Saturday, July 31, 2021

Fake News on Anwar’s audience with Agong

Palace denies Anwar’s audience with Agong today

PETALING JAYA: Istana Negara has denied rumours of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim being granted an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong this afternoon.

Comptroller of the Royal Household Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin told FMT that it was “fake news”.

PKR is also expected to issue a statement on the matter shortly.

It was previously reported that sources had said Anwar would be meeting the King at Istana Abdulaziz, Indera Mahkota in Pahang at 2.30pm today.

This comes after the King revealed that he had not consented to the revocation of the Emergency Ordinances (EOs), which was announced by law minister Takiyuddin Hassan in Parliament on Monday.

The Prime Minister’s Office has since defended its move to revoke the EOs, saying it was done according to the law.

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  1. Psychological warfare leh...fake reports are part of it