Saturday, September 20, 2008

UMNO suspended Ahmad Ismail - PKR mollycoddled Zulkifli Noordin

During the Permatang Pauh by-election, Ahmad Ismail of UMNO Penang made a bigoted statement against the Chinese, dismissing these Malaysians as nothing more than 'squatters' in their own country. Needless to say, there was hue and cry, and rightfully so, against such insensitive publicly expressed racism.

AAB stepped in to aver Ahmad Ismail won't do it again, but he (AAB) was rightfully shot down as not doing enough.

After a day or two of waffling, AAB had the UMNO supreme council decide which ended up with Ahmad Ismail being suspended from the party for 3 years.

Oh no, for many in PKR that just wasn’t enough – there was outrage that AAB didn’t sack Ahmad Ismail!

Now, compare (or more correctly, contrast) the action (or non action) of Anwar Ibrahim towards the Kulim Wonder, demagogue Zulkifli Noordin, the PKR MP who incited the storming of the Bar Council forum a la Apcet II - see Who had insulted Islam?

Incidentally, Haris Ibrahim of the Peoples Parliament forum had
accused Zulkifli Noordin (and Salehuddin Ayub) as 'lying, deceiving and manipulative politicians' for fear-mongering about Article 11.

Anwar’s right hand man, Azmin Ali said he accepted Zulkifli Noordin’s explanation, without revealing what was 'acceptable'. For all you know, that Kulim Wonder could have said "Fuck you, Ali!" but he's still being indulged.

Huhlooooooo, I haven’t heard the same outrage against Azmin Ali or Anwar Ibrahim which those PKR hecklers had heaped on AAB when he said Ahmad Ismail won’t do it again.

And may I point out that at least UMNO has suspended Ahmad Ismail – which of course wasn’t good enough for those hecklers.

But what happen with their noisy protests and objections, which they had shelled out so generously to AAB, but not so to Anwar Ibrahim’s non-action against the Kulim Wonder - no sireee, not even one teensy weensy itsy bitsy query.

Why are those PKR Wonders so deafeningly silent as if they have purple brinjal (terung) rammed down their normally vociferous throats?

When is Anwar Ibrahim going to deal with Zulkifli Noordin as he had so grandstandingly promised, as reported by Malaysiakini in
PKR leader: Action will be taken against errant MP.

Then I had praised Anwar Ibrahim – yes, me! kayteemoc had praised Anwar Ibrahim for making such a real leadership statement about dealing with the Kulim bigot.

I blogged on that in A bouquet for Anwar Ibrahim where I complimented him, stating “At long last he has dropped his man man lai nonsense and got on to real leadership business.”

That was more than a month ago, and thus far he has done f*-all with what he had promised.

See! Even kayteemoc was fooled by him – what more for you poor suckers!

Man man lai, man man lai. The leopard cannot change its spots.

I have to admit I made an error in being taken in by his bullsh*t. I hereby withdraw my earlier compliment of Anwar Ibrahim.


  1. hehehehe...bro KT,..wat can I say..(",) Never trust anypne who is a Master Of Deception..(,")


  2. My feedback is GSOS WILL NOT make it to be PM . guess he's on the way out for the time being . Wno't write him off but won't forsee any problems for the time being . Remember I posted about there will be no heart transplant meaning no change of govt. but there will be a by-pass meaning change of leadership and portfolios . This has started to happen with Badawi changing changing with Najib . Also the next important date will be of course Oct 9th . If Badawi decides to step down on this date , then Anwar can kiss his Katakcrazy gomen goodbye . He realises this too that's why he's getting devillish impatient . But the game's over for him . Najib might be a stop gap measure PM until the UMNO party elections in December . When Pak Lah steps down , the 31 BN chaps will be realigning themselves to the two teams as long as its not our friend . When he came back to Kepala Batas recently , sad to say all his bumno pa pa lang who used to follow him disappeared . He's now a lone ranger in Penang . will keep you guys updated as it goes .

  3. Ha!ha!ha! KT has been had!This is the touble you all have to undergo when you are all obsessed with Anwar.Guess he is having the last laugh.
    Now chaptokam is masturbating with his theory that Anwar can never be PM.Hey! where is killer?Any great ideas from the one time coporate director on Anwar?Lets be honest with yourself ,Anwar will be PM soon.Go to the streets and ask about the present scenerio and about umno and bn.The people want change and they are expecting it.The rest is easy for Anwar!

  4. Anonymous

    You are living in a make believe world of yours hahaha lets see who will be jerking himself out of frustrations , probably until not a single drop left and your muscle acheing . I have never met with the dumbmest fool around , still thinking GSOS can make it ! Or maybe I was wrong to quickly jump into that conclusion , . What a silly guy like me , ya now I got it , what you meant is he'll be PM of Sungei Buloh very soon . I 'll be having the last laugh then !!! hahaha

  5. Anonymous 10:59 PM,

    Go to the streets and ask about the present scenerio and about umno and bn.The people want change and they are expecting it.The rest is easy for Anwar!

    You assume GSOS will be PM based on street feedback ? No wonder ! Yeah I have been hearing of all sorts of assumptions based on street people feedback , even so call experts who seem to know everything with their so call connections who have inside information and all that . Ya you make a perfect speculator in the stock markets with all the so call inside info and street info , But still Burnt in the pockets .

    I myself dared not even dared to say or accurately predict whats going to happen , however until this very minute I still dare to say GSOS will never be PM , that's my take ,Period !

  6. Anonymous 10:59 PM,

    You still think they would be kataks with this revelation ?

    REVEALED: 'Secret offers' to woo BN MPs
    By : Hamidah Atan and Farrah Naz Karim

    Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing tells of plot to win over BN members of parliament.
    PUTRAJAYA: Some prominent businessmen are in cahoots with the opposition to get Barisan Nasional members of parliament to defect from the ruling coalition.

    BN Backbenchers Club chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said at least three MPs had reported to him on the opposition's attempts to lure them.

    He said the latest incident happened yesterday.

    Tiong said club members, who had been accused of preparing to jump ship, may get together and lodge a police report for slander.
    On the three latest attempts by the opposition to lure BN MPs, Tiong said they were from either Sabah or Sarawak. He said the MPs were tempted with promises of cabinet posts.

    Tiong, who refused to reveal the names of the businessmen, said the negotiations were conducted over the telephone.

    He said one of the MPs bluntly rejected the offer while the conversation between a businessman and another BN MP was disrupted when the call was cut off.

    "One more MP called me today (yesterday) to tell about an offer that was made to him by a businessman working for the opposition," Tiong told the New Straits Times last night.

    He said BN MPs had had enough of talk that they were ditching the coalition for the opposition.

    The club, he said, would hold a meeting as early as today to discuss ways to put a stop to such talk, which he said had marred their reputation.

    The meeting would also urge all MPs who had been offered inducements to cross over to lodge reports with the Anti-Corruption Agency.

    Kota Belud MP Datuk Rahman Dahlan, who in May went public on offers by the opposition for him to defect, said such tactics by the opposition were nothing new.

    He said Pakatan Rakyat leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his team would continue making claims that BN MPs were ready to defect.

    "We (BN MPs) have signed petitions and pledged our loyalty to BN.

    "... But he (Anwar) will go on claiming that our names including mine are on the list... at the end of the day when it doesn't happen, he will claim that we changed our minds.

    "We should all stop giving him undue credit," he said, adding that a vote of no-confidence should be tabled against the opposition leader in Parliament.

    This, he said, was because Anwar was unparliamentarian and unfit to be an opposition leader.

    Revealing the tactics used by the opposition to woo BN MPs, Rahman said from his experience an unknown man would get in touch with the MP to offer inducements.

    He said an individual who identified himself as acting on behalf of the opposition leaders would initiate dealings.

    This was to avoid detection by the authorities, including the ACA, which is on the lookout for those who make offers to MPs to defect. The one who met Rahman claimed he was representing Anwar.

    ACA director-general Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan said officers would monitor such cases but needed the full co-operation of MPs.

    He said MPs must report to his agency of any inducement offered to defect to the opposition.

    He was commenting on a news portal's report that a clutch of businessmen had arranged meetings between Anwar and crossover targets, as well as senior government officials, at their homes in Kuala Lumpur.

    A news website also reported that state assemblymen had claimed they were also offered several million ringgit to switch political allegiance while the rate was several times higher for MPs.

    It said the businessmen reported to be involved in wooing BN reps to cross over were not among the "top tier" of the corporate world.

    They include a former politician-turned-businessman who was charged and convicted for a white-collar offence during the economic crisis in the late 90s and another who enjoys a solid reputation for self-promotion and rubbing shoulders with artistes, royalty and investors.

    In Sarawak and Sabah, two names figure prominently. One is a Kuching-based businessman-politician, the second, a businessman from Kota Kinabalu who was linked to a major financial scandal which caused the Sabah government to lose several hundred million ringgit in the late 1990s, the report added.

    The Sabah businessman was said to have accompanied Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee to a secret meeting with Anwar in Hong Kong in May where they discussed Yong's SAPP deserting the BN to join the opposition coalition.

    Said said the agency had not received any report on the involvement of businessmen in Anwar's plot to topple the government.

    "We have not received any information on this. Don't believe this. This is only a bait by the opposition," he said.

  7. chaptokam you make my day lah!!! Ha ,ha, ha!You please dont quote those bloody corupted BN goons.Thats not the way to entail your reasoning for us to swallow eh?
    For your info playing the stock market is small change to me.The thais used to say or called this DOG FOOD.
    Do you think for one moment we are idiots to believe those honest BN mps like you potray.
    Well a little info to let you know about me! We are a tight neat of coporate captains in the speciality field of making money.You could describe us as something like the Rotary club.We use our dough to make money for us.Sorry we are not jerkers like you but movers and shakers.We dont bet on losers! period!

  8. anon 10:06AM

    Sure you are; the next Lehman Brothers or Morgan Stanley of Malaysia.......

  9. Anonymous 10:06 AM,

    We are a tight neat of coporate captains in the speciality field of making money.You could describe us as something like the Rotary club.We use our dough to make money for us.Sorry we are not jerkers like you but movers and shakers.We dont bet on losers!


    Then what are you doing here ? engaging with small timers like us ? politics is not your ball game neither is it your cup of tea ! I you are movers and shakers as you claim , the I wouldn't want to waste my time here . I would rather use it to make my dreams of owning big mansions , ferraris or porches , travel in style with all the beau women around .hahaha We are small timers here but we are talk sense nto building castles in the air , don't waste your time here my dear friend unless of course you are the businessman mentioned above like Soh Chee Wen or Jeffery Kittingan whom I also know very well when he was in MCA and now the business consultant and close assosciate to the GSOS . hahaha period !

  10. Anonymous 10:06 AM,

    I hope you are not one of the fund managers in any of the Unit Trusts . Kindly let me know , like to withdraw or cot loss all my investments in the company . Wouldn't want to leave it in the hands on someone who bets on losers !

  11. Anonymous 10:06 AM,

    For your info playing the stock market is small change to me.The thais used to say or called this DOG FOOD.

    And if the stock market is small change to you or as you call it DOG FOOD , I think its better call SNAKE FOOD since kataks are food for the Great Snake Oil Salesman . Looks like you are the agent for his daily needs ! hahhahahaha , what a freak , I am not impress by people claiming to be what you call yourself !coporate captains hahaha .
    Then I should call myself politically KING MAKER ! Period ! hahaha

  12. This blog is getting raped by old mother@#$@# telling down on children.
    Its amazing because one can tell who is real and who is not!They get annoyed when they are whacked kau kau!Grow young old man!

  13. "UMNO suspended Ahmad Ismail - PKR mollycoddled Zulkifli Noordin "

    Sir Kay Tee,
    I wholly agree with you that you should harp on this issue until the bloody double standard PKR are shamed to act 'justly' at least like the despised UMNO.

    Keep it up.
    And keep whacking Anwar too, just do it fairly. Did up all his ugly past... as a constant reminder to him... so that he would be restrained to ever turning back to his stinking VOMIT.

    penang larng too.

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  15. have to delete a potential libellous post - I've no time nor patience to read thro' the 'Peace & War' sized post ;-)