Monday, October 09, 2017

Best wishes to me

Reference: MM Online's PM sends well wishes to students sitting for PT3 exams tomorrow:

I have been observing Ah Jib Gor's various facilitation to all and sundry. He has been very punctilious.

I am quite sure he has a special section in his PM's Department which ONLY monitors events and achievements worthy of the PM's attention and reactions.

I will be very upset if Ah Jib Gor does NOT send me. sweet naive kaytee, wakakaka, happy birthday wishes on my special day.

Lim Guan Eng should do also.

But Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang needn't bother, thank you, wakakaka.


  1. Yes, there is a special section in his PM's Department which ONLY monitors events and achievements worthy of the PM's attention and reactions.

    But, unfortunately for u, it only monitors group events &/or, for individual, only tradegy/champion happenstance.

    U fit neither, hence zilch congratulation message for u!

    Moreover, have u seen him raises a voice/fingers for those who acted as his champions? Advisors say bad bad move le.

    So dream on the wet one lah.

  2. i hope lge dun do what thief do.

  3. Those who continue to support and promote Mullah Najib are mainly

    a) Misguided / Naïve
    b) Corrupt themselves
    c) Participants or beneficiaries of the corrupt system

    Which one is Ktemoc ? We shall see.

  4. Ktemoc's nauseatingly sweet remarks on Ah Jib Gor contrast with his absolute inability/ refusal to hold Mullah Najib responsible for the excesses of his administration, especially in the area of Islamist extremism.

    On the execrable statement of his Deputy Zahid Hamidi on banning Mustafa Akyol’s book book on Moderate Islam, nobody believes that Zahid did it without the approval of his boss, Mullah Najib.

  5. Matey,if you want to rub shoulders with Jibby,all you have to do is attend Najib's open house.There are at least a few every year.And if you introduce yourself,he might give you a bear hug and a couple of kisses for your birthday.Wakakaka.

  6. i hereby ordain you the king of wishful thinking

    some are still old school, they miss their hallmarks, it's more personal and nostalgic and they appreciate the effort involved

  7. For someone who makes no secret of virulent enmity against Anwar Ibrahim, Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang, Ktemoc, is amazingly trusting and naïve about Mullah Najib.

    To me, the three gentlemen are light years superior to Mullah Najib.

  8. Kaytee,another fire broke out in a religious school in Kapar.Why only fires in Muslim religious schools?To many fires in religious schools to be an coincidence?Is this a trend?

  9. Without a change of government at the federal level, we will remain trapped in the Old Politics of race and religion while corruption runs rampant and saps our collective desire
    to progress. How long more can we continue like this?

    Mullah Najib is a master practitioner of the devisive politics of race and religion, regardless of his Changshan stunt.

    The opposition to Najib is also highly imperfect, and there are no guarantees things will improve, but there can be no progress until the ruling regime is changed.


    After years of suffering, and her late husband's name dragged through the mud by Mullah Najib operatives - including one here -, PI Bala's widow may finally get her day in court.

    The judge has cojones....or maybe he doesn't care about future promotions , under the Najib regime.

    The judge is probably headed for a transfer very soon to the remotest district of Interior Sarawak or Interior Sabah.
    Or maybe some trumped up charge of misconduct.

  11. Really big celebration with 2 days holidays off blogging!

    A very Happy 60th birthday to you and many Happy returns

  12. Wah.... Ktemoc went on honeymoon kakakakaka.....

    Congratulations... no doubt well-financed from much appreciation for valued work in favour of Mullah Najib

    ...praising him to stratospheric altitudes, like the post above, minimising and ignoring his culpability in many of his administration's obnoxious actions, diverting blame to predecessors, feral excoriation of his critics etc. etc...

  13. Have Ah Jib Gor and LGE wished you KT?

  14. Best wishes to KT. Hope he is not being "pastor raymond-ed"!