Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Cops fired at restaurant tycoon's son's car with kids inside, family cries foul

Cops fired at restaurant tycoon's son's car with kids inside, family cries foul

The police have been accused of using excessive force in detaining a 35-year-old man for alleged drug-related offences in Kajang, Selangor last week.

Too Kim Yoong's family and lawyer claimed that the plainclothes officers had opened fire on his vehicle when his children were inside in their bid to stop him during the July 22 incident.

However, the police have claimed that the shots were fired when the suspect behaved in an aggressive manner.

The family and lawyer argued that it was a case of mistaken identity, saying Too, whose father owns the Hee Lai Ton chain of restaurants, was not involved in drug-related activities.

They also criticised the police for arresting him under the Dangerous Drugs (Special Preventive Measures) Act 1985 which allows for detention without trial for a period of 60 days.

Speaking at a press conference at Too's residence in Cheras Hartamas today, lawyer Keppy Wong said his client was re-arrested by officers from the Selangor contingent police headquarters on July 25 under special preventive measures after he was released on bail.

Too's father, who was also present, described his son as an IT professional and a family man.

'My husband thought they were robbers'

The family also showed CCTV footage of the incident, where the police personnel could be seen firing at least three shots at the car.

Too's wife Toh Xiau Wun, who has lodged a police report on the incident, claimed that her husband thought the plainclothes officers were robbers and therefore attempted to escape.

“When he arrived at the guardhouse, he was ambushed and chased by a group of men who tried to unlock his car. My husband thought they were robbers, so he sped off,” she said.

She claimed the police officers only identified themselves after arresting her husband, who was later brought to their home together with the couple's children.

The CCTV footage showed Too, in handcuffs, being escorted into the house by the five men, two of whom were wearing police vests.

“They entered my room when I was having a video conference. I was shocked.

“My husband told me they needed to search our room because he was suspected of being involved in drug trafficking activities,” she added.

Toh alleged that the police officers seized their wedding rings, her husband's passport, mobile phone, and a “Tiger beer souvenir”.

Chiming in, the lawyer said these items were not recorded on the list of confiscated items from his client's house.

He said Too was first arrested under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act for alleged drug trafficking and held at the Serdang district police headquarters' lock-up.

“The Serdang police decided not to pursue the case. His urine test result was also negative. This shows my client was not involved with drugs.

“The question is why did the police re-arrest him under a law which allows for detention without trial?” he asked.

The lawyer said he has penned a letter to Selangor police chief Arjunaidi Mohamed to demand an explanation and for his client to be released.

Probed for attempted murder as well

At a press conference later, Arjunaidi said the police are investigating the family's allegation of excessive force but declined to comment further.

He also echoed Kajang police chief Mohd Zaid Hassan that it was a team from the Bukit Aman narcotics department who arrested Too on July 22.

Mohd Zaid had claimed that the suspect declined to cooperate and attempted to speed off, forcing the police team to open fire at his car.

“Although the suspect managed to escape, the team gave chase and arrested him not far from the scene,” he added.

He said police are also investigating the suspect under Section 307 of the Penal Code for attempted murder.


  1. "The question is why did the police re-arrest him under a law which allows for detention without trial?” he asked." (Question by the lawyer)

    The short answer is - "because they can". This is the Kerajaan Allah at work with full display of its overarching power.

  2. I reserve my judgement for now.
    There is more to this case than meets the eye.

  3. Since when a drug dealer boasts to his father and family that he is involved in the trade? Or ever heard the God Father of any Gangster claiming he controls the hoods? The crime busters don't simply go around shooting at ever one like in the movies.

    1. Only in bolihland, the crime busters simply go around shooting at everyone liken in the movies.

      U born yesterday?