Thursday, September 25, 2008

31 3 limericks

There was a man from Batu
Who claimed he spoke to AMNO
He was exiled to Timbuktu
When his leader said
‘not so’

BTW, Timbuktu is in the nation of Malu … oops … sorry … Mali – wakakaka

The man who had thirty one
says deadline not an issue
He thinks it’s no longer fun
So can you give him a tissue

BTW, he has ‘re-formed’ his deadline – Malaysiakini said he changes tune - wakakaka

Having kissed & kissed a froggie
The princessista started to gloat
Thinking she’d get Prince Reformasi
She didn’t expect an ugly toad

Quote "In this country it does not happen because there is a blatant disregard for democratic values and democratic principals." - Values? Principles? - wakakaka


  1. Latest Poll: Who do you DISLIKE or HATE most in Malaysia?
    by theXbogs

  2. Hi Ktemoc

    Here is my limerick. Enjoy! :-)

    There was a Malaysian based in Oz
    Who was adamant in his anti-Anwar cause
    Lately he has been reacting with barely concealed joy
    To the setbacks of Anwar (and the Reformasi movement), oh boy
    But he remains curiously blind to the AAB-KJ flaws!

    Phua Kai Lit

  3. Amongst the politicians, Opposition leader GSOS must rank near the top amongst the talkers, if not at the top itself.

    But if a politician can get away by simply twisting and turning , bullshitting every time he comes to a dead end we must all be doomed.

    When asked outside the court about his grandiose plan to become prime minister the instant noodle way or the froggie way that Anwar backtracked on a lot of things he had said previously.

    That too he failed to do and yet kept on insisting that Pak Lah convene an emergency session of parliament, although that would require at least 14 days or at least wait until parliament reconvenes in Oct. But GSOS calls that refusal by Pak Lah an act of sabotage.

    Now the GSOS says "we want to exhaust all the legal avenues available... we do not want to transgress the constitutional rules and procedures". Precisely thats the position Pak Lah has taken ,follow the procedures and the schedule for parliamentary sessions decided earlier.

    Having missed his own deadline GSOS now says "it's not an issue of deadlines". Amazing and truly amusing too , great deception and Bullshitting at its BEST.

  4. Mr X, why aren't AI and my photos there? wakakaka

    Phua, very good, I may recruit you as a co-blogger ;-) However, you have been incorrect in your last line - see my previous posts wakakaka

  5. Kaytee

    You are really on form.



  6. There is a place called Ozzy Snakey
    Whose leader everyone calls the Ann Chua ,
    Has an assistant called Tua Chua , Thee Chua or Tien Chua (in English mean show off snake)
    Lately this Tien Chua as acquired the art of Talk Cock from the Great Talk Cock himself short of kongsamcock .
    Gets himself cocktradictory all the time .
    When can all these cock and bull cockers stop !

  7. hi all,

    i would say he is nauseatingly haughty whom chinese say, "see low, steps! see high, prays!"

    this type of people are intelligent, they only mix with high people yet do not fullfill alot because they are simplt lazy, like freedom, womeniszing, like booze, they can be a good company but yet you too hate him, he would talk principle, stupidly sticky or rather touchy and the moment he sees you as a threat, he will start a bigoted campaign to belittle you, make fun of you, until you get punished in some forms ....may be then they will show some benevolent side of them... at the end of it, i also don't how to categorise him, a good guy or a bad guy.

    tepi, jika, gua salah mhh ai gong, terima kasih.


  8. wakakaka.. very funny indeed.. the post and the comments are truly befitting a blog as stupid as this one.. :D


  9. you know my dad? ;-) was he yours too? wakakaka

  10. Anwar Ibrahim
    Tried to jump too high too fast
    Now shy oredi

  11. wakikiki...steping ur ah pa also eh?

    just pulling ur leg ajar, main, main ajar, tepi, how much % correct ah? che'gu.

    fren fren, qua salah mhh ai gong.


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  13. Alamak KTemok! You got it wrong lah! Limerick where got four lines? Five lines lah! (Some of Edward Lear's limericks are printed in four lines for typsetting reasons: if you look at them, they consist of five lines). Something like this:

    There was a man from Oz
    Who went to the madhouse coz
        He tot he's a Penangite
        Who scolds Anwar with spite;
    That brainsick madman from Oz!

    Some of Edward Lear's limericks are printed in four lines for typsetting reasons: if you scan them, they actually should consist of five lines. I hope that helps. ;) :D

  14. Sorry for repeating myself on Edward Lear above. To be honest, reading Lear is more sensible than reading a good number of the posts by KTemoc on Anwar Ibrahim! Anyway, to keep up with the madhouse absurdity of KTemoc's posts, here's another limerick:

    An old Malaysian in Sydnee
    Is out on a frog-killing spree
        He shouts for a frog
        But got himself flogged:
    There's an angry Frenchman in Sydnee!


  15. Hi Ktemoc and all

    Can I be self-indulgent and contribute another limerick? :-)

    There's a Malaysian based in Oz
    Who writes anti-Anwar limericks to further his cause
    Says he: "I also write anti-AAB and anti-KJ criticisms"
    But we see almost nothing but anti-Anwar witicisms
    Can the Man from Oz be persuaded to change his political discourse??

    Phua Kai Lit

  16. very clever, I'm glad you have joined in though you still can't help using abusive terms like brainsick madman wakakaka

  17. Hi Ktemoc

    Did you confuse me with the
    "Angry Frenchman in Sydnee"??

    The ability to concoct new terms such as "brainsick madman" is beyond me :)

    Phua Kai Lit

  18. not you Phua but comment of 9:34 am

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  20. The Tragicomedy of Anwar Ibrahim the GSOS aka PISS :

    Sept 10 :

    Says he is "on-track" to form govt on Sept 16th.

    Sept 15 :

    We have received firm commitments from MPs (members of parliament) in excess of the number required to form a new government," Anwar told reporters. "It is increasing by the hour. I am not joking."

    Sept 17 : Asked why PR cannot wait until Oct 13 when the parliament meeting resumes, he said the country’s economic situation could not afford to wait as "any responsible government should by now have a task force to deal with the crisis".

    Sept 18 : Demand emergency parliamentary session by Sept 23rd. Expressed confidence can form govt before Hari Raya.

    Sept 24: After missing the self-imposed deadline of September 16 to topple the government, Malaysia's top opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on Wednesday asked people to be patient and expressed confidence in bringing about a change.

    Within these 2 weeks he has shown his full range of Snake Oil selling skills but twisting, turning and bullshitting his way around. Yet there are people who think he can be believed and trusted to lead the nation. I would even trust him to guard a bucket of bull's excrement.

  21. I kinda find this article very fair in its opinions !

    Bloggers Write, While Politicians Talk
    RAJA PETRA KAMARUDIN. This is a name which doesn't need any introduction at all. He's a man regarded by many Malaysians as the man with "Balls of Steel". This so-called royalty who claims he has blood relationship with the Sultan of Selangor has landed himself under ISA detention once again. The 1st time, he spent 52 days in Kamunting Resort & this time round .. .. it's a minimum of 2 years (accommodation with breakfast, lunch & dinner on the house).

    No doubt this dude has a large base of followers, some of which even include my close buddies. However, I somehow find it difficult to love this chap. Well, it has got nothing to do with his face, his words, his voice or even his dick .. .. .. it's just that I feel this wanker is trying to be some kind of WANNABE HERO. He ain't no politician but is often seen giving ceramahs organized by Pakatan Rakyat.

    My point of view is that if one wishes to be a blogger, one should only speak via the internet. Bloggers who tend to go overboard by speaking in ceramahs can only be best described as a 'blogger who lost sense of direction'. Should Raja Petra be a politician, I would perhaps refrain myself from writting this article but sadly he's not & may never be.

    I view the ISA detention impounded on this wanker as something good. One way or another it could help this 'Fat & Bald mother fucker' to lose some weight. Moreover, it's a good opportunity for him to grow some hair (that's if his hairs are still active). I'm sure he's now enjoying every second in the exotic Kamunting Resort sipping urine blended cocktails, while being served urine braised Nasi Kandar under the watchful eyes of some UMNO paid guards. There's a big possibility Raja Petra will share the same suite with a so-called J.I. terrorist (Jemaah Islamiah Movement) & perhaps he will be given a connecting room with M.Manoharan (Hindraf Movement leader). However, internet facilities are not available & so does room services. Hence, (Raja Petra's website) will be temporary in hiatus mode until further notice.

    Please click the below link for full ISA detainees name list (as of 24th Sept. 2008):

    There's a prominent blogger by the name of anilnetto who recently wrote "Marina Lee receives a standing ovation" had certainly shocked me. This wanker requested for a standing ovation to salute Marina Lee (Raja Petra's wife). My question to this dickhead is "For what?", "To salute Marina for having a husband who is currently sharing the same suite in Kamunting Resort with some fucking terrorist?". There's also another wanking blogger called Charles Hector who is asking everyone to help send Hari Raya cards to all ISA detainees. Based on the names shown in the ISA detainee list, 80% of them are involved in somekind of terrorist activities. Is this dumb mother fucker trying to support terrorist movement or what? By right, all idiots in Kamunting Resort ought to be killed without further delay. Detaining them is seen as a stupid move (let alone sending stupid greeting cards). These 2 bloggers have classically showed me the typical example of being a DUMB FUCK!!!

    As much as I oppose the use of ISA, I reckoned it should be put to use in a proper way with proper guidelines. However, the best way to get rid of ISA would be to kill all those mother fuckers who are now in Kamunting Resort & abolish ISA completely from further usage. With all those mother fucking terrorists dead, ISA being wiped out of the country's constitution & Kamunting Resort being abandoned forever .. .. Malaysians will be safe from unjustified detentions. Hence, Teresa Kok can go on bitching about the constant ring of alarm clocks heard in her constituencies, NameWee can go on composing award winning rap songs banging whatever/whoever he feels like banging, while, I can go on fucking who I love to fuck. What a lovely country this would be, ya???

    While bombing experts are determining the best way to blast Kamunting Resort, they should also figure out how to blast idiots like Ahmad Ismail, Pak Lah, Najib, KJ, Hishamuddin & all other UMNO idiots along the line. My suggestion is to catch all these mother fucking UMNO bastards & place them in Kamunting Resort. Next, plant as many dynamites around the resort & blast it off once & for all. As a commemoration to Kamunting Resort, we should then rename it as Tanah Perkuburan UMNO.


  22. deleted War & Peace length non-thread spam

  23. Hi all,

    Prepare for the worst, my gut feeling is telling me our problem with the country instability and uncertainty will not end any time soon, it is going to be ugly for our economy. One problem after another and all because those politicians crazy for power. With the current environment, the PM succession plan is a right decision and a good compromise which allow certain period of stability and certainty but some body screw it up, because impatient to move up.

    Najib played out AAB, but will it backfire especially the former with so many skeleton in the closet. I think BN will fall faster with Najib in charge.

  24. I predict DOW will crash tonight, as WaMu collapse and John McCain screw up the bailout package

  25. xiean

    I understand your concerns , but hopefully everything will find a bottom . This is evolution at work . Let them work out the problems , it will be good for all of us ! Remember what I posted lately ! I mentioned that there will be no heart transplant (meaning no change of govt)but there will be a by pass (meaning change of leadership . Reason why i mentioned let them work it out is because as long as AAB is still the PM , the frogs will be very active like as if they know it's going to rain . With AAB stepping down in March , the frogs have all gone into hibernation , even the snakes will not be able to lure them out . As for Najib well lets wait and see whether he will be challenged by Tengku . Muhyhideen seems to fit in well for both sides . Lets not jump into conclusion right now and let the show play itself out ! OK !