Friday, October 06, 2017

Demon demonising DAP

Malaysiakini - Mahathir toils at undoing the DAP bogeyman he created (extracts):

C = Communist? Charlatan? Chinese?

Mahathir, who is now Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) chairperson and an ally of DAP, has had to deflect claims of joining forces with an "anti-Malay" party, the perception which he had engineered while he was prime minister for 22 years until 2003.

"Actually, it was me who demonised the DAP. In politics, if you want to defeat your enemy, you have to sully their image.

"DAP was an enemy of my party and me (at that time). My approach was effective even though they too demonised me.

"As a result from me and my (then) colleagues demonisation of the DAP, Malays were not able to accept DAP or anyone who allied with them," he said in a blog posting today.

Mahathir noted that today, he too was being branded a traitor for working with DAP.

"I would not do so (work with DAP) if DAP was really a demon."

In other words, Mahathir has just said he was slandering, bad-mouthing and bullshitting about the DAP for nearly half a century.

And he has only admitted above because he has been branded a traitor by Malays for working with his own created 'demon'.

If he has not been branded a traitor by Malays, would he have confessed to his evil slandering? Thus his confession carries NIL merit. T'was not sincere nor out of repentance, but rather motivated by his own self-interest.

I wonder who else he has slandered?

Can we trust such a man?

If we consider another aspect of his insincere confession, he remembers his evil act whilst he has forgotten many more, eg. Forex, Project IC, Memali, etc, so he has told us.

Again, can we trust such a man?


  1. Japan's Prime Minister paid his respects at the USS Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbour, expressing regrets for Japan's actions during WWII. Japan has never formally apologized for its actions, but I accept this as a genuine gesture.

    So, in contrast to your feral vindictiveness, I accept Mahathir's gesture to build bridges, though it may be impossible for him to formally apologise.

    And I contrast your feral vindictiveness to the ease with which you are hoodwinked by Mullah Najib's attempts to beguile the Chinese community.

    1. you're too ready to defend Maddy, wakakaka. But I've never trusted the Japanese authority as I have not trusted Maddy, both having NOT say sorry to their victims.

      The Japanese PM's visit to USS Arizona would be like Maddy's visit to DAP HQ, only for each individual's own political interest but alas, not in sincere repentance.

  2. On many of the past issues you brought up, it is likely there was wrong doing involved, but Mahathir's role remains unclear, and many of the accusations remain unsubstantiated.

    Unless you are one of those oily people who have different standards for different people, and any allegation against Mahathir is deemed proven.

  3. I hate to be a sweetie who stepped on your toe on the dance carry too massive a blunt axe to's more meaningful and beneficial to strive forward than to dwell in the past, perhaps it's your eccentric way of reminding us not to make the same mistakes but hey even Elizabeth Taylor or Einstein didn't get it right the first time

    1. For me, Wan Azizah or even Azmin Ali would be a trillion times better than Mahathir or Muhyiddin. I am neutral with Mukhriz who I believe would be better than Azmin, wakakaka, provided he's minus his dad

  4. Trust??? What rubbish r u talking???

    Using SunPin's Art of War - to win a war with the least self damages by creating every opportunities for yr enemies to fight amongst themselves, whom r past buddies but current foes that know each other inside out.

    Yr other udangs have blinded u to the big pictures le!

    1. you do not need trust ror give trust when you are being shafted in the rear by him, wakakaka

    2. Thus, u with dedak to keep u purringly quiet wrt pinklips.

      Hence nothing better to reply but trashish one-liner!

      At least fake news need manipulative plottings. A farcicle f*"king reply is just so easily jerk out.

      Maybe back to yr sifu for some fitnah tuitions?


    3. here's another trashy one-liner, since you know so much where's my dedak? I need it badly wakakaka

    4. If u need the money so badly WHY buat unnecessary donations to charities lah?

      DON'T used yr dedak to buy peace of mind lah by doing putihx2 donations!!

      Unless they r ALL cockagroo to syiok-sendiri le.

    5. I suspect you have never donated a single sen to charity like red cross, amnesty, médecins sans frontières, world vision, etc so should you be commenting on mine, wakakaka

    6. typo* should be 'charities'

    7. Only syiok-sendiri guilty-at-heart WOULD advertise to the whole world for some superficial charity acts.

      Ayam bertelur sebiji, riuh sekampung!

      Tau Tak? Malu lah!

  5. does what mahathir did ie demonise the enemy is that diff with any other politician in msia? show me one.

    u dun even dare to point out rpk is a liar while accusing me hate dap on my extrapolate of the 1b lie, n u wan to talk trust?

    1. does rpk want to put his son as PM?:

    2. That bail-jumper want his son to get out of jail and Malaysia mah ................. wakakaka