Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Spanish Fly is for eff-ing but eff the Spanish Fly lah

Spanish fly trends again on twitter – for different reasons altogether

As the Special Meeting of the Third Session of the 14th Parliament enters the second day sitting today with focus on issues related to public health and actions to address the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, netizens could not help drawing distinctions between two debates – the first involving Health Minister Datuk Seri Adham Baba, and the other, involving former health minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

What irked netizens was the fact that Adham had read directly from his script rather than debating the issue the way Dr Dzulkefly did.

“Adham Baba reading straight from the script – is this proof that the Spanish Fly incident has left him terrified of free-styling his speech? We may have shamed him into becoming dull and subdued. In my opinion a success for the nation, at least he will be factually accurate,” wrote user Michelle Yesudas.

“Dr Adham Baba could have sent the text to everyone to save time. What we need is questions being answered. Not a lecture by Mr Spanish Fly,” user Farhan pointed out.

Meanwhile, user Tanesan expressed his dismay that the country went from Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad to Dr Adham.

“Worst downgrade ever. Share data, sort out contract doctor issue, involve state taskforce in the battle against COVID-19 and for God’s sake stop politicking over COVID-19. We miss you as our Health Minister, Dr Dzulkefly,” he wrote.

Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh also lend her two cents’ worth, commenting “So much passion. He slammed his notes on the table. Dr Dzulkefly is angry with the unnecessary deaths.”

“Why is Kuala Selangor answering all the questions?” user CLP asked, referring to Dr Zulkefly. “Shouldn’t Spanish Fly be answering all this?”

“Actually we need to have competent health ministers like Dr Dzul but it’s our fate to have Dr Spanish Fly, 500 countries instead,” lamented user Khiri. – July 27, 2021.

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  1. Wakakakakaka…

    KT u better be VERY specific about what u r trying to say.

    Otherwise, there r anmokausai mfers would trying to play their linguistics trade into narrowing the subject into discussing INSECT only!