Friday, July 07, 2017

Blaspheming JAKIM should be flogged

You have recently heard of 'Fake News'. Now you must have heard of 'Fake Fatwa'.

If you haven't the latter, check out MM Online's Jakim doesn’t decide what is sin, Muslim personalities say in dog row which says:

Othman Mustapha - what a bullshitter

thank god he is NOT like us, just dogs and shitters

KUALA LUMPUR, July 6 ― Some Muslim personalities have disputed the authority of the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) that denounced a Muslim woman for owning a pet dog.


Muslim preacher Wan Ji Wan Hussin said that there is no part of the Quran or hadith which says that it is “haram” (forbidden) for Muslims to touch dogs.

“All we have is the Shafie denomination, in which it is stated that a person needs to wash themselves seven times, including once with earth water, if they touch dogs,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“The issue of repenting does not arise for it does not involve a sin. Jakim does not decide what is a sin,” he added further.

Jakim director-general Tan Sri Othman Mustapha yesterday urged a Malay-Muslim woman, who had adopted a stray dog, to “repent” for her actions.

Wan Ji also referred to a “fatwa” (edict) by renowned Islamic scholar Ibn Abd Al-Barr, who said that touching dogs is something that is “makruh” (offensive act).

“The fatwa does not list this as ‘haram’ (forbidden), but just as ‘makruh’ (offensive act, which is avoidable but not to be punished),” he added.

Lawyer Syahredzan Johan said that Jakim does not have the power to issue any fatwa or to make decisions on any Islamic rules, except in relation to issuing halal certification.

“Jakim is not a state religious body, so its director-general does not have the status of a mufti,” Syahredzan wrote.

“It has no jurisdiction to advise or to warn anyone regarding the rules of raising pet dogs,” he added.

He said that Jakim “should not interfere” in the jurisdiction of the “mufti” (Muslim clerics) and religious councils.

Activist lawyer Siti Kasim labelled Jakim as an “insult to Islam” and shared a verse from the Quran in which dogs are mentioned as trained animals.

“Repent Jakim. You are going against God’s words,” she wrote.

let's bite him for blaspheming 

Author Anas Zubedy shared a screenshot of the woman and her dog and said that she reminded him of a woman who was promised heaven by the Prophet because she was kind to a dog.

It's obvious Jakim D-G Othman Mustapha should be punished kau kau for the blasphemous sins of:

(i) issuing fake fatwa when he has no authority to do so,

(ii) for interfering in the jurisdiction of the mufti and religious councils,

(iii) worst of all, for blasphemously putting his syiok-sendiri words into the divine mouth of Allah swt.

I recommend 100 lashes of flogging to be executed by Siti Kasim, wakakaka.

HRH Johor once asked why JAKIM requires an annual budget of RM1 Billion.

The above JAKIM's blasphemy has been one of the ultra-expensive wasteful reasons, namely, to bullshit to Malaysian Muslims.

Far more insidious than bullshitting, JAKIM fabricated that false 'sin' to intimidate and control Muslims.

let's check how low his IQ is, if he has any, by asking him to identify what dogs are we?


  1. Arabs have been keeping dogs for thousands of years, before and after Islam, their keen sense of smell being an essential security measure for nomads out in the open desert.

    My Omani friend keeps half-a-dozen dogs in his compound out in the desert. They are hunting dogs, but he loves them to bits - I dare say they are also pets.

    I was told the requirement to Muslims to wash their hands thoroughly after touching dogs was originally for health and safety reasons.

    Rabies is endemic in Arabia, and its cause as being a viral infection was not identified until more than 1,000 years later. In the meantime, it was a good advice to make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after touching a strange dog...

  2. soalan; bolehkah dia diambil tindakan dan sekiranya boleh pihak mana yg ada kuasa?

    1. post atas yg mengandongi berita2 dari Koran telah menjawab pertanyaan sdr