Thursday, October 05, 2017

Drama Queen and the Blue Whale

The gab master told us a truly fantastic tale
What he had caught one day when fishing
A behemoth of 400,000 tons, a blue whale
And just with raffia string, bull and panjing

 And its tongue is forked

T'was in Sungei Bumi he landed the Putera
Prince of the Sea, a member of the baleen
Mind, I didn't realise he would go that far
Not knowing his DNA and inherited gene

Oh oh, Ox shallow River said 400K it's not
The whale was just a mere 40K (lb) pounds
T'was just a f**king sardine he had bought
Making all his adoring believers into clowns

But such bullshit is what'll make a minister
Yes, one will be the prettiest Drama Queen 
So said the 180-degrees about-turn traitor
Hearing all these, I sure need more caffeine


    Jamal's antics will cost BN votes, MCA leader warns

    Hmm...your buddy Ti Lian Ker, and his BN buddy Jamal Ikan Bakar playing drama queens...

    Trying to confuse people.

  2. what is so drama? it even happen to one dap adun in perak, but ofcourse dap can bargain a better price due to the myth that thet r more principled.