Friday, October 06, 2017

Pribumi Youth: Beer Fest could lead to Gay Fest

Malaysiakini - Jamal's antics will cost BN votes, MCA leader warns (extracts):

The latest stunt by Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos will only cost BN votes in the upcoming general election, said MCA's Ti Lian Ker today.

“Jamal’s imbecilic stunts of hammering cartons of Tiger beer bottles at the gate entrance of the Selangor state secretariat office may get him the attention he craves, but his once-again-gangster outburst will not augur well with voters,” the MCA publicity spokesperson said in a statement today.

Jamal turned up outside the Selangor state secretariat building earlier today to smashbottles of beer with a sledgehammer, in protest of beer festivals being held in the state.

Pointing to the Sungai Besar by-election last year, he said more than 42 percent of the Chinese voting population there voted for BN.

“However, all these accomplishments can turn to nought overnight if Jamal persists with his aggressive behaviour and churlish stunts, which are insensitive and provocative to not only non-Muslims, but Muslims alike.

Star Online - Siti Kasim blasts Syed Saddiq over Oktoberfest petition (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: Activist Siti Kasim has blasted Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pribumi) and its youth chief Syed Saddiq over an online petition by the party's Selangor youth wing objecting to Oktoberfest in Malaysia.

"It's all about politics. When are the politicians going to start thinking as Malaysians," the lawyer said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

As of Wednesday evening, the petition has attracted 34,500 signatures, just 500 signatures short of the 35,000 signatures targeted by Armada.

Selangor Armada started the online petition last Friday to "reject the culture of holding liquor festivals in public spaces", saying that it could even lead to "gay festivals" being organised in the future.

Looks like Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos and Pribumi youth chief Syed Saddiq both need to intrude into non-Muslim events and interfere with their basic rights.

Both are notorious for their Drama King behaviour, lusting for publicity no matter how notorious that might be.

And both belong to Ketuanan Melayu parties.

Bloody birds of the same feather.


  1. Jamal Yunos and Syed Saddig both crave for attention for the wrong reasons.To sum it up simply said,both are stupid fools.
    They would be better off sucking Donald Trump's tiny prick.

    1. wakakaka, bruno you're fantastic in your ability to comment on the two as well as to include your fave Trump into the picture

  2. Both Jamal Ikan Bakar and Syed Saddiq are just rabble rousers.

    The people I am truly upset with , and hold accountable are the authorities - Police, DBKL who have the power and responsibility to act responsibility to assess the Bavarian festival on its merits, and pay due attention and respect for Malaysia's cultural and religious diversity.

    1. The Police has always followed the PM's desire, as in Memali and Ops Lalang, wakakaka, which was to 'neutralise' (in Maddy's own words, to that effect, reported in newspapers) "History has shown that no good will come out of Chinese factions meeting in a Chinese temple". Maddy was of course referring to the Shaolin Saga, though as usual he bullshitted because the Chinese did not meet in the Thean Hou Temple but instead at the Hainanese Association Building.

      And as usual he did the Ops for his personal standing because of the Malay split after their traumatic split between UMNO Baru and Semangat 46, which lowered his personal standing among Malays.

    2. So when are you going to hold Mullah Najib responsible for TODAY's political abuse of police powers ?
      The Elephant in the Room , man, but you are oblivious to it...

    3. Wakakakaka...every time when the name of pinklips/hippo is mentioned his bottom half becomes lopsided due to uneven teloq shrinkage.

      Pasti gajah di depan tak nampak le!

    4. It is almost like we don't have a PM in this country when such rabble rousers go on rampage. Where is that guy la ? In recent time, we only get to hear he's indeed around when he proclaimed that the Cina will get it first if this country go up in flame, wakakaka.