Sunday, July 09, 2017

3 Old Goading Goats

symbol of the devil? 


I've another new post over at KTemoc Komposes, titled 3 Old Goats. Goats that goad.

Wakakaka again.

always out to 'get' someone else one way or another



  1. Kaytee,are you referring to the three amigos in Malaysian politics,Mahathir,Kit Siang and Anwar?Or the three amigos in American politics?Trump,Gingrich and Giuliani,the three who have three wives and divorced two?Although the trio have cheated on their first two wives,one on them have also been by their second wife.

    Donald Trump's second wife,Marla Maples,cheated on him on the beach by screwing her bodyguard.They got caught by a cop and both hauled to the station house,and the media were all front page news,the next morning.The bodyguard got sacked and the couple divorced a year later,to avoid shame that the scandal was the cause of the breakup.

    Either way you are correct.Whether it is a tripod or three ways,it is not always good.The number "three" and not "four" is bad for people involved in shenanigans.Period.

    1. wakakaka, Bruno is an expert of pussy-grabbing Trump

  2. There are millions of goats in the world.
    I, for one, am out to Get Najib , because he has been , and more importantly , IS still stealing money from the people of Malaysia.

  3. It was said that a number of corrupt African leaders had a motto -"If you want to steal, Steal Big".
    Najib appears to have learnt the lesson well.

    One of the reasons the 1MDB scandal seems to have no traction in the Malay Heartland is that the amounts stolen are so humungus, ordinary folks just cannot visualise it.
    A USD $ 30 Million diamond necklace for Rosmah is just beyond a kampong pakcik to comprehend, let alone USD $ 1.43 Billion siphoned to the False Aabar, which the Malaysian Auditor General declared they cannot certify was paid to the correct party.

  4. 青出于蓝而胜于蓝!!!!!

    With the helps of the hippo, of course lah.

    1. Yup, the Student is now much more expert than the Mentor ever was...i