Thursday, July 20, 2017

Greatest Political Betrayal

Malaysiakini - Kua: After 'betrayal', Harapan now answerable for Dr M's scandals (extracts):

KT Note - The betrayal above mentioned by Dr Kua is not by Mahathir but by Pakatan leaders who agreed to ally the coalition with Pribumi and make Pribumi's Head their leader (Chairman).

Dr Kua opines, and I agree with him, that a so-called reformist coalition like Pakatan (especially PKR and DAP) allying itself with a despicable dictatorial despot like Mahathir and his exclusive-to-Malay ketuanan Pribumi party has been the greatest betrayal in Malaysian political history.

Now read on with the Malaysiakini news:

A veteran human rights activist has described the appointment of Dr Mahathir Mohamad as chairperson of Pakatan Harapan, or in the former premier's own words – "top dog" of the coalition – as the biggest betrayal of the reformasi movement.

Kua Kia Soong said it was bad enough when Harapan made an alliance with the “unrepentant former autocrat”.

kt note - Dr Kua has been too kind - I call Mahathir a despicable dictatorial despot.

“Well, now that Mahathir has been made the chairperson of the coalition, Harapan will have to answer for all his scandals.

“Harapan must be prepared for more than the RM30 billion forex (foreign exchange) losses incurred during Mahathir's term,” [...]

now his mouth remains silent on forex  - perhaps that's due to his oral preoccupation with sucking   

Kua said it is not as if Mahathir had become a genuine born-again democrat since he has not shown a sliver of contrition.

“He is not sorry for the white terror of Operasi Lalang, for the political conspiracy against Anwar and saying on record that the latter is morally unfit to be PM because he is a womaniser and sodomiser, for squandering more than RM100 billion in the financial scandals during his term in office through crony capitalism and bailing out failed businessmen including his son."

“The litany of woes inflicted under Mahathir's rule has been well-documented and every community has its story: the 10,000 indigenous peoples who were forcibly displaced from their ancestral homes in Bakun in order to make way for yet another of Mahathir’s grandiose dam projects at a time when the project had been suspended during the financial crisis in 1998.

“The Indian plantation workers whose communities were destroyed through Mahathir's neo-liberal capitalist policies and who were forced to become urban settlers.

“The needless communal controversies created around mother tongue education during the 80s, including the Unified Examination Certificate in 1975, the National Culture Policy, the unqualified school administrators sent to Chinese schools in 1987, and others,” he added.

Perkasa Patron 

alluding to Chinese Malaysians keeping Malays under their heels 

agitating the Malays to 'unify' against Chinese 

Kua also pointed out that Mahathir was the first prime minister to claim Malaysia is an Islamic state.

Read Lim Kit Siang's 929 and 617 Declarations, a criticism of dictatorial Mahathir's declaration of Malaysia as an Islamic fundamentalist state. Today Lim Kit Siang has betrayed us in his alliance with Mahathir, thus now keeping his mouth shut on this matter as his oral orifice is busy for something else.

In more recent times, the Suaram adviser said during the 2013 general election, the former premier had criticised Najib for wasting public funds on the Chinese after they voted for the opposition.

“He is also the top dog in the new 'Pribumi' party which is only open to 'Pribumis' no less.

What I have been endlessly pointing out to Pakatan zombies.

“You have to be a 'Zombie Democrat' to accept such a party into the coalition that is supposed to embody the reformasi movement.

“Do Harapan leaders still remember what their reformasi programme stands for?”

I don't think so Dr Kua - their minds are too preoccupied with fantasies of sitting in Putrajaya with untold powers, and to f* with democracy, principles and reforms.


  1. On the one hand, one can say that Kua has shown up how screwed up and politically opportunistic Malaysian politics really is - where political principles are sacrificed for political or electoral gain.

    On the other hand, one could regard this alliance of sworn political enemies as an unpalatable compromise to avoid having to fight two enemies on two fronts, much like the Communist Party of China and the Kuomintang called a temporary truce in order to unite to fight the Japanese occupiers of China.

    Whilst on the one hand there are some Pakatan supporters or former supporters who are critical of this alliance between former political enemies, which could lose the Pakatan some votes, however most of them who comment negatively online are obviously English-literate, educated, tech-savvy, middle class urbanites, the loss of whose votes would be insufficient to deny the Pakatan seats in the urban areas which are their stronghold. In fact, such people may still reluctantly cast their vote for Pakatan as the "better of two lousy options".

    I am more interested in how the mostly Malay-educated, lower income, less tech-savvy, rural voters and lower-income working class or petty trader voters regard this alliance, since it ts they who have delivered the majority of parliamentary seats to UMNO/BN, given the nature of the delineation of electoral constituencies in Malaysia; and how many of them still look up to Mahathir.

    On the one hand, they may vote along racial and religious lines, either of UMNO or PAS.

    On the other hand, rising prices and cost of living partly due to the introduction of the GST and especially FELDA settlers who are upset with the drop of the price of their FELDA shares, could well vote Pakatan, especially if they feel that their lives were better during Mahathir's tenure as prime minister, whilst the rest may either abstain or vote for PAS.

    Another factor to consider is that whilst DAP and PKR have traditionally had little appeal amongst rural and lower income urban voters, PAS and Pribumi (being mostly ex-UMNO) are traditionally strong amongst these voters; so what would the outcome be especially amongst such voters, especially in three-cornered or more-cornered contests between UMNO/BN, Pakatan and PAS in such seats.

    Take the Lembah Pantai parliamentary constituency for example, which Nurul Izzah won by a slim margin. Lembah Pantai comprises on the one hand a large number of lower income, mostly Malay voters living in high-density, high-rise, low-cost apartments and on the other largely affluent, mostly non-Malay voters living in upmarket landed properties in places like Bangsar, plus middle-class voters living in mid-market condos in places like Pantai Hill Park, Pantai Towers and so forth.

    However, what will the outcome be in Lembah Pantai in a three-cornered fight between UMNO/BN, PKR/PAKATAN and PAS. Whilst PAS may not win in Lembah Pantai, will they deny PKR/PAKATAN enough votes and leave UMNO/BN with the largest number of votes, which would allow it to capture the seat, with the largest minority of votes.

    Speculation aside, back in GE12 in 2008, Dr. Nasir Hashim contesting under the PKR/PAKATAN ticket won 52.38% of the votes in Kota Damnansara against 47.62% of votes to Zein Isma Ismail of UMNO/BN, which thus gave Dr. Nasir a slim majority of 1,075 votes in this one-on-one fight.

    However, in 2013, PAS contested against Dr. Nasir and Halimaton Saadiah Bohan of UMNO/BN in Kota Damansara and Halimaton won the state seat for BN/UMNO with 42.27% of the vote, versus 38.33% for Dr. Nasir and 18.86% for Ridzuan Ismail of PAS. Here UMNO/BN won not with the majority but with the largest minority of votes.

    It looks like there will be many more such three cornered fights involving PAS in GE14, which will produce some rather interesting outcomes due to contestants winning by the largest minority of votes.

    Hmmm! What if UMNO/BN wins GE14 with the largest minority of seats - a hung parliament?

  2. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Mahathir has no more power. Zilch. That is why he is now sleeping with DAP, another corrupt but ideologically diametric party.

    The warning on the corruption of power is most relevant today on Malaysian Official 1, who used his power to shut down investigations and actions into Billions of Dollars which went into his personal bank account - whom you appear to admire, and spend a lot of energy attacking his enemies.

    In all the years that Mahathir has been accused of being a despicable dictatorial despot , there has never been any credible accusation of any significant funds or assets accruing to his person. Unless the CIA was sleeping in the 1980s and 1990s.

    Whatever Mahathir did or did not do, they were not primarily for his personal gain.

    1. during the Asian meltdown didn't he demand 2 Billion for his son's shipping line? Ask Anwar - experts say Anwar suffered for refusing Mahathir's demand

      what happened at BNM re the forex scandal, no one knows

      you're too eager to defend your idol

    2. Mahathir is sleeping with DAP for power sake. DAP today is next to UMNO the most powerful political party which has been why RoS is attempting to sabotage it. UMNO feras DAP because the latter party has been attracting young Malays

    3. dap sleeping with mahathir for what sake?

    4. to produce you wakakaka

    5. u cant answer a simple question bec u know dap, n lge is no diff with one that u accused. n u wan to talk abt principles. pity.

  3. There is a long and deep history of animosity , grievances and frankly, vindictiveness from Kua Kia Soong towards Lim Kit Siang and to a lesser extent, DAP in general.

    One time I sat down at the same table with an ally of Kua, I (regrettably in hindsight) brought up the subject why the two don't get along. Ended up I had to put up with an hour-long diatribe against Lim Kit Siang, spoiling the dinner.

    This probably lies at the root of his latest dig at Lim, basically calling him a traitor.

    1. If I am not mistaken Dr Kua was in the DAP before he left. Another case was Wee who today is heading some Tourism office (after he left PKR). Those Chinese who left DAP had very bad relationship with LKS - they couldn't stand his way of running the DAP. At times I wonder whether Lee Lam Thye left because of that too?

      A wee history though I heard it from a DAP insider - When Wee was ousted of the KL seat he won as a DAP candidate by an electoral court on some questionable technicalities, that court had the effrontery to award the seat to the losing MCA candidate instead of going back to the voters of their new choice - that's what an election is supposed to be, and not for the court to decide.

      Wee lamented that LKS did not put in the necessary party efforts to contest that court's decision in contrast to the efforts put into LGE's case, and thus left the DAP out of anger at the double standards of LKS.

      I must qualify my remarks above to say I heard it from a DAP person, and am not fully aware of the 'real' story

      but in my next post on LKS (when I don't know yet, wakakaka) I will demonstrate his 'dark' nature, wakakaka again

    2. Kua was with DAP and I believe he has written a book about his issues with DAP which I believe is available from Gerakbudaya.

      Kua also has issues with Mahathir, since he was detained under the ISA during Opps Lallang for 445 days in 1987 and 1988 and he apparently is still sore about that, so I would be a bit cautious about his statements, especially the one where he predicted that the Malays would vote for either UMNO or PAS, even though this is a possibility.

      As for Kua, I wonder whether his prediction of this outcome is based upon reliable information from the ground or his issue with Mahathir.

    3. no doubt Dr Kua has issues with both Mahathir and LKS, but as a renown do-gooder wakakaka where for example his views against defence has ben notoriously faulty, it does not mean he is without principles. I believe (though I am a biased party) that Dr Kua depicts Mahathir as an unworthy person to lead a reformist coalition, in fact a gross obscenity in democracy, because of his (Dr Kua's) principles

    4. KTemoc,

      I do not trusts "socialists" like Kua whose organisation Suaram has accepted funding from the likes of the US-imperialist National Endowment for Democracy.

      I know of another "leftist" who started a website which published left-leaning articles and when I looked at their sponsors, they were western government agencies.

      We only know too well how US and Westren European imperialism finances NGOs in the name of "democracy" and "human rights" to serve their geo-strategic objectives.

      This is the soft-power version. The hard-power version is for the western imperialists to back militant groups such as ISIS and if all that fails - military action.

      Real leftists don't trust such psuedo-leftists but instead, have more in common with anti-imperialist rightists who are actually doing more today to denounce western imperialist interventions - rightists like Tony Cartalucci, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and so forth.

      I once asked the Secretary General of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia who they could on the one hand denounce US-imperialist backed groups opposed to the current leftist government of Venezuela and on the other back the student protestors behind the Umbrella Protests in Hong Kong, which is known to be supported and funded by the same US-imperialist "non-governmental" bodies as the Venezuelan opposition and he gave some lame reason about the Umbrella protestors being a "peoples' movement".

      Either the PSM leadership is muddle-headed or they are supporting fellow western-backed NGOs, given their close association with pro-opposition NGOs in Malaysia.

      PSM seems to me to be more of a party of the NGO-tariat, rather than a party of the proletariat, though unlike NGO-lefties, they are not know to hang out in fancy coffee outlets sipping pricey signature lattes.

    5. many know dap, we dun need kua to tell us what dap n lims is abt, thats y i find it odd a experience journalist like helen could be so upset. we support dap not bec dap is good. as for kt, if he is that principles, ask him not to divert all the blame to the old lks, its lge that r in power, both party n penang govt.

    6. my dearest dahleeeng helen can be emotional in her political takes and opinions - I love her but i don't always agree with her. for example, i don't like hannah yeoh, tp or the hallelujah-ing mob very much but i don't hound her incessantly

    7. IT Sheiss, in today's world it's quite difficult if not impossible to be a 'pure' socialist.

      I blame the unrest in HK on the sinister and evil seed planted by its former governor patton who did that only to convince 7 million british citizens in hk not to escape to mother england but keep on fighting for an impossibility, to wit, to gain independence from china

      he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams but the seed he planted in bad faith has grown like a malignant tumour in those young hongkies muddled-headed brains (or lack of brains) to believe that china will ever allow hk to be completely independent. besides, even if hk is completely independent how will it survive with an angry humongous neighbour?

      of course it was in us interest to foment the unrest among hk's youngsters

      psm is basically dominated by indian interests which is why, sadly, they haven't gained much support, because malaysians are by nature and nurture, very racist. I still wish them the best of luck as the poor indians need someone to look after them. psm just does that.

    8. KTemoc,

      The very fact that former British governor of Hong Kong planted the evil seed of the malignat tumour in the heads of those young Hong Kongers, as you said and that the US has vested interests in formenting unrest amongst them is more than good enough reason for any leftist worth his salt to oppose them. The fact that the PSM takes the side of the "Umbrella" protestors reveals something very wrong with their principles or their understanding of how modern imperialism works.

      From my experience of them, the PSM is very much influenced by the line of the neo-Trotskyite International Socialist Organisation of which the Socialist Workers Party of the UK is part of, as well as the Trotskyite Committee for a Workers' International which was once a left faction within the old Labour Party until they were expelled. The holds to the belief that countries like China and the former Soviet Union are state capitalist, hence should be treated no differently from any capitalist country, hence their support for movements such as the Umbrella protestors who are being used as tools against China by US imperialism through its network of NGOs.

      I find it rather hypocritical and downright unprincipled for the PSM to on the one hand announce its support for the Bolivarian government of Venezuela against the US-imperialist sponsored and supported opposition and on the other support the Umbrella protestors in Hong Kong who are known to be backed by the same US-imperialist NGOs as the anti-government protestors in Venezuela.

      However, not all Trotskyites adopt the same position as the ISO, and one of them, Shamus Cooke criticised the stand taken by certain quarters amongst the U.S. left on Venezuela in his recent article - "Why Can’t the U.S. Left Get Venezuela Right?"

      Well, I would say that his criticism likewise applies to the position of the likes of the PSM with regards the Umbrella protests in Hong Kong.


    9. As for Kua Kia Soong, he may be great at coming out with class analysis of Malaya's compradore capitalists to whom Britain handed rule of a politically independent Malaya to, confident that they would protect British economic interests in Malaya, which they did in the early years, but by Suaram accepting funds from the likes of the US-imperialist National Endowment for Democracy, that makes Suaram, Kua and other NOGs who accept funds from the NED or Soros latter day compradores in the service of US imperialism.

      As for pure socialists and socialism, I would agree that with the demise of the Soviet Union, it is very difficult for remaining socialist or communist run countries, which are all relatively undeveloped to avoid having to make compromises with domestic and foreign capitalism, especially when they lack the technological resources to domestically produce the goods and services needed to provide employment, social services and other benefits of a socialist socio-economic system to their people. Even the Soviet Union had to allow capitalism and accept foreign direct investement during its early years following the October Revolution of 1917 to provide employment for her people and to acquire the technology to develop her industries. The Bolsheviks had made the rather ultra-leftist mistake of abolishing all capitalist-owned domestic industries before they were able to replace them with socialist industries and this resulted in unemployment and the risk that the very people who had supported the revolution could turn against the Bolsheviks and overthrow them, hence a reversal of this policy and thereallowing of capitalist undustry under the control of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. This policy was known as the New Economic Policy, which lasted for about 10 years until it was replaced by a massive industrialisation drive under Joseph Stalin, which the Trotskyites bitterly hate.

      That said however, where strategic and tactical compromises may have to be made in matters of running a socialist country for practical reasons, that is no excuse for compromises on matters of political principal as the PSM has done with with its contradictory positions with regards Venezuela and Hong Kong.

    10. USSR (Russia today) was never a true socialist state except in its beginning; neither has been China. The only true socialist state in the world has been Cuba under Castro - I think with Castro's demise, we won't see pure socialism anymore in Cuba.

      Dr Kua has no choice but to accept funding from anywhere to continue his work - beggars can't afford to be choosers.

      As for the H Umbrella clowns they are young idealists who don't understand the real world. PSM has been wrong to support them on the basis they protested against Big Brother, who PSM doesn't like on the basis that "City Halls" are to be fought against

    11. There has NEVER been ANY pure state of ANY political idealism existing on Earth.

      Human nature demands that!

      On the ground (targetted audiences) pre-requisites demands that!

      Political expediency & survival of the regime demands that!

      In short - all pure form of sopo idealism fallsl short of the real earthly practicality. They remain a domain of ivory tower fantasy.

      Socialism has lost its classless dream while capitalism puts the competition of laissez faire on alter for show only.

      Meanwhile ethnic nationalism continue to raise her ugly tentacles here & there bcoz of it's perfect-fit with selfish human nature.

      If one TRULY upholds one's principle then 'no choice', as in beggars can't afford to be choosy, IS not an option.

      Dr Kua SHOULD know this story of ultimate upholding of one's principle.


      Sounds stupid, but that's principle for u le!!!

      Stripping off all the sugar coated, feel-good exoskeleton, politic IS the same as its evil twin of religion.

  4. Dr Kua has two axes to grind wrt the Mamak's 'cohabitation' with PH.

    He was ISA-ed by Mamak & he 'outcasted' himself from DAP when falling fault with LKS.

    But he is certainly acting short-sightedly & perhaps selfishly in his latest comment.

    Giving warning is A-OK but running down the pact reflects his deep personal hatred towards Mamak. (Maybe in the same vein as KT!!!)

    The ultimate aim of PH is to remove ahjibgor's current kleptocratic regime THEN taking over Putrajaya in that order.

    If politics is the art of the possible, idealism is the art of the impossible.

    In this regard, Dr Kua has CERTAINLY missed the forest for the tree le.

    公私利益, 何者为大!

    Tsk.... tsk.. a person of Dr Kia's caliber STILL been trapped within this human chasm!

    1. ah, CK the great promoter of Faustian Pacts, wakakaka

    2. Too many top politicians (and bloggers) have their personal Inner Demons to contend with.
      They try to paint either a good picture of themselves or their side and demonise the other side.

      In reality they are just serving their self-interest.

    3. Ain't EVERYTHING in life a trade of of some sorts?

      The question is priority for the common good than the personal syiok-sendiri ego mah.

      If a Fautian bargain can get ripe of ahjibgor/hippo, so be it!

      After all, who r we to tell who's the 😈 & who's the mortal soul le?

      大逆不道 can sometime be the necessity of a game changer for a better future!

      But can u, as a bleeding heart, understand the essentiality involved?

    4. ahjibgor's alleged kleptocracy is easier for Malaysians including the Chinese to deal with - it's only a matter of time

      but we would find it far far more difficult to deal with a tyrannical despot - has anyone deal successfully (jail, prosecute) on a man who has wrecked this nation's institution (judiciary, senate, btn-ised civil service, police, universities, etc) and wasted hundreds (not just 42) of billions (forex, maminco, perwaja, proton, mas, cronyism etc)?

      you can't deal with a dictator for 22 years even though he has retired and you wanna talk=-cock about an incumbent pm - stop dreaming and get your priority correct. maddy is far far worse than jibby. charge and jail him, and then we can go for jibby

    5. Monsterball, agreed on your take regarding pollies' inner demons and self-interests, but alas, pollies have become a necessary evil and we have to choose the 'best', thus best not to be emotional/prejudiced about someone's wife being a hippo wakakaka

    6. Still CAN'T get yr priority right...sigh!!??

      YES, ahjibgor's kleptocracy is easier for Malaysians including the Chinese to deal with - it's only a matter of time.

      Similarly, Mamak's past evil deeds r lessons that ALL M'sians CAN deal with - it's only a matter of time.

      But how can the M'SIANS prevent the recurrences of these indulgences???

      The ONLY final solution is to put umno, the source of all evil to it's ultimate demise.

      Without that institutionalized f**ked-up, the elites can't manipulate the governance system to their advantages.

      Mamak ke, ahjibgor ke, & all the other tyrannical despots ke, they r all the manifestation of the syndrome.

      U don't cure an illness by treating the syndrome mah.

      By creating the demise of umno via its in-fightings, bolihland will be free from that cursed disease.

      U might want to argue that the mamak is still there when pink-lips goes kaput.

      Wakakakaka..he is a old man & most importantly umno, the ketuanan hegomony is NO more!

      Didn't u see that coming, walau-eh!!!

  5. Lim Kit Siang is right in reading that Najib is far, far more dangerous to the country's future than Mahathir. I am talking about the present and the future .

    In 10 years Mahathir will be dead, feeding the worms.
    To start with , I'm not clear what he did or did not do, were jailable offences. Even Forex and Maminco. Bad decisions, bad priorities, definitely, but doubtful criminality on his part.

    A lot of people have been searching very hard for a very long time to find a case for Criminality on Mahathir's s part - so far without success.

    For a Top Executive, criminality usually requires the element personal gain or personal fraud.
    Otherwise the rest is a matter of him doing his job as he sees it - he may have done a bad job, but that's not jail time.

    Just as those trying to get rid of Donald Trump are finding out - a President has very wide latitude to do his job as he sees fit, no matter how much you dislike him and disagree with him, no matter how wrong his decisions appear to be.

    In 10 years , Najib will still be in power, unless strong, focused, concerted action is taken to take him and UMNO out of power via constitutional means.

    Else in 10 years, we will be fighting Damage Control and possibly paying 20% GST and 40% income tax to pay off the losses from 10MDB.

    There is no safe way of "Dealing With" mega kleptocracy, you just have to look at Sub-Sahara resource-rich African states.
    Zimbabwe, the ultimate African Kleptocracy, is a Basket-Case, even though it is so resource rich. It has some of the world's richest ore reserves of platinum and chromium, but nobody wants to invest there to extract those super valuable metals.

    1. like demanding from Anwar (then Finance Minister) 2 Billion to "assist" his son's shipping line?

      like buying MAS shares at a ridiculous price

      like playing with public monies on a useless Proton

      etc etc etc

    2. Britain tried to subsidise and protect a British car industry for 40 years after WWII from 1945 to 1985.
      Billion of Pounds in today's money went into the misguided effort, before they finally gave up.

      Bad decisions? Definitely.
      Nobody went to jail for that.

      Today Britain still has a substantial car industry, but it Is all foreign owned plants, and they mostly turn a profit.

    3. Britain at least protected a long-time car industry with real British cars. What is Proton other than the wishful thinking of a pompous hubristic old man who pretended that a Mitsubishi clone was his creation, and that he as chief tester of Proton was being innovatively and brilliantly technological, all at humongous taxpayers' money and unrealistic expectations

    4. U want to be acting with 'fair play', 'evidence' and 'balanced judgement'???

      Just re-read what u have written about Mamak's Proton lah!

      Granted that Proton is a BIG failure despite Mamak's relentless efforts in popping her up.

      But 阿斗 being 阿斗! Proton's failure should be blamed more on the people who were given the power, facility & money to run that show.

      Mamak was only a single-minded promotor le! He had a realistic expectation. Unfortunately, his foot soldiers doing the ground works were wimppy big-talkers.

      U r just falling into yr mental fallacy of condemning the intiator but acquitting the perpetuator!

      What if Proton was a successful run enterprise iff it was given to Rin Kei Mei to manage instead of those useless tongkat-feeders with 'big' title?

      Then, would u then be kissing Mamak's hands le?

      What's wrong with copycat? Didn't the Jap make something better out of their early US/Europe imitations?

      Mana tu 'fair play', and 'balanced judgement' coming from u le?

      Sometimes when u r cursing the Mamak, do spare him a little bit of the same tlc u bestow upon yr ahjibgor lah.

      Then u will not be eating yr OWN words of been emotional/prejudiced in dealing with issues u might not like!! Betul tak???

    5. your "what if" for Proton shows your defence of Mahathir, wakakaka, without recognising he was not only the initiator but by his own confession the constant meddler (chief tester, wakakaka) in the technical production of the car

    6. secondly, you shouldn't make reckless accusations about me with reasonable evidence - evidence is not by speculation nor suspicion nor by the Bush-ite "either you are with me or against me"

    7. U don't know HOW to argue fairly, wordsmith!

      Yes, I'm defending the Mamak wrt some of the issues u raised in Proton.

      In fact, I see nothing WRONG in his own confession as the constant meddler (chief tester, wakakaka) in the technical production of the car.

      If u r into market research then u would know how valuable those constant meddlings r to the improvements of an product le!

      What constitutes a reasonable evidence as in Proton debacle? Its humongous failure? Its crappy products?

      Then r they ALL caused by the Mamak?

      To sum up yr REALLY childish thinking, let me ask u back a question.

      Ain't yr evidence a form of speculation or suspicion or by the Bush-ite "either you are with me or against me" argument le?

      Banyakx2 pandai lah!!