Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Some Malaysian Universities

FMT - Four Malaysian universities blacklisted by Oman (extracts):

The government of Oman has blacklisted four Malaysian universities in a move to prevent its nationals from enrolling in them.

The Times of Oman reported yesterday that its higher education ministry had decided to impose a ban on the universities after they were deemed to have committed “alleged abuses” and failed to address “challenges” facing students from the middle-eastern sultanate.

The institutions were identified as Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), SEGi University, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, and Binary University of Management & Entrepreneurship. [...]

Oman’s cultural attaché in Malaysia, Yahya Salam Al Mandhari, was quoted as saying that the accreditations were revoked over various “violations.”

“Most of these reasons are academic and administrative, including the existence of complaints against these universities by some of the Omani students studying there,” he said.

“These universities are not complying with some of the laws of the country of scholarship such as registering students, allowing them to study on tourist visas, and most of these universities are unresponsive and not cooperating with the cultural mission in solving the challenges facing Omani students,” he claimed.

Al Mandhari was also cited by the Oman Daily Observer yesterday as alleging that the universities issued graduation certificates with contradicting dates while not being responsive on solving the students’ problems.

Aisehman, congratulations are in order. My Uncles told me the above-mentioned universities have become what some Indian private universities used to be.

In earlier years, many middle-class Indian Malayan-Malaysian families sent their children to India to study medicine because their kids could not gain entrance into reputable universities due to their poor academic performance. T'was the dream of many Indian Malayan-Malaysian families to have a doctor in their family.

Uncles told me some of those kids were really spoilt naughty brats who wasted their times in India enjoying themselves rather than studiously studying, wakakaka. Mind, they still came back home with degrees, diplomas and many Indian jokes.

But to cut a story short, some of the Indian private universities were dodgy and not recognised by our once highly respected medical council.

Now, the table has turned against us. It seems some of our fantastic-looking universities are what Penangites would describe as 'hoe knua, boe hoe chnea'.


  1. Oman is one of the few countries in the Arabian Peninsular - the other one being Yemen - which has not been blessed by large oil reserves, so sends its students overseas to 2nd or 3rd tier countries like Bolehland.

    Interesting that out of the 4 universities named in the complaint, 1 is run by Islamic types, 3 are run by Chinamen...
    Universiti Sains Islam was founded to be an Islam-oriented technology-based university. Like trying to push a square peg through a round hole...I'm not surprised the overall arrangement doesn't work...
    Segi did a creditable job as a college, conducting diploma courses, pre-university foundation and first 2 years twinning degrees. It is facing difficulties as a full fledged private university with full degree courses. They just have not kept up with the required standards.

    Lim KokWing has leveraged its success through its politically connected owner, gaining advantages from its BN/UMNO engagement, including propaganda campaigns in favour of Pak Lah and Najib. Many of its courses are of dubious academic value.

    Like Segi, Binary grew out of a college teaching business diploma courses and twinning degrees. Similar problems as Segi, its bitten of more than it can chew.

  2. I have to agree with the bigball fellow. The buildings of many private universities in Malaysia look damn good but their academic standards leave much to be desired. It is not easy to sustain degree level disciplines which are needed buy employers inside and outside the country.

  3. I consider your remarks on Indian children studying medicine as a highly prejudicial, racial slur.

    No doubt a minority of Indian children misbehaved during their studies overseas, just as there are Chinese and Malay students who behave badly when away from their home country.
    Look further than Jho Low (Wharton) , and, years ago, Najib Razak (Nottingham).

    The Indian community places a high level of esteem for medical studies, and many middle-class families are willing to scrape and save to educate their children.

    The government racial quota policies of the 1970's until 1990's placed tremendous obstacles to Indian children studying medicine in Malaysia. Up to the late 1960's , before May 13, entrance to the University Malaya medical faculty was based on academic merit, and Indians were strongly represented in the faculty.
    But after that , the smaller Indian population caused tremendous racial-quota-based restrictions to be placed against their studying medicine.
    One of the affordable alternatives was to study in India. Unfortunately many of the Indian institutions were not recognised by the Malaysian government, even those with very respectable academic standards.

    There was a pathway to practicing in Malaysia, via the MMC exams, and many Indian medical graduates have served the country with honour after gaining the right to practice as a doctor in Malaysia.

    1. Selvam my dear chap, you're too defensively sensitive. I did NOT say there weren't naughty Chinese and Malay brats. I was writing qbout Indian universities and some of my Uncles' Indian friends who had a jolly good time in India

    2. Hei Selvam,
      Like I have said many times before, Ktemoc is a racist against Indians.

      You only need to read back his prejudicial comments regarding Indian politicians,
      his insults regarding Mahathir's Indian heritage, as well as Anwar Ibrahim's love for Indian music.

    3. dearie dearie me, Monsterball, very unscrupulous of you to cherrypick a few out-of-context points for your attack at me but failing to highlight the numerous articles I wrote for downtrodden Indians. Burt I know you're doing it more to defend your precious Mahathir than to speak out for Indians, wakakaka

    4. I wonder whether HY will show his 'fairness' and defend me on this point? Dare I hope? wakakaka