Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tian's Taiwan Tryst

One thing about Tian Chua is you can expect the predictable from him – flamboyant martyr-ish foolhardiness, be that standing in front of the police chemical laced water cannons, driving through a barricade with his vehicle or manufacturing a photo of a French dinner to rubbish his boss’ nemesis.

So, our MP for wherever (maybe Taipeh?) plus several of his PKR mates, including (to my great despair) sweetie Eli Wong, have all trooped off to Taiwan for, according to Tian, ‘coffee’ with the BN MPs there.

Hey, he said they might even catch a spot of horticultural education in Taiwan, like:

... Lesson No 1, spread bullsh*t to fertilize the ground …..
... Lesson No 2, frogs dwell in cesspool so the frog hunters need to .....
... Lesson No 3, frogs like to be fed with something green .....

In the Star, Tian declared firmly that the 16 September takeover plan is right on track.

What can I say except that I am proud to see our PKR MPs, ADUNs and councillors doing what they have been elected to do, namely chasing after frogs all the way to Taiwan for their boss.

People should know that at last we have wonderful Anwar’s reformasi in action.

People of Malaysia, sleep well, your country will soon be in the safe hands of PKR!

Reformasi, reformasi, reformasi - eat your heart out, Lingam, PKR has 9-letters (3 more than yours) in each iteration of its great anwarista cry.


  1. KT
    you are moving real fast with your articles lah , can't catch up lah !

  2. Yup, Pak Lah tells me, via Ops Lallang Dollah, that Ops Katak is right on track.

    I guess, in the world according to Ktemoc, now is the time for Anwar to meet Pak Lah and lay out his cards.

    "I've got 31 Barisan MPs in my pocket. If I push the button tomorrow, YOU will become leader of the Opposition. So lets bargain....Here's the deal, you let me back into UMNO, I get appointed Deputy PM (my old job). Tomorrow, You announce your retirement In 3 months time , with me as the next PM.

  3. KT ,your Anwarphobia at work again eh ?

    Just in case sufficient number of BN parliamentarians cross over to PR, may be you want to follow Mahathir Mamak Kutty to migrate to Zimbabwe in the event BN government falls ?

  4. The REAL reason the recent ISA actions (straight from the man's mouth)

    Quote from Bernama:

    "It is not proper for the transfer of power plan between the prime minister and his deputy be raised again, said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    The prime minister said this was because all efforts must now be focused on fulfulling the people’s want — development.

    He said raising the power transition plan would only give rise to all kinds of speculation and campaigning.

    “There are those who want the tranfer of power to take place as scheduled while others want it to be hastened,” he told reporters after a meeting with Khazanah Nasional’s senior officials at the Finance Ministry, here Friday."

    So obviously someone can't wait 2(just TWO) years to take over and is agitating to replace his boss.
    What an impatient guy - potrays himself as a gentleman and then wants to break the agreement he made with his boss, not many moons ago.
    So, his boss uses the ISA on a couple of sweeties as a warning to the young turks within his own party.

    And what's wrong with the potential members of the Shadow Cabinet going to study Agriculture!!

  5. Support Operation Katak.

    We need a regime change

  6. peterp, what 'shadow cabinet'? which has been one of the humongous reasons why I believe Anwar is not serious about the PR. The PR is just a convenient and necessary stepping stone for him ... to where he has been really planning to go to.

  7. Who said they went to see the BN MPs ? They went for a holiday , simple or maybe to escape the ISA arrests . Anway (Anwar way or Anyway) they came back empty handed chasing kataks . Wonder whether they brought back some live kataks !I love to eat fried kataks (chui kea) with dried chillis .

  8. Well guys, Anwar has the numbers.Tian Chua says the same thing!Look the BN knows their days are numbered and hence this holiday trip.
    Tian's trip is to taunt those BN .Something of an animal hunt mah!

  9. I do not understand why Ktemoc is so anti-Anwar. Granted, he has his faults, but tell me, which politician is perfect? Anwar Ibrahim represents the BEST AND ONLY HOPE Malaysians have for regime change. Or Ktemoc, would you still prefer this current government in power after all this ISA arrests??? Arresting a journalist but not the venom-spewing Ahmad Ismail, arresting MP Teresa Kok but not the lying Khir Toyol, arresting RPK but not Najis? Is this justice? Your constant anti-Anwar rhetoric is puzzling, do you really see another alternative PM in the near future to get rid of this rubbish, evil, corrupt government? Hah, perhaps you should blog more anti-Anwar posts to save YOURSELF from ISA...You spend nore time spewing anti-Anwar posts than writing about the wrongs of this government is is PLAIN FOR ALL TO SEE. What's wrong with you?

  10. Dude, you're complaining about the ISA being used & misused by the BN government, yet at the same time you're blasting Anwar & PR left, right & center for their Operation Katak.

    You know Badawi won't be around for the next GE, unless he calls for a sudden one in the very near future. Replacing him as PM would be someone thats easily controlled by Mahathirists. And you know what Mahathir is like...

    By the time of the 13th Election, most of the DAP, PKR, and PAS people may join Teresa in Camp Kamunting on fabricated charges, together with a whole bunch of bloggers & activists.

    So if PR's gonna do away with the ISA when Operation Katak happens, then go for it.