Monday, July 26, 2021

Tony, What’s your f—ing smile?

Malaysia Now:

‘They sat there and laughed’: Shock as AirAsia bosses smile over Thai CEO’s F-word on staff

Many are questioning the treatment of staff by AirAsia's senior management in the wake of their response to the incident.

AirAsia group CEO Tony Fernandes and digital president Aireen Omar.

An AirAsia Thailand town hall meeting that saw its CEO berating staff and using the four-letter word has angered internet users in Malaysia, with many questioning the smiling response from the airline group CEO Tony Fernandes and digital president Aireen Omar.

Many expressed shock that neither Fernandes nor Aireen attempted to castigate AirAsia Thailand CEO Tassapon Bijleveld after the latter used profanity when a staff asked a question on the company’s new partnership with Gojek.

“What’s your f—ing question,” Tassapon was heard telling a female staff, before turning to Fernandes to let him answer the question.

While this was going on, both Fernandes and Aireen were seen smiling, even as Tassapon told the staff to “shut up”.

While Tassapon is believed to have issued an apology some days later, many continued to question the response from the AirAsia group top executives.

AirAsia’s Aireen Omar and Tony Fernandes (bottom) reacting to Tassapon Bijleveld (top right) while the latter berates an employee during a town hall meeting.

“A girl got bullied in your virtual town hall and nobody apologised?” said one in a post on Fernandes’ Instagram account.

“He just sat there and laughed. Disgrace,” came the rejoinder.

One AirAsia employee penned his disappointment with the episode, saying it contradicts the company’s “Allstars” label to denote the non-discrimination of its staff.

“AirAsia takes pride in their people and culture, and we take pride in being Allstars. Why is it then that I struggle to understand what sort of a culture we are perpetuating in allowing this to happen, then swept under the carpet, and that none of our management addressed or acknowledged this as a problem?”

On Twitter, a user questioned AirAsia’s treatment of its employees.

“Is this how AirAsia senior management treat its staff during internal meetings? So much for the public display of caring for its employees.”

“A display of toxic, misogynistic company culture that’s really inexcusable. And highest ranks playing along pouting face,” said another.


  1. Three Asians Behaving Badly. No Culture or Manners. I think any Kwailoh boss in Tony’s position would have immediately severely reprimanded or sacked his staff for this behavior.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      Mfer, u SHOULD have said that all politikuses behaved the same regardless of gender race & creed!

      Always praising yr altarized anmokausai superiority!

      Very typically a genuflecting banana loathing it's skin colour.

    2. Authoritarian, even crude and disrespectful management styles are very common in Asia , though in their mind they may consider themselves superior in politeness, civility and courtesy.

      This arises from the high Power Distance in most Asian societies , where Senior people in power have a disproportionate power balance over more junior subordinates, and especially female staff.

    3. Haven't I read many times about yr business dealings with those demoNcratic ammo?

      Never have u come across those mfering WASP in all those dealings!

      Wow!! Perhaps, all rats within that same filthy hole WOULDN'T recognised that soiled surroundings, regardless of their skin hues!

      Crude, inhumane and disrespectful management styles are very common in those f*cked capitalistic companies too!

      Haven't u read about how Amazon treats its workers in those warehouses? Haven't u read about Apple's discriminating policies towards the minorities employees in 3rd world countries - hiding behind that mfering covers of subcontractors faults?

      There r many other horrible stories all over corporates America that arise out from its presumed superior in politeness, civility and courtesy as claimed in that f*cked WASP-culture.

      Mfer, like u, can see "high Power Distance in most Asian societies , where Senior people in power have a disproportionate power balance over more junior subordinates, and especially female staff" YET conveniently ignore the similar if not excessive phenomenons happened in the western societies! Especially towards people not of their race!

      No surprises if one has considered yr meme-ed hatred for been born a banana.

    4. If the the equivalent of the Thai Air Asia boss had behaved that way in front of their employee audience, and the equivalent of Tony Fernández just continued smirking away, in an Aussie or Yankee public-listed company, you can bet their Corporate Boards would have fired them by now.

  2. What can you expect from a company hell bound in milking every single customer?

  3. Some management misconceive nasty , crude, high-pressure management style as producing high performance results.
    Absolutely does not work for the younger generation of employees.

    I am surprised AirAsia management condones such culture. From the outside anyway, I had thought of them as a demanding but respectful workplace.