Thursday, July 29, 2021

No amount of noise in Dewan will bring back the dead, says Najib

No amount of noise in Dewan will bring back the dead, says Najib

Najib Razak says it is better to offer constructive criticisms or effective suggestions, instead of kicking up a fuss in the Dewan Rakyat. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: No amount of fuss kicked up in Parliament could bring back those who died from Covid-19, says Najib Razak in again defending his supposed silence in the Dewan Rakyat.

Neither could such “noise” protect Malaysians and guarantee that life would go on, the former prime minister said in a Facebook post tonight.

The Pekan MP added that there was also no point in creating a ruckus in Parliament without offering any solid suggestions to improve the situation.

Najib then took a veiled jab at former minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman who had berated Umno for failing to take the government to task despite being critical on social media.

“Where’s Umno? In social media, they make so much noise, but in the Dewan Rakyat, they’re all quiet, they don’t say anything,” the Muar MP was quoted as saying after the proceedings on the first day of the special sitting in Parliament on Monday.

However, Najib said that wasn’t his way.

“As the saying goes, ‘empty vessels make the most noise’.”

Najib went on to say that there was also no need for one to spend hours defending their “achievements” or criticising others at length.

He said it was better to instead offer constructive criticism or effective suggestions.

“We have work to do. We are not here just to make noise.”

On Monday, Najib defended himself against criticism for his apparent silence, saying he was not usually the noisy one in Parliament, quipping that he was not “Jelutong or Lid” – referring to Jelutong MP RSN Rayer and Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad.

He also said there was no point in going all out to defend the government or to just criticise Putrajaya, adding that what was needed was leadership to overcome the health and economic crises.


  1. THIS was Jibby’s promised “extraordinary” performance? Last Monday like Harimau on Facebook. Today Macam kucing Meow dalam Parlimen.

    And he just insulted the 8000 who died due to Covid and their loved ones.

  2. Syed Saddiq has done a lot of good work in Muar during the pandemic- sometimes obstructed by the authorities.
    Young Ciku doesn't need to fear Najib's empty barbs.

    Najib so loud on social media with his cheap shots, silent as a Tikus in Parliament. Empty vessel is Najib

  3. 8,000 people have died and Jibby shows so responsibility or sorrow. Did Jibby not sapot Mahiaddin to RAMPAS kuasa in Sheraton Shake? Did Jibby not sapot Mahiaddin again in December 2020 to pass Bajet 2021? If he had not sapoted the Kerajaan Kejam would have collapsed and could not have declared Emergency in January.

    Jibby tunjuk wayang saja pura pura hentam PN gomen on Facebook but in Parlimen Meow Meow macam kucing betina minum susu.

  4. ex-peeM
    u r totally WRONG!!!
    It might not bring back the dead BUT,
    We at BERSIH learned that when we shout LOUD enuf, the whole country heard us, and we kicked u out.
    We prevented any further abuse of power and massive CORRUPTION by your regime.
    It probably might just be the start of something good for our country in the long run.!