Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Mahathir - do you believe in the tooth fairy?

Malaysiakini - Dr Mahathir collapses at DAP's feet ... (extracts):

For the first time in his protracted political career, Dr Mahathir Mohamad had walked through the doors of DAP's headquarters.

And according to a commentary published on Umno Online, this was a symbolic event as it marked Mahathir's official surrender to DAP's “Malaysian Malaysia” agenda, which the 92-year-old former premier vehemently opposed in the past.

Mahathir and DAP's mutual abhorrence is a well-known fact. However, the pair has now forged an alliance with the aim of removing Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak from power.

This has been a bitter pill to swallow for those in Umno, a party which Mahathir spearheaded for more than two decades. Similar grouses also reverberate amongst the grassroots in DAP.

Yesterday, Mahathir, who is now chairperson of Pakatan Harapan, chaired the coalition's presidential meeting at the DAP national headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

In his commentary, Kamarul Zaman Yusoff said that to the new generation of Malaysians, DAP's “Malaysian Malaysia” concept has its roots in the Malaysian Solidarity Convention of May 9, 1965.

He said a document from this convention mentioned that “a Malaysian Malaysia means that the nation and the state are not identified with the supremacy, well-being and the interests of any one particular community or race.” [...]

Kamarul ... pointed out that in the book “Tun M: Inilah Perjuangan” published last year, Mahathir had voiced his opposition towards the “Malaysian Malaysia” struggle in an exclusive interview with the author Sabaruddin Hussein.

Among others, he quoted Mahathir as stating in the book:

“Orang bukan Melayu asyik menuntut hak persamaan, meminta supaya dimansuhkan hak istimewa orang Melayu. Sedangkan mereka tinggal di negara ini, mendapat kewarganegaraan, juga merupakan satu keistimewaan. Mereka boleh mengamalkan cara hidup mereka sendiri, bahasa sendiri, itu pun satu keistimewaan.”

“Mereka tidak boleh punyai sistem pendidikan sendiri, kita hapuskan sekolah jenis kebangsaan, mereka tidak boleh mengamalkan budaya mereka, malah nama pun perlu ditukar kepada nama Malaysia, sepertimana yang dilakukan di Indonesia dan Thailand, pada masa itu barulah kita boleh mansuhkan hak istimewa orang Melayu.”

(The non-Malays always ask for equal rights, ask for the special position of the Malays to be abolished. While they live in this country, obtain citizenship, this is also a privilege. They can practice their way of life, language, this is also a privilege.

(When they cannot have their own education system, when we abolish vernacular schools, when they cannot practice their cultures, in fact, when their names also have to be changed to Malaysian names like in Indonesia and Thailand, only then, can we abolish the special position of the Malays.)

Firstly, I have to agree with what some Malaysiakini commentators said about the news title, that the 92-year old man physically and pathetically pengsan-ed at DAP HQ, wakakaka.

But that word 'collapses' was meant to be a symbolic description of Mahathir's volte-face of his hitherto disdain for non-Malays.  

Anyway, based on what Mahathir said in the interview with author Sabaruddin Hussein, he (Mahathir) would NOT abolish the special position (and thus rights) of the Malays UNLESS the non-Malays:

(i) abolish the vernacular schools,

(ii) stop practising their cultures, and

(ii) change their Cinapek and Keling names to Malay-nised (or Arabised) names like the Cinapeks and Kelings in Indon and Thailand.

I have often reminded the Pakatan noveau goofy gullible guppies of the racist anti-Chinese in Mahathir, their new-found political Moses who will purported lead them into the Promised Land a.k.a Putrajaya.

But alas, to them Mahathir must be alright as Lim Kit Siang is now the best matey of the former Dictator.

In fact, on 20 April 2015, just a mere two years ago, MM Online published Mahathir criticising Najib via the former's scornful description of Najib's 1Malaysia just like opposition’s ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ and yesterday none other than Mahathir himself walked comfortably as an invited and most welcomed guest into the HQs of the 'Malaysian Malaysia' people.

That's the putar-belit-ism of Maddy, a man who would do more than enter into a mere Faustian Pact to ensure his son becomes PM of Malaysia.

In that MM Online article two years ago, it was reported:

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad took aim at Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s “1Malaysia” concept of racial inclusivity today, saying by doing away with affirmative action for the Bumiputera, the prime minister was only realising the dream of DAP’s “Malaysian Malaysia” slogan.

Thus, we can read that Mahathir strenuously objected to 'racial inclusivity' and his suspicion that Najib might do away with affirmative action for bumiputera.

Oh no, not UNTIL those Cinapeks and Kelings:

(i) abolish the vernacular schools,

(ii) stop practising their cultures, and

(ii) change their Cinapek and Keling names to Malay-nised (or Arabised) names like the Cinapeks and Kelings in Indon and Thailand.

Dr Mahathir, who has become the harshest critic of Najib’s government, also accused the prime minister of ignoring Bumiputera rights in order to be seen as supportive of the Chinese and Indians here.

There you have it again - Mahathir's continuous emphasis on mono-ethnic rights, as we shall read in subsequent paragraphs.

He reduced places for bumis in the government universities even though in the numerous private universities and twinned colleges, bumis make up less than 10 per cent.

Bumiputera contractors and small business no longer had government favour. Most had to stop their businesses,” Dr Mahathir wrote in a latest blog posting.

“Without saying so in so many words, he had adopted the Malaysian Malaysia slogan of the opposition, only calling it One Malaysia instead,” he added.

Dr Mahathir claimed Najib started handing out money to people, not just individuals with household incomes under RM3,000 a month, but also to associations and the corporate sector, and that “billions” had allegedly been spent by the government on this to ensure support for the PM.

My aunties and uncles and their Cinapek friends benefited as well, wakakaka.

Rallies were also organised, Dr Mahathir claimed, where organisers were instructed to gather no less than 10,000 people to cheer Najib on with many holding placards with the words “IM4U”.

“Despite all these the Chinese refused to support Najib. They flocked to the opposition and he performed worse than Abdullah in the 13th General Election,” Dr Mahathir said, referring to his successor Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

When Mahathir gave you something, he expected something too - yes that's him.
“The Malays too did not support Najib. Selangor after he headed Umno did worse than 2008. Malays only voted for BN because they feared (Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) would appoint (Lim) Kit Siang as DPM (deputy prime minister),” he added, saying that despite all this he continued supporting Najib.

This is interesting. So what will Lim Kit Siang or DAP leaders be when Mahathir or his son or a member of his Pribumi becomes PM?

“But now with the controversies dogging him I am sure BN would lose if he leads it in the 14th GE,” Dr Mahathir concluded.

In recent remarks, Dr Mahathir said he could no longer remain silent and that the days for diplomacy have long passed, adding he will now push for Najib’s resignation openly

Thus Mahathir confessed that he is only in a political fight against Najib to preserve Ketuanan Melayu, Malays' rights and privileges through a BN or now, Pribumi victory (cum PKR, Amanah, etc), and not for you dunggu-ish goofy gullible guppies, wakakaka.

Mahathir will fight against anyone, Tunku, Ku Li, Anwar, DAP, AAB, Wan Azizah, PAS, Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Najib, Chinese, Indians, Malays, Sabahans, Jews, Yanks, Brits, Al Gore, Soros, etc, so long as he got/gets his way and achieved/achieve his aim, which NOW is to get Mukhriz on the political throne.


  1. Article 153 The special position of the Malays in the Constitution has never been on the Agenda for repeal. In any case the Malay Rulers would have to agree to any change, and that is highly unlikely.

    Lim Guan Eng is on record restating that. DAP stated that they want to put a stop to the abuses that result in Crony capitalism and benefiting those who are already rich, so that it can be realigned to benefit the truly needy.

  2. i can say the same about you, calling others goofy gullible actually believe najib is sincere about the 1malaysia bullshit and that Maddy is dead set in making boboi pm....and yes someone mentioned about the kris bathed in chinese blood incident and do you recall what you said? yes, you said people change but never Maddy, how and why is that?

    whether its ah moi or Maddy we are still fooked...didn't your uncle mention that

  3. Mahathir is a master politician.Maybe he learned a thing or two by reading and remembering history.Like how a large country like China with a huge and monstrous population can be occupied by the Japanese,British and Koreans.

    The Chinese people were divided and working with the enemies against each other.Eventually,the Chinese came to their senses and work together and as one people unite to fight against the enemies and finally chased them out.After defeating the enemy they came back and fight against each other.

    So,Mahathir's number one priority is to defeat Umno/BN first.Bit the bullet and screw asses later.

  4. Guys...let's not all be goofy gullible warned that Raggy Jessy is none other than that Botak liar, even his own guppies in the comment section many a times attributed all writes under Raggy Jessy to be this Botak liar himself, much to his frustration. Then the light hit him finally....he smarten up finally....put up an Indian picture, and being extra careful not to let slip by reverting instinctively every now and then to his Botak lying style of writing and telling off his gullible guppies there to not ever make the same mistake of not being able to tell the difference between his Botakness and the Ragginess. By this way, he managed to fool his small choir of guppies...but alas, those 'outsiders' not singing to his tune, especially those pesky Cina, just won't buy his bohong-ing.

    This Botak thinks he can fool all with his dedak nonsense, wakakakaka. Remember once not too long ago when he suddenly morphed into a Chinese? Julian Khor rings a bell for any of you guys here? When his shit was about to hit the fan when the SR lady threaten to sue his ass off, this Botak in his sheer panic tried to shove a Chinese under the bus to take the blame, albeit with a fictitious Chinese name, Julian Khor. Ahhh... kemaluan dia sangat besar during that harrowing time, wakakaka. ( English, kemaluan is a prick lol ).

    1. Wakakaka... Reggy Jessy is a real person...he's one of those low-life slugs who make a living doing dirty jobs per instructions from Mullah Najibs's agents.
      Claims to be a USM academic...probably does research into Bodek-logy.

      The other low-level Nematode type who does dirty jobs for Jibby's minions is Ramesh Rao.

      I've from time to time wondered whether to classify Ktemoc in such esteemed company....wakakakakaka

    2. thanks for considering me, wakakaka

      please inform Ah Jib Gor to send cheque to Red Cross (not Green Moon) Malaysia, cheers

    3. So this Reggy low-life scum is real ? Thanks for this tip. But when this dedak hired-hand first made his appearance, even Botak's own minions of guppies mistaken him for the master himself ! The writing and certain expressions are so Botak-like with its usual arrogance, outright lies and circular line of so-called logical reasoning that only 3 year olds would buy. Most likely this impression of mistaken identity was because latfoo sifu's signature was all over the place in the initial writes...til the 'trainee' gets the hang of angkat-boss correct ? wakakaka

  5. Actually, I think Mahathir's willingness to go to the DAP Headquarters is to be applauded. It is progress, for one who bitterly attacked DAP in the past.

    Najib should go, too....and open the next DAP Annual General Meeting...

  6. granted Maddy has done serious damage in the past but what's the point crying over spilt milk, some bright spark got a sponge in hand trying to soak up all the milk and you have not spared him in your criticism

    your wet dream is doing one better, mixing race and religion into the equation, it won't be only the cinapek blood this time, its the whole country

  7. btb
    you usually have opinions about our education system, would love to hear what you have to say about inculcating our young ones into little brown shirters...
    and don't tell me too many are writing about it you need not have to..

    1. OH, I have already mention Brownshirts (local ones of course) several times in my post and I believe I haven't attributed any Pakatan people to being them, wakakaka

      Okay matey?

  8. I had a dream (or maybe nightmare).

    Air Force One lands in Pyongyang. Out comes Donald Trump.
    He is whisked away to a huge warehouse together with a bevy of US arms controls experts.
    Kim Jong Un presents Donald Trump with the entire inventory of North Korea's nuclear bombs - all sliced up and no longer functionable.

    They shake hands , kiss and make up.
    No more war, no more threats.

    Who knows ?
    The equivalent happened in Malaysia this week, with Mahathir's visit to DAP.

    1. it happened in Ukraiane but BUT there is always a quid pro quo, eg. USA giving aid to Ukraine, getting Ukraine into NATO and also into EC via a bit of string-pulling.

      North Korea needs lots of aid, thus what you fantasise may be possible

      Have Maddy quid-pro-quo-rise LKS? Wakakaka

    2. typo* should be:

      HAS Maddy quid-pro-quo-riseD LKS?


      You buy the fairy tale from the Botak Manchester fella ?

    4. Botak Manchester claimed in his Malaysia Today blog that Mahathir has quid-pro-quo-rised Lim Kit Siang with RM 1 Billion.

      Knowing your admiration and trust on Botak Manchester's information I put 2 and 2 together...

    5. The tale of mamak got/gets his way and achieved/achieve his aim, which NOW is to get Mukhriz on the political throne - aka a mahathirs dynasty just like razak le! about dunggu-ish goofy gullible guppies - who bought/buy into that grandmother's story!

    6. wah, Monsterball, should you have made such speculative connections? wakakaka

      I don't have enough time to blog on my own topics let alone comment on RPK's posts in my own blog, bjut thanks for the tip

    7. CK, no need to buy into anyone's story, not like you guys buying into RPK's SD contents wakakaka

    8. SD is an official legal document that carries legislative weight. If unscrupulous people, like yr sifu, were playing shadows with it, then there could be unknowingly public, who believe in the proper legal process, been conned!

      Thus, if a mischievously filed SD carries fake declaration then the police must investigate & proper action lays upon the filer of that SD.

      Those we bought into rpk's SD content COULD NOT be blamed.

      Faham tak?

      It's entirely a different story wrt the claim of dynastic building of mamak lah, where the weight of the claim could be a piece of toilet paper/fitnah/syiok-sendiri no brainier!


    9. you were a goofy gullible guppy and you still are, believing in a Tooth Fairy, wakakaka

    10. 1b? mean lge can be the next jho low, shd invite kt n m kerr over his new bangaloooo for a pool party of course. the new bangalooo can be located at penang hill, in case there is flood in penang every 3 months.

    11. you sure hate the DAP, don't you, which means the dap is worth voting for, wakakaka

    12. WHO's the goofy gullible guppy???

      WHO's believing in a Tooth Fairy???

      Dunggu, don't just jerk yrself to orgasms no end le!