Sunday, July 23, 2017

Very Youthful Mahathir advises: Demonise thy enemy

Malaysiakini - Kit Siang out of Harapan's line-up to 'make way for youths' (extracts):

youthful kiddy 09-years old Maddy 

DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang has said that he will not be playing a leading role in Pakatan Harapan, in the hopes that more youths will take up the mantle of responsibility instead.

"That is one of the reasons I am not in the (Pakatan Harapan leadership) line-up...We want to see more youths"

LKS has demonstrated that by supporting VERY youthful leader Mahathir Mohamad to be the Chairman, who is in reality now the Top Dog of Pakatan Harapan, a self-confession by Mahathir that has set Pakatan leaders from PKR and DAP rushing pell-mell into defensive comments.

you're my'boy', maddy
and you're a f* china-apek, kit 

LKS has again bullshitted kau kau.

But do not be surprised or shocked because LKS has lose all political principles and morality since he teams up with his erstwhile arch-foe Mahathir, a despicable dictatorial despot who has an abysmal frightening track record of more than half a century.

There is only one possible reason why LKS has been omitted in the recent PH leadership lineup where all 3 top leaders, Chairman, President and (as a consolation to obtain cooperation from imprisoned Anwar) the "de factor leader", are only Malays.

The Melayu-tulen lineup is deliberate and meant for the Heartland, to encourage them into accepting PH as a Malay or more truthfully, Malay-dominated party.

Mahathir has admittedly to this including his own part in making the Malays in the Heartland despise and fear the DAP - see FMT's Yes, I portrayed DAP as an evil party, admits Mahathir in which he confessed how he convinced the Malays into abhorring the DAP, stating, I portrayed it as an evil party that wanted to control Malaysia and one that did not care about the fate of the Malays”.

He advised: “If we want to win, we must demonise the opponent."

Would that be also another self-confession he has been deliberately demonising Najib? Wakakaka.

In manufacturing the charming chong-ing camouflage of PH, Mahathir-LKS' stealth-y policy is not too difficult because it's consistent with the already-in-place characteristics of Pribumi and PKR, the latter of which we see only Malays in its core group.

In the end it's still race, racial and racist politics in Malaysia. It's bad enough with BN pushing this terrible bigoted political policy for aeons, but now it's made worse by Pakatan Harapan joining in the racist competition.

But then, with a man like Mahathir as its Chairman, what else could we have expected. The disappointment has been in PKR and Lim Kit Siang abetting such a most un-reformist behaviour, totally at odds with the core chapters of PKR and the DAP.  

Thus, even if PH wins GE-14 I predict DAP will become another Gerakan or MCA. That will happen when Pribumi, PKR and Amanah break off with the DAP and merge with the remnants of UMNO and even PAS to form UMNO Baru Baru, consistent with the deliberately nurtured racism of the new coalition.

Alhamdulillah, Perpaduan Bangsa Melayu masih utuh!

And for his willingness to behave kuai kuai, LKS may be appointed Minister of Federal Territories or Tourism.

Finally, those Chinese and Indian fractions of PKR will have to save themselves wakakaka or hang on as coolies and mandors to the sarong-tails of Gerakan, Mic, MCA or DAP in subservience to ketuanan UMNO Baru Baru. Wakakaka.

But it's another chapter of LKS' duplicity.

helping Mahathir 'demonise' LKS in anticipation of PH winning GE14



  1. Lim Kit Siang is focused on the objective.

    1. ... of abetting continued mahathir's racist politics

    2. Ahjibgor is also upholding a racist politics le!

      Apa jadi???

    3. yes, but lim kit siang of dap?

      it's like saying a buddhist monk promotes dog meat

    4. SunZi's art of war mah!

      Tak sama macam pinklips le.



      Yr understanding of Buddhism is indeed skin deep learning!

    5. dap is multiracial? his understanding of dap is skin thick wakaka.