Saturday, September 20, 2008

Was Teresa Kok fed dog food during detention?

When my dear friend and Penang-larng, famed blogger Susan Loone, posted Teresa treated like a dog, RPK unhappy with pig food, I thought that was just shockingly terrible.

Leaving aside the unjustified draconian use of the ISA just for a second, the purpose for detaining a person (say, a suspected terrorist) under the ISA would be to prevent his/her possible threat to our national security, and not because of criminal activities where adequate laws exist to deal with the latter.

When even a criminal behind bars shouldn’t be and usually won’t be treated like a dog, how could they do that to a non-criminal ISA detainee, let alone the fact that she is an elected Member of Parliament?

Teresa's mother had, after visiting daughter, informed the ‘outside world’: “I hope she can regain her freedom and come out as soon as possible and continue to live an ordinary life instead of being detained in a cage like a dog. They locked her up once she walked into that room which is only 6′ x 8′. She is not allowed to read newspaper or any other reading material. She lost all her freedom!”

“I feel so sad. Yes they gave her three meals a day, but the food is bad! She had diarrhea this morning and her blood pressure plunged!”

Now, note that based on Mrs Kok’s main point of complaint on the treatment meted out to Teresa, namely “detained in a cage like a dog”, we had just focussed on the disgraceful caging of the MP for Seputeh as if she had been a wild animal.

But alas, we had not given enough attention to Mrs Kok's following point, that Teresa was given ‘bad’ food!

So … on the business of food, while Malaysiakini tells us that all China milk products have been banned, the Star Online came up with more sensational news in Govt to investigate Teresa Kok’s ‘dog food’ claim.

Yes, f*-shocking man!

Teresa was not just treated like a dog BUT she suspected she was given DOG FOOD to eat.

T. Murugiah, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, is now in damage control. When informed of the alleged scandal, he said he would get more detailed information from Teresa.

He would also visit the police station where Teresa had been held in detention, to investigate into who had bought the food, where it was bought, how much it cost, what the allocations are for meals for detainees, and what type of food was supposed to be served.

He said the usual... that anyone arrested should be treated with respect and given proper food ... yadda yadda ...

If true, it bespeaks a new low in police conduct where there could have been a vicious devious malicious program to ‘punish’ Teresa.

And it's hardly surprising that this could have been a misguided action, considering those vicious provocative lies about Teresa being a so-called anti-Islamic bespectacled female Chinese racist, who allegedly demanded of a mosque that it was to tone down the azan call.

Those lies were spread by some so-called Muslims in the month of Ramadan, regrettably with Utusan Melayu still being provocatively insinuating at her post-release press conference, by asking her to take a lie detector test on her alleged anti-Islamic actions.

Considering her mum said poor Teresa had suffered from diarrhea after taking the food provided by the police, I wonder what other ‘punishments’ had been covertly delivered unto poor her.

But if it has been true as alleged, that the police, mostly Muslims, had fed Teresa Kok, an ISA detainee but still a serving Member of the Malaysian Federal Parliament, dog food in the month of Ramadan, well …

… I leave it to Muslims to advise us of the severity of their sins.


  1. Her "Dog food" is actually what poor people in malaysia currently eat.

    Telur Rebus and Timun.

    please read Makanan Anjing

  2. Most of us like dog food a.k.a nasi lemak. Only that they are running out of coconut rice.

  3. For someone who is probably - throughout her life - been eating mom's excellent cooking and/or meals that costs more than say, RM 5, what they serve in the lock-up is 'dog food' by their standard. I think it's just metaphor lah.. Food which is suitable to be fed to dogs - by their standards (well, I think to some underprivileged folks in India, that 'food dog' is akin to KFC). And I'm getting the impression that whoever gets locked-up (lawfully or otherwise) should be getting more than just a 8'x6'. How about a 850 sq. ft, 3 bed and 2 baths unit per detainee instead? So one's basic right as a human being is deprived just because he/she is not given any reading material? Hm... Anyhow, I'm glad she's out and if she's lucky, might win in her lawsuit against the government.

  4. Assuming the "dog food" was indeed in reference to the rice+curry+egg+cucumber.... the "dog food" was poor but acceptable fare. Although, my granny used to spoil her dog with rice and chicken curry, so I guess by those standards... anyway it's well-known that in this business you have to be willing to eat 'kari rice', so I don't see why we should dwell on it.

    Yes it's a metaphor, but beating this "dog food" drum is the surest way to let BN regain some sympathy by painting the opposition as a bunch of liars. I think some UMNO chaps are going to respond in true Pavlovian form, invoking the word 'fitnah', probably with some impact.

    Although, thinking optimistically, maybe this incident/probe would lead to an improvement in the quality of food given to all detainees. We don't have to feed them that well, but I don't think it's that hard to provide some simple but edible food, is it?

    If I ever get jailed just gimme the rice, the egg, and the timun, forget the kari.

    And how about a dash of kicap manis for good behavior.

  5. For your information, that DOG FOOD and PIG FOOD are our daily routinr food. These people have been eating good food all the while. It is best for them to taste what poor people like us eat daily. That will make them a better person. So next time, please create more cases so that they will taste these food of the poor. Hopefully they can become a better human. All the while I thought they know how the poors eat. I was wrong then... these people can only talk big about helping the poor, but in reality the insult the daily meals of the poor. Another skeleton in the cupboard.

  6. I wonder if the Pakatan Rakyat will renovate and expand jail and lokap if they ever topple the government.

  7. Go to the dog food isle in the supermarket, you'll be surprised! The dogs eat better than lots of human beings. Looking at Teresa's pictures, does she look like she had diarrhea?

  8. Do dogs really eat boiled eggs, cucumber with kuah (gravy)?

    Anyway, what Ms Teresa had sounds like a low-carb version of our national breakfast dish, nasi lemak. Perhaps dogs are now health-conscious as well and forgo the rice from their nasi lemak.

  9. Maybe we can get Brother Anwar to check her for diarrhea since he has somewhat more expertise than most regarding that part of the human anatomy. But maybe he would turn down the offer since she's a lady. ;)

    Regards the dog food, if it's rice and stuff, the maybe it could qualify as that.

    I think one simple way to combat this would be to catch all those illegals working in the mamak shops and get them to make dhosai and roti canai as double duty while serving time waiting for the plane home.

    Doubt even Malaysian dogs eat roti canai and dhosai so there's less confusion all round.

  10. Perhaps what MP Teresa meant was, she should be at least been given a fried chicken to add to her nasi lemak.

  11. You know what? Our MAS airline is serving dog food!

  12. Hey KT ,

    what type of food are you eating everyday ? bacon , ham and eggs or steaks with milk , cream and beer to wash it down ?

  13. well, if you read carefully what I wrote re the doggie food, my post says her mum "... suspected she was given DOG FOOD to eat."

    Within that context, I doubt that it had been about nasi kari dengan telur dan timun, which, despite your collective sarcasms wakakaka, Malaysians including Teresa are pretty familiar with.

    And let's see what the Dep Minister will com up with - OK, there has been an allegation, the government has been startled enough into probing, we all speculate (Malaysia's 2nd favourite sport wakakaka), but the verdict is still open.

    chaptokam, as for poor kaytee, brekkie is either (most times) a kopi-oh kau or (when time permits) a maggie mee ;-) - oh, how I wish I have nasi kari or nasi lemak or roti canai, or even koay teow th'ng, like you lucky bastards - er, the beer comes in the evening ;-) perhaps with more maggie mee (I've become an expert in maggie mee)

  14. commercial:

    Defections-get used to it

  15. "[But if it has been true as alleged, that the police, mostly Muslims, had fed Teresa Kok, an ISA detainee but still a serving Member of the Malaysian Federal Parliament, dog food in the month of Ramadan, well …

    … I leave it to Muslims to advise us of the severity of their sins.]"

    Heyy!!! ktemoc, WTF??? I thought you're better than to throw such insinuations and race/religious comments like that. That is so unfair man. Bordering on seditious!

    Check out the Prison Regulations [P.U.(A) 325/2000 - PRISONS REGULATIONS 2000] for the daily diet for prisoners in lock-up/prison. What Theresa says is equivalent to dog food is not outside the regulation.

    Her dog must be one very lucky dog!!

  16. bisu, I wrote "But if it has been true as alleged ...", meaning (if it was true), I would be stunned given those circumstances mentioned (including the provocative batu api-ness), and I aired my anxieties if it becomes evident it had been true. I haven't passed judgement at all.

    Personally I don't believe Teresa Kok would complain about such a trivial issue unless she has real substantial concerns that there were dodginess.

    What those were, we don't know yet, but Teresa Kok is not exactly an Anwar Ibrahim who would rush off at the drop of a hat to the Turkish Embassy like a drama queen, or walk around (notice past tense) with a bullet proof vest - wakakaka.

  17. i am a mOxxxm
    and with this current high inflation
    i am not able to stretch my ringgit any further and contemplating buying
    dog food which is cheaper for my

  18. Have any of the critics above actually been in prison and experienced the meals there?

    The main thing is should Teresa, RPK, the journalists, the Hindraf 5 and the others actually be under ISA without being charged for their crimes?

    Anyway, we should subject Khir Toyol and the top brass of Utusan Meloya to the same treatment for a few days. If they know how to dish it out, they should know how to take it...

  19. well, brighteyes, I am against the use of ISA which has outlived its relevance after the Emergency was declared over, thus I would not support applying it on anyone even BN people.

  20. "after the Emergency was declared over"

    Eh? When was that? I've been outstation for a week, did I miss something?

    Ok ok sorry, I will tone down the sarcasm :)

  21. I know what you mean, but I did write 'Emergency' with a capital 'E' ;-)

  22. almost every country have the so called ISA but with different name..

    Singapura yang di katakan maju pun ade ISA

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  24. Guys, don't be so hard on Teresa Kok lah...Give her a break don't you...

    You know lah she being a Senior State Exco you cannot expect her eat the kind of food you and me, mere mortals eat daily at the food court or mamak stall or what is being provided to common crooks and prisoners.

    I have a radical suggestion that is truly a reflection of a progressive and democratic society that we are aspiring to be.I humbly suggest that for our politicians and rich business people held under ISA or jailed for other criminal offenses (like sodomy and corruption for instance), we should provide them with new penal system of 5-star luxury. The cells should be equipped with only imported furnitures and provided with dining services from the top tier restaurants from KL and even overseas. They also should be provided with other value-added services such as video and audio conferencing facilities, broadband internet access, spa and massage, etc.

  25. omg kt just admit it you jumped the gun and blindly believed in you hottie fav MP when she called her meals dog food.

    fact really is 2 hard boiled eggs curry and rice and timun are what humans eat. It might not be what rich humans eat, but still, there are humans that eat it.

    and by going around the mulberry bush by using up all your backpedalling backups (IF, ALLEGED, SUSPECTED)you just reduced your credibility as a writer.

    The last one:
    "Personally I don't believe Teresa Kok would complain about such a trivial issue unless she has real substantial concerns that there were dodginess."

    ...Sounds like something an anwarista would say, only this time its teresa and the blindly faithful and smelling her sweet fart* is.. you.

    *RPK's reference to anwar's fart smelling sweet to his supporters, something you love to quote endlessly

  26. nabat, when I assess a person's credibility I go by his/her 'track record'

    anwaristas are so afraid of kaytee bringing up his 'track record' - wakakaka

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  28. have to delete a potential libellous post - I've no time nor patience to read thro' the 'Peace & War' sized post ;-)

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  31. "Worse, maybe similar to dog food"... and later translated to us what she said was "slightly better than dog food".

    Her pronounciation of "boiled eggs" sounded more like ""boys egg""

    So we have a YB running around trying to speak for the Rakyat where she herself is as confused about the meaning of words used. Please watch what you say next time.

    I am the only Malay in this neighbourhood, the rest are Chinese and, to my surprise, even some of their kids of 26years, born in Malaysia (a qualified electronic computer specialist - from a very prestigious University in China) are not able to communicate with me in BM or BI.

    Whenever they get any formal letters from the Banks or Local Authorities, SMS messages etc written to them in BM or English, they will seek my help to translate these said contents, even asking to go thru Legal Documents (as tho I am a Lawyer. We have been good neighbours over 13years, so I would always oblige them), at times even help prepare letters that require replies, for them. Most of them cannot read or write in BM or BI, eventho they have born in MALAYSIA since the 60's. Mind you, they are successful businessmen..

    Four in my family was sent to Chinese schools for their Primary education and are very fluent not only in Mandarin, but other chinese dialects too, BM and BI.

    But they can easily differentiate what was said by YB Kok, "worse", "similar" or "slightly better". So please get your words correct YB.

  32. The food is likely to be bad.

    "The diet provided is a "punishment diet" as defined in Internal Security (Detained Persons) Rules, 1960 ("Rules")."

  33. ktemoc posted:
    "have to delete a potential libellous post - I've no time nor patience to read thro' the 'Peace & War' sized post ;-)"

    If it doesn't condemn Anwar Ibrahim, then its 'libel' and deserves deletion. ;-)


  34. Dia ni exaggerate je. Sekarang alih2 dengar ada jugak dia dapat ikan kembung, ayam. Dia punya cerita macam azab sangat, bila dah keluar, takda lah teruk macam yang digambarkan sebelumnya. Lebih2 la.

  35. Teresa Kok is a drama queen, And I think you, kaytee should apologise for making this remark
    'But if it has been true as alleged, that the police, mostly Muslims, had fed Teresa Kok, an ISA detainee but still a serving Member of the Malaysian Federal Parliament, dog food in the month of Ramadan, well …
    … I leave it to Muslims to advise us of the severity of their sins.
    such statement rich with race/religion judgement are what making Malaysians what we are now..distrusting and always suspicious to one another. Doesn't matter the 'disclaimer', anyone who reads it know your immediate intention.And FYI, most detainees in ISA today consist of Malay-Muslims who have been detained for many long years..and I imagine the food is the same (if not worst) why is this all jumpng around giving insinuations on Muslim's 'sins' for giving food which in actual fact, the kind of food most people eat in daily basis? Call to repeal ISA and release all detainees...not focus on food which is rich enough for most people or worse, passing an incorrect insinuation on ur own warped sense of judgement

  36. chaneen, people who have been following my blog will know whether I am racist or not ;-)

    I admit I was 'hot' when I heard Teresa Kok was fed dog food. It was a terrible thought that she could be subjected to such an alleged treatment. However, there was no sweeping statement made against all Muslims. Indeed there was none. Rather my horrified query was directed to the people (police or politician) who allegedly gave her that type of food.

    In fact my blog had referred the alleged draconian act to the Muslim community to judge. Nevertheless if any Muslim, particularly the police, has felt hurt, even with my qualifications, I apologise - minta maaf!

    But the food was bad, though not dog food!