Sunday, October 01, 2017

Beer Fest doable when PAS stays zero

Star Online - Minister: Sarawak has no problem hosting Oktoberfest (extracts):

KUCHING: The Sarawak government has no issue with hosting Oktoberfest as it can boost tourism in the state, said Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

The Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Minister said Oktoberfest has always been viewed as a celebration of culture and not just a "beer festival."

He did not see why a German cultural festival could not be celebrated in the country, considering that Malaysian cultures are also showcased in other countries.

He said the festival is similar to the Gawai Dayak celebration, where plenty of food and drink are served.

"Oktoberfest is a cultural festival and there will be lots of food being served, and you know the Germans, it comes with beer.

"Down here (Sarawak), it has always been promoted as Oktoberfest and not as a beer festival. It is Oktoberfest, I don't see any problem with it because it is a celebration of culture," Abdul Karim told reporters after chairing a meeting Thursday on the Sarawak Regatta to be held here on Nov 17-19.

KUCHING, Oct 1 — Sarawak DAP today urged the state’s Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Ministry to invite organisers, and international beer and wine breweries to hold their events in Sarawak to attract tourists.

Its chairman Chong Chieng Jen said the ministry should capitalise on the cancellation of Oktoberfest and the Better Beer Fest by the local authorities in the Klang Valley following pressure from Islamists.

“The significance of having such events held in a grand scale in Sarawak is not only to boost our tourism market, but more importantly, it will showcase to our counterparts in Peninsular Malaysia, our racial harmony and thriving multi-racial and multi-cultural society,” he said.

He said besides promoting Oktoberfest, the state should also consider promoting Sarawak’s tuak or rice wine.

Advantages of ensuring a party like PAS stays zero in Sarawak and UMNO stays out.

That's what Penangites should strive for, when then we can have our own beer shindig.


  1. Hey PAS,even some Melayus drink beers and hard liquor too,you know.Even you PAS bigots drink hard stuff when you crossed over to Golok.Or else where you can get that tiny prick of yours up.Hehe.

    So please do not preach to others things that you dudes do not even practice.You religious fakes tell Muslims not to have sex out of wedlock,but you yourselves committed khalwat?Double standards lah.


    Now police are being roped in to enforce Islamist mores.

    How times have changed - for the worse.

    Under Mullah Najib, civil authorities are being used to enforce Islamist standards on the entire population, including Non-Muslims.

    Police, Immigration , Local Councils all being deployed as Islamist enforcers.

    By the by, since Ktemoc is likely to regurgitate his 16 year old cop-out game again, this type of operation did NOT occur under Mahathir's watch.

    1. of course my dear Monsterball. After Mahathir has released the hantus from the Pandora Box, and those hantus grew stronger and stronger he, as f**king usual, left the mess to his successor-'S', wakakaka.

    2. After Mahathir had released the hantus from the Pandora Box, there were still Octoberfests throughout kl came October le!

      In fact not many hantu acts were arrogantly displayed publicly!

      So apa tu maksud nya?

      Mamak could control the hantus within the box. In fact, no hantus dared to come out mengganggu here & there!!

      So why r there so many reckless hantus roaming around bolihland openly now carrying the banners of alifbata??

      Siapa ke loss touch with reality & keep washing his grandmother's leg binding cloth ad nauseum???

    3. took a while for hantus to gather strength from 2002, perhaps about 10 to 15 years. but Maddy was the cause of the release of hantus

    4. Wakakakaka...

      Do u honestly believe that those hantus have not been sharpening their acts while been kept inside the box?

      Or r u saying those hantus ONLY r able to gather strength after their release?

      Then, it only meant those hantus r infantiles while been let out of the box. WHO then nurtures them to become arrogance & recklessly powerful?


      Then WHY did he controlled them so tightly that these hantus were behaving like burly cats during mamak's time?

      Don't repeat yr il-conceived hyper bull lah to conver the irresponsible acts of mamak's successors le!

      U r digging yr own hole, not only to bury yrself BUT to expose yr hidden linkage back to ahjibgor!!!

    5. given EXPOSURE, time and officially sanctioned recognition (since 2002), the hantus will grow and gain power

    6. So agree that the hantus become reckless & grow in aggressive display during the successors' watch lah!!!

      Say it clearly. Don't twist & turn like yr ad nauseum grandmother's stories lah!

      No teloq to admit yr r wrong??

  3. There have always been Religious extremist hantus in Malaysia, just as there are White Race extremists in the US.

    Leadership is about how you set the right tone as well as enforcement to ensure such vile instincts and mentality are kept in check.

    Mahathir did carry out an effective check on these Religious hantus during his watch.

    Mullah Najib not only utterly failed to constraint the hantus, he is busy fanning the flames, for political expediency.

    Just as Mullah Najib's buddy Donald Trump is fanning white race supremacists in the US.