Saturday, July 22, 2017

Unrepentant Mahathir

Reported by Malaysiakini just two days ago:

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has once again defended his decision to sack Anwar Ibrahim as deputy prime minister in 1998.

The former premier said he was "responding to the situation at the time", where he went on record to describe his then heir-apparent as being morally unfit to lead the nation. [...]

Mahathir is just unrepentant and worse, a man who doesn't believe he's ever wrong. He has just shown his ugly nature when in just making an alliance with Anwar, he still defends his persecution of Anwar.

Such a pompous arrogant man is not fit to be a leader of a multiracial coalition like Pakatan Harapan.

can't be bothered with those Anwar arse-kissers

hmmm, maybe I can have a phone company here based on a samsung clone called Pro-sung - I'll still be chief tester

Mahathir did not wish to dwell on the past.

"Now it's different. If you keep on bringing up the past, you can never work with everybody.

“You will always be fighting with your enemies forever and that is bad," [...]

That's because he now has no friends in UMNO, thus he needs his former enemies badly. He is just an opportunist. The Otai group in PKR has been right in not trusting Mahathir. 

He has not repent, he has not reformed, he is still the ugly despicable dictatorial despot, even by his recent claim he is the Top Dog in PH, and that the country doesn't need 3 PM's, meaning he shall be the one and only PM.

And what about his other former enemy DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang?

Mahathir acknowledged that he had to "demonise his opposition" when he was in the government".

"(I did) such a good job of it now he's very much disliked by people in my old party. But most people realised that he is not as bad as I made him be"

he's now the pengkhianat bangsa 

patron of malay ultra right (anti-chinese) perkasa 

Who are the most people in UMNO who realised that LKS is not as bad as I (Mahathir) made him be since Mahathir did such a good job of it now he (LKS) is very much disliked by people in my old party?

And the Freudian slip in his statement is in my old party. Why didn't he just mention it as 'UMNO'? Why did he refer to UMNO as my old party, if not to subconsciously mean he is still thinking of re-joining UMNO, at least for his dynasty if not for himself.


  1. Mahathir is the boss and will always be the boss.He knows that the opposition needs him more than he needs them.He has already got them by the balls.It is just a matter of whether he wants to squeeze their balls till the juice starts dripping down.Wakakaka.

    1. aiyah my dear bruno, what will I do without your colourful accompaniments to my post, wakakaka

  2. 1. in politics, the word apology doesn't exist.
    2. he's the one who created umno baru, his old party. it doesn't matter whether it has been registered by any other name and if not for his insistent (read perintah maharajah) its name would have been something else. is it not illegal to maintain the same name (except baru), logo, constitution etc once an association or organisation is declared haram?.

  3. likewise when u talked abt kua, mahathir is at least very principled, if mahathir assert he made a mistake, u would still label him for sake of power. lge asked u dap fanboy to forgive mahathir, for the sake of lge dick, pls do as lge advise.

  4. I have consistently, for over a decade, condemned Sodomy 1 as a manufactured injustice against Anwar Ibrahim. Incidentally , Sodomy 2 as well. I consistently excoriated Mahathir for that.

    For almost all the time, however, Ktemoc sneered at the case as Anwar falling on his own sword. Completely unsympathetic and considered Mahathir acting against Anwar as a normal action against a conspirator.
    Of course, now that Mahathir is arrayed against his Patron Najib, Ktemoc is singing a different tune, now attacking Mahathir.

    1. hello, I dislike Anwar - don't you know that? wakakaka

      I admit I am not so clued on Sodomy 1 because I came on to the blogging scene quiet late, but re Sodomy 2, there have been sufficient evidence from other sources like Australia and Singapore intelligence.

      The issue here is that I am not a pro-Anwar bloke like you, Sorry, can't help you with your idol's problem