Friday, September 26, 2008

Don't misuse the King!

In Malaysiakini King and politics, ball is in the royal court the author, Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, seems just too eager to involve HM the Yang Di Pertuan Agong in politics and, as I see it, on the side of Anwar Ibrahim.

He wrote:

It appears that the public now seems to think that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong should intervene to put certainty and order back in the country. Some quarters however felt that such is not desirable, arguing that it is not appropriate to get the king involved in it.

Apparently this view fails to take into consideration various facets of the king’s role and functions under the constitution. On top of that the intervention seems the only available option given that the prime minister has already refused to consider, let alone allow, the convening of parliament to see whether he still has the majority behind him.

What nonsense! Don’t 138 MPs beat 82, or can’t the esteemed professor of law at the International Islamic University Malaysia count?

Why would or should the political ball be in the royal court when it's obvious the BN holds majority power in parliament. And I thought he was familiar with Westminster parliamentary system?

Indeed, given that it's patently clear which party holds the majority in parliament, why would the PM bother to convene parliament on the say-so of a man who claimed but couldn’t demonstrate he has the numbers.

In fact I am shocked that Dr Abdul Aziz hasn’t made a single comment the onus should be on Anwar Ibrahim to prove he indeed has the 31 BN MPs on his side, as he so boastfully announced to the entire world. Perhaps the good professor has inadvertently overlooked this fundamental process?

If Anwar Ibrahim really possesses those numbers, all he has to do would be to call for a press conference, to include especially the presence of the international press, and introduce those 31, 41, 51, or 101 BN MPs to the media. Then we can see whether AAB would have the bloody nerve to harass those MPs who indicate they have switched.

Thus Anwar should throw everything or everyone out into the open instead of playing poker bluff. If he wants to take the stake, he must reveal the 5th card. Otherwise he's just bluffing. In fact those 31 BN MPs, alleged to have switched over to PKR, will be safer that way.

Even setting aside the disgraceful bull of having Muhyiddin Yassin on his list of frogs, would it be too much for Anwar Ibrahim to practise this fundamental transparency?

The sad and annoying fact is Anwar has zilch, but alas, the good professor might have missed considering this damning point.

He continued: In the light of democracy and constitutionalism the issue now is not whether the king’s involvement is political or otherwise. What matters most is that something needs to be done in order to put the country back on the democratic process which at the moment means the testing of the claim made by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim that he has got the numbers to form the new government. As parliament has been denied the opportunity, the ball is now at the king’s court.

I have never heard such poppycock. If he wasn’t a professor of law, I would even suspect him of being an anwarista who is indirectly encouraging the King to step in when it’s obvious the BN has been and still is the political party with the majority in parliament. And I do wonder how he could talk about putting “… the country back on the democratic process.”

This is not the first time the professor has urged appealing for (or resorting to) royal intervention. Last week he penned in Malaysiakini Anwar's takeover - king or Parliament? about Anwar playing the constitutional game of taking over the government through the vote of no-confidence in parliament … yadda yadda … being a futile effort because of "... the legal and political culture prevalent in this country."

... of course without even commenting on the fact that Anwar couldn’t demonstrate his claimed majority.

Take as an example a country like Italy - There, small parties leaped around from one side to another without keeping their sitting members anonymous, or expecting the ruling party to just take the opposition's words the latter has the majority.

And that has been what the professor had virtually expect AAB to do, to convene parliament because Anwar demanded it on the mere verbal claim he possessed the numbers.

I am utterly shocked the good professor hasn’t mentioned this fact about defectors remaining under wraps whilst expecting the PM to accept Anwar's mere words he held the majority in parliament.

AAB may not be clever or an intellectual but he isn't as stupid as those people who have bought Anwar's claim wholesale without even demanding from Anwar some accountability and transparency. Dei kawan, the proof of the pudding is in the eating lah!

And some even rationalized Anwar's abject failure of 916 had been a brilliant tactic - wakakaka. I've never witnessed such blind idiocy.

He said: It seems that the option preferred by Anwar was recommended by advisers close to the palace. Yeah, right!

Sources told that they had some misgivings about Anwar going straight the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the king, to get the permission to form the new government. It was pretty obvious that they wanted to avoid the king from being dragged into the murky waters of politics.

Too right mate! And no one should ever misuse or mis-coopt the King into a political camp please.

Then the professor put in his argument, coincidentally benefitting Anwar’s cause - mind you, just a coincidence, that’s all.

The advisers have apparently ignored the guardianship role of the king; something that is common in all Westminster democracies.

And this is not only limited to kings or sultans: even in republics like India ceremonial head of states may assume some extraordinary powers in crisis situations. Indeed some allusions to such a role were also apparent in the Reid Commission Report.

However given that this is the first time we have a regime change at the federal level

'Regime change'? I am amazed by this professor of law who has already accepted as a fait accompli the PKR leader would be the PM of the 'new regime'.

And to close, I have a piece of advice for the good professor: don’t try to be too clever and open the royal Pandora box.


  1. Not to worry KT.
    The Agung is no idiot at all though so many of His stew-pig subjects do embarrass Him so.

    penang larng

  2. syed albar should just lock anwar for good (better in undisclosed place) - he will do the nation great favour! just like tdi and his father failed in 1965, you know the history....

  3. KTemoc,

    This Agong first and foremost is answerable to God - Allah swt.
    Full Stop.

    He has taken an Oath not just any oath and if Agong fools around with his covenant with Allah swt.

    You just wait what will happen to him sometimes it happens during his reign or life on earth.

    Jangan main main loh !

  4. Why not involve the King?

    When all else fails in getting rid of a scum, racist and racial supremacist regime, this is the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle.

    Thailand and even Spain have gone this route. Why is M'sia an exception? Becoz of adat? Bull-shit.

    There is an Indian saying that 'it is justified to tell a thousand lies to conclude a marriage.' By the same token, all's fair in love, war & POLITICS.

    What do you want Ktemoc? You criticize, but have no viable alternative candidate. What, should we be sodomised and settle for a New Don, but same old racist, corrupt Mafia?

    Over my dead body!!

  5. Ok, Anwar is bluffing so Badawi should allow a vote of no confidence-destroy Anwar's credibility live on national TV. But he does not, and that I fail to understand why. I agree now Anwar does not have the numbers, so why not call his bluff and humiliate him publicly? Just what is going? Just do it-shame Anwar, finish him off!!! Why does he not...? You have to wonder then that perhaps Badawi is not really sure BN has the numbers. If so, we're back at square one of this increasingly stupid sandiwara.

    Quite frankly I hope the king will say something-I hope he says that as the head of state he can no longer tolerate the govt paralysis and call both PM and opposition leader to a meeting & tell them that it is unacceptable. If they can't sort it out, he should dissolve parliament and have elections. So much nonsense have been spewed from both sides, the truth is no longer clear.

    The only thing i think the king should not do post-Oct 13 if the paralysis continues, is nothing.

  6. Going by your logic, would you say the Perlis, Perak and Terengganu rulers 'misused' themselves?
    Why didn't they allow politicians to decide without the palaces' 'interference'?
    What is your take on the PM's refusal to even meet the Leader of the Opposition who was prepared to show him the list of 'frogs'?

  7. Should also look into Malaysia political culture. It was obvious that Malaysian would continue politiking from 1 Jan to 31 Dec every year unlike other states' political culture that will strive for development after any polls.

    t the end of the day, those politiking still made Malaysia develop even though sometimes we tend to descend in the development.

    But ascending and descending is a normal scenario in almost everything, even life.

    Whether DSAI is bluffing or not, the next session will expose. Not so long though.

    If most can wait from March ubtil September, what the hell we wait a few more days.

  8. Anonymous said…

    There should be no peace for Botak if the ISA detainees are not released and the oppressive draconian law is not abolished because such injustices are not tolerated and thus create great discontentment in this modern society. One day Botak and his cohorts should be made to eat their own medicine for the injustices they have committed against the detainees especially RPK

    We call upon all the Rakyats of Malaysia to sign a Petition to be sent to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong to release RPK from his detention under ISA because there is a hidden agenda of a conspiracy of using his detention to silence him so that he could not further release more evidences against the real C4 murderers of Altantuya because all the accused were all fall guys of the real murderers because they all did not have a real & logical motive to murder the Mongolian Lady.


    It is very easy to generate Police Reports against DSAI by using Penang Mamak Umno’s 25 Members headed by Wan Abidin Zain, who claimed to be non-partisan, using their uneasiness that most Penangites will now be boycotting Nasi Kandar one more round???

    It is very Sad that the legacy of Malaysian Independence is reduced by this Moronic Flip Flop Coward into great disrepute and a laughing stock of the whole world and knowing very well that the UMNO Government has technically collapsed and they have lost locus standi to govern but yet he has decided to shamelessly still cling on to power via dubious means like hiding himself via using of the ISA and we cannot imagine that the Malaysia Moronic Flip Flop Coward has now stoop so low and using the Police Deputy IGP as his willing tools especially the Deputy IGP’s clearly taking side as the Police must be neutral and should be not politiking for him.

    The Coward Moronic Flip Flop Chicken dare not meet DSAI face to face to settle matters but chose hiding under the use of ISA and that is what you have as a disgraceful cowardice leader for UMNO.


    We urge all BN Components MPs with a conscience to do the necessary to make possible a New Malaysia for all Rakyats of Malaysia so that all our children and their children & their children’s children’s future will be safe and secured in the Country we all love and not be intimidated by those UMNO Clowns now in power with their oppressive & fear tactics and in the verge of making Malaysia a Police State if left unchecked otherwise. Save RPK as he is the midst of a conspiracy of the real murderers of Altantuya to silence him for good, instead of being C4ed he could be poisoned and worse off if he is on hunger strike by himself. The Acting IGP is defending the Police position after being made the tools of UMNO’s fear tactics & so he is now making lame excuses for being the Stringed Puppet to be easily manipulated by the Puppeteer, power that be. The Deputy IGP must be held personally responsible for the safety of RPK who has been heard to be tortured otherwise he must be made to eat his own medicine come the New Dawn of Malaysia.

    Moronic PeeM and Botak Home Minister last minutes’ attempts to cling on power by using the fear tactics of using the ISA at their whims and fancies selectively against dissent & tried to deny their own actions as they now have no balls to face the wrath of the all the Rakyats of Malaysia. ONE DAY THE MORONIC BOTAK AND FLIP FLOP AND C4 MUST BE MADE TO TASTE THEIR OWN MEDICINE OK?

    All Rakyats of Malaysia will see to that these Clowns will be thrown out soon come the New Dawn of Malaysia & that all Rakyats of Malaysia will welcome the New Malaysia on Malaysia Day 916, 2008 for a Malaysia for All Malaysians.

    Justice MUST BE DONE for Altantuya and for all those detained under ISA without the trial nor the rights of appeal. Light-up a Candle in the Lantern of the Mid-Autumn Festival for them all to usher in the NEW DAWN OF MALAYSIA COME 916, 2008

  9. Wow. Its been a while since I been back Kt.

    You seem to have gone full on anti-PKR mode in your blog.

    Maybe you could tell us what exactly is the reason(s) you despise PKR/BR more than BN? Or will that take all day :)

    Anyway, what do you think would have happened if ABB called for that emergency session to allow the no confidence vote?

    Seems to me ABB would have shut everybody if he had done that and destroyed Anwar. Or would he have lost the no confidence vote?

    Maybe there's something afoot way under the surface and this is the mother of all sandiwaras. :)

  10. Remember Mahathir wants Agung to be powerless. Hmm... I wonder what will happen to our Rukun Negara.

  11. why do you assume I despise or even dislike PKR or PR? ;-) I am not at all like your average anwarista where his/her world would be black or white

  12. Pr zombie is the worst! Close one eye!

  13. I kinda find this article's opinions answers that of anonymous 10:10 PM!

    Bloggers Write, While Politicians Talk
    RAJA PETRA KAMARUDIN. This is a name which doesn't need any introduction at all. He's a man regarded by many Malaysians as the man with "Balls of Steel". This so-called royalty who claims he has blood relationship with the Sultan of Selangor has landed himself under ISA detention once again. The 1st time, he spent 52 days in Kamunting Resort & this time round .. .. it's a minimum of 2 years (accommodation with breakfast, lunch & dinner on the house).

    No doubt this dude has a large base of followers, some of which even include my close buddies. However, I somehow find it difficult to love this chap. Well, it has got nothing to do with his face, his words, his voice or even his dick .. .. .. it's just that I feel this wanker is trying to be some kind of WANNABE HERO. He ain't no politician but is often seen giving ceramahs organized by Pakatan Rakyat.

    My point of view is that if one wishes to be a blogger, one should only speak via the internet. Bloggers who tend to go overboard by speaking in ceramahs can only be best described as a 'blogger who lost sense of direction'. Should Raja Petra be a politician, I would perhaps refrain myself from writting this article but sadly he's not & may never be.

    I view the ISA detention impounded on this wanker as something good. One way or another it could help this 'Fat & Bald mother fucker' to lose some weight. Moreover, it's a good opportunity for him to grow some hair (that's if his hairs are still active). I'm sure he's now enjoying every second in the exotic Kamunting Resort sipping urine blended cocktails, while being served urine braised Nasi Kandar under the watchful eyes of some UMNO paid guards. There's a big possibility Raja Petra will share the same suite with a so-called J.I. terrorist (Jemaah Islamiah Movement) & perhaps he will be given a connecting room with M.Manoharan (Hindraf Movement leader). However, internet facilities are not available & so does room services. Hence, (Raja Petra's website) will be temporary in hiatus mode until further notice.

    Please click the below link for full ISA detainees name list (as of 24th Sept. 2008):

    There's a prominent blogger by the name of anilnetto who recently wrote "Marina Lee receives a standing ovation" had certainly shocked me. This wanker requested for a standing ovation to salute Marina Lee (Raja Petra's wife). My question to this dickhead is "For what?", "To salute Marina for having a husband who is currently sharing the same suite in Kamunting Resort with some fucking terrorist?". There's also another wanking blogger called Charles Hector who is asking everyone to help send Hari Raya cards to all ISA detainees. Based on the names shown in the ISA detainee list, 80% of them are involved in somekind of terrorist activities. Is this dumb mother fucker trying to support terrorist movement or what? By right, all idiots in Kamunting Resort ought to be killed without further delay. Detaining them is seen as a stupid move (let alone sending stupid greeting cards). These 2 bloggers have classically showed me the typical example of being a DUMB FUCK!!!

    As much as I oppose the use of ISA, I reckoned it should be put to use in a proper way with proper guidelines. However, the best way to get rid of ISA would be to kill all those mother fuckers who are now in Kamunting Resort & abolish ISA completely from further usage. With all those mother fucking terrorists dead, ISA being wiped out of the country's constitution & Kamunting Resort being abandoned forever .. .. Malaysians will be safe from unjustified detentions. Hence, Teresa Kok can go on bitching about the constant ring of alarm clocks heard in her constituencies, NameWee can go on composing award winning rap songs banging whatever/whoever he feels like banging, while, I can go on fucking who I love to fuck. What a lovely country this would be, ya???

    While bombing experts are determining the best way to blast Kamunting Resort, they should also figure out how to blast idiots like Ahmad Ismail, Pak Lah, Najib, KJ, Hishamuddin & all other UMNO idiots along the line. My suggestion is to catch all these mother fucking UMNO bastards & place them in Kamunting Resort. Next, plant as many dynamites around the resort & blast it off once & for all. As a commemoration to Kamunting Resort, we should then rename it as Tanah Perkuburan UMNO.


  14. Mr. Smith

    Logically speaking the Perlis, and Terengganu rulers did not'misused' themselves , rather they protected the welfare of their subjects from the appointment of questionable candidates being made Menteri Besar .
    For Perlis , the problems associated with Shahidan was reported back to the Raja of Perlis by none other than his brother who happens to be an ADUN . Shahidan's 'problem' was an issue which was brought to the notice of AAB by Sheik Radzi , the MP for Arau and the Syed Lan the brother of the Raja of Perlis . I am not going to dwell on this matter as it involves woman .

    For Trengganu , the Agong was involved as they were not getting the oil royalty of one billion . Instead they were misused for building the crystal mosque , the monsoon cup etc . The Agong had to step in to ensure that Trengganu gets its share and to do that the Menteri Besar has to be replaced .

    On the PM's refusal to even meet the Leader of the Opposition , the PM has every right NOT to meet anyone as they please , there is protocol to be followed , and it has to be at his convienence not the other way round knowing very sure that Mr opposition leader had no list and he is not going to play into his stage play or him AAB become part of his act in a scene in his stage show . .

  15. All Rakyats of Malaysia will see to that these Clowns will be thrown out soon come the New Dawn of Malaysia & that all Rakyats of Malaysia will welcome the New Malaysia on Malaysia Day 916, 2008 for a Malaysia for All Malaysians.

    Justice MUST BE DONE for Altantuya and for all those detained under ISA without the trial nor the rights of appeal. Light-up a Candle in the Lantern of the Mid-Autumn Festival for them all to usher in the NEW DAWN OF MALAYSIA COME 916, 2008

    I think this comment has past its relevance as 916 has already passed and there is NO NEW DAWN for MALAYSIA .

  16. Yeah. Poppycock! With a professor of law like Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, it's not surprising we are producing idiot lawyers who are making a laughing stock of their profession.

    The prof's reasoning is full of holes and reminds me of the lawyer who defended his rapist client by arguing that he wore a condom.

    No wonder the country is going to the dogs and one needs to go abroad to get a proper education.

  17. this is what i called a nauseatingly haughty bastard who doesn't know which orangutan is his principled yet no principle.

    principle can only be used in a truely democratic don't talk principle to mother fuckers, mahadevils and shameless corrupt ministers.

    if you were spat by a gila fellow, you are not going to be equally crazy to expect an apology or trying to sue him, are you?

    you just curse your own big fat-luck.... you don't choke his neck until you are satisfied with your bloody principle, are you?

    people are suffering or possibly dying.... not everybody like you can CHAP-TO-KAM, for them, black cat, white long as they can catch mice, they are good cats.

    had deng xiao peng stuck to his mother screwing communist principals, today, china guaranteed remain dull.

    the unprincipled frogs but good gentleman-frogs, even if they don't jump... they will still end up in the stomachs of those insatiable, well trained umnocrocs.

    don't know got god or no god but know i have a god heart and hope to be god blessed.

    gua salah mhh ai gong.

  18. kaytee

    your pocket swells again wih this article?

  19. I fully agree with the suggestion. The King should just tell Anwar on the face that "BN had won the election by democratic way, now you just keep quiet, if you want to form a government, just wait for the next election, see if you can win!"

  20. KUALA LUMPUR: It is unethical to don the mantle of government other than through the ballot box, says DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim.
    In disagreeing with the idea of forming a government by asking politicians to switch sides, he said: "This is really a matter not so much of politics but really to do more with ethics in politics.

    "There is no law to stop people from crossing over from one party to another and this has happened in Sabah where opposition members crossed over to Barisan Nasional.

    "Still, this does not really give it any legitimacy just because it has happened before.

    "I totally disagree with it. The only way you can really achieve legitimacy to govern is through the ballot box. As I have said before, there is a time and place for it.
    "The time is the next general election and the place is the polling station," he told the New Straits Times.

    "Corruption is not just about money changing hands. If you bend the existing system, you are corrupting it.

    "The point I am making is that the people who voted for you have certain expectations from you and the party you represent to protect the interest of the voters," he said.

    Tunku Aziz also warned that when one put ethics on the back burner instead of in the driver's seat, problems would happen.

    "Once we start putting ethics in the driving seat, we will see some improvement in the way we run our national affairs."

    Tunku Aziz said it all, even though he is from DAP, he is not blind faith compare Dr Abdul Aziz Bari who clearly twist the facts to fix the aims. I think we have enough of those nonsenses, the royalties have already voice out loud and clear that the election is over, stop all quarreling and get on the work to serve the people especially in this difficult time. The politicians should heed advise and work together to preempt any financial crisis and economy instability heading our shore.

    On other matter, my fear of Dow crash last night did not materialize but the question now will it happen or not and when? with so many unprecedented US financial institutional going under and uncertainty mounts on the fate of the $700 billion Wall Street bailout package. Our Bursa indexes when down from 1300 to below 300 during the 1997 financial crisis and will the same happen to Dow? Whatever, it is a serious matter to contemplate how much it will effect us and the country economy. how to prepare for the eventuality. At this moment, I think cash is the king, some people opt for the gold. What about you?

  21. Anon of 1:11 AM, how I wish ;-) Any address for me to send the invoice to? wakakaka

  22. Whenever people write the truth about PKR or Anwar, Pro PKR/Anwar would immediately label the writers as either
    (1)revengeful or anti PKR
    (2)UMNO or BN supporters
    (3)Paid by BM/UMNO

    Those pro PKR supporters are either plainly insightful or it could just be PKR tactics to cover up their weakness by demonising the writers for writing the truth.

    I dont like PKR/Anwar for the most valid reason:
    (1) A bunch of hypocrites, who support the use of any undemocratic means, while claiming to be fighting for democracy, to achieve their target. I could foresee disaster worse than BN ruling if these hypocrites come into power.
    (2) A group of people who are willing to lie, distort information, make false accusation, slander at the expense of other people. Their excuse: we are doing this for the future generation. Their supporters must either be plainly immoral, lacking integrity or just naive to support their modus operandi.
    (3) I cant stand their so call intellectual/academic supporters cum paid writers, exemplified by the above Professor in question, who are willing to use their influence and position to write manipulative articles pureley to made what PKR do looks right, though it si completeley stupid and baseless in the eye of clear headed people. I agree with one of the comment above: The Agong should just tell Anwar and his supporters, until now BN still hold the majority seat, live telecast, internationally.

  23. kittykat said “Yeah, my usual gang had a multi-racial Buka Puasa session last night, and the discussion turned to the “RAHMAN” theory. The “N” is Najib alright - but it also foretells the “N” as the last BN Prime Minister…..believe it..or not…”

    You can always rely on kittykat to tell us a new tale … ;-)

    Mind you, I believe him. After Najib, the RAHMAN Da Vinci code will be recycled, with the PM after Najib as:

    R - RPK or Rais Yatim or, mind you, Razaleigh still qualifies if younger Najib dies of heart attack shortly after assuming the PM-ship

    A - Azmin Ali or Ahmad Ismail (Penang larng wakakaka) or Azalina (wakakaka) or Ahmad Shabery Cheek, or even my dear friend Anwar (if Azmin doesn’t leap-FROG over him)

    H - Hadi Awang (if he’s still around) or Husam Musa (Alhamdulillah - green flags waving) or Hishamuddin (keris waving) or Hamid Albar (Mr ISA)

    M - Muhyiddin (alamak, so late one) or Muhkriz Mahathir or Mohd Taib (he has millions) or (kaytee)MOC wakakaka

    A - Anwar can still have another stab here ;-) Everyone better name your offspring with an ‘A’ - he/she gets two go at the RAHMAN code to be PM

    N - Nurul or Ng Yen Yen wakakaka


    WAKAKAKAKA I almost fell out of my seat laughing !!!hahahahahaha

    R - anwaR
    A - Ann chua !
    H - How siow larng
    M - Man man lai
    A - Ai bin larng
    N - No bin lah !

  24. Anonymous 9:29 AM

    (1)revengeful or anti PKR
    (2)UMNO or BN supporters
    (3)Paid by BM/UMNO

    more like:
    (1)BN Cybertroopers
    (2)BN Lapdogs
    (3)Name calling
    (4)Obsceneties/ Profanites

  25. It's quite clear from your article that you believe Anwar is bluffing.

    Your reasoning which I quote is "If Anwar Ibrahim really possesses those numbers, all he has to do would be to call for a press conference, to include especially the presence of the international press, and introduce those 31, 41, 51, or 101 BN MPs to the media. "

    So, why didn't Anwar named the names in public? You mentioned Italy where politicians crossover all the time. In fact, other countries such as Britian also does the same thing.

    However, you failed to mention that in Bolehland, the odds are stacked with the ruling government.

    For example:
    - Who controls the use of ISA in Malaysia?
    - Who controls the Police force?
    - Who controls the ACA and investigations?
    - Who controls the newspapers who are capable of labelling someone "national traitor"?
    - Who controls Federal Funding to the tune of RM 208 Billion for Budget 2009, where we know a certain % will be siphoned by all Ministries?

    If you were the BN MP who intend to cross over, would you be naive enough to allow Anwar to publicly mention your name at this early juncture where every machinery is not fair to both sides, but hugely biased to BN?

    Yes, I would agree - name the names publicly.

    But on the condition that:
    - the ISA and other laws are implement fairly.
    - the ACA is revamped fairly.
    - the Newspapers are revamped fairly.
    - the Police is revamped fairly.

    Until we have a true First World democracy with a true democratic infrastructure (Malaysia is only democratic superficially in name mostly, but not by true, genuine substance), doesn't Anwar deserves the benefit of the doubt when he represents change against the present corrupt regime?

    Of course, you must also ask the same thing with Abdullah. If he is so confident that Anwar is bluffing, why doesn't he put it to the test in Parliament? It is a wonderful opportunity - given the long buildup of 916 - to once and for all show the world that Anwar is plainly bluffing?

    If you are genuine to make Malaysia a better place to all Malaysians, then, be fair to both sides.

  26. Why waste rakyat's tax money/public money by holding an emergency session in parliament, when there is no solid reason to do so.

    Stop giving the bullshit that the MP's are afraid to cross over. If they have not committed any sin, such as receiving rasuah to lompat, or do not has the preponderence to commit sin, like the two PKRs joker who cannot resist illicit sex, but latter blame BPR for setting them up?

    Be a jantan and quit like Zaid Ibrahim or Yong Teck.

    Ha, Ha, somebody talking about true first world democracy. SO, TOPPLING THE GOVERNMENT VIA DEFECTING MPs is democracy, and ignoring the democratic right of the rakyat who had elected this MP's under the umbrella of BN is DEMOCRATIC. STOP JOKING, HYPOCRITE.

    IF INDEED THERE ARE 31 MPs willing to defect, then do so and stop making excuses. This unsound fear which is a manifestation of delusion and paranoia is not doing PR any good.

    I do not think what Penarik Beca, Kickdefella, RPK or Theressa do warrant ISA detention. Nevertheless the police did find some tiny reason to justify their action. I meant we could already predict their detention based on what they have done, even before they were really detain.

    As for the MP, I don't think that there is any valid reason to so and any reason for the MP or PR to be so paranoid. After all, it would not be the first time MP defect in Malaysia and I dont think they could detain 31 MPs.

    One other reason why I think the MP is afraid to defect, if there is indeed defecting MP, is afraid of loosing current portfolio/ government position in case PR did not come into power. HA, HA, FIRST WORLD DEMOCRACY

  27. Wonder until today , NO ACTION taken yet on the MP who asked Cina Balek China ! Whatever happen to him ? Why still NO action taken on him by PKR ?What happen to the court case on this Kulim Bandar Baru MP ? Su ki fi NO din ?