Friday, October 06, 2017

Chinese socio-religio-culture includes alcohol and pork

MM Online - Reclaiming our culture and public spaces by Boo Su-Lyn (extracts):

Even worse than acquiescing to religious fundamentalists, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) actively engaged in the same bigoted campaigning as their rivals by launching a petition to ban all beer festivals throughout the country.

On the campaign by the ketuanan Pribumi Youth AGAINST having beer festival in Malaysia, see my previous post Pribumi Youth: Beer Fest could lead to Gay Fest in which activist Siti Kasim was reported to have chewed up Pribumi youth chief Syed Saddiq for the latter's online petition and political expediency over and above his necessary Malaysian balance and fairness as a Pribumi politician, or he can f**k off to PAS.

Syed Saddiq youth gang had told us to "reject the culture of holding liquor festivals in public spaces", saying that it could even lead to "gay festivals" being organised in the future.

I suppose Syed Saddiq and mates might be thinking that if you, a male, were to drink more than a pint, your kok and bola-s may drop off, while if you, a female, were to drink a mere half-a-pint you may suffer some form of womanly defects leading you to become a lesbian.

Su-Lyn, incensed by Pakatan Selangor caving in to PAS' repeated protests, remarked:

The silence of PH component parties PKR and DAP only means that they condone the petition by Armada Selangor and have no issues with such extremism being a part of the coalition’s proposed policies, should it win state or federal power in GE14. Muslim party Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) has also said they do not support beer festivals.

There is no more denying that Pribumi has been lording over PKR and sadly for my DAP mateys, the DAP. Even Pribumi Youth has a far bigger say than the DAP ADUN in Selangor, and Lim KS has the bloody shameless cheek to commend Syed Saddiq as a future PH youngest minister.

On the BN side in Selangor, MCA is caught in a similar conundrum and was forced to lodge a police report when Umno threatened to protest against the German festival in Klang.

Hmmm, from what Su-Lyn has just written, it appears that in Selangor the MCA at least has some balls compared to boe-lan-hud PKR and DAP there. What a pack of pansies being led by the PAS' kok-sucking Azmin. Shame on you guys.

At the same time, Su-Lyn's fellow MM Online columnist Farouk A Peru said:

When DBKL refused to grant a permit for the Better Beer Festival last month, questions arose about the basic freedoms granted to Malaysians.

Are we really free as a modern democracy should be? Or are we under the care of a nanny state that intends to control our every move?

Worse still, are we pawns of political puppet masters who play off sections of the population against each other in order to score political points? Is any kind of alcohol-related festival prone to some kind of terrorist attack and thus too dangerous to be held?

However, the issue which interests me is the argument that Oktoberfest should be banned because all religions oppose alcohol consumption. [...]

This has been a fallacy or an outright lie promoted by Syed Saddiq and his mates - see FMT's Selangor PPBM Youth starts petition against alcohol-based events which reported that The Selangor PPBM youth wing also rubbished claims that it was meddling in others’ way of life by opposing Oktoberfest, saying that alcohol-based parties were not part of Malaysian culture.

What exactly is 'Malaysian culture'? Does ketuanan Pribumi Youth think it is ONLY Malay-Muslim culture and does NOT include Chinese and Indian culture?

Thus who the f**k is Pribumi Youth to say alcohol-based events is not part of Chinese Malaysian culture? 

we have been making votive offerings of alcohol-drinks to our ancestors for thousands of years 

For a start, Oktoberfest is not meant for Muslims, like the Bible or gambling so Muslims are automatically precluded. But what about the others?

In the Oktoberfest related discourses on social media, those who are for the banning of Oktoberfest say that the others should follow the dictates of their own religions and thus avoid alcohol consumption. Is this correct?

A number of responses came from the non-Muslim camp. For a start, it is not true to say that religions other than traditional Islam prohibit alcohol consumption outright.

In the Far East, namely, China (including HK, Macau & Taiwan), Japan, Korea's, Mongolia and Vietnam, drinking (alcohol) by their people is in fact part of their socio-religio culture (exceptions to evangelistic Christians and Muslims there). In fact, alcohol in the form of wine (rice wine, sake, soju, etc) are served by Easterners as mandatory votive offerings to their gods, spirits, ancestors and departed relatives.

Korean 'charye' ceremony on Chuseok (New year's Day)

Wikipedia informs: Jesa is a ceremony commonly practiced in Korea. Jesa functions as a memorial to the ancestors of the participants. Jesa are usually held on the anniversary of the ancestor's death.

The majority of Catholics, Buddhists and nonbelievers practice ancestral rites, although Protestants do not. The Catholic ban on ancestral rituals was lifted in 1939, when the Pope Pius XII of the Catholic Church formally recognized ancestral rites as a civil practice.

kt's comment: wiki must have included Confucianism under Buddhism. South Koreans are in fact the most devoted Confucianists 

And even in Buddhist countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Philippines, drinking is okay.

So who the f**k is Syed Saddiq and his Pribumi Youth members to say or/and decide drinking is not part of the socio-religio-culture of Chinese Malaysians (of course with exceptions of the minority Chinese Malaysian evangelistic Christians and Chinese Malaysian Muslims).

If Pribumi Youth campaigns against alcohol consumption for election purposes, namely, to win votes from the Muslims, then Syed Saddiq and his Youth members are a bunch of exploitative hypocrites.

If Pribumi Youth campaigns against alcohol consumption for their religious observance, I congratulate them on their Islamic piety, but must warn non-Muslims that voting for Pribumi, who has shown an arrogant and unwelcome intrusion into our non-Muslim value-systems and lifestyles, and who has the brazen temerity to decide on what our culture should be, is akin to voting for PAS. 

Non-Muslims, you have been advised. Voting for Pribumi and any anti-Beer-Fest political parties would be at your own choosing and risk.

But Syed Saddiq must not interfere in non-Muslim affairs especially our socio-religio-culture which he can learn more of in Oxford.

Chinese have not only made alcohol votive offerings but roast pigs as well - above you can see two wrapped partly in red paper 

Syed Saddiq must learn of this to prevent him from saying in the future that pork is not part of Chinese Malaysian culture


  1. amanah stance oso not much diff, so wat is yr advice? in a 3 corner fight btw umno pas n amanah, the chinese shd vote umno?

    1. you would, wouldn't you?

      Insha'allah I was never in and will never face such a dilemma, especially as an island Penangite, wakakaka

    2. i would not give my vote to umno no matter what, unless they r no more in power, i would oso never give my vote to those parasite n dedak eater that umno feed to including mca, mic n of course pas, that's the diff btw u n me.

      my adun used to be either umno or pas, next ge could be a third one, not sure is amanah or pribumi, my vote is to pakatan, and again, that's the diff btw u n me.

      i am not sure if drinking is our chinese culture, but beer festival n drinking party is definitely not, perhaps penang chinese is, again, difference. hence saddiq is correct in this context. however i dun think he, or pas r in a position to decide what is right or wrong on my behalf, they sound like communist n nazi, that said, they r not one that ban the festival, it is the current govt ie bn that did it, most Chinese can see the difference, unlike u or penang chinese, so when r u penang chinese under lge is going to hold the octoberfest, in komtar, penang hill or whatever?

      finally ponder a bit on the "for muslim only", i said the divide is not necessary a bad thing if the govt n muslim want it, since both muslim n non muslim would never accept each other way of life, it is just a matter of time.

    3. most Chinese can see the difference, unlike u, that pribumi youth leader is aligned together with pas in interfering with non muslim affairs, but you pkr people like to suck up to pas as well as mahathir

    4. An openly declared label like "for muslim only", & for that matter halal, IS never a good idea in a multi-cultural society/country.

      It brazenly implies official caste division - a source of all evil-doing justifications.

      In the olden days of the Malaya, such labelling were NEVER needed.

      Everyone drew their own peace with their faith/god PERSONALLY w/o failed. No need of a clear label for guidance as the communion with one's god is private & individual.

      The religious governing bodies were limited in scope VERY unlike the current 'self-righteousness' alphabetic soup of zombieic enforcing setups!

      Co-existence in every which way of making a living in all facets of daily lifes. No problem!!!

      Nowadays, bolihland is different bcoz of the wide spreading of that venous religious T-virus of zombie-ism amongst the Melayu.

      Questions should be raised, in fact continuously, like what kampong lad mentioned about the deep-rooted misguided societal norm amongst the Melayu to creat TRUE awareness. Only then the long held cocooning tempurung that clouded their mind could be broken.

      Only then can a 1st step to the truly united bolihland where no one lords over no one be taken.

      Hence back to the question of charismatic leader & time....sigh..

    5. most chinese can see lge no ball to hold octoberfest in penang, he suck up to amanah or fear of pas?

    6. ck, even hk n hkers have difficulty to preserve the old ways under ccp, what make u think we could?

    7. still bullshitting but then you are you, wakakaka

      The Malaysian-German Society here will serve non-alcoholic beer alongside regular lagers at its Oktoberfest celebrations here on Oct 13 and 14.

      Organising chairman Dr Wolfgang Mark (pic) said that members and the public who attend the event would have a choice between regular beer and its non-alcoholic counterpart.

      "This year, we will be serving non-alcoholic beer, which will be suitable for those planning to drive back after the event," he said at a press conference on Wednesday.

      He also said that the society would be engaging the services of People's Volunteer Corps (Rela) members and the police for the event.

      Dr Mark said that 15 Rela members and five policemen would be on duty on both days at the society's premises in Air Itam.

    8. tat one is by msian german society whick all r aware, i mean the one in kl where lge would take over, mana?

    9. "even hk n hkers have difficulty to preserve the old ways under ccp,"


      Have u been to China lately?

      The CURRENT picture of China under the CCP is not the same as that of Mao.

      It's evolving rapidly under the watch of CCP.

      So what preservation efforts, HK/HKers ke, mainland China r u talking about??

      The bloody things that WON'T change r the upkeeping of the ketuanan mentality & the continous spreading of zombie-ism amongst the blur-sotongs in bolihland.

      That's a sure bet!!!

    10. octoberfest in penang is octoberfest in penang. any in selangor?

    11. u have to ask dap teng, who stop the fest if not yr najib cohort.

      n i thot u said lge/dap govt shd take over all the kl/sel oct fest, mana?

    12. ck, evolve in what? xi, unlike mao, is chosen/voted by people kah? hk no capitalistic economy kah? hker can oppose ccp kah? does ccp not equate themselves as chinese n china like what umno is doing kah? did not pu tong hua / simplify chinese impacted greatly toward hker kah? did ccp allow political freedom kah? have u been to hk lately? or talk to hker lately?

    13. I can see from where u r drawing yr frame of reference!!

      To a bleeding heart apologist like u, the only piece of argument worth mentioning to u is to re-read

      CAOCAO's 混世治国論

      If u can understand, u understand. Otherwise considered it a 对牛弹琴!!!

      BTW, I've many HK associates, whom we meet regularly.

      Yr understanding of the current HK sopo is just a sectional dissection , most adequately reflected by the writings of 陶杰 - still trapped within the Pommie mindset!

  2. MCA no telo lah.
    The police report is just a piece of Wayang they are playing on the same stage as Jamal Ikan Bakar.

    Their President Liow Tiong Liar has already accepted the reasons of the Banning of the Beer festival, so what more is there to talk about.