Sunday, July 25, 2021

MCA calls for an end to DAP's "combative tactics"

Stung by Guan Eng's salvo, MCA defends party-linked newsman's NRC appointment

MCA has reacted to the stinging criticism over Star Media Group advisor Wong Chun Wai's participation in the National Recovery Council (NRC), by calling for an end to DAP's "combative tactics".

MCA spokesperson Chan Quin Er accused DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng (above) of politicising the appointment of the MCA-linked newsman.

"The NRC has extended an invitation to leaders of opposition parties, experts and representatives of various industries to participate.

"Based on the principles of collaboration, inclusivity and whole-of-nation, the NRC aims to unite both ruling and opposition parties, and all citizens and residents in the entire country to quell the Covid-19 pandemic and revitalise the economy, so that people may return to life before as they once knew it, as early as possible.

"It is high time that Lim casts aside his combative spirit, arrogance and attempts at politicising anything and everything," Chan said in a statement.

Yesterday, in response to Wong's appointment to the NRC, Lim called him a mouthpiece of MCA and highlighted that the latter "aggressively promoted the infamous Low Taek Jho of 1MDB fame by interviewing and publishing (a piece) on Low in The Star on July 29, 2010".

"When the financial wrongdoings in 1MDB were exposed, neither The Star nor Wong offered any mea culpa nor pursued the shady dealings unlike The Edge newspaper," Lim added.

Chan brushed this off, saying that as a very senior media person, Wong was endowed with knowledge, ability and experience.

"With the invitation to participate in the NRC, Wong will definitely be able to contribute as much as he can along with the other members," she added.

MCA spokesperson Chan Quin Er

She said that Lim's objections demonstrated an inability to view the NRC from an apolitical, national and professional perspective.

"Unfortunately, on the contrary, Lim continues to entangle political party positions and ideological issues. He treats everything from a politicised perspective and then blindly adopts an antagonistic posture," she added.

Wong, who joined The Star in the 1980s, was made the Star's Group chief editor in 2008 and subsequently served as the Star Media Group's managing director and chief executive officer from 2013.


  1. Whatever DAP’s tactics were it got them 42 seats. MCA’s Blowjob Tactics any more effective?

  2. I have been reading Wong Chun Wai's writings for decades, as well as observing his editorial leadership of The Star.

    Totally agree with Lim Guan Eng.

    If Chairman Moo wants MCA voice in thr NRC , he should actually appoint an MCA official on the panel.

    Appointing Wong Chun Wai would just be superficially pretending to get a non-politician, while in reality Wong Chun Wai is an MCA propagandist.

  3. MCA's "submissive" tactics for 60 years got us to where we are today. Malaysian Chinese are Third Class Pendatangs. Well Done.

    1. the DAP-42 did in just 22 months what MCA took 60 years to do, wakakaka