sales and Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd. This silly marketing tactics reminds me of those idiotic jingle and tagline of those irritating telco companies that target guilible pre-teens and teens. Even my pre-teen son doesnt think these ads to be particularly clever.

    I don't want to comment on the apologists who trying to rationalise Katakcracy. All of these sycophants' cheerleading sound as fake as Bush' " War on Terror" campaign which killed far more innocent civilians and his own soldiers than actual terrorists.

    In a few days the Emperor of Cheap Stunts will be revealed to the waiting public in all his naked glory.I am waiting to see what new excuse he will have for us next.

    Anwar's trouble going to start after Sept 16th and it will be downhill all the way since he has hyped up the date so much that, the only way down, deep down.

    There will be a huge hangover on the Sept 17th and then PR will start to implode....

  16. In the malaysian type of democracy, the so called majority support for the ruling party comes from less than 30% of the population because of the way the constituencies are being drawn up. The lowly populated rural regions provide more seats than the densely populated urban areas. Since the ruling party secured many seats from the rural regions, the so called majority representation is a bull shit. In a real democracy, the vote of each citizen should carries equal strength in determining the government of the day and not skewed by manipulating the constituencies.

  17. Mr Flip Flop I thought that applies to Badawi only !
    Now it seems we have another Flip Flop !

    Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim gave conflicting signals about his planned move to topple the government
    He was initially quoted as saying that his self-declared Sept 16 deadline could be postponed but then changed tack telling reporters it was -very much- on track.
    Anwar acknowledged there were -technical problems- but said he would deal with it.

    -If need be, I'll fly to Taiwan,- he said.
    Don't forget to bring Saiful along !
    Personally, I don't think he has the numbers. Is it a bluff? People will question his credibility if Sept 16 comes and goes. Is it just a tactic to weaken Umno? Or his personal agenda?
    Even if he has the numbers, it might not be a strong and stable government; it might be fragile. There will be political instability, as BN will never allow them to simply take over,

  18. anon @ 11.45pm answered kt's query why GE12 do not really give us a real pix of 'majority'.... GREAT!

    all anwar-songsangistas are gonna laugh come 916, they r already giving excuses...'Chua said that September 16 was merely a symbolic date to begin the transformation, as it marked the formation of Malaysia in 1963, and it not necessarily the date when the actual takeover will happen'.

    good or bad, i'll still vote for change. the current goons r just not worth our moral 'values'. yes, JUMP! and followed by election, that's the right thing to do.

    anwar's track record? nothing to shout about. who has? do we have a choice? can we consider expatriates for this job?... now why not!?... ok, don't bother.

  19. Anonymous 11:45 PM,

    This is a double edge sword . It works either way . If the opposition contests in those seats you mentioned and wins , they are also presenting a constituency with low population .

  20. so, do away with the current 'constituency' voting... let's vote ala-american presidential voting. and why let only umno delegates (or MCA, MIC, PKR etc) decide who becomes our PM!? worse still... why let LaLa decides for us?

  21. I am a frog. I jump: that's what I do. You have a problem with that? Please do not moralise about what I do naturally. Least of all, do not politicise my God-given ability! For God's sake, if something happens naturally, let it happen. :>

  22. Some people said life is not about black and white and some question the election process , this I a agree but the problem we are facing now are not about black and white or the the election process. Its about twisting the rules to suit the aims. Any games there are written rules and regulations to follow, lets say world cup, the campion keep title from four years thats one the rule irrespective of they are able to maintain their forms or not, or any of their players are still with them or not. Coming back to my point, our election laws and rules are already stated out, the constituencies drawn up and the winning party right to rule for five years ( fair or not is another matter ). Every participant party for the election are aware of those sets of rules. The loser can't now claim that the rules set are wrong, that they have the support of majority of the people to rule and it right for them topple the government, the call is just like the loser of the wold cup team buying the players of the champion team and then claim and dispute that they are rightly the champion or asking for rematch.

    Perhaps Malaysia will do that when PR become the government ......Tian chua and gang should go to Italy lah! ... instead of Taiwan.......wahahakakaka.

  23. Four PKR leaders will fly to Taiwan tomorrow to meet Barisan Nasional (BN) MPs that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) claims have already agreed to defect to the opposition coalition.

    I hope its the other way round , perhaps BN will have four additional MPs after this trip .

    Seems like nothing can keep them away from each other. It must be the farm visits and fruit picking and tasting exercise :)

    Looks like they really miss each other ! Are they really visiting farms and picking fruits or is it they are picking and harvesting $$$$$$$$$ ? hahahaha
    One never knows , anything can happen in this politics , Malaysian style !!!!

  24. Looks like PR will have four less MPs when they return !!!wakakaka

  25. I think the burning argument modifier that Ktemoc has failed to notice is: "If."

    From the statement: "...if the majority constituents generally support the move...", there doesn't need to be proof of constituents generally supporting, because it clearly doesn't state that they're in support, but neither does it say that they're not in support. But that's beside the point, because it's clearly an if-statement.

    You really ought to hold off on writing articles by picking off perceived statements that you didn't read/understand in the first place.

  26. Ramon Navaratnam, a former pillar of the establishment, Senior Government servant, NEP supporter, turned reformist, is just giving voice to what many, many ordinary Malaysians feel.

    Its also why DAP has turned passively silent on the frogging issue.

    It's not about Anwar Ibrahim anymore. Its about the collective yearning to be rid of a corrupt, incompetent and discredited regime. Whatever the BN government says these days, the ordinary civilian believes maybe 30%.

    We may have the mechanical semblance of a democracy, like a wind-up doll, but we lost our real democracy a long time ago.

    That is why a lot of people, almost a silent majority in my calculation, may not support frogging per se, but will acquiesce with the attempted regime change.

    Ferdinand Marcos was essentially toppled by unconstitutional and undemocratic means. He had legally won the Presidential elections on February 7, 1986.
    On February 22, 1986, two million people blocked the EDSA highway leading from Manila to the Presidential palace, facing down the gun barrel of army tanks.
    The Phillipines Army refused to open fire on its own people. The rest is history.

    September 16 will not occur on schedule, but BN isn't headed for a safe harbour. Its just a temporary stay of execution.
    The axe WILL fall.

    And much as the establishment apologists may wish so, PR is not about to implode.

  27. I think many people are missing the woods for the trees when they criticise the electoral system.

    May be our system gives more weightage to the rural population. Right or not, it is debatable but the point is that it is not something sinister that abnormal when compared to the rest of the world. If there is a system that gives even weightage, this also can be accused of unfairness if we look at the size of the rural area and the level of development.

    What I am trying to say here is that, this is merely a system of calculating the weightage and it does not interfere with the democratic system or affect the fairness of the electoral system.

    If PR has less support among the rural population, then they should work harder rather than whine about the weightage. If PR has less support among rural population, then it is PR's fault and NOT due to the electoral weightage.

    The key point is that the size and the population of each state must be taken into consideration so that they have fair representation in the national parliament. The system should not be manipulated to cater for the support base of the political parties so they can have more seats.

    My message to those from PR who says the system is biased is simple. You are free to contest and win any seats and if you can't win rural seats, then it reflects your own weakness and not because the system is unfair.

    If you think the electoral system is biased and it is ok to topple an elected govt through undemocratic means, then would you accept if BN resorts to the same tactics to topple PR govts in Perak and Selangor ?

  28. Hey, I suppose that there is nothing that Anwar Ibrahim can do taht will be right by you!

    You conveniently ignore the fact that all the GE's including the latest by election at Permatang Pauh was all tainted by electoral fraud.

    You would rather sink with the Titanic than to help unload some of the life boats that might save those who might want to live! Your argument here would be no different from holding on to your horses despite the fact they have bolted and holding on will only kill you.

  29. A lot of guys who say about a collective yearning for change but how about those who yearn to get rid of those political pirates who are out to hijack's people's democratic choice ?

    While the BN govt has legal and democratic mandate from the GE that was only held 6 mths ago, who gave these political hyenas the approval or right to topple the elected govt ? Malaysian people ? Based on what mandate ? Mkini poll ?

    I think if we are to progress to a First World in terms of democracy, we need to start to respect and strengthen the instituitions of law and democracy rather than destroy them to suit our personal wishes.

    Anwar and his cult failed to realise that the way of using undemocratic way to gain power is a double-edged sword. Even if he gains power by an act of political piracy, he will lose his moral ground (that is if he has one to begin with) and there is nothing that to stop BN from using similar tactics to undermine his rule. The end result will be a highly polarised nation with both sides willing to sacrifice democracy,law and ethics to achieve their goals. This will only mean that the country will be plunged to chaos and possibly a civil war that will destroy the nation.

    Many people yearn for a change for the sake of change. We have seen many times elsewhere that change is not always for good. In fact in many countries change had brough much misery and hardship.

    To PR supporters, remember this. Your attempts to hijack power through unconstituitional means will be opposed by many nuetral Malaysians who form the silent majority.

  30. old fart

    I am tired of the talk of electoral fraud. If there were frauds, then why didnt PR sue the EC and BN ?

    Don't just talk, produce proof. It is not uncommon tactic for losers to blame the electoral system for their failure but you would do the country a big favour if you produce proof that can stand in the court of law. Don't come up with stupid evidence such as people with > 100 years old or deseased people in the electoral roll. Inefficiences do not make fraud. Show evidence how BN won an election using fraud.

  31. 'those who agree-disagree with tudungs and don't see the shia-sunni fights as the main thing' mentality... same as those who spend so much time talking about voting rules and football rules...u know, u so deserve this legally elected BN goon govt. u so deserve to get your hard-earned money to fattened all those pigs! and u want this to continue even though there could be a chance to get away from all these... hey! why do u buy lottery?

    katakcarcy is unethical, no guarantees anwar's good, but why continue letting scums to rob us?

  32. Dear All

    See Farish Noor's commentary:


    Phua Kai Lit

  33. Supernova katakcarcy is unethical, no guarantees anwar's good, but why continue letting scums to rob us?

    Scums to rob us ? I don't feel I'm being rob ? I wonder how you defined that word ? hop[e you can specify what you are saying .

  34. supernova, there's a now more balanced parliament (without the BN previous bulldozing 2/3 majority) - there's gonna be more accountability.

    furthermore, 5 states are held by the PR with a chance to showcase their accountable and transparent governance.

    we have come thus far, winning wonderfully 5 State rule and denying the BN of its 2/3 majority in federal parliamnet, all through proper democratic process and definitely without the UMNO-styled katakification

    why let anwar ibrahim used his previous UMNO practice of katakification to ruin our good record of returning decency, propriety and FULL democracy back to our nation. I am convinced in 2012 the PR will be the government if it holds its course which it held prior to the GE

    all these would be lost due to one man's self interest and obsession to get to become PM - a man who had demonstrated before that he was undemocratic and still continues to be undemocratic, and is planning to take us down the undemocratic path

    if we give in to his proposed subversion of the ballot box (in the process, bullshitting ourself we're doing it for the good of the people), we become like the BN whom we have been accusing of subverting democracy, because anwar's katakification is about subverting democracy, just as he had doen so in Sabah in 1994

    and all these are being proposed publicly by him without any decent non-BN objection to his intended subversion, and sadly, defended by people such as you and even Lim KS, ... just because he has the evil genius to mesmerize people like, yes, Lim KS (once a hero to me for his puritanical conduct)

    ... which is why I must speak out continuously against this snake oil salesman

  35. This is what I know is the situation in the country thru my sources of information , however its not quite like what many think it is ,Guess there's a lot of spin doctors around .
    This is as much I'm prepared to reveal .
    There are 31 or 32 BN MPs who are not quite happy with Badawi and have signed a letter confirming they want him to go . They have however confirmed they are NOT jumping ship , they want a change of PM . In other words they want a challenge of the UMNO Presidency this coming December and will not wait until 2010 .
    It is this batch of disgrunted MPs that Anwar is chasing , but he doesn't realise that they will NOT follow him and jump ship .
    So I guess this will clear up a lot of hopes for 916 . Fat hopes , keep on waiting .!! You guys will have to wait for a govt change .

  36. Dear Katakcrats

    I think Anwar and PR has misread the message of 8th March as much as some parts of BN has yet to fully accept it.

    We put you in the Parliament to act as check and balance and to deprieve BN the 2/3rd majority so that they don't rule with impunity and use bulldozer tactics in approving new legislation. We want PR to be the watchdog to ensure that there is no abuse of power or corruption. We want Pak Lah to finally deliver his promises that are overdue from 2004 GE. We want BN to wake up and start to work for us like what AAB promised at the start of his reign.

    We certainly did not vote so that we can fulfill Anwar's wet dream of becoming the PM.

    We would certainly vote for PR and let them run the country in next GE if they can fulfill their electoral promises of being responsible Opposition and ensure the rakyat's interests are protected.

    However, ever since the last GE, the only thing that drives PR and Anwar is the quest for power. They have been continually engaged in a war of attrition with BN in underimining them using mostly undemocratic and unethical tactics. Their drama at the Parliament, the use of RPK, bloggers and various proxies in producing disgusting but baseless SDs had only succeeded in putting BN on the defensive and focus on protecting their positions rather than carrying the promised reforms. Much of the BN leadership's energies are spent on countering polictical machinations of Anwar rather than ruling the nation.

    Even the sodomy2 is a self-defence action from an under siege government.

    Our stock market has crashed like dominos, currency is fading, investment is drying up while investors are looking at us like we are lepers.

    I am saying this again. Any attempts by Anwar to practise political piracy to form a katakcracy will be highly unpopular and will be opposed (even violently) by BN supporters and even the nuetrals. It is highly unlikely that Anwar will call for a GE even if he succeeds since the mood will be ugly and un sympathetic to him.

    In short, katakcracy will spell doom to Malaysia.

  37. Mr Perfect KT

    Is using ISA on its own people propriety and decorum?
    Go on and sit on your high horse and enjoy it.
    tow wrongs wont make one right, right?

  38. we were at one time on par with countries like singapore, taiwan and korea, 50 yrs on, this is not new ---> 'Our stock market has crashed like dominos, currency is fading, investment is drying up while investors are looking at us like we are lepers'. why not let BN to provide the chk and balance, instead?... they should be able to do a good job and at the same time giving chance to another party to prove things...
    come the next GE, BN will make sure all these difficulties they r facing now will be gone, they will cheat and manipulate (no, i do not have proof but many like old fart knows this will come true). why PR won in the 5 states and permatang pauh by-election... i call it BN misculculation (yes, u can hentam me kaw kaw but ppl like kittykat46 knows what i'm talking abt).
    i don't trust anwar as much as u do but our stk market, currency, foreign investment can't wait anymore. the oil fields are fast drying up too. R we so blind to notice those goons are out to enrich themselves while raising their kerises and wailing 'ketuan melayu' with their MCA and MIC accomplices doing the same to hoodwink all those niave rural voters?

    now rpk is arrested under ISA, why not ahmad ismail? we r dealing with 'chow ka', get it??? they dont play by rules, so dont talk abt that!

    yes... u r not suppose to shut down your computer by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL, but now it's not responding at all...heck! just CTRL-ALT-DEL lahhhhhhhh!!!! and start anew, if it hangs again, too bad.....

  39. I was never a hard-core opposition supporter (still am not). I'm no Outsider, nor a rebel.

    My main interest was , still is a more responsible and accountable government. I'm perfectly happy if the badly needed reforms could be made within the context of a Barisan Government.

    Unfortunately, the sheer arrogance and corruption (in every sense of the word) of the Barisan Regime between 2004 and 2008 made it obvious the only way to send a message to the ruling regime was to vote against it.

    So what has happened since March 8 ? Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made some superficial noises about judicial reform, some weak speeches about racial unity. From March 8 until now, 6 months, there is no concrete evidence that the government has sincerely "got the message". No action through legislation, accountability etc.

    Instead there is every evidence that the regime simply considers March 8 just an abberation, which it can negate through political machinations.

    Denying development funds to PR controlled states, cancelling previously approved vital projects.

    Its spent the last 6 months hunting its own kataks in PAS. Trying to destroy Anwar Ibrahim through Sodomy 2.

    The speed at which the DNA bill was rushed through shows the regime is quite able to move, if it is interested.

    What's happened to the IPCMC bill?
    What's happened to the Judicial Commission bill ?
    The latest move is to throw a blogger into ISA detention.

    The BN government, with a 60 seat majority (bigger in percentage terms than the British Labour Goverment's in the House of Commons) , is preoccupied with trying to break the Opposition instead of governing.

    The country is on Auto-Pilot. Billions of Dollars of Investor funds have left the country in the last 2 months.

    And I say this again to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Barisan Nasional. Either you govern, or you get out of the way and let somebody else govern.

  40. Whatever happens, anwar will still come away smelling like roses (to his supporters) as they have themselves admitted, even his fart smells good. :)

    No worries, mate, katacracy or not, happens or not, we just have to await further destabilising accusations to justify why it didn't happen like he said it would.

    He is like the man who won't die, the man who cannot see he's not in the right, the man who only wants to become PM... and then, What?

    Not too many Malays I know would welcome LKS as TPM, or even KS.

    Sorry to say that on a DAP forum.

  41. Dear Katakcrats

    That the stock market, currency and investment scenario deteorated quickly in the last few months shows that it is not so much due to Badawi / BN administration but to the development in the political arena post March 8th.

    LKS is right to call is Tsunami as it has brought such incalculable damage to country's economy, comepetiveness and investment climate.

    No doubt Badawi failed in delivering many of his promises from 2004 GE, and rightly the rakyat punished him in the 2008 GE. The reduced votes and the loss of 5 states was rakyat's way of voting with the feet. The rakayat has clearly said that while they are unhappy with BN, but the majority still give BN the mandate to rule the counry for another 5 years. However unhappy PR supporters are with BN, the verdict and the voice of rakyat must be respected and adhered to.

    In the 2004 GE, PAS almost lost Kelantan and some BN members wanted to "invite" PAS ADUNs to cross over. The margin of win in some seats were single digit. But Badawi and BN refused to use undemocratic means to take over the Kelatan state govt.

    However,now PR refused to accept people's voice and insist of using political piracy to hijack the country. If Anwar can resort to such unethical means now, what guarantee there is that he won't pursue unethical and illegal means to run the country if he assumes the PM post ?

    If Anwar does not respect people's voice now and would resort to any means to acheive his aims, what would stop him to be a dictator once he has all the powers of a PM ?

  42. Dear friends

    Stop making statements like "once we were on par with Singapore, Korea and Taiwan"...This is kind of the rubbish that is being peddled by Anwar.

    Singapore and Korea was never on par with Malaysia for there were much advanced countries. Korea was lucky to be developed by Japan during its occupation while Singapore was city and while Malaya was an agricultural nation. As such it is a wrong and misleading comparison. Taiwan probably a fairer comparison but then again they received billions of aid from the US and have far fortunate demographics.

  43. susan loone wrote:
    "All of us are made to pay for UMNO’s internal crisis. Looks like the leadership transition is not so clear cut anymore with Najib Tun Razak saying that it should be left to delegates. What a flip flop!
    We might see Najib as the next PM even before 2010. Still want to debate on the ‘morality and immorality’ of cross overs?
    Or do you still want to debate whether we should have the ISA or not?
    We can probably do that in Kamunting Detention Camp. Because if UMNO is permitted to carry on for another few years, we may as well rename Malaysia - Kamunting.
    With the culture of fear permeating, the whole country is on its way to being a detention camp!"

    ever heard of the game calvinball? this game invented by the boy in Calvin & Hobbes... u come out with new rules as u wish as the game goes along. now the goons are playing calvinball, likely to invoke ops lalang II, starting with rpk, and here we have some very innocent ands supposed on the high moral ground who compare the whole thing to a football match with proper football rules. hahaha! u just don't get it!

    malaysia, a land with vast resources can't compare to singapore city!!!? whoa, that's how yao ming's gonna lose a basketball game playing against pygmis............

  44. Kittykat said,

    "The BN government, with a 60 seat majority (bigger in percentage terms than the British Labour Goverment's in the House of Commons) , is preoccupied with trying to break the Opposition instead of governing."

    you sure about that? or is it the other way around?

    from what i can obviously see is that, PR and BN aren't doing anything much except quarrel, you can't just blame BN alone for the bad currency and foreign investments, who do you think have been making them too busy to govern the country? who do you think have been creating propaganda to foreign media about the state of Malaysia? it takes 2 to tango sister, and you shouldn't give out biased views like that.

    the problem is about both sides is that, both of them are too stupid and blind to see what's in front of them, Pak Lah with his ego, and Anwar with his obsession. whats in front of them is the Rakyat.

    Have you ever wondered why Anwar wanted to topple BN so bad now rather than wait 4 more years? its because he knows that the people dont like Pak Lah, he knows that the reason why people voted for PR is because the people wanted to teach BN a lesson, but just a lesson, not to topple down, this is specifically what happened in Klang and various parts in Selangor.

    Anwar sees this as an opportunity to bring down the govt, he knows its not about a better malaysia, its about the people's hatred to Pak Lah, I'm sure if Pak Lah goes down, a lot of people will come back to BN and that will be the end of it for PR.

    What Anwar should have done was to be the leader to govern the 5 states given to them, and if they are what they've been promoting, i assure u i will be the first in line to vote for PR in the coming election.

    people keep saying that "we've got nothing to lose so please give anwar a chance" "we've got no choice for a leader but anwar"
    they way they've been saying all these things are as if they're on the brink of devastation. as if their lives are really that bad that they can't wait for another 4 years. well id say you've got EVERYTHING to lose if anwar screws up, right now you can sit safely at home commenting on blogs, snobbing, but Anwar is playing on thin ice here and if he fucks up, you can bet ur ass you won't be able to stay home being the brat that you are.

    if a riot breaks loose, you'll be running for your lives.

  45. Your statement that MP's crossing over is unethical and wrong sounds hollow. I know for a fact that there has always been massive rigging and cheating in our elections by the BN machinery because I had assisted my friends in BN in such heinous act in the past. In fact my friends in the BN were in the thick of action of trying to get illegal voters to vote for BN in the Permatang Pauh By-Election. I know for a fact that election rigging has been carried out with the cooperation and connivance of the Election Commission, Governemnt Agencies like the Police, etc. So for Pakatan to win five states and the recent PP constituency despite all these odds stacked against them speaks volumes.

  46. adlibudiman this is a very well written reply to kitty , btw kitty's a tom cat not a meow meow cat .

    Anwar sees this as an opportunity to bring down the govt, he knows its not about a better malaysia, its about the people's hatred to Pak Lah,
    even among the BN MPs there are 31 or 32 BN MPs who are not quite happy with Badawi and have signed a letter confirming they want him to go . The latest is Muhyiddin telling the premier to hasten his exit plan.
    I concur that when Pak Lah goes down, a lot of people will come back to BN and that will be the end of it for PR.

  47. The fact that some people have made up their minds in choosing Anwar without really sitting down and evaluating the 5 states that the PR is governing shows how immature Malaysian people are when choosing their leaders.

    Malaysiakini for the opposition is becoming more and more like Utusan for the govt, when this issue was raised by fencesitters, pro-PR's would give their consent towards this because its for a cause, or at least thats what they think its. What's sad is that they do not realize that history is repeating itself.

    You'd think that after years of being raped by Pak Lah and his cronies, these people would choose wisely and carefully who they think should be the next in line. Impatience has always been one of the many virtues of Greed. but in this case, YOUR impatience is feeding Anwar's greed.

    These people want change, but what they have failed is to change the way they think.

    BN has fooled you once, shame on them, now PR is trying to fool you with the same thing for the second time, SHAME ON YOU!

  48. Is it democratic and ethical to?
    -withhold development to Kelantan
    -deny the oil royalty or (to use BN euphemism) wang ehsan to Terengganu during the years Pas was the state government
    -incarcerate under the ISA, the Hindraf 5 claiming that they are terrorists
    -lock up bloggers who do not agree with your view of the world
    -waste the taxes we pay on projects ,mega or otherwise,that have no discernable benefit for the rakyat

    and so much more . . .

    When you consider it, we are all ‘kataks’. There are those who would jump from job to job, sweetie to sweetie, country to country, house to house and even wife to wife. Then there are the types who are living under ‘the coconut shell’ believing all’s well with their world. I prefer to call them “Katak di dalam gelas kaca” . . . wakakakaka.

    The most famous of all political ‘kataks’ was Sir Winston Churchill who left the Conservative Party to join the Liberal Party in 1904. Then in the 1920s, he ‘crossed’ back to the Tories! (double crosser ?) wakakakaka.

    In 2007, Quentin Davies joined Labour from the Tories declaring that the Tories appeared “to have ceased collectively to believe in anything, or to stand for anything".

    Describes BN perfectly !!

  49. If I am Anwar today , I keep my Mouth shut and go for a Holiday .

    There have been ample warnings given by the Military , the DIGP , the heat is on , stay clear otherwise we would be staring at the face of NOC .
    Said this many times before , Never push a dog to a corner . It'll fight back and all hells loose !! Read along the lines , in between the lines , before and after .

  50. When you consider it, we are all ‘kataks’. There are those who would jump from job to job, sweetie to sweetie, country to country, house to house and even wife to wife. Then there are the types who are living under ‘the coconut shell’ believing all’s well with their world. I prefer to call them “Katak di dalam gelas kaca” . . . wakakakaka.

    Makes sense to you but NOT to me in your referal of Kataks . wakakaka .

  51. Typical of "katak di dalam gelas" - it is out there but cannot comprehend. Must be the result of the sad education system.

  52. can I suggest all you super intellectuals & perfect gentlemen and ladies here meet on 15 sept kelana jaya to see what we can do for RPK and democracy, instead of trying to outsmart outhink outshine outktemoc here and wasting cyberspace time?

    my name is Pecos
    practical and sensible
    no talk kok

  53. Dear ANON 8.20PM, LET ME TELL YOU we have KT and his side goons like those famous killer, chaptokan the Ustaz etc. etc.those democratic heroes are gfn bolexs who knows how to crow and crow about Anwars wrong.Forget it those worms will not be in Kelana Jaya for RPK.They are paid to crow about BN 's glory.Did you see KT whack that brother of his this Admad the racist.He was restless on that PKR racist to pay for his punishment but hell no nothing on that penang no 1 racist.AIIYA THIS GUYS SUCKS!1
    Told you this blog is subtile and funded by whom you know best.It always the same nuts preaching like learned people but sad this are old foul brained specimen from malaya!

  54. how can this blog be funded by anyone when its free? hmm...

  55. adlibudiman,
    What is the maximun hours you can blog or read blogs per day? This guys , do you think its for fun?Write all good shit on BN for the sake of writing They are paid to do a job of writing negatively anything the enemies of the government.
    Have you noticed on KT and his goons centering on Anwars' creditability.He is bad and this and that.All those whining against people who supports Anwar and that they are idiots to side him.
    Look at how many blogs KT has.For fun and for free.??
    It's the money la!

  56. Anonymous 9:06 PM is none other than Monsterball . I have trace him thru my connections .

  57. anonymous 10:40pm

    hah, dude, i see people commenting here during work hours, like everyday, you should see susan loone's blog, people comment there in the middle of the day when they should be working and buat rezeki halal. sibuk cakap org lain makan duit haram, sendiri punye rezeki pun tak jaga. sibuk mau negara maju, tapi contributing to the nation pun not so much, banyak bising ade la. do you think all those commentors who have all the time in the world to read blogs during working hours also get paid by political parties?

    thats not right, and you have the guts questioning how ktemoc can update so much, i personally think he doesn't update much compared to the likes of anil netto who updates like every hour or something. what about him? do you think he's paid by guan eng?

    im not backing him up or anything, im just saying that opinions differ, and just because most of our opinions differ than yours, and perhaps some of us have more time to discuss about these things doesnt mean that we get paid by any funded body or anything.

    stop being so biased la, have a bit of sense when you voice out your opinions. its getting embarassing

  58. peterp, a katak is one who informed his constituency he's from Party A to represent them, then after winning the seat on ticket A, jumps to Party B or even Z - now that's the derogatory meaning of katak - and not referring to what you suggested, "job to job, sweetie to sweetie, country to country, house to house and even wife to wife."

    It's the unscrupulousness of misrepresentation to the voters who had voted the katak into either federal parliament or DUN, a damning betrayal of the voters' trust.

    If a politician hasn't yet been voted into a seat, then by all means, he or she is free to change party since there hasn't been any investment by the voters in him/her, and therefore no political CBT would be committed.

    For example, Dr Tan Kee Kwong (son of the famous Dr Tan Chee Khoon) has joined PKR after he was suspended from Gerakan. He hasn't 'stolen' any seat voted on a Gerakan ticket, therefore no one could call him a frog. His only demerit has been that he chose to join PKR AFTER his original party was gutted in the March 2008, which makes him more of a rat deserting a sinking ship - and I mention 'rat' NOT in a derogatory sense, but just as part of a saying.

  59. So sorry dudes. Have followed this blog since inception. Its a blog set up to discredit Anwar.

    People like chaptokam, killer, and who else now, debase the discussions here with their swamping of posts of low level intellect.

    Sorry. But a spade's a spade.

  60. I said before that Anwar has badly miscalculated and painted himself to a corner. There is no way that he could get the required MPs unless at the point of a gun. He obviously do not have the number, otherwise he would not send his hit squad over to Taiwan.

    Also look at the composition of the team. None of them are senior leaders or those with sufficient political experience to conduct complex and difficult negotiations with the potential kataks. The mere name of Elizabeth Wong send me into hysterics.

    All I could see the team doing is to issue press statements to the foreign and Taiwanese media and enjoy free holidays.

    All these shows that Anwar has been playing a game of bluff, some how hoping that he could get the MPs by scaring the BN with tales of defection.

    Come Sept 16th, he will have some other excuses for his failure. May be some assasination plots or Operasi Lalang 2. But I expect him to continue his pursuit of the BN MPs.

    However, PR itself a ticking time bomb. Only DAP is in good shape and united. PAS will be playing the role of SAPP in PR and it is a matter of time they will leave. However, before they do they will create havoc with their demands and prolonging the misery for PR.

    PKR itself is having mini war everywhere. Their battle with DAP and PAS in Selangor and Perak and among themselves will escalate. It is likely that Selangor will be the first to see open conflicts. I doubt Khalid or the Selangor govt will survice long.

  61. killer et al, no need to wait til 16th... u got your wish, it's ops lalang 2... theressa kok detained too after rpk and the sin chew reporter. guess who's next?

    y haven't u goons say anything abt ahmad ismail still a free man out there. yeah, i know... HE's one of your MEN!

    congrats to u all... u win playing calvinball! na na na na na....

  62. killer
    Come Sept 16th Operasi Lalang 2 over

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. supernova

    Ya people been talking about Operasi Lalang 2 for months, even before GE. But perhaps they don't know what was Operasi Lalang 1, for those who lived through that we know what it is all about.

    I can tell you that I did live through those days and I was one of those who unwittingly started the racial tensions that trigerred the crackdown. But I will also tell you that if not for Operasi Lalang it was quite possible that Malaysia would have seen another May 13th.

    In any case as KT has rightly said, this ISA crackdown is a stupid move all right. I don't disgree on the usage of ISA per se now but they are targetting the wrong guys.

    But I don't think BN is out to crush political dissent, if it so then they would not arrest small fishes like the Sin Chew reporter or minor politicians like Teresa. In fact Anwar and the other senior leaders of PR would be first to go if the motive is political.

    As I read it, this is just a warning to people to lay off racially sensitive issues. But I do support throwing Ahmad into the gaol. Not only him but also the Kulim uber racist Zulkifli Nordin too.

    BTW do you know that Anwar was one of those who used Operasi Lalang to undermine his political opponents ?

  65. You guys please stop being anti Anwar for a change!WHY DONT YOU WRITE ABOUT THE DRACONIAN LAW CALLED ISA.
    Yell by all means on this law, but very sad lah, i see we have pussycats commentators.Some of you agree to this law but is it just ?
    My docter used to say "Big man ....small dicks" I read alot here in these blogs..