Monday, September 15, 2008

End of the road for AAB as Najib tap dances?

Following the ISA debacle, Malaysiakini news article Abdullah under siege to quit says it all.

As I had suspected, it appears that AAB had blessed those draconian actions.

We hear Syed Hamid Albar backpedalling with such haste on his earlier claim, that the police had acted independently in detaining sweetie Tan Hoon Cheng (for a day) and my heroine Teresa Kok (still incarcerated but ticking away like a 100-megaton WMD for AAB), that he dropped his cawat.

Malaysiakini reported in Syed Hamid's U-turn on ISA arrests that he made such a mighty smart belakang pusing, he impressed one pegawai waran at the NS scheme so much the army man wanted to recruit him straightaway as a drill instructor (keep that vacancy open please).

Syed Hamid had lobbed the ISA ball into AAB’s court, stating that he had merely approved the detentions on behalf of the government, as part of his duty as a cabinet minister and not as any ‘outsider’.

‘Outsider’? WTF is that?

Anyway, the Star Online in the meanwhile reported that Hishammuddin Hussein disowned his UMNO colleague on the case of Tan Hoon Cheng, but tap danced around the other two personalities (Teresa and RPK), stating:

“For the other two cases, I feel the authorities are better in the know of the risks they posed, but I do not have the information to comment if the arrests were justified.”

"... but I do not have the information to comment if the arrests were justified”?
He reserved the right to abandon ship – wakakaka!

The UMNO top leadership is in disarray. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I reckon the detention of Teresa Kok had been to appease the hardliners over the suspension of Ahmad Ismail and that unforgiveable ‘sin’ by Najib in apologizing to the ‘nons’.

But there are centrifugal forces within UMNO creating instability for AAB and of course undermining his authority (afterall, didn’t Ahmad Ismail from his very home state give him the bird?)

So he called for a 'four eyes' meeting with Najib, the second in 72 hours, meaning only the two of them were alone chit-chatting away or eyeing each other sullenly, suspiciously and silently. The 4-eyes meeting inevitably invites Malaysia’s 2nd favourite sport*, speculating wildly.

* 1st is badmouthing others through the rumour mills

The Star Online reported in PM in pow-wow with DPM that their tête-à-tête lasted four hours, from 10 am to 2 pm* – one of the speculations was that AAB didn’t even nod.

* I remember a former Malay boss telling me during one Ramadan to accompany him to visit a colleague at 12:30 pm: “kaytee, let’s go and see Ahmad in his office. If he’s a good Muslim and fasting he doesn't need to go for lunch and should be in.” Then he would wakakaka away at his own joke ;-)

So the Star reporter (Wong Sai Wan) claimed that sources told him AAB wanted to know if Najib was still in support of the 2010 plan. Apparently Najib slipped in a wee qualification this time, that he still would PROVIDED it has the support of the party’s grassroots.

Recall that three days ago, Najib had pontificated on the UMNO plan for transition of leadership, saying the issue must be decided by delegates at the party’s division meetings which would convene after Hari Raya Puasa.

In defence parlance it's called 'tactical redeployment' (and never 'retreat') - wakakaka.

In Malaysiakini Abdullah under siege to quit, journalist Wong Choon Mei said that ‘experts’ (?) interviewed by Malaysiakini said they reckoned AAB may be ‘pushed out’ almost immediately …

… though they believed the more likely probability is around the party elections in December, as an immediate departure could destabilize UMNO further.

Moreover, Najib may not want an immediate departure for AAB as he (Najib) is acutely aware that Uncle M no longer loves him and that Ku Li and Muhyiddin, having smelled blood, are circulating around like sharks.

But can UMNO or the BN afford AAB any longer, given his serial bad moves?


  1. ABB take allmost 4 hours to discuss
    the current events .This is the problems Forgeting the Grassroot Both had make a unholy understanding to transfer power.ABB is under seize.Moreso Najib is even worse.He is alredy tinted.Once the leader is tinted It will be matter of time He will be another ABB without any achievment to talk about.Rather Take TUN Mahathir advice Get the one not tinted.ABB is tested but failed badly.Maybe KU LI should be given a change his hidden strengh within Is not really been tested.Remember He only lose to Mahathir 43 vote if he had won such enough he could have been the PM then.OlDER more wiseer with TUN backing .Two old wise guys may make the different.WHATEVER pEOPLE CAN SAID ABOUT tun .hE ACHIEVE TOmake headway for 22 years.One part of him maybe not said good but fairly govern this Country.Remember a coin got two side.Never always look at one side only the other it,s lot more good.

  2. Tu ramai yang bising tu sebab gila nak jadi PM je. Sendiri bukan hebat pun. Cakap banyak harap makin popular lepas tu nanti boleh jadi PM. Semua sama je.

  3. A piece of advice to Dolah. ISA Bijan, Kuli, Muhidin, Mahabir, Anwar and any one who wants to topple him. Then he can become PM till 2050 and his SIL can take over after that. Come 2090, his grandson can take over. This was exactly what Kim Il Sung did.

  4. 916 is an Anwar Ibrahim deception exercise. I, for one, have never believed it was for real.

    But make no mistake, it is a deception backed with substance.

    "Something" is happening behind the scenes, but not necessarily what comes to mind. For example, every one has been looking at Sabah hem...

    In May-June 1944, Winston Churchill led one of the largest deception efforts in military history, which succeeded in convincing Hitler that the real objective for the Allied D-Day invasions was Calais, and tied down 15 Divisions of the Wehrmacht at the wrong place...

    Think about it....

  5. Najib's meeting with Dollah yesterday.

    Najib - You need to hand over power to me IMMEDIATELY, otherwise UMNO and BN risks collapse, giving power over to BABI on a platter.

    Dollah - We already agreed to the 2010 handover. If you continue to sabotage this, I will pass over all Altantuya evidence in my hands over to Patail, with instructions to prosecute the true perpetrators and cover-up conspirators to the FULLEST, I repeat FULLEST.

    Najib - Err, OK-lah, in that case I'll keep to the 2010 timetable - for the moment.

    Dollah - OK, can I go back to my afternoon nap now ?

  6. Najib - How about 2009, please? Just 1 year earlier, 1 tahun saje...

    Dollah - OK I'll make it 2011 then... 1 tahun saje...

    Najib - You %#$@*&^!

  7. kittykat,

    really now, u never believed it? i dont beleive you. not from all your comments i read in other blogs (sloone etc..). u sound confident back then.

    pirah mabuk!


    lie detector!