Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Taliban delegation visits China to discuss security

Taliban delegation visits China to discuss security - Taliban spokesperson

A nine-member Taliban delegation is on a two-day visit to China where they met the foreign minister for talks on the peace process and security issues, the group said on Wednesday.

"Politics, economy and issues related to the security of both countries and the current situation of Afghanistan and the peace process were discussed in the meetings," Taliban spokesperson Mohammed Naeem (above) tweeted.

Naeem added that the group, led by Taliban negotiator and deputy leader Mullah Baradar Akhund, was also meeting China's special envoy for Afghanistan and that the trip took place after an invitation from Chinese authorities.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi met Taliban representatives in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin.

The visit was likely to further cement the insurgent group's recognition on the international stage at a sensitive time even as violence increases in Afghanistan. The militants have a political office in Qatar where peace talks are taking place and this month sent representatives to Iran where they had meetings with an Afghan government delegation.

Security in Afghanistan, with which China shares a border, has been deteriorating fast as the United States withdraws its troops by September. The Taliban has launched a flurry of offensives, taking districts and border crossings around the country while peace talks in Qatar's capital have not made substantive progress.

"(The) delegation assured China that they will not allow anyone to use Afghan soil against China," Naeem said. "China also reiterated its commitment of continuation of their assistance with Afghans and said they will not interfere in Afghanistan's issues but will help to solve the problems and restoration of peace in the country."


  1. Original Mao in the 1970s sapoted Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, who visited Beijing in 1975. After getting approval from Original Mao, Pol Pot conducted a 2-million Genocide in Cambodia ala the Killing Fields. Today Modern Mao will do the same, give sapot to Taliban who are so zalim.

    500 yo Bullyland did their best to delay the Talibans taking over the country but after 20 years it is time to balik kampung. Unfortunately the useless Afghans simply cannot defend themselves. Simply Surrender to the Taliban.

    Using the Cambodia playbook 5000 yo Bullyland will use money and economic aid, ie the Belt You Down My Road Strategy, extending CPEC to Afghanistan. But why cooperate with Cruel Taliban but not the civilised Afghans. The Taliban discriminate against women, chop chop kelapa and they blew up the historic Buddhist Bamiyan Statues.

    Modern Mao has much to explain.

    Extension of CPEC into Afghanistan to boost local exports, journey of peace: analysts
    By Xie Jun and Chu Daye
    Jul 13, 2021

    As officials from China, Pakistan and Afghanistan revealed an inclination to extend the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a flagship Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) project into Afghanistan, experts said that such projects could help boost Afghanistan's exports, which is conducive to the country's journey of peace, but the feasibility of the project depends on whether the Afghan government and Taliban forces can reach a consensus on protecting overseas investment.

    Although no concrete progress has occurred when it comes to the project, it seemed that the political leaders of the countries involved in the project all expressed a supportive attitude toward China's investment in Afghanistan.

    A government official and deputy spokesperson for the president of Afghanistan told media recently that the country's president had "instructed authorities to facilitate necessary cooperation" in certain areas between China and Afghanistan. She made the comments as a number of Chinese firms were reportedly poised to pump $400 million into a coal-fired electricity generation project in the war-ravaged nation.

    On the other side, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said in a recent interview with the South China Morning Post that they "welcome" China's assistance in reconstruction and development of Afghanistan with the departure of US troops, calling China "a friend to Afghanistan."

    1. The only thing u didn't mention about Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge is the farts that u have propagated r one-sided based on fake info fabricated out from that fart filled well!

      Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge was the creation of the Yankee to fight Vietcong!

      Why don't u talk a story of how with China's helps Rwanda has revitalized into a modern state that was once raided by pseudo-racial genocide within 20+ yrs?

      Pseudo-racial distinction of Hutu (approximately 85 percent) & Tutsi (14 percent) was the creation of the Belgium colonist to divide&rule the colony.

      Ooop… the c&p must be selective to promote the wasp superiority.

  2. China will realise that their support and money will not be enough to exert influence. And is China willing to pump in billions? And for what benefits?

    The Taliban will do what it wants, knowing that no foreign power can defeat the Afghanis; militarily or otherwise.

  3. Afghanistan has a democratic Parlimen elected in 2018. They also held Presidential elections in 2019, and Ashraf Ghani was eventually declared the winner. Taliban was never elected.

    So why is 5000 yo Bullyland hosting Taliban in Beijing? Is this not interference with local Afghan affairs? Like 500 yo Bullyland hosting Dalai Lama in White House?

    Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin.

    1. Ask yr f*cking mind, WHY yr uncle Sam signing The U.S-Taliban agreement?

      "hosting Taliban in Beijing? Is this not interference with local Afghan affairs"

      Mfer, next time when yr mother-in-law paying u a visit, ask her to go fly kite!

      U do know what "Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin"?

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  4. "But why cooperate with Cruel Taliban but not the civilised Afghans"

    Wakakakaka, yes why keep on promoting the unsupported, unproven, evilly concocted lie that there is genocide in Xinjiang and not only not condemning but support and worshipping USA, Canada & Australia who have been proven they are the real culprits of genocide in their own backyards?

    1. All 3 are only recent “civilizations”, but their Presidents, PMs, gomens have acknowledged, apologized and restituted somewhat for past sins. No Denial But Cannot Reverse History.

      Now Waiting for 5000 yo civilization to do the same for the disasters of Great Leap Forward (20 million?), Cultural Revolution (?? millions purged), Pol Pot (2 million) etc. Still in Denial?

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    3. Wakakakaka for your sake please be informed that the Cultural Revolution was officially ended by the Eleventh Party Congress in August 1977. It was acknowledged that it failed and they have apologized and made amendment with new policies. Next time don't be so lazy and prejudiced and prejudged all China information as propaganda, open your heart and read lah.

  5. Ooop… forget to add - one down two to go!

    Yr karma is watching for yr slip.