Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bigotry - Najib apologised but will Anwar Ibrahim?

In Malaysiakini Second-hand apology 'unacceptable' Uncle Lim KS said of Najib’s apology for Ahmad Ismail’s racist remarks as inadequate and unacceptable.

Uncle Lim correctly compared the apology by the DPM to the apology by Malaysian student Wee Meng Chee of Negarakuku’s notoriety. Uncle Lim argued the cabinet had set the precedent last year when it ungraciously rejected Wee’s apology.

But I feel that was UMNO, whereas Uncle Lim is DAP, and therefore could be and should be gracious.

Sure, demand that Ahmad Ismail bloody f* well apologize personally and unreservedly, or UMNO should sack the arsehole (sorry for the unintended pun).

Yes, criticize AAB as well for brushing it off under the carpet with a ‘promise’ that the bigot won’t do it again.

But the DAP has been fair, so can Uncle Lim get that Kulim Wonder to apologize for his unbelievable misconduct at the recent but aborted Bar Council’s forum?

Can Uncle Lim ask Anwar why he has not taken any action again that PKR thug, even though he had promised publicly he would do so – see Malaysiakini
PKR leader: Action will be taken against errant MP.

Mind you, that was before the by-election ;-)

Can Uncle Lim ask Anwar why Anwar’s right hand man, Azmin Ali had accepted demagogue Zulkifli Noordin’s (unrevealed) explanation in ‘good faith’, whatever that means (see Malaysiakini Zulkifli defends his action at Bar forum), when PKR Deputy President Dr Syed Husin had already asserted that the demagogue would be disciplined?


Let’s not bloody man man lai and gloss over this outstanding issue – let’s see PKR take some disciplinary action against the Kulim Wonder, a man that Haris Ibrahim has accused (together with Salehuddin Ayub) as 'lying, deceiving and manipulative politicians' for fear-mongering about Article 11.

Or any criticism against Najib for his apology would not only be ungracious but plain double-standard hypocrisy.

Let’s not over ‘reform’ selectivity!


  1. The show has just began! There're more to come.

  2. You need to overhaul your outdated thinking. I guess you prefer BN's screwing

  3. Anonymous 12:32...

    Wrong is wrong and right is right. The author merely said this particular leader has come forward to apologise for his guy's stupidity and questioned that other guy to do the same for the same reason but different case. The author highlighted that leader already promised us he would do so but till now, nothing still. That is a fact. Whether the apology is seen or construed as other explanation, that is another question but...pls bloody do what you have promised the rakyat or you would lose your credibility as an aspiring leader-wannabe. I'm not saying current BN is as clean as a shit of A4 white paper, nor am i saying the leader-wannabe is bad, bottom line is, pls do what you have said you would.

  4. wah, you and KJ on the same wavelength today, blaming Kit Siang for the same sin, but for different crimes...

    You're both right of course. And I hate to say it, but I reckon guys like KJ and KT (Khir Toyo) are good because at least they try to whack Pakatan back sensibly. I was so impressed with Toyo's immediate response to the election outcome, unlike that crybaby Tajol Rosli.

    Having said that, Toyol shouldn't have shredded all the documents... AND his party's pre-departure scorched earth policy was inexcusable, even inciting the murka of the Sultan.

  5. int, I am not blaming Uncle Lim but merely asking him to hold Anwar and PKR to the same accountability - the DAP is about fairness, even to the political opposite.

    I have also asked him to exercise graciousness, so as to prevent acrimony and mindless PKR-ish attacks (for attacks' sake) creeping into what we have aspired for, a 2-party political system.

  6. Hi BN supporters (killer, chaptokam, xeian etc)

    Read Dr M's latest posting on his website and weep for your beloved
    BN! UMNO must carry out genuine reform like the Taiwanese Guomindang or it will implode.

    Phua Kai Lit

  7. I would also like to add that a reformed UMNO/BN would be good for the country. A 2-party political system (or 2-coalition political system) that alternates in terms of holding power would be good for democracy and for the country and its people. It'll check abuse of power by the ruling party/coalition.

    Phua Kai Lit

  8. It is easier to blame and point the finger to your opponent than to see ourselves in the mirror. That is the trademark in DAP and LKS nowadays and yet they conveniently preaching for change. Change you must, but me, I am perfect.....this is what I am getting from them.

    The double standard of DAP is also seen in their strong support to Anwar's frogs and on the other hand they are against the cross over of PR states assemblyman in Perak to BN. I want to ask DAP what happen to their proposal of the Anti- hopping law ? perhaps is not reverent anymore since the environment now favour them.

    If that is not hypocrisy, I do not know what to call them.

  9. Hi Phua,

    I want to put into record that I am not a BN supporter.I am fighting for equation and fairness.

    I also do not want to listen to Dr M hypocrisy, 22 years of his dictatorial rule is more than enough.

  10. Hi Phua,

    I also share many of Killer and chaptokam views which I think is fair. But I do not share a lot of your views.

  11. Arrrghh! another bashing time for Anwar again.
    Why do you old goons get yourself worked up over someone who is a racists.Who cares ? did any of you feel any pain or became poorer in your earnings just because of some racists slurs!
    Everyday people swears, the chinese being called babi,the indians ...kelings...the melayu ...belanchan.Yes, go out to the streets and you see it everyday at all hours.So what! we could 'nt care less.It's not gonna hurt us .Take it man and ignore it.Dont let it into your system.
    If you guys voted that PKR worm who is a racist, then by all means kick him out with all your means next election Or you all can sue him for being a racist in court .What say you?
    Remember those bastards were former umnoputeras and you all knew it.Did it hurt for them being racists.Nope not to me.

  12. Zulkifli Noordin should be disciplined, no if and buts.

    If you think a bit deeper, you would realise UMNO is doing this mea culpa because of the current political competition...

    So political competition is good for governance...and I intend to keep it going.

  13. Xiean

    I used to be an admirer of LKS, LGE, Patoo,Karpal,etc.

    However, after March 8th, my eyes have been opened. Once DAP has climbed the throne they are also taken a leaf out of the former Jasin MP's advice of "tutup mata".

    LKS and LGE no longer display principled political stance or policies. To me they have become more of a political opportunists, perhaps the aura of Anwar has rubbed them off. But I still cling to the hope that they are basically good kids mixed up with bad dudes of PKR and PAS.

    The only leader in DAP who still retains my respect is Karpal. This Old Lion has been consistent and the only one who has the guts to stick to his principles and defend rakyat like us. I wish we have more leaders on both side of the political longkang.

    I am fully supportive of KT's views here. This is not the first time LKS and Anwar refused to condemn or act against their own fellow party members.

    The Sun highlighted another similar case,it printed a letter from LKS from 2005 when he demanded the then MB of Perak to suspend an exco member (BN) charged with corruption. But now LKS defends the same Perak exco members caught by ACA as victims.

    Look at how the NS MB responded when the BN guy was caught, he said "No one is above law".

    I wish I could hear the same words from the forked tougues of LKS and Anwar.

  14. I also note the same blogger who lambasted Anwar's proposal to reduce the price of petrol as "irresponsible" has been deafeningly silent over the RM 208 Billion 2009 Budget.

    Another case of deformed principles ?

  15. Hi Xiean 10:23 am

    Fair enough.

    Democracy is where people
    can advocate for different
    political viewpoints without
    clubbing each other on
    the head :-)

    I think we all agree, as Malaysian patriots, that our country is in a mess but we disagree on the causes (myself and kittykat: the cause is misrule by the FIL-SIL regime; you, killer, chaptokam: the cause is dastardly Anwar and his political agitation). We also disagree on possible solutions.


    Phua Kai Lit

  16. Badawi is really a secret Anwar ally.
    Think about it carefully...there's more truth to it than you may realise...

  17. Dr. M has booked a one-way flight to Chennai on September 16.

  18. kittykat, it's quite amusing that you attempted to draw a comparison between Anwar's proposal to reduce the price of petrol and the RM 208 Billion 2009 Budget.

    That one is irresponsible and driven by populist motive doesn't necessarily mean that a budget of several hundred billions is automatically irresponsible too?

    The budget is a far more complex package and needs to be examined in all its features and promises. Some experts already have, and more will continue doing so in greater depth and coverage.

    While there have been criticisms of the budget that it's short of that or lacking in this, or not addressing something, I haven't heard anything remotely close to 'irresponsible', as I have of Anwar's populist and unsustainable promised fuel price.

  19. Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) — Malaysia’s ringgit, Southeast Asia’s second-worst performer in the past three months, will be “a washout” in 2008 as a growing budget deficit and policy inaction on inflation turn investors away, a think tank said.

    The ringgit will probably weaken to 3.5 per dollar by year end, Ariff Kareem, executive director of the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research, said in an interview in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

    The government’s budget deficit will widen to 34.5 billion ringgit ($10.1 billion) this year, or a five-year high of 4.8 percent of gross domestic product.

  20. Ahmad Ismail the PKR mole in UMNO

    On the issue why Badawi did not take action on Ahmad Ismail's racist statement terming Chinese as Pendatang Haram !!I have this to say . Why did Ahmad Ismail take that moment of time to say that ! Every wondered why ! Did it ever crossed your mind that he might be doing that to help his old nemesis Anwar Ibrahim ? That he could be contemplating of joining PKR ? To him there is no more money to bleed from UMNO as BUMNO is no more the gomen. In other words he sees there is no more ” kang tau ” .
    Don’t you think that by making that statement who actually benefits from that ? PKR or BN ? Its obvious isn’t it , that’s very important as you can very well even see this in the comments in this blog . Chinese all get riled up and pissed off by that joker’s statement and voted for PKR especially it was made during the last few days of campaigning. This could also be one of the factors contributing to Anwars increased majority .
    For him to quit UMNO and join PKR would see him being labeled by BUMNO as a running dog and by his supporters also but to be expelled or kick out by UMNO would see him as a overnight HERO just like Bala the SD fella or Dr Osman . ! and that would certainly raise his image in PKR ,don’t you think so !
    Read DSAI statement on this chap , very mild isn’t it “low class politician ” I expected Anwar to chew him off but LOL no such thing and that was all Anwar said period !. After that nothing more from him , so what does this tell you ? that this is a sandiwara by them. Look at Badawi’s statement . also very soft why ? Badawi knew that Ahmad Ismail wanted UMNO to kick him out or expel him so as to make him a household name in PKR but he is not going to play to their gallery or stage play !.Period . Thats my take as I see it .

  21. dear ktemoc
    As your postings seem to excite and ejaculate so many smart responses as we see here , I would appreciate and request humbly that when Anwar becomes the next PM / or fail to, never mind when... do a neutral/fair commentary (independently by yourself) comparing against what you have written and predicted about him / PR and let us decide whether your postings all this while like this one for eg is pure buishit or belonging to the realm the gifted and rare one of great foresight and real intelligence, and not a mirror clone of Malaysiakini. Agreed ?

    if 1/2 of what you have hypothesize is on target I shall then reveal myself and congratulate you as a kind of nostrademus.

    real, clear & genuine

  22. Hi Killer,

    The decision taken by DAP to agreeing and promoting party hopping will forever tinted them, will never ever be erased. The fallout on DAP for making such lousy decision will come, it a matter of time, then you will see that father and son will be the fallen guy.

  23. Hm, according to MKini, our friend Mat Ismail has refused to apologize:

    Meanwhile, Mr. Zul of Kulim is gonna make an appearance in front of a KeADILan disciplinary committee... wonder how its gonna turn out. Lets hope its not just a show trial.


  25. Hi KT,
    Please accept anon's 3.31pm challenge as we have a feeling you have been bull shiting us all along.Your views has strayed by miles . What say you?.Remember some of your goons should undertake this undertaking too.Its your honour now!

  26. anon 1:03AM,

    We are here to give our views and not necessary we are right. That you call it bull shitting, perhaps you should direct that bull shitting to Anwar and RPK, they are the one lying to the nation.

  27. xiean,
    You old goon being honourable has nothing to do with Anwar and RPK.Wah! you give me the crisp by defending KT. Why scared to take the challenge or else you bunch of hipocrits have nothing else to respond.Well there are intelligent people out there and they see your reasonings that can be a blunder on your intellect.If no response from KT then sorry lah....he is a jerk.

  28. Old xiean, You goons are back tracking again when the screws are turned.Can you feel the heat/

  29. anon 9:23AM,

    I see, so you guys very brave...but why talk behind the shield?

  30. anon 9:36AM,

    In what sense I am back tracking?

  31. the vibe i'm getting from Kt is better the devil you know that the one you don't . basically its better to get shafted by UMNO/BN rather than anwar who may or may not revert back to the animal he was before reformasi...

    KT is a BN supporter... So what Ahmad insult chinese. chinese should get used to it right since they've been insulted so many time right KT?

  32. YAH! agree with anon 10.58.Nothing was written about that umno puk.. who insulted the chinese.Should the chinese tolerate those racist bastards?This is BN for you old guys out there.Yah! whacking Anwar but silenced on that racist.Hey! chaptokan, and killer where are your bollexs as RPK used to say?