Friday, July 21, 2017

DAP in doggone damage control

MM Online - ‘Top dog’ doesn’t mean last word, DAP chief says of Dr M (extracts):

DAP is now in serious damage control, remembering with trepidation the 1999 saga when the voters rejected Lim Kit Siang and the hallowed (now late) Karpal Singh for foolishly allying themselves with the Islamic PAS, which was/still is much feared by non-Muslim Chinese and Indians.

Though the DAP survived the subsequent 2008 and 2013 general elections even when in consort with PAS, those were only due to 3 ameliorating factors, namely:

(a) the seductive manmanlai persuasion of Anwar Ibrahim,
(b) the grandfatherly charm and goodwill of the late Nik Aziz, and 
(c) the televised and media reported ketuanan ferocity of the blatantly arrogant UMNO members.

But today paras (a) and (b) are no longer here to help soothe away our hatred and fears of the despicable dictatorial despot in Mahathir, whom we know hates Chinese and disdain his own race, the Indians.

sorry tian chua you can't join pribumi 'coz you are not a malay

On top of that, we have former Suaram Director and current Dong Jiao Zong Director at New Era College in Kajang, Dr Kua Kia Soong warning us of Pakatan's 'betrayal' in allying itself with Mahathir despite the former dictator's humongous range of scandals, from:

  • Forex to Maminco,
  • BMF to Perwaja
  • MAS to the Bakun-ised draconian displacement of Sarawakian natives,
  • Ops Lalang to the 'destruction of Indian plantation workers whose communities were forced to become urban settlers through Mahathir's neo-liberal capitalist policies',
  • dictatorial unilateral declaration of Malaysia as a fundamentalist Islamic nation to “The needless communal controversies created around mother tongue education during the 80s, including the Unified Examination Certificate in 1975, the National Culture Policy, the unqualified school administrators sent to Chinese schools in 1987, and others,”
  • criticising Najib for wasting public funds on the Chinese to forming a kutuanan Melayu-only 'Pribumi' party which idoes NOT allow Chinese and Indians to join.
  • etc etc etc

We must not forgive Pakatan, especially Lim Kit Siang for the evil Faustian Pact. that is, in making a deal with the Devil.

ok kit, this is what i'll do for you
but you've to stop those silly reforms
you also have to forgive and support macc
and forget about teoh beng hock - he's not important to you

who? teoh beng hock? i can't remember who he is, was, er ...

As if Pakatan being in close contact with a political leper wasn't bad enough, the coalition found itself cowering in embarrassment when Mahathir went on to assert himself as the top dog of Pakatan ...

... where he said in his own pompous arrogant grandiose words, when asked at a press conference if all three of the named leaders of PH (him, Anwar and Wan Azizah) are on equal footing in the coalition:

“In the hierarchy, I am the top dog there. We can’t have a country ruled by three prime ministers.”

So there you have it - though Anwar Ibrahim was named the de facto leader of Pakatan Harapan, meaning he is No 1, the old despicable dictatorial despot spoke out in his old arrogant unilateral style. claiming the No 1 spot for himself as Top Dog, and f**k the rest of PH if they including Anwar, Wan Azizah and who-else don't like it.

Not only that, Mahathir named himself as the PRIME MINISTER when he said pompously and arrogantly “I am the top dog there. We can’t have a country ruled by three prime ministers.”

Thus he proclaimed himself as the sole Pakatan PM-designate.

And that set poor Tan Kok Wai, DAP’s acting national chairman, to come running out in frenetic desperation to salvage the coalition from the enormous political carnage Mahathir had wrecked upon it with his (Mahathir's) arrogant words.

Kok Wai was assigned the salvage operations because Lim Kit Siang himself doesn't dare to appear to say anything as he has been solely instrumental in 'recruiting' not the Top Dog but the Maddest Ferocious Ketuanan anti-Chinese Dog into a now-so-called Reformist coalition, that's has transformed itself very very far from being reformist.

no, i'm not tian chua but give me a Chinese to bite  

Tan Kok Wai whimpered that Mahathir’s position as PH chairman does not make the Opposition pact answerable to him. Kok Wai fools himself by claiming Mahathir does not call the shots in PH.

Yes, stop dreaming, Kok Wai. No one can stop Mahathir once he makes up his mind on a course.

I personally hope the DAP will do well in GE-14, despite the ongoing sabotage of the party by RoS, but I trust Lim Kit Siang will, alone among all DAP candidates, suffer the most punishing rebuke from DAP supporters wherever he stands in GE-14.

Relive 1999, (and since we are on the subject of dogs) you bloody mongrel.

Lim Kit Siang has, in my sad opinion, committed the Greatest Political Betrayal to his erstwhile supporters, and all his own swansong interests.


  1. the chinese r more willing to vote pakatan/dap with mahathir in the same team. the only reason dap would lose some seats is due to the pas malay. most chinese love mahathir, more than anwar or any other malay leaders. as u said, chinese like u know how to deal with corruption, n chinese like u never know how to deal with 355, thats y chinese like u never vote pas, or a pas cohort ie najib n umno.

  2. Pakatan Harapan without PAS is much more palatable to most Chinese.
    Mahathir and the people in Pribumi are people the Chinese don't have to like, but they are people they have dealt with before.

    For the Malaysian Chinese, it has become harder and harder to earn a living.
    The negative impact of GST on small businesses (it is a fact, no matter how strongly Ktemoc tries to deny it in article after article) coming at the same time as the Billion Dollar Bailout of 1MDB have been too much to swallow. The two may not actually be directly related, but juxtaposed in time and place.

    Yeah, Ktemoc has gone bonkers calling Lim Kit Siang a mongrel.
    Such disrespect, such arrogance , such misguided support for Malaysian Official 1.

    1. such recklessness in accusing me of misguided support for Malaysian Official 1 just because I called LKS a mongrel for his obscene betrayal?

      Thank goodness Malaysia abolished the jury system because I dread to meet an irresponsible reckless jurist like you who pass judgement on a person without irrefutable or at least reasonable evidence

  3. Kiss and forget.In Malaysian politics,it is taboo of sex in the behind(sodomy).But it is okay if it is a three way same sex partners.And it is more queer when there is a member of the LGBT family in the cabinet.Especially,when a former DPM was sent to prison twice for this heinous crime,called sodomy.

    Talking about queer,one cannot but intrude into American politics.American president Donald John (Fredo) Trump,a member of the "horndogs" club,six months into his presidency,is toast or more likely a roasted turkey.

    Being under the investigation by special counsel,Mueller,for money laundering leading back two decades to present,sleeping (colluding) with the enemy (Russians) and breaking campaign finance laws.He has always deny any wrong doings from rape to stiffing contractors to cheating students of his phony Trump U to sleeping with the Russians.

    But yesterday,news leaked out from the WH.Horndog Trump was asking his legal team of his pardoning power.To see if he can pardon his surrogates and aides,family members and himself.A horndog president to pardon himself from his crimes?Only in the USA(land of the free) and Malaysia(land of the bolehs).When things couldn't get queer in Malaysia,it just gets more queer in the USA..

  4. If LKS and TDM can forget their hatred for each other, why can't Najib and Hadi?

    Hadi is a shrewd and seasoned politician, and although winning election is important, it is not a priority to Hadi/PAS. But for PAN and Husam and Mat Sabu and Khalid and Hanapiah, it is the opposite.

    Thus, Hadi/Pas would not join BN or PH but would do a stand alone, which means it is gonna be a sunset election for PKR and PH and Pribumi and DAP. Remember Kota Damansara and Semenyih?

    Hadi/PAS will keep Kelantan, and Terengganu will be "given" to Hadi/PAS for Hadi/PAS to implement three five five.

  5. kt
    we can't wait for mother Teresa to lead us, besides angels and saints don't do politics only the unscrupulous

    we are left with not much choice really

    it's either a thief, a racist, a sodomite, an arab wannabe and now a mongrel so let's keep it a simple multiple choice exercise

  6. I tend to look at this issue from the perspective of DAP/Pakatan wanting to reach out to the rural and urban lower income Malays as well as the Bumiputra natives of Sabah and Sarawak who have tended to support UMNO/BN and who have delivered the majority of seats in parliament to the BN, as well as Pribumi/Pakatan's attenpt to reach out to the urban middle class folk, in their joint bid to win the Federal and state governments by avoiding or minimising multi-cirnered fights as much as possible. This is a Sun Tsu style strategy to avoid having to fight enemies on several fronts, which any military strategist would try to avoid as much as possible.

    Such strategies are no doubt unpalatable to some DAP supporters such as KTemoc and others, as well to some PKR members and supporters from the Reformasi days.

    However, the problem with us educated, urban middle class people is that we tend to see the Malaysian political scenario from our own perspectives, principles, priorities, likes, dislikes, prejudices and so forth. I have been guilty of that too, until I realised that the outcome of elections depends upon the sentiments and perspectives of the whole Malaysian electorate, most of whom could well be on a different planet from us.

    The Star's Datuk Wong Chun Wai demonstrated these separate universes between voters within Lembah Pantai in his blog post GE13: A Valley Divided and I agree with his take, having chatted about this with the sone of my late my late Malay gardener who has a low-cost flat in Pantai Dalam, Kuala Lumpur, overlooked by the middle class condos in Pantai Hill Park. My late gardener was from Penang and an UMNO supporter, whilst his son is a Mahatir supporter, and his political leanings and economic concerns jive with Wong Chun Wai's description of the sentiments and concerns of the lower income group in Lembah Pantai.

    "In an interview with Malaysian Insider, political analyst Datuk Dr Shamsul Amri Baharuddin said bread-and-butter issues were more important to the working class than “hot air” issues like human rights, freedom and democracy that only appealed to middle-class and affluent Bangsar voters."

    UMNO/BN practices populism to win over the hearts and minds of the lower income group, and we have already seen the appeal of right-populism in the victory of the BREXIT referrendum, the election of Donald Trump as president and the near victories of Hofer in Austria and Marine Le Pen in France, thanks to support from the working class who felt let down by the centre-left and left parties which used to serve their economic interests but no longer do, so were taken in by the promises of these right-populist candidates.

    What is the Pakatan doing to convince such voters that if elected, a Pakatan government can address their bread-an-butter concerns better than the BN has done so far?

    How well this strategy will work, I cannot say, since as an English-literate, UK-educated, middle-class urbanite, I do not really know what the sentiment on the ground amongst the rural and urban lower income Malays really is, apart from the views of my late gardener and his son.

    Assuming the DAP's and Pribumi's strategy works and Pakatan suceeds in winning GE14 and forms the next Federal Government, the question remains as to whether this alliance will hold, or whether it will split into squabbling factions, thuse rendering Malaysia more of a dysfunctional democracy than it current is, where the respective parties are too tied up with politicking than governing.

    Also, what will matters be like if GE14 results in a hung parliament, where no party,coalition or pact has even a simple majority of seats, like what recently happened in the UK.

    It looks like Malaysia could be headed towards 'interesting' times.