Thursday, September 04, 2008

A doctor's gotta do what he's gotta do ... plus other snippets

From Malaysiakini - Pusrawi's Dr Osman appears in public:

Dr Mohd Osman Abdul Hamid, the Puswari Hospital doctor who examined Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, is back from his (abruptly taken) leave, after his famous statutory declaration.

He was accompanied by his two lawyers - (Balasubramaniam, eat your heart out!).

The purpose of his appearance today was to call a press conference at the Bar Council auditorium, where he assured everyone: "I am not involved in politics. I will always tell the truth."

He affirmed I am the doctor who affirmed the statutory declaration dated Aug 1, 2008. I have had the chance to read the statutory declaration that has been put up on the website of Malaysia Today. I confirm that it is a true copy of my statutory declaration. I will now confirm that the contents of the statutory declaration is correct.

“Please be assured that I had merely done my job as a doctor. I am not involved in politics. I will always tell the truth.”

Don’t worry Doctor, everyone knows that a doctor should always make a statutory declaration after a medical checkup on an alleged sodomy case. And the doctor would also check the SD at Malaysia-Today website. Aiyah, all these actions are normal, so why hold a press conference just for this!

“I have never at any time breached my professional ethics. I have always practised doctor-patient confidentiality."

Sayanglah, he couldn’t tell us who had naughtily released the medical report on Saiful into the public domain.

He was very much distressed by that, which might explain why he appeared in public today to stand by his claim that he found no evidence of sodomy on his patient.

Yes, very professional exhibition of medical ethics to assure us the public that Saiful wasn’t violently shafted. Thanks, Dr Osman.

Alamak, this next one is really chea lart (drastic) for AAB. Just imagine, dearest Koh Tsu Koon was reported by the Star Online as having stated that Barisan may be reaching point of no return.

He warned UMNO that if members of the senior partner of the BN continue to spew racist remarks and anti-social behaviour, it may be the end for the BN.

Yes, for dearest Koh TK to utter such words, UMNO better watch it.

OK, back to Malaysiakini again - Mazlan submits evidence against Pak Lah to ACA.

Mazlan is the son of former UMNO strongman, Harun Idris who was MB of Selangor during the May 13 (1969) racial riots. The riots started in front of his official residence, and many Chinese blamed him as the principal instigator.

However, my uncle said the late Dr Tan Chee Khoon wrote in the Star to disagree with that popular (not to Harun) notion. Dr Tan asserted that Harun wasn't the man responsible for staring the riots.

According to Unc, Dr Tan who was known for his pedantic attention to detail and his fine penmanship, virtually wrote a near doctoral thesis to clear Harun Idris. Many KL/Selangor Chinese weren't impressed because they didn't like their favourite villain being given a clean bill.

Additional info I received was that some KL Chinese actually loved Harun Idris because (apparently) he was a great guy who helped them generously, so maybe Dr Tan was right.

We have since then learnt from Dr Kua’s book that the culprit could well be Tun Razak.

Anyway, Mazlan reported to the ACA that AAB had abused government machinery to shore his support up for the coming party elections.

Then, in another Malaysiakini article titled Another dose of racism? Over to you Najib Uncle Lim KS lambasted Najib for what the notorious Biro Tatanegara (BTN) had done.

Apparently those arseholes at the BTN (funded by Malaysian taxpayers, including non-Malays) have been justifying their raison d'être, by progressing racist indoctrination of public servants.

Hey, this is nothing new insofar as the BTN’s indoctrination camps are concerned. It’s not unlike the Hitler Youth indoctrination camp where youngsters were taught who were the Master race, and who were the Untermenshen (subhumans).

But Uncle Lim was so infuriated that he demanded of Najib, whether the DPM would apologise too for the BTN Nazis?

Uncle asked "Is Najib next to apologise for the rank racism of BTN in purveying similar communal poison in its indoctrination courses?"

He was of course referring to Najib publicly apologising for the racist remarks made by Bukit Bendera UMNO division chief Ahmad Ismail.

Good on you, Uncle Lim for calling Najib to account. Afterall, we know that the BTN comes under the Defence Ministry, or was it the DPM office? And therefore, lay it into him as he’s responsible for the BTN!

It seems that the Miasmatic mist of malarkey can be quite contagious. GAN* is beautifully back on track.

* Gerakan Anti-Najib


  1. To Be Or Not To Be, That is the Question. (Nak jadi ke tak jadi, Itu Soalannya)
    Phrase from William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

    To be, or not to be, that is the Question:
    Whether 'tis Nobler in the minde to suffer
    The Slings and Arrowes of outragious Fortune,
    Or to take Armes against a Sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them: to dye, to sleepe
    No more; and by a sleepe, to say we end
    The Heart-ake, and the thousand Naturall shockes
    That Flesh is heyre too? 'Tis a consummation
    Deuoutly to be wish'd. To dye to sleepe,
    To sleepe, perchance to Dreame; I, there's the rub,
    For in that sleepe of death, what dreames may come,
    When we haue shuffel'd off this mortall coile,
    Must giue vs pawse. There's the respect
    That makes Calamity of so long life:
    For who would beare the Whips and Scornes of time,
    The Oppressors wrong, the poore mans Contumely,
    The pangs of dispriz'd Loue, the Lawes delay,
    The insolence of Office, and the Spurnes
    That patient merit of the vnworthy takes,
    When he himselfe might his Quietus make
    With a bare Bodkin? Who would Fardles beare
    To grunt and sweat vnder a weary life,
    But that the dread of something after death,
    The vndiscouered Countrey, from whose Borne
    No Traueller returnes, Puzels the will,
    And makes vs rather beare those illes we haue,
    Then flye to others that we know not of.
    Thus Conscience does make Cowards of vs all,
    And thus the Natiue hew of Resolution
    Is sicklied o're, with the pale cast of Thought,
    And enterprizes of great pith and moment,
    With this regard their Currants turne away,
    And loose the name of Action.

  2. Poor Najib. Everyone's ganging up on him now. Gotta admit I don't like the guy that much and there's a lot of stories about his arrogant wife but this concerted joint effort from all quarters on Najib does seem suspicious.

    The FIL-SIL team have let Anwar and RPK do the dirty work for them but i think they've miscalculated the damage it has had on the government. No one respects Najib anymore and this translates into an erosion of respect for all aspects of governance, from the judiciary, police, ACA, election commission, govt bodies, etc etc.

    After being reliably informed that Anwaristas are gullible to believe anything that RPK reliably informs them, I didn't think RPK could stoop any lower. He did: Najib is a Hindu it seems. Ok, even if it was true, so what? Who's the bigot now?

  3. KT

    I thought BTN is under the PM's Department, are you sure it is a part of MINDEF ?

    To be fair to BTN, I read Lim "Tutup Sebelah Mata" Kit Siang's blog post about the episode and if you read it carefully you would realise that there was nothing racist or ketuanan elements was promoted by the BTN guys. What they actually spoke about was that all races must respect the social contract agreed by the community leaders.

    The rest of it was just a spin-doctoring by a parent of a JPA scholar who is obviously a hard core Pakatan supporter who did more than a little icing on the cake to portray the entire episode as a racial incident, no doubt to exploit the current political circumstances in country.

    Whether it is a PKR MP or UMNO division chief or even a parent of a JPA scholar, any attempts to stir racial discord must de dealt with swiftly and severely.

    I am sure the many Anwaristas reading my post will jump to the parent's defence. In fact I welcome them to enlighten me on the specifics of that speech by BTN official that could be considered as racially offensive.

    I remember at least 2 other incidents where parents of students in local public university accused BN-linked student leaders and BTN of making racially inflamatory statements. It later emerged that the student leader was "fixed" by his PR-linked opponent. The case of BTN offical making racist statement too was proven to be a lie.

  4. Cakap Anwar semua kosong je. Semua dia cakap orang pergi percaya. Lantaklah semua kena sodomi dengan Anwar. Bagus2, semua melompat dia nak jadi PM kan?

  5. Poor Najib. And his multi-billion dollar submarine deals.

    Just goes to show all the money in the world can't buy happiness, and definitely cannot buy real respect.

  6. Biro Tatanegara comes under the Prime Ministers's department. But many of the trainers at the Kem Bina Negara are seconded from the military.

    I think Kit Siang's question to Najib was made in the context of his "apology" for the Ahmad Ismail fiasco, not because Najib has direct responsibility over BTN, which he does not.

    One of the module objectives is ostensably "to promote the understanding all races must respect the social contract" but the in reality the content is "Yo, remember Who is Tuan. The rest of you boat people STFU"

    Its not just the deranged mutterings of a few rogue trainers. They know exactly what they are doing.

  7. killer, you mustn't take me too literally ;-) yes, I know BTN comes under the PM, but I find the targeting of Najib (instead of AAB) smells rather funny and anwar-ish, hence my statement that GAN is beautifully back on track.

    Pity Uncle Lim has unwittingly supported Anwar's campaign (via GAN) to get back into the top echelons of UMNO.

  8. Political Earthquake
    September 16.
    Anwar Ibrahim applies to rejoin UMNO. He has never been a member of PKR.

    UMNO today announced it will accept applications from all Malay PKR members via normal channels.
    Non-Malay PKR members will have to fend for themselves.

    Perak State government set to collapse as Malay PKR members cross the floor to join UMNO.

    Selangor State government collapses as MB Khalid Ibrahim and all Malay PKR members rejoin UMNO.

    Penang State government collapses
    as PKR joins with UMNO to form a 100% UMNO state government.

    This morning DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang was seen wandering on foot along Jalan Parlimen, looking lost.

  9. Ktemoc why don't you attend those btn talks and record all the speeches and post them in your blogs for all to evaluate on those racist remarks.

  10. I have - didn't you read what I have written in this post, namely "Then, in another Malaysiakini article titled 'Another dose of racism? Over to you Najib', Uncle Lim KS lambasted Najib for what the notorious Biro Tatanegara (BTN) had done."

    For link to "Another dose of racism? Over to you Najib" go back to post.

    Tsk tsk tsk.

  11. Why suddenly all Malays NOW become racist and the Non Malays are not? This is a very dangerous game to play. Yes you can knock down UMNO, but to associate UMNO with racist is just like associating Malays with it too. UMNO comprises of Malays and majority Malays in Malaysia still voted UMNO in the last GE.

    If UMNO (Malays) is that racist, how could the Chinese in Malaysia are having a better life than the Chinese in the main land China and Indian here are having better life than the Indian in India?

    These racist thing happens here and there sporadically, be it on Malays, Chinese and Indian no exception.

    Today leaders of DAP and PKR are very fond of branding UMNO as racist, which is VERY dangerous. Dont fan the racial conflicts in which all races have. BE RESPONSIBLE, PR in fact is playing with fire!

  12. An Open Letter to all DAP Leaders and Members:

    Friday, 29 August 2008 17:20
    The majority of the Malays support UMNO; and UMNO has plundered and mismanaged the wealth of this country with impunity. Therefore, to change the fate of our nation is to change the mentality of the Malays. This is the ONLY solution!
    Without doubt, DAP has struggled and fought fearlessly and tirelessly over the past 4 decades aspiring to build a democratic and progressive Malaysia regardless of race and religion. However, I can only conclude that over the past 4 decades, DAP has completely failed to fight against the UMNO hegemony in the country.
    DAP had never prepared itself to be the alternative of BN until 08 March 2008. And we have to acknowledge that DAP had been dragged and manipulated by UMNO to become or at least seen to become a Chinese-Chauvinist political party. The fact is that without PAS or Anwar Ibrahim, DAP will NEVER be able to engage the Malay electorate. The leadership of DAP has long been luxuriating in being recognized as the "Chinese Hero" or "Non-Muslims' Rights Defender".
    Since DAP's inception in 1966, the Party has failed to recognize the basic and simple fact that it is the Malays who decide the sort of leaders they want and they have voted UMNO in for 12 consecutive General Elections.
    UMNO had always been perceived as the sole defender of Malay supremacy with their special rights and privileges, even if it is at the expense of other ethnic groups. It doesn't require complex political analysis to understand that the MAJORITY of Malays had always been staunch supporters of UMNO. If they refuse to change their voting preference, the status quo is going to remain. The more we challenge it, the stronger UMNO will be. Thus, for DAP to directly clash with UMNO will further enhance its image as a Chinese-based party and provide UMNO with an opportunity to have more Malay sympathizers.
    An example is, if they increase the number of scholarships for non-bumis, UMNO can easily tell the Kampong Malays that they have succumbed to the pressure of MCA, Gerakan and MIC. The Malays will immediately give their strong endorsement to UMNO to defend their rights. DAP, as one of the strongest opposition parties in Malaysia, is still failing to comprehend the racial game played by UMNO.
    Instead of directly engaging the Malay electorate, DAP chooses to play the ZERO SUM GAME with MCA and Gerakan. These 3 Chinese-based political parties lack the basic political wisdom to survive independently in our multi-racial country where Malays/Muslims are the majority. At least we know UMNO can easily survive by means of communalism and form the government with smaller political parties.
    No matter how hard DAP argues or debates with MCA or Gerakan, it won't change the fixed mindset or mentality of the Malay electorate. Neither will MCA or Gerakan be forced to change the mindset of the Malays by DAP!
    Remember the iron fact that the majority of the Malays support UMNO; and UMNO has plundered and mismanaged the wealth of this country with impunity. Therefore, to change the fate of our nation is to change the mentality of the Malays. This is the ONLY solution!
    As our most respected Regent of Perak, Dr. Nazrin Shah put it, "The Malay mindset is a crucial factor in our nation's stability". Dr. Nazrin further elaborated that, "racial prejudice can be erased if the Malay mindset is stable and comfortable towards forging harmony. It is a pre-condition to our nation's stability".
    May I ask Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh, or even the writer Liew Chin Tong, how much has DAP done over the past 40 years to change the mindset of the Malays? How much has DAP done to win the trust of the Malays? How many times has DAP challenged UMNO in open debate on the academic performance of Malay students?
    Instead of getting closer and winning the hearts and trust of the Malay electorate, DAP has chosen to fight with MCA and Gerakan to play the role of Chinese Hero.
    Worse still, after struggling for more than 40 years in Malaysia's political history, DAP still doesn't have the slightest inkling of what "political courtship" is all about. Even the MOST STUPID salesman knows how to be courteous to customers and win their trust.
    DAP chooses to shun Malay electorate and frighten them by:
    a) Refusing to wear songkok,
    b) Raising the issue of Social Contract,
    c) Immediate abolition of positive discrimination policies
    It's made me wonder whether DAP is paid by UMNO to strengthen their grass root supporters! If I were a DAP leader, I would ostentatiously wear the Songkok to pro-actively court and seek Malay support for DAP. I would put aside the issue of the Social Contract and would clearly and carefully pinpoint the weaknesses of the NEP to the Malay masses before revising it.
    If the Umnoputras liken the fate of the Malays in Penang to the Malays in Singapore, how is YAB Mr. Lim Guan Eng going to answer this question or "accusation"? What YAB Mr. Lim Guan Eng will do is to imitate his predecessor Dr. Koh by keeping his mouth shut and be speechless. Silence means consent!
    DAP should pro-actively and sincerely urge the Malay masses to look beyond the tiny island of Singapore and focus on the plight of Malays in Batam, Bintang, Karimun and even the slum areas in Jakarta. Ask them to compare whether Singapore Malays are better off or Batam Malays are better off.
    I can help organize special tours for all the Malays/bumiputras in Malaysia to visit all the Indonesian islands surrounding Singapore to see for themselves how the Malays there are living in abject poverty and sordid conditions. Many young girls in Batam, Bintang and Karimun have to prostitute themselves to feed their family. They are also deprived of the opportunity to receive basic education and training. And we know many of them have to leave their families to become maids in Singapore and Malaysia.
    We should challenge UMNO – NOT to protect the Malays in Singapore, but the Malays in Batam, Bintang and Karimun! We are not defending Singapore, but we have to speak the truth to the Malay masses. Enlighten them and so they won't be blinded and misguided by UMNO. Shame on our Education Minister who expressed the need to travel to the UK to save "our" so-called prodigy Sufiah. He should go to Batam Island to join the UN's efforts to curb child prostitution!
    For DAP's information, Singapore Malays have progressed very well. Over the last 15 years, they have improved significantly in their academic performance. Singapore Malays have the highest percentage of home ownership as compared to the Malays in Malaysia and Indonesia! DAP does not have to defend PAP, but I would encourage YAB Mr. Lim to invite Dr. Mahathir for a telecast debate on the plight of Malays in Singapore.
    Dr. Mahathir always reminds the Malays in our country to look at the Malays in Singapore, how "miserable" they are without firm control in politics. For Mahathir's information, the Singapore Parliament Speaker is a Malay and the Finance Minister an Indian Muslim like Mahathir. And so far, I have not heard of Singapore Malays being maids in Malaysia or Indonesia, and neither have I heard of a large number of young Malay girls in Singapore prostituting themselves to feed their family.
    As Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, DAP leaders should openly and publicly support the teachings of the Quran in our country. I voted for PAS on 8th March to close down casinos, horse-racing, 4D and TOTO. Non-Muslims have long been paying a second tax to the UMNO government by "gambling-off" their whole family savings and children's education to win the trust and respect of Malays and Muslims.
    DAP should advocate the closure of casinos, 4D, TOTO, and horse-racing as all these vice activities operators are UMNO agents. They take gambling money from non-Muslims and pay it to their UMNO Master. To cut off this source of revenue for UMNO, DAP should explain to the non-Muslim community how this gambling system works in Malaysia – and teach UMNO a lesson as we must expose UMNO's hypocrisy!
    Unfortunately, DAP leaders don't appear to have the intelligence, wit, courage and political will to have the paradigm shift and think out of the box politically. As mentioned earlier, DAP is just a political party helplessly manipulated by UMNO. By just simply advocating the banning of gambling, DAP could win the respect and trust of Malays and Muslims plus save many non-Muslims from bankruptcy and family problems. But most importantly, it cuts off a large chunk of revenue from UMNO. ONE stone killing 3 birds.
    Instead of shouting and arguing with ridiculous Umnoputras in Parliament, I urge DAP to instruct each of their members to befriend at least 10 Malays to explain to them the challenge of this ever-changing globalized economy and how we have to work together regardless of race and religion for a better Malaysia. When the Malay mindsets change, Malaysia will change; and vice-versa.
    DAP, hear me and hear me well. You may be sincere, but you are sincerely wrong in Malaysian politics. Go and study what made UMNO strong. Do your political analysis. Also, DAP, you must remember that PAS is your true friend, even though they talked with UMNO. They are righteous and godly people that won't succumb to the temptation of money. That is not the case with Keadilan. Except Anwar and a few top leaders, many Keadilan people are still carrying the UMNO-DNA, as we have witnessed with the running dog Ezam and Nalla betraying the party.
    DAP, you should acknowledge the fact that the special rights and position of Malays/bumiputras are enshrined in our constitution. You have to respect it. You must have a complete and comprehensive Malay agenda to compete with UMNO. For example, the Penang state government can provide free but compulsory tuition for Penang Malay students at schools. DAP must cultivate and nurture the Malays in Penang to excel in academics and be able to compete on equal footing with others. Penang Malays must be the locomotive change of mindset to the rest of the Malays in our country. If DAP fails to change the Malay mindset in Penang, DAP will never be qualified to be addressed as a "National" party.

    Lastly, DAP, you still have a long way to go and you really have to learn again who's given UMNO power. Go to their power base, seize their power and cut off their power supply! For a progressive and better Malaysia, wearing the songkok is a trivial matter.
    If necessary, let Anwar's new cabinet be full of capable Malays like Dr. Syed Husin Ali, Dr. Azly Rahman, Dr. Bakri Musa, Tuanku Abdul Aziz, etc. to prove to the Malay masses that we, Chinese, are not power hungry; we don't choose to "pegang" so as to destroy their livelihood as UMNO has claimed. We can prove to them that even though there is only 1 Chinese Minister in the Cabinet, it is still okay to us if the highly capable and honest Malay leaders can lead our country to greater heights and serve the rakyat wholeheartedly regardless of race, language and religion!
    Please learn, understand and even master the UMNO's Art of War in Politics.
    "Know your enemies and know yourself, hundred battles hundred victories" – "Sun Tzu's Art of War".
    Hidup Malaysia...
    Mr. Loi Bih Siang Benjamin
    Political Scientist

  13. DAP = DeAd end Party

  14. BN's sending all its MPs overseas for September 16.

    Aiyoyo.....habis-lah...that's just about confirmation the froggies are for real...

    Time sell all the shares and move to Australia...

  15. Ktemoc's fellow Anti-Anwarista is having epileptic convulsions at the rumoured Anwar Ibrahim takeover.

  16. Wow, some parents threw the spanner and concocted some stories so that PR can spin to the press on BTN?

    BTN spends RM140 million in two years to maintain and does nothing but talking about race. And we think that with the passport to talk down to people, there won't be any single incidence of BTN trainers being racist? What a la la land thing.


    Aiyoo jeddy when I was was playing politics I think youwere still playing masak masak !

    Anwar take over so easy ? must be day dreaming ! remember this two can play the same game , don't be surprised there will be kataks coming to join BN ! Young chiku thinks she knows a lot ! Its people like you who will be used !!

  18. 1. KTEMOC as a PENANGITE should stop TALKING ABOUT KL/SEL Chinese affairs like he is the expert. Can you please STAY OUT OF IT. Penangites can be so unbearable at times.

    2. The KL Chinese REMEMBERS TILL TODAY THE MASSACRE. Not by “Malays” but by Harun Idris + goons. This has been verified countless times by UMNO people themselves who were at Harun’s HOUSE, journalists who covered the event (one from AWSJ), eye-witnesses,etc.

    3. It’s NOT A “POPULAR NOTION” as KTEMOC the PENANGITE puts it.

    4. Harun was part of TUN RAZAK’s GANG.

  19. Penangites are lovable people - like AAB, Anwar Ibrahim, the Kulim Wonder, Ahmad Ismail and Koh Tsu Koon - wakakaka!

  20. I think Chaptokam is in the early stages of dementia.