Saturday, September 13, 2008

Arrest of Tan Hoon Cheng - Act of gargantuan stupidity

There has always been a government tendency to be heavy handed, and regretfully, in a fashion that has been and still is seen as double standard.

After coming home from Friday dinner, I was pissed off to read in Malaysiakini ISA arrest No 2: Sin Chew journalist nabbed the ISA-ed arrest of Tan Hoon Cheng, the Sin Chew Daily journalist who had reported on Ahmad Ismail’s seditious remarks about Chinese Malaysians being mere ‘squatters’ in this country where many are umpteen generations Malaysians.

malaysiakini photo

Ahmad Ismail is a repugnant bigot and the conspiracy theory running vogue is that he, as an old buddy of Anwar Ibrahim, has deliberately set the racist cat among the BN pigeons to cause dissent within the ruling party, so as to instigate and promote potential tadpoles metamorphosing into frogs for PKR.

That Anwar was slow in condemning Ahmad’s provocative bigotry, not unlike his equally slothful take on the Kulim Wonder (which has now graduated from ‘slothful’ to ‘acting dunno’), hasn’t helped dampen the conspiracy theory. Perhaps we should be kind and say Anwar has been just man man lai.

Leaving aside that conspiracy theory, which to be truthful I haven’t an inkling as to its veracity, what is apparent has been the reluctance of AAB to hammer Ahmad Ismail.

Yes, we all know that party warlords or king-makers, especially those from UMNO, are near invincible, immune and impervious to disciplinary actions. AAB had tap danced around the disciplinary issue, knowing he had to do something to prevent what the conspiracy theory had said was the alleged objective of alleged PKR mole, namely, to split asunder the Peninsula BN.

So he surrendered his presidential prerogative to whack Ahmad Ismail over to the UMNO Supreme Council, which then suspended the alleged musuh-dalam-selimut (mole or sleeper) for three years.

But it wasn’t a popular action within UMNO. Some diehards were flabbergasted by what they saw as perhaps a nouveau sensitive self-hating UMNO?

Perhaps to appease those diehards, a quid pro quo had to be called for – and poor Tan Hoon Cheng copped it sweet, on a Friday night some hours ago, while Ahmad Ismail loiters outside in contrasting free arrogant unrepentance.

With such a stupid action of unmitigated proportion, I think UMNO is in an unstoppable spiral downwards - there seems to be no stopping its domino f*-ups.

Anwar is having his wish to tear BN apart (mind you, not for you or me, but for his No 1, namely himself) virtually handed over to him on a silver platter, because not only the DAP has condemned the ISA action, but the Chinese-based parties, MCA and Gerakan, have leapt into the fray.


  1. anwar is the reason again?

    teresa kok's arrest under ISA is also attributed to Anwar too, right?

    go collect your bounty from your paymasters, KT. You have done a great job maligning Anwar at every turn.

  2. yes, I blame him for stirring up sh*t

  3. Anwar's responsible for all this shit !! 916 ?? Doesn't know when to stop .

  4. Shame, she's pretty hot.

    I'd nab her using MY isa, if you know what I mean.

  5. Time to take sides once and for all, whether or not Anwar is a slimeball. Time to end petty squabbles and call a spade a spade.

    After last night's antics I am now 100% for jumping frogs, and 100% behind Anwar's bid to form government. We must unite under a broad umbrella to defeat these fascist dogs. Even if that means holding fire on the man you so eloquently call the 'Kulim wonder.' At times like these when freedom is under such severe threat, we should concentrate first on the real enemy, and neither he nor Anwar are the real enemy.

    If we succeed and Anwar proves to be a hypocrite (as you and I seem to feel) then so be it. We have to deal with that matter when the time comes and not pre-emp it now. But first things first-get rid of this fascist government!

  6. What has happened smells very familiar... It smells like the work of someone who has done it many times before. Someone who has plenty to gain and nothing to loose... In fact it stinks of TDM's handywork to discredit Badawi. “Shit Head”-mid Albar may have already been recruited by TDM to sabotage Badawi’s weakening administration. Ahmad Ismail’s racial spat with Gerakan and BN sets the right climate for TDM to exploit the rakyat’s anger and channel it to Badawi. My God, I hope he is awake to realize what is happening now.

    The "war" has already begun. TDM’s group is burning the house down and won't care the fire is going to destroy the home and kill some of its inhabitants. We MUST reject all UMNO politicians no matter which side they are on. They care for no one but themselves.

    Yes protest if we must! Send protest notes to all the BN component parties and get them to abandon BN NOW! Let TDM and Badawi fight between themselves. They should NOT involve the rest of the country in their tussle to lead a dying dynasty. REJECT UMNO!!!

  7. I really HATE that UMNO is pushing our backs against the wall to choose now.

    This is when we're going to lose all rational thought and back Anwar as the Messiah. It's so wrong.

  8. Teresa Kok, Tan Hoon Cheng, and Raja Petra arrested under ISA:

    So, the "brave" UMNO had arrested 2 "fearsome" female "terrorists" who supposedly will destroy the "harmonious" Malaysian society. If for nothing else, this proves the loathsome and despicable nature of UMNO. Instead of investigating and arresting Ahmad Ismail for causing the destabilizing uproar over his racist remarks, the UMNO had arrested Tan Hoon Cheng for reporting the truth. In a prior example, I had likened Ahmad Ismail to an arsonist and Hoon Cheng to a witness who yelled fire. And sure enough the scumbag UMNO had let the arsonist go free while arresting the witness who tried to help by yelling fire.

    I hope all Chinese and non-Malays will rally together to demonstrate and protest this gross and despicable attempt to intimidate the ethnic Chinese and other non-Malays.

    I hope a defense fund will be quickly set up for all three people arrested - Teresa Kok, Tan Hoon Cheng, and Raja Petra. These people had done what they can to help restore equality and justice for all Malaysians in general and the Chinese in particular. It is now our duty to help them anyway we can. So go out and demonstrate and protest if you can. If not, then contribute to their defense fund to defeat this UMNO reign of terror.

    If one or two persons go out and demonstrate then the police will quickly arrest them. But if hundreds of thousands and hopefully millions of people demonstrate all across Malaysia, then the police cannot arrest them all. And hopefully such expression of general outrage will bring down this UMNO reign of terror once and for all.

    It should also tell MCA, Gerakan and other Chinese BN components that they could no longer ally themselves to UMNO-BN because they will certainly be spat on by the Chinese for helping the UMNO Malays to oppress the Chinese. Time for MCA and Gerakan and other Chinese components of BN to make up their minds to convert to PR and do one good thing after betraying the Chinese for 45 years.

  9. Annonymous (10.08am) is missing the point by categorising us all as Malays and non-Malays-this is exactly the mindset we need to escape from. The comment above implicitly makes the Malays the bad guys (though I recognise that is not what is being meant).

    Such statements do not help unite us. The attack is not on non-Malays; it is on all Malaysians, irrespective of their race who believe in human rights and justice. I mean if I were to use the race analogy then it is hard to argue that UMNO's biggest political enemy after all is not DAP or GERAKAN-it is PKR and PAS. So let's move on from our race-based categorisations here. It is not helping, it is only impeding.

  10. Just looking at the mindless ranting and rambling of the anwaristas here, one would think that the BN govt has hanged the entire PR leadership and declared a state of emergency.

    This episode clearly demonstrate why we SHOULD NOT allow unethical and undemocratic attempts to topple the BN govt. This will only push the BN govt to respond using the weapons in its arsenal to fight back. Whatever the outcome, the losers will be the rakyat.

    Also it is stupid to claim that ISA has been used for political purposes. If that is the intention, then I am sure Anwar and his fellow PR leaders will be checking in to Hilton Kamunting by now.

    PDRM has blundered in applying ISA in a selective manner but the blame should also must be shared by Anwar and his fellow katakcrats for pushing BN into a corner.

  11. Anwar or not...if it could happen to her, it could happen to anyone of us so long you're not on THEIR side...

  12. Somehow, even with the ISA arrests, you still am able to link Anwar to them, based purely on your dislike for him. I'm no anwarista -as you claim to those that oppose you- but you appear to be pulling the mother-of-all-strawmen.

  13. Well, now you have it. Your BN government has thrown the book at 3 people while AhMAD Ismail, The Toyol, and that gutter tabloid Utusan gets away with it. Expect more people to be detained under the guise of protecting security or some half-baked excuse like that.

    Meanwhile, Killer seems to be lost in space. Judging by his spin doctoring & defense of BN, you'd be forgiven if you thought he was on another planet.

    Anwar, do your job and kick their ass.

  14. Brighteyes

    Your BN government has thrown the book at 3 people while AhMAD Ismail, The Toyol, and that gutter tabloid Utusan gets away with it.

    I think its you who is lost not killer . At least Crankster got it right by saying ;

    I really HATE that UMNO is pushing our backs against the wall to choose now.
    NOT BN . Have you got the guts to say its all the doing of UMNO ? why lump all that to BN ?
    Is just like you are blaming the whole family , wife , son, daughter at the fault of just the husband .
    Your type of character exposes you , similar to witsO postin under brighteyes .
    Maybe you are spinning and doctoring to put the blame on UMNO and those unmentionable parties as menyalak-er use to call them .

    Anwar do your job , ya where are you ? I did not hear you condemning that Ahmad Ismail ? You call him a low class politician ? or is it he's a super high class politician , a one man wrecking crew , bringing down UMNO single handedly in cahoots with Anwar ?

    What about your PR partner PAS ? NOT A SINGLE WORD on this issue, NOT A SINGLE WORD on Ahmad Ismail ? Very , very suspicious ! What say you brighteyes ? on these two ? What about your Zulkifli Nordin ? How come also not taken in ? and you dared not even mention his name !
    The only thing I can agree is that UMNO should throw the book at 3 people AhMAD Ismail, The Toyol and Zulklifli Nordin and that gutter tabloid Utusan

  15. Hey KT and others

    Good News the Sin Chew reporter has been released today according to Botak the Home Minister . He mentioned Tan held for her own safety , What utter Rubbish , think we are all chidren ! under ISA for her own safety ? What an idiot making such statement .
    Overzealous (S)haw (B)rothers of Peace Hill simply groping anyone just to show their producers and directors they are doing their job . This is a very bad production and their movie has received very bad ratings from the public

    Still two more , my take Teresa should be out anytime and RPK probably one month .

  16. << BN=UMNO for the last 20 years. >>

    ^ Something which chapto & his friends are blissfully ignorant of.

    BN is now basically UMNO dragging the component parties around on a dog-leash. Some co-operation that is.