Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Prisoner of Constipation

MM Online - Amnesty calls for ‘prisoner of conscience’ Tian Chua to be freed (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 3 — Amnesty International demanded today the release of Batu MP Chua Tian Chang who was last week sentenced to a month’s jail after being convicted of trespassing the restricted police training centre (Pulapol) here in 2012.

Despite the conviction, the international human rights watchdog insisted the PKR vice-president’s arrest was unlawful as he was just exercising his basic rights in a peaceful protest.

“The Malaysian authorities must immediately and unconditionally release opposition lawmaker Chua Tian Chang, who Amnesty International regards as a prisoner of conscience, imprisoned solely for exercising his human rights peacefully,” it said in a statement.

Tian Chua a prisoner of conscience?

Wakakaka, Amnesty must be joking.

I wouldn't say Tian Chua is an anarchist but he has always been seen as a martyr-wannabe, eg. wanting to be arrested, waiting to hosed at, hoping to be bashed by police (but please not too hard, wakakaka), etc, though in more recent years he has metamorphosed into a more sinister form of the worst species, the Malaysian politician.

Incidentally, Malaysian politicians on both sides of the political fence are not very admirable characters, save only to the average Malaysian goofy gullible guppies.


Maybe Amnesty has been incorrectly influenced by Tian Chua's earlier stint as a member of Suaram, but as mentioned he's no longer that attention-seeking hound though a lovable eccentric martyr-wannabe; today he is instead a very sinister PKR high ranking politician, wakakaka.

He naughtily photoshop-ped a non-existent but notorious 'Dinner for three in Paris' for political gains thus indulging in 'fake news', recklessly and very childishly bit a policeman, embarrassingly and puerilely for a Member of Parliament hurled obscene abuses at another law enforcer, and wakakaka, back-stabbed a political so-called ally, etc.

Can such a unsavoury bloke be described as a 'prisoner of conscience' when he has been seen as a manipulative calculative Machiavellian person with obviously no conscience at all, wakakaka.

I would say he more of a 'prisoner of constipation', the political kind, wakakaka.


  1. Every case should be assessed based on its merits , regardless that you dislike the person.


    On April 28, 2012, Tian Chua was arrested together with 500 others at the Bersih Assembly. And at that evening, those 500 people who had been arrested, were forcibly sent to Pulapol to be processed.
    They were Never charged for any illegal assembly. Tian Chua was then charged for Trespassing (!!!) at Pulapol.

    You bring someone against their will to a government installation, hold him there, then charge them for Trespassing.
    I call that a ridiculous trial.

    Amnesty International is a worldwide organisation, well aware of International standards of law and justice.

    This was a ridiculous case of prosecution/ persecution and Amnesty International is very right to condemn it - regardless Ktemoc dislikes the person.

    1. my personal dislike for Tian Chua is irrelevant

      what is relevant would be his violations I mentioned

    2. No, those other incidents you brought up are not relevant to the merits of this particular case in itself.

      Amnesty International has some of the world's foremost Queen's Counsel and Barristers in its membership. And quite a number of Malaysia's top lawyers.

      They are well capable to assess the merits of this case in terms of international legal norms.

    3. QC doesn't mean anything unless they are engaged in legal pursuits

      Amnesty frequently describes many prisoners as "of conscience"

      by the by, you may wish to know kaytee contributes monthly to Amnesty, wakakaka, (plus World Vision, a Christian worldwide charity also monthly, despite many people criticising me for being anti-Christian, another wakakaka, plus Red Cross Australia monthly) thus I am not scoffing at Amnesty's excellent work but rather its choice of 'prisoners of conscience', wakakaka

    4. QC doesn't mean anything unless they are engaged in legal pursuits

      Since when is a QC NOT someone who is engaged in legal pursuits ?


      " Queen's Counsel (postnominal QC), or King's Counsel (postnominal KC) during the reign of a king, is an eminent lawyer (usually a barrister) who is appointed by the Queen to be one of "Her Majesty's Counsel learned in the law"

  2. Wakakakaka...

    There are certain things you just shouldn't do; listening to repeatedly till ad nauseum grandmother's stories from arm chair syoiksendiri blogger.