Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mahathir asserts being top dog of Pakatan

The political pressure on Mahathir in his eagerness to knock out Najib has been tremendous. He has finally succumbed to one.

Salleh Said Keruak, the Communications and Multimedia Minister, had questioned who, among the top three leaders, would have the final say in making a decision, which he said Pakatan Harapan (PH) had conveniently or deliberately failed to mention.

His naughty query followed PH naming Anwar Ibrahim as its de factor leader (an over-used illegitimate title but which means nothing now), Mahathir as its chairman and Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as president.

Incidentally, in most political party the chairperson is mainly for high level but very routine administration, eg. signing this and that, while the sec-general has the executive powers to make decisions, issue policies etc. To give it an analogy, the Chair would be said to be akin to a constitutional King while the sec-gen not unlike a PM, the person with the real power in the party.

But I am not too sure about PH's Chair versus its President, when Mahathir has been named the former and Wan Azizah the latter. And WTF is Anwar's role in PH as de facto leader?

I doubt Mahathir will act the role of a the coalition's "constitution-king", when we know he is more likely to 'rule' the coalition as an "absolute-king".

Now, where does that leave its President, Wan Azizah? As a coffee-maid?

Salleh Keruak taunted PH on its as yet un-named PM-deisgnate, saying: "Instead of just making promises, it would be better for the opposition pact to name its prime minister-designate first. It was strange for the chairman to answer that they will announce the eight prime ministers first, and decide on the seventh prime minister later."

"With a coalition like this, can we trust them to lead the country? Of course not, because the nation’s future is not to be gambled with.”

Salleh has undeniably touched a sore point in PH, because it's bizarre to name its futuristic 8th PM-designate when it dares not say who will be its immediate 7th PM-designate.

has Anwar been deserted by LKS & Azmin Ali?

It reflects badly on PH as a coalition whose component members do not trust each other.

Thus Mahathir, being the bulldozer we know him to be, seized the bull (no, not the bulldozer, wakakaka) by the horns and said, as reported by the MM Online,
I am top dog in Pakatan Harapan.

Yes, those were his own pompous arrogant grandiose words. When asked at a press conference if all three of the named leaders of PH are on equal footing in the coalition, he replied:

“In the hierarchy, I am the top dog there. We can’t have a country ruled by three prime ministers.”

Wakakaka. Maybe I read him wrong because he might have really meant it.

The other pressure tormenting him, and which he dared/dares not respond to, were Najib's naughty query about his (Mahathir) cruel condemnation of Anwar in the past.

Malaysiakini reported Najib saying ... people are now wondering if Mahathir still stands by his accusations against Anwar when the latter was sacked as deputy prime minister in 1998.

"(Mahathir) accused Anwar of committing acts against the order of nature (sodomy), and said Anwar had no morals and was not fit to lead the country."

"So the question in people's minds now is whether the accusation was wrong the from the beginning, or he is willing to sacrifice this principle for political ends, or there is some other trickery. All these he did not answer."

"As long as he does not answer, that means people would have doubts on this political drama that has no sincerity."

If Mahathir says his accusation of Anwar has been wrong from the start (which BTW Mahathir hasn't acknowledged yet, wakakaka) he will be accused of a humongous wrong done to Anwar in the past, and that his volte-face now is due only to his lack of principles for political gains.

But if Mahathir stands by his earlier condemnation of Anwar as a sodomite not fit to lead the country, then he will not only offend the Anwar family and pro-Anwar people in Pakatan, but also reveals his insincerity in supporting Anwar to be the PH's 8th PM-designate.

f**k Anwar 

Worse, Mahathir may not have any intentions of helping Anwar be freed and pardoned.

Mahathir has been silent thus far to Najib's cunning but quite legitimate question because he's caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea.

And Najib's cunning question is legitimate only because of Mahathir's own doing, that thus far, he (Mahathir) has stubbornly refused to apologise to Anwar and to admit he had 'fixed' Anwar up in 1998.

Either he is too proud to ever admit his wrongdoing or he still hates Anwar, or more likely, both - wakakaka.

He had even denied that in his recent interview with the British Guardian, he had supported Anwar to be PM. The Star Online reported in Dr M denies backing Anwar, says he can’t be PM from jail.


  1. If at all you are capable of it , please learn to be fair, and try to base your judgement on balanced information.

    Salleh Keruak I count as a dubious commentator.
    Najib as well.

    1. Idiots ask questions too!

      So r the sycophants.

      The real stuff to distinguish fairness lies in How the questions t been framed.

      Wordsmith, what have u been smoking le?

      Too much pressure from atas to create a hot topic for trend diversion?

  2. If the opposition needs a de-facto leader,who is a felon still serving out his prison term,then what the fuck the opposition have as a leader.If Anwar is the only leader the opposition coalition have,then it is fuck come GE14.There are so many candidates better that Anwar in the younger crop of leaders.Yet,it is always Anwar.The opposition deserve to get punished kau kau to teach them a lesson.

  3. everyone in ph can be pm, tak kira melayu cina atau india. orang bodoh saja sengaja tanya soalan bodoh dengan niat yg hodoh serta jahat. orang kata anwar itu bodoh bising, orang kata wan azizah itu bodoh pun bising, sekarang mahathir mahu jadi pm atau leader tu bodoh lagi bising,apa itu bodoh mahu? bangaloooo lge jadi pm kah?

    1. anyone can be pm, wakakaka - stop dreaming lah, dumbo

    2. yes everyone, thats y we dun need the game of pm designate, we r not bn whereby only umno man can be pm. so u think bn way is the best n that is y u turn from a dap fanboy to become a dap traitor?

    3. you're a mahathir fanboy, trying to hide the ugly truth that only malays can be pm of this country. thta's why the pm candidacy shuttles from anwar to mahathir to anwar to azmin ali to wan azizah to muhyiddin to nurul to mukhriz and back again

      no mention or hope whatsoever for the party leaders you hate, like lge, kula, ramkarpal, chow, teresa, etc

  4. Najib is actually doing a kid and a kia i.e. king's indian defense and then turning it into a king's indian attack. The game is turning to Najib's advantage. The black queen is powerless and the king is defenceless and just waiting to be checkmated by a pawn.

    1. castling too early weakens one's option, castling too late exposes the king to attack - it's all in the timing, wakakaka

    2. Another Freudian slip from the blurx2 ke?

      King is doing a kid then a kia... walau-eh...then the king is defenceless...!!!!

      Memang lebih hebat dari the 1002th Arabian tale of the ๐Ÿซ head le!!!

      Could be cross-wired of the blur-sotongness with too much zombie T-virus..

      Tsk... tsk...what a scene of expressed confusion le, with timing of castling w/o realising the cardinal rule of you cannot castle while you are in check.

      Ooop... maybe both DON'T know how to play chess!!!!

    3. did I say castling when checked. Read what 'Unknown' wrote, to wit: " ... and just waiting to be checkmated by a pawn"

      CK, you just love to put words in my mouth, wakakaka, stop being such a loser

  5. Wakakakaka... admit lah both of u r NO chess players le.

    To correct yr claimed ignorance, do refer back to that ketuanan freak's kid & kia comments lah.

    Or u r claiming that u DID'NT write that castling comment wrt that freak's thoughtless chess comments!

    Wakakakaka.. wordsmith u da man le.

    Continue like that, u will be like ๅ“‘ๅทดๅƒ้ป„่ฟž.

    In the same situation as yr sifu's continously rubbishing the Suaram's complaint in France about the alleged kickbacks that the French submarine maker paid commission of more than €114 million (RM570 million) to a purported shell company linked to Razak as elements of corruption.

    Now, the French investigators have FINALLY indicted two former top executives in a long-running probe into alleged kickbacks from the 2002 sale of submarines to Malaysia!

    Wondering where how he is going to twist his way out le!

    Keep doing so, yr time WILL come too!!!

    1. try as you might to get me, I am too pure and clean for you with your anger, wakakaka

    2. Wakakakaka...too pure and clean?

      Say that again when yr time comes le!

      Or just keep quiet like church mouse when been caught with the pants down.

    3. I don't eat dedak like you, wakakaka, which is why I am 101% confident you will never have anything from me. That is not to say I am not entitled to change my political affiliations, as I have vis-a-vis LKS, wakakaka again

    4. Wakakakaka... banyakx2 pandai le!

      I see the diversion about dedak taking BUT then what can one expect from a hypocrite who claims 101% confident in pure & clean le!!!!

      Do reflect that THOUGHT in front of yr broken mirror while pondering over yr chronic insistent of perpetuator is better than initiator of the same evil deed lah.

      Is there another slip of mind here???

      Can't sleep at night ke???

      Ooop... banyak sorry lah. Orang macam u memang tak faham maruah. Jadi, apa tu pure & clean! Wakakakaka... mungkin cuci dengan detoil chap hippo ke?