Friday, July 30, 2021

Asian Values, Asian Politeness, Our Culture & Pride (Part II)

World of Buzz:

Thai Taekwondo Athlete Kneels At Father’s Feet & Offers Him Her Olympic Gold Medal

The Olympic Games is at its midpoint mark and there have been many medals snapped up by the amazingly gifted athletes.

On 24 July, Panipak Wongpattanakit, 23 from Thailand went up against Spain’s Adriana Cerezo Iglesias for the women’s taekwondo in the 49kg category. In the last few seconds, Panipak was one point behind with a score of 9-10. Her last two shots gave her two points and she won with 11-10, reported Bangkok Post.

Panipak was given a hero’s welcome when she arrived at the Phuket airport. Her father, Sirichai was there waiting for her.

When Panipak saw her father, she immediately took her gold medal, clasped it in her hands and knelt down by his feet. While still in a kneeling position, she presented her medal to her father who accepted it with both hands. He then put the medal on his neck and held both fists up which led spectators to cheer.

When Panipak stood up, her father returned the medal to its rightful owner.

Kt notes:

Damn it, excuse me while I clear my eyes of the ... er ... grit that have just gotten into them.

Sweetie did a stunning double, to wit, a ketou
(磕倴) plus a wai for her (no doubt very proud and very honoured) father.

Recall what I penned eight days ago in Asian Values, Asian Politeness, Our Culture & Pride? that:

FULL bowing would normally be for one's elders, superiors, Emperor, and religious and cultural objects of worship, for others the standing bow is quite far from what many Westerns believe to be a gesture of abject submission or groveling. For example, the Japanese Emperor bows to his people and the public, and so does the South Korean President. Bowing bespeaks refined courtesy and good breeding - not something a Westerner would understand.

Sweetie Panipak Wongpattanakit has shown the World the hallmarks of a well brought up Thai girl. It's an example we should all aspire to emulate and practise with respect for our parents, elders and rulers.

p/s I have also posted this in my KTemoc Kongsamkok blog.

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  1. I'm pretty clear-eyed, no grit , no teary eyes about such matters.

    There are very positive Asian values, and there are Dark Asian values.
    There are very positive Western values and Dark Western values.

    In the case of pre-1946 Japan, the absolute conformity to authority towards the Emperor downwards was a major factor in the barbaric brutality of Japanese military forces, as well as their fanatical fight to the end, only relenting when the Emperor made the surrender decision for them.