Monday, October 02, 2017

Two nuts for two nuts

The Malaysian Insight - ‘Rabble-rousing’ DAP should be banned, PCM veep tells PAS crowd (extracts):

PARTI Cinta Malaysia (PCM) has called for DAP to be banned as the party is seen as often disrupting racial harmony in the country and regarded as a rabble-rouser.

PCM vice-president Huan Cheng Guan said he wanted the Registrar of Societies to take action against DAP before it could destroy the racial peace and harmony in the country.

"DAP is only out to sow hatred in society, instigating the people,” said Huan who was invited by PAS to speak at the Fastaqim 2.0 programme at Pantai Tok Jembal in Kuala Terengganu yesterday,

He claimed that throughout the nine years of ruling Penang, DAP had only brought misery to the people.

Wakakaka, what a bullshitter!

But nonetheless, it was probably the first time Huan Cheng Guan received such rousing cheers and applause for his bullshit, wakakaka again.

After his East Coast pro PAS tok-kok, before he could say 'adios Abang', he was whisked away for the 3 'C' presents from PAS, namely, circumcision, conversion and castration.

But fortunately, Raja Bomoh was also present to compensate him for his win-losses.

Huan, have these two nuts in lieu of the two you have just lost 


  1. Two nuts?Even with a magnifying glass,one couldn't find even one nut on Huan.How is Huan going to be circumcise if he is one with no nuts.Cross dresser,this fella Huan?Wakakaka.

    This dude's got nowhere to go in politics,so what's wrong with this "arkua" blowing horns with PAS horndogs?It might get him somewhere if he let these bigots ejaculate inside his big mouth?PAS needs this type of discarded garbage,because they have nothing to lose either.

    1. ejaculate inside his big mouth! discarded rubbish!


  2. huan know pas love banning.

  3. Yup.. I agree with you Huan. Indeed, DAP are rabble rousers who are high on beers and phantom powers.

  4. Huan is a rabble rouser, prone to hyperbole, but some of his statements are worth paying attention to.

    They speak the inconvenient truth about aspects of DAP's rule in Penang that many DAP fanboys dare not to talk about, do not want to see, and do not want to hear.

    1. I was in Penang recently and spoke to a number of people including Indians (though alas, not Malays). There was none of the complaints Huan mentioned in his pro PAS speech

    2. You must have been visiting before the disastrous floods in Penang in mid September.

      In the aftermath, there were many rude words spitted out against the State Administration.
      Especially with the perception the Chief Minister was more interested in deflecting the blame to the Federal Government instead of taking concerted action on flood mitigation.

      If you talk to local people, they will tell you there is no visible flood mitigation work in the last 8 years.

      Sure, BN was earlier sleeping as well, but the whole point was Penang people voted for change instead of more of the same.