Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The peacock & his missing egg!

Well, my old mate, Dean Johns is back to form, at his playful yet caustic best as he lambasted the BN and its draconian ISA, and worse than the ISA per se, the UMNO party leader’s wanton use of the Act for political rather than national security interest.

In Malaysiakini Waiting for Hari Raya Rakyat his theme was ‘eggs’ as well as the associated ‘fowls’!

Some snippets:

And the very sight of salted telur might have made me sick to my stomach at the memory of Umno Youth’s making a police report against Ms Kok for not only casting aspersions on prison catering but also allegedly insulting eggs.

At first I thought the Umno juniors were only yolking, if in somewhat bad taste, but of course they were totally serious, squawking like panic-stricken chickens in frantic support of the increasingly lame-duck Barisan Nasional regime. […]

The more they egg the police on to persecute and punish the opposition, and the more openly they display their bigotry, thuggery, and intellectual beggary, the sooner and harder the government is likely to fall. […]

… if Malaysia’s economy comes a cropper as a result of the crash of the biggest, lamest duck of all in the world right now, the George W Bush administration. To mix metaphors as madly as he and his neo-con hawks have mismanaged the US in the past eight years, he’s let the bulls, bears and buzzards run so wild on Wall Street that they’ve started looking like a bunch of turkeys.

But alas, Dean like a number of well-intentioned Malaysians had placed all their hopeful eggs in the Anwar basket … Dean had waited for Anwar’s 916 which as we know didn’t hatch, but many sure got a jolly blast of hydrogen sulfide - the 916 was as foul a floater as could be.

As I have often reminded Dean, that bloke is just a rotten egg, repackaged as pei-tan (century old eggs), and Mr Boastful now has eggs all over his face for his world 'famous'(?) in-egg-xact deadlines.

Joe Fernandez wrote of a political secretary describing Anwar in Malaysiakini Malaysia enters realpolitik era in days:

"This guy, having been fed on a Bollywood diet, loves to dwell on the theatrics too much for the entertainment value. No wonder he had himself photographed Rajnikanth-style as ‘Anwar the Boss’ – actually Bachelor in Social Science – in posters for his daughter (Nurul’s) March 8 campaign in Lembah Pantai.’ (Rajnikanth is a popular hero in Tamil and Hindi movies who fights for social justice).

Instead of dealing with his Kulim bad egg, which he promised to crack more than a month ago, he has shown he is worse than UMNO who had at least dealt with Ahmad Ismail, light as that may be but it’s better than the no action of (or refusal to take action by) Anwar against Zulkifli Noordin.

Well, if my mate Dean is reading this, let me tell him a Chinese saying about eggs and foul fowls.

After a turtle lays hundreds of eggs (very silently), the creature quietly crawled away back into the sea without any funfare or boasting.

… whereas when a hen lays just one egg, wow, the racket would be incessant and raucous, just to make sure everyone knows of her achievement.

Guess which, turtle or hen, best describes the world's greatest political reformer who wants to seize power through the subversion of the ballot box a la Sabah 1994?

Actually neither - because they couldn't beat the de f-egg-to premature crowing, when not even an egg (foul as that may be) could be found!


  1. Wah KT boy , your Anwar bashing at work again yeh ?

  2. Anwar Ibrahim is worse than UMNO.

    Reeaaally ?

    You must be extremely forgiving of UMNO, something you could never be accused of for Anwar Ibrahim.

    I must admit I'm dissappointed with his inaction over the Kulim Wonder, but saying he is worse than UMNO in overall terms is a weeee bit of hyperbole...

  3. did I say "overall"? if you read the post again, it's directly related to Zulkifli Noordin ;-)

    .. and within this context of UMNO suspending Ahmad Ismail versus Anwar doing zilch about Zulkifli, would it then be incorrect to say Anwar is indeed worse than UMNO?

    mind you, when he hasn't taken any action as he had promised, one could also wonder about his "overall" sincerity

  4. very stubborn chap....indeed.

    gun points at the head also would not say anwar is a beautiful egg....

    salted eggs, century eggs, as long as they are edible, they are good eggs........unlike the bad eggs of umno.

    principle is noble but don't get killed over a sweet or two....

    we are certainly having a difficult time of choosing the better of 2 devils... century egg-head atleast provides a slim hope, for a better Malaysia.

    do you have a better choice or wanting to talk principle with your umno egg-heads

    keep to your principle means to live forever with your smelly umno-eggs, which has no principle in the first place, not to mention about them following principle....

    you are asking that century egg-head anwar to perform a very difficult task of kicking out that zul-islam fellow as it will entail further cracks in the already unstable union of oppositions.

    don't be such a pain in the arse, my dear KT......were you scorned by him before that you seemingly hate him to the core.

    qua salah mhh ai gong, susie, cheers!