Friday, July 30, 2021

Breathes there the Hong Kong man


Hong Kong crowd booing China's anthem sparks police probe

File image of the Chinese flag

Hong Kong police are investigating an incident where a crowd watching the Olympics booed China's anthem.

Hundreds gathered at a shopping mall on Monday to watch a broadcast and cheer on Hong Kong fencer Edgar Cheung, who won gold in the men's individual foil.

When the Chinese national anthem was played, some in the crowd began jeering while others shouted "We are Hong Kong", video filmed at the scene shows.

It is illegal to insult the anthem under a recently passed law.

Anyone found guilty of flouting the national anthem law could be jailed up to three years and fined HK$50,000 (£4,600, $6,400).

Reports also said that the British colonial flag was flown and some had chanted protest slogans, which could possibly violate the national security law which forbids anything that incites "secession" and could result in life in jail.

Police sources told local media that they are collecting and examining footage from the mall's security cameras.

The incident took place in the same week as the conviction of the first person charged under the national security law.

Both laws were passed last year and have been met with huge controversy, with critics saying they clamp down on free speech.

But Hong Kong authorities and the Chinese government deny this and say the laws are necessary to preserve peace and patriotism.

Hong Kong saw widespread protests in 2019 when tens of thousands took to the streets demanding democratic reforms. Some of those demonstrations turned violent as protesters and police clashed.

Some Hongkies still are devoted to their "Queen"

Since then China has cracked down hard, introducing several strict laws aimed at curbing violence and what it deems as "separatism".

Hong Kong, a former British colony, was handed back to China in 1997.

Since then it has been ruled under the "one country, two systems" principle that preserves freedoms in the city that the mainland does not have.

Critics say those freedoms are now under threat with China's recent moves and the UK has accused China of flouting the terms of its handover agreement, but China denies this.


‘Breathes there the man’

Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,
Who never to himself hath said,
This is my own, my native land!
Whose heart hath ne’er within him burn’d,
As home his footsteps he hath turn’d,
From wandering on a foreign strand!
If such there breathe, go, mark him well;
For him no Minstrel raptures swell;
High though his titles, proud his name,
Boundless his wealth as wish can claim;
Despite those titles, power, and pelf,
The wretch, concentred all in self,
Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
And, doubly dying, shall go down
To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,
Unwept, unhonour’d, and unsung.

- Walter Scott

Wang Ching-wei


  1. Booing the China National Anthem is a criminal offence ?

    How fucking stupid can you get ?

    Just fucking stop complaining when other countries now consider Hong Kong an Unfree territory, and subject Hong Kong to the same restrictions on technology and information transfers as China.

    1. Hong Kong an Unfree territory???

      What have you been smoking? When was HK ever a free territory?

    2. In case Ktemoc has been high on Ganja for the last 40 years.
      - Hong Kong has had a free press for decades and decades. Prior to the recent crackdown, no newspaper or journalist has been prosecuted for political matters.
      - during the British Colonial Era, pro- Communist China groups operated freely, they only got prosecuted when they engaged in violence.

    3. Wakakakakaka…

      "Hong Kong has had a free press for decades and decades"


      Too much fart inhaled into yr f*cking mind.

      If u care to do a historical search u would have discovered many press/magazines, especially those critical of the pommie colonist govt, had been forced to closed/disbanded throughput its HK reign. Many journalists had also been forcefully repatriated back to mainland China after fraudulent persecutions.

      Old moneyed mfer, u r truly a shameless Bullshiter, trying to parade yr trade w/o sustainable facts!

    4. None of the China Fanboys here have been able to address my central question on the post .

      Booing the China National Anthem is a criminal offence ?

      How fucking stupid can you get ?

    5. Haven't u read The National Anthem Ordinance of Hong Kong intended to criminalise "insults to the national anthem of China" ("March of the Volunteers")?

      On 11 June 2020, the National Anthem Ordinance was signed by the Chief Executive Carrie Lam. It came into force on the next day after it was published in the Hong Kong Government Gazette.

      It's the law of HK!

      How fuckingly stupid can you get?

  2. Serves Carrie Lam right that she is personally now completely barred from the international financial system.

    Like a Colombian Drug Cartel Lord, her income and expenditure now has to be carried out with bagfuls of cash and only cash.

  3. Nenek Wong - My Hero. Jailed by Kerajaan Kejam dan Zalim Bullyland for holding up a payong and waving a bendera.

    See she never Resign or say “ It Will Never Happen”. Instead she fights the Giant Bullyland Gomen.

    South China Morning Post
    July 14, 2021

    Hong Kong protests: activist ‘Grandma Wong’ jailed for 1 month for assaulting security guard

    Alexandra Wong, known for her ever-present British flag at local protests, did not offer a defence against the charges

    The case stemmed from an altercation between Wong and a security guard at the High Court in January of 2019

    A Hong Kong opposition activist known as “Grandma Wong” was found guilty of common assault and jailed for one month on Wednesday over an altercation with a security guard at the High Court 2½ years ago.Alexandra Wong Fung-yiu, 64 – better known by her Cantonese nickname “Wong Po Po” – has long been a familiar sight at protests and outside the city’s courts, usually waving the British Union flag or holding up a yellow umbrella in a show of support for fellow activists and young people charged in connection with various pro-democracy demonstrations.

    1. for assaulting security guard - wah, old grandma very garang lah - did she also shoot arrow and throw stones at policemen?

    2. Wakakakaka…

      A deranged pommie lover, waving pommie flag whenever the opportunity arises IS yr hero!


      But then rat in the same lair would keenly share the same fouled thinking.

      Mmm… that pommie loving nenek at least is honest to parade her pommie passion openly. While u hide under all sorts of f*cked excuses to hide yr pommie love!

      Would u game to wave pommie flag & chant ≪god saves the queen≫ during yr next protest of fart?

    3. Who can forget our very own Aunty Bersih....ha ha ha....I think Nenek Wong following her Berani....My Hero...

      KT don't sapot her?

      At 72, Aunty Bersih still going strong
      Ainaa Aiman -October 18, 2018

      KUALA LUMPUR: Annie Ooi, better known as Aunty Bersih, has never missed a major rally so it was no surprise to find her in the thick of action at the Bantah1050 protest yesterday against the RM50 minimum wage hike denounced by critics as “paltry”.

      Dressed in her usual bright attire and showing the same relentless spirit that earned her the admiration of fellow protesters in the past, the 72-year-old approached the wall of policemen holding back some 300 protesters from the Parliament building. Angrily, she demanded to be let in, asking why they were making her wait. Holding out her wrists, she challenged them to arrest her.

      “I’ve been to jail three times,” she said. “I want to go to jail one more time.”

      One of Ooi’s stints behind bars was over the Black 505 rally against the general election results in 2013. Speaking to FMT on the sidelines of yesterday’s protest, she said her time in jail was an eye-opener as she had seen first-hand how poorly inmates are treated. On two occasions, she said, she spent a night in jail, while another arrest saw her detained for three nights.

      “They just left us to rot,” she said, adding that they were forced to sleep on the cold cement floor.

      “I told the officers I was an activist, not their prisoner.”

      But despite her multiple trips to prison, Ooi is determined to continue fighting against injustice. Ooi shot to fame after the 2007 Bersih rally for clean and fair elections when she was photographed in the crowd of protesters, holding a mineral water bottle and a white flower. She was dripping with water, likely from the water cannons used to disperse the crowd. When asked about the moment which saw her hailed by the people as an icon for Bersih, she said: “I am not famous. They only caught me on camera once, and that was it. I am now Aunty Bersih.”

      Ooi, a familiar face at major rallies, said she was at the Bantah1050 protest to uphold the rights of low-income earners.

      Carrying a banner which read “RM50 mana cukup” (RM50 is not enough), she said: “We are fighting for the RM1,500 that was promised. And now they are giving us RM1,050. Is that enough for anybody?”

      She said the initial promise to increase the minimum wage to RM1,500 was already bad enough.

      “You try and live with RM1,500,” she added.

      The retired English teacher from Penang told FMT that she had no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

      “I protest for many things,” she said. “Whatever protest against whatever they do that is not right.”

    4. you have a nerve comparing Auntie Bersih with the Pommie balls sucker in HK

    5. Aunty Bersih protest against Bully Gomen in Malaysia, for Democracy, for Free and Fair Election, against Tyranny, no different than Grandma Wong. For that she was arrested and jailed at least three times.

    6. In its blurred & f*cked stage of mind, it only see what it wanted to see - Auntie Bersih acting the same as the Pommie balls sucker in HK!

      Any surprise?

    7. Auntie Bersih protested as a Malaysian, not as a tool or sycophant of another western country

    8. Oooop…

      That blurred mfer COULDN'T understand that difference?


      It just wanted to fart to ease its constipation.

    9. Grandma Wong protested as a Chinese (not the Bullyland type) for the love of her homeland Hongkong. I expect Britannia to grant her visa when she is out of Bully-penjara ha ha ha…and Bullyland will Rant and Rave “interference” as usual.

    10. That pommie lover wasn't protesting as a Chinese!

      The way she behaved she just want to be a nominal serf of auntie pommie. She should be granted her pommie bno visa after her discharge from jail.

      Good ridden!

      Unfortunately would auntie pommie does her a favour?

      Tan kuku lah - as up to now only a handful of bno applicants, out of thousands, have been given conditional stays in UK!

      Ooop… don't forget that increasing hostilities towards these HK bananas as been loudly voiced by the pommies.

      Serve u all, RIGHT!

  4. For 156 years Hongkies did not protes or demonstrate against Britannia, no yellow umbrella, but Bullyland was jealous of Hongkieland success under foreign "rule" while Bullyland was poor and destitute, even after Bullies came into power in 1940s, there was Great Leap "Forward", Cultural Revolution, Little Mao Book etc, millions died of starvation and genocide.

    In 1997 Honkie contributed nearly 20% of Bullyland GDP, with less than 1% population. And this was under Britannia "rule".

    "How can" said Bullyland, "we must sekat their progress after 1997" so that the rest of Bullyland made up of Donkey Slappers and Turnip Pullers can catch up.

    Today Honkieland contribute less than 3% of Bullyland GDP. Bullyland oredy have Alibaba and can fly to Mars, they can talk big. Forget the past contribution of Honkies (like Malays today forget the contributions of early Chinese and Indian settlers in Malaya). Can BULLY and RAMPAS everything in Honkieland before 2047, but Bullyland cannot TIPU Honkies.

  5. Bullys simply cannot accept defeat, not gracious or showing Asian Politeness, Culture and Pride.

    Japanese athletes face Chinese nationalists' wrath after beating China at Olympics
    Nectar Gan, CNN
    July 30, 2021

    As of Friday afternoon in Japan, China and the hosts occupied the top two places in the medal table, with a number of events pitting Chinese athletes directly against their longtime rivals for places on the podium. And that's raised temperatures on social media.

    On Wednesday, Japan's Daiki Hashimoto won gold in the men's all-around gymnastics final, edging out China's Xiao Ruoteng by 0.4 points. At just 19 years old, Hashimoto is the youngest gymnast to ever win the event.

    As Japan celebrates his victory, some in China questioned the fairness of the result and accused the judges of favoritism toward the hosts by allegedly inflating Hashimoto's score on the vault.

    The anger, first set off on Chinese social media, soon spilled over to platforms typically censored in China. Chinese nationalist trolls circumvented the Great Firewall and descended on Hashimoto's Instagram account, inundating his feed with angry comments and tagging him in insulting posts.

    Many called Hashimoto Japan's "national humiliation," while others accused him of stealing China's gold medal. Some even tagged him in photos of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Some of the accounts attacking Hashimoto appeared to be created specially for this purpose, with their entire feeds filled with posts targeting the Japanese gymnast.

    Hashimoto later changed the privacy settings on Instagram, so he could no longer be tagged on the platform -- but angry comments have kept pouring in under his posts.

    The attacks and harassment are emblematic of the rising tide of ultranationalism sweeping through social media in China, which has silenced many of the country's more liberal and moderate voices online. The nationalist sentiment against Japan has often flared, due to deep-rooted rancor against Japan's invasion of China in World War II.
    Other Chinese netizens criticized the online abuse and called for an end to it, but they were also attacked.

    In recent years, Chinese nationalists have launched massive online trolling campaigns against those they regard as Beijing's political foes, including Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters. They also lashed out at Australian Olympic swimmer Mack Horton at the 2016 Rio Games, after he called China's Sun Yang a "drug cheat."

    Following the latest controversy, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) issued a statement Thursday expounding on Hashimoto's score, including a detailed list of the imperfections.

    "The FIG can assess that the 14.7 score obtained by Hashimoto on this apparatus is correct in regards to the Code of Points, and so is the final ranking," the statement concluded.

    In an Instagram post on Thursday evening, Hashimoto expressed gratitude for the support he received, while acknowledging he had received abusive comments on social media.

    "You may think the score of the Vault might be unfair, but FIG has given its verdict on the official scoring result...We have to accept the result as it is even it is very difficult to take in," he wrote.

    "The Tokyo Olympics is not over yet...I do hope there will be less smear comments and more praises for the athletes," he added, sharing a photo of himself, Xiao and the Russian Olympic Committee's Nikita Nagornyy posing together with medals.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      It's the xiaode attitude of that cnn writer in writing that trashy report. She has been meme-ed to do the job she is been told - as simple as that!

      Perhaps the same mannerism vis-a-vis the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) issued a statement expounding on Hashimoto's score, including a detailed list of the imperfections.

      FIG failed in its attempts. FIG should have openly apologized in selecting deciding judges of questionable intense!

      The audiences might not good at giving points to gymnastics performances. But critical fault, which on the past, had resulted in obtaining minimum score was there for all to see!

      Hashimoto's score is a total failure of those judges in front of all the world audiences due to live TV broadcasting.

      Hashimoto isn't only facing Chinese wraths but also all gymnastics lovers' in winning that olympics gold medal via openly UNDERHANDED & clandestine coercion!

      But the biggest Easter egg is for blurred mfer in doing a c&p fart w/o proper judgmental thinking!

  6. When Thailand and Philippines win one gold medal their athletes show so much humility, politeness and Asian Culture, the Philippine weightlifter even showing gratitude to Malay-sia where she trained, but when Bullyland think they have "lost" one Gold Medal in men's gymnastics, when they already have so many, Bullies get angry and throw tantrums.

    Bullyland is going to win 4X more Gold Medals than USA, and 60X more than Oz (using the "Per Capita Principle" ha ha ha) so why Greedy? Want to RAMPAS all the Gold Medals too? Share lah with others. No Asian Culture.

  7. More Bully-haviour. No Asian Culture.

    The (Bully) nationalist rage against Hashimoto followed attacks on Mima Ito and Jun Mizutani, the Japanese table tennis duo who narrowly defeated the Chinese team to win the first-ever gold medal in mixed doubles Monday.

    On Wednesday, Mizutani said on Twitter that he had received a torrent of messages attacking him, without directly mentioning China.

    "Got tons of DM from a country telling me to 'Go to hell! P*ss off!', but I'm totally OK as I'm used to such comments. I'm just happy that I got the whole word excited. All messages from Japanese are cheering me, thank you!" he wrote in the tweet, which was later deleted.

    Ito, who has an account on Weibo, China's heavily censored version of Twitter, had to shut down her feed due to an onslaught of hate comments. She was also attacked on Instagram, where fans have organized themselves to support her against the abuse, leaving encouraging comments and tagging her in positive posts to drown out hate messages.
    The attacks have since drawn wide attention in Japan, making headlines and sparking anger on social media.

    1. Wow!!

      Wow… wow!

      A torrent of CPC/China/Chinese bashing diarrheas just to ease yr pent-up frustrations!

      Keep digging, there r more c&p for u in that fart filled well.

    2. As we know Instagram and Twitter are banned in Bullyland but very strange, after losing the gymnastics and ping pong to Japan millions of Bully-citizens could suddenly access the accounts of the poor Japanese, inundating them with insults.

      Bullys are Such Bad Losers. No Asian Culture.

    3. Yes, Instagram and Twitter are banned in China!

      So what those torrents of contemptuous messages appeared in the Japanese players' Instagram and Twitter a/c meant?

      Maybe u had a hand in suddenly opening up the Chinese firewall of blocking Instagram and Twitter!


      Even those game watchers outside China also can't tolerated how that medal was won by this pair of Japanese!

      Who r having keen eye?

      The passionated followers of the ping-pong game regardless of race, nationality!

      Yet a blurred mfer, can so easily come up with a piece of c&p diarrhea to syiok its ego of pet hatred!

    4. Ooop…

      Asian Politeness, Culture and Pride!

      Mfer, there r tons & tons of online abuses on WeChat/Sina Weibo/Tencent QQ, targeting the Chinese Olympian champions!

      From the written script, most of them r from HK/Taiwan/Japan/US.

      If u can read Japanese, there r torrents of Japanese racial diarrheas on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook about Chinese Olympian champions who have game fully defeated the Japanese competitors.

      Or r there no such news reportings worth yr c&p syiok-sendirism?

      Or maybe u have a very biased sense of Asian cultures!

      Genuflecting for far too long to know how to stand straight, no?

  8. Ha ha..this is the behaviour of a sore loser.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      Too much Easter eggs?

      Oooop… soiled one, too as Easter has long passed!

  9. China's Olympic silver medal gymnast calms fans suspicious of Indian referee favoritism, shows friendship with Japanese athletes

    Excerpts :

    Xiao lost the gold to 19-year-old Hashimoto by falling 0.4 points short of his 88.465 score on Wednesday night. Xiao made a steady landing in vault, while Hashimoto made a shaky landing with one foot out of bounds, leaving Xiao 0.2 points ahead. However, Xiao's supporters believe he should have been given higher marks.

    ...some internet users suspected whether Indian referee Deepak Kabra, who once said on Twitter that "someone should stop them [China] from a clean sweep" during the Military World Games in Wuhan in 2019, was to blame for what they said the faulty scores.

    [Hindians never got over "1962", and as Kishore Mahbubani wisely advised : India should be more mature and be less petty. Well, we ain't holding our breath for that to happen, look at the ceaseless torrent of vitriolic and vile outpourings from the Indians in various social media !]

  10. Actually, insulting the Chinese national anthem is against Hong Kong national anthem ordinance. So put this in your pipe and smoke it !

    I do have relatives and friends in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is divided. A reasonably large part of the population have anti-China sentiments and many Cantonese HongKongers do look down on the Mainlander Chinese ( although the table is turning nicely back ever so inexorably ). A minority is in favour of independence ( secession, in fact ), and a sizable part is pro-Beijing. But the most important point is this : most would NOT want to see a return of the violent unrests we saw in 2019.

    Hong Kongers who deny that Hong Kong is part of China are just out of touch with reality. For these people, my opinion is that if you don't like that fact, it would be best to find domicile elsewhere. But as mentioned, I have friends and relatives there and if you go to the ground, talk to these malcontents, you get some real feedback....a lot of these people seemed to live in some sort of perpetual fear.

    Fear of the CPC. Fear of the 'Western society'. Fear of vaccines. Fear of this and a snippet of some interactions here will show :

    " Why don't you move elsewhere then ?"

    Answer : Non-Asian countries are too dangerous, you might get beaten up senseless, or get stabbed.

    "Why don't you move to Japan then?"

    Answer : I don't want to learn Japanese.

    " Why not go to Singapore/South Korea/ etc ?"

    Answer : It's too hot/ too cold/ they discriminate us/ I don't like to learn Korean.

    You get the drift....don't like this, don't like that, can't stand this , can't stand that...


    " Why don't you stay in HK ?"

    Answer : I don't like HK.

    Of course, we don't even have to ask them about the Mainland.