Friday, November 30, 2012

Political WTF 2 - Musa Hassan

Free Malaysia Today reported in its news article No plans yet to bring Musa Hasan into PKR, the BIGGEST hint yet by PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution that it is likely to admit former IGP Musa Hassan as its new member.

Musa Hassan is patron of NGO Crime Watch Task Force
NGO is headed by R Sri Sanjeevan, a PKR member; its advisor is S Gobi Krishnan, also from PKR

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said that when someone ‘important’ decides to join the party, the application is given special attention.

“Approval of applications is done on a monthly basis. When we have distinguished names of ‘big people’, of course we take note of it.” [...]

When asked if Anwar Ibrahim would be the stumbling block if Musa wants to join PKR, Saifuddin said the decision is made collectively.

“When there are applications made by big names, the decision to approve them is made by the party leadership,” he said.

He explained that usually the supreme council members will come up with the decision. He further stated that it is definitely not done by an individual.

Manmanlai, indeed.

Incidentally, Saifuddin Nasution was one of those UMNO Youth thugs who violently disrupted the international forum Apcet II in 1996 at Asia Hotel in KL some years ago when Anwar Ibrahim (then in UMNO) was the acting PM, bringing humongous shame to our country.

After Apcet II was forced to be abandoned by the UMNO-initiated violence, acting PM Anwar Ibrahim praised the violent hecklers and stated very proudly: "Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that."

And that was THE acting PM of Malaysia!

Of course our wonderful men in blue did bugger all when UMNO Youth went on that rampage.

I think Anwar, Saifuddin and Musa Hassan will make wonderful company. 


  1. You wrote: "...UMNO Youth thugs who violently disrupted the international forum Apcet II in 1996 at Asia Hotel in KL some years ago when Anwar Ibrahim (then in UMNO) was the acting PM."

    People who play with fire oftentimes get burned. Someone who is too smart by half thought he could use the police to do his dirty work. But guess who ended up being beaten half to death and appearing in public with a wow-inducing black eye? Believers will say - indulge in evil and one day evil will come back and bite you. The Malays will say "padan muka".

  2. What use would Musa be? He has too much baggage: ... alleged underground connections ... 'incredible' witness in court... guardian of infamous mattress ...

  3. Has the present Musa moves any connection to the impending court hearing on 28-Dec, involving also Gani, Rosli, Utusan ... ?

  4. Aiyaya....what's in a name ? Umno ke, PKR ke - semua sama je.

    These wolves had a falling out, a humongous falling out, with one of their Taiko beaten half to death in jail. So the new faction went on to form a new party, based on a reformasi platform, claiming they will bring fairness, democracy and clean governance for the long suffering malaysians.

    So what if the ex IGP has baggages.....did not the top inner PKR leadership all carry huge baggages too ? What is one more....these Umnoites treat the 2 parties as mere ships to jump to and fro depending which side of the bread is more buttered. Even if he was the 'guardian of the infamous mattress', he can always explain it away like Manmanlai did...i.e. they are all acting on orders and trying to change the system from the inside but their hands are tied, wakakaka

    Don't worry....the PR ship will go through the 'Rinse Cyle' of the famous Reformasi Machine and soon enough, these ex/former comrades will come out sparkling clean, smelling of roses.

  5. Yada Yada Yada

    Always about DSAi and PKR.

    Live in the here and today lar u fool! Forever dredging up 20 year ago stories.

    20 years ago, even I would have voted Barisan Najis lar.

    People do wake up! Only the totally blind morons can't change! and will keep bleating and moo-ing about the past.


  6. it is akin to a farmer asking the musang " What can I do to safeguard my hen house"

  7. sunwayopal, what your idol did in the past was in a position of legal authority; what he does now is not; but there is a common denominator in his actions, conduct and proclivities of both eras.

    Example: Sabah state elections 1994, 916

  8. 916 has no actus reus. how can you accuse somebody when he only have mens rea.

    Perak on the other hand has BOTH actus reus AND means rea.

    Yet, to a pea brained writer like yourself, u would accuse the former of a bigger crime than the latter.

    what a nut. and rehashing of 20 year old stories again and again.


  9. I think you are reading too much into this....wait and see.

    Musa Hassan, like many other Regime operatives who may no longer be in good standing with the Current gang, is trying to hedge his bets.

    Ditto Deepak Jaikishan who may be threatening to spill the inside beans on Najib, Rosmah and Balasubramaniam (of serial SD fame).
    Though BN is still tipped to win GE13, who knows, there is definitely a possibility these days the next administration will not be BN.

    So what if PKR is exploiting his new-found insurance scheme ?

    Ktemoc himself has not been averse to make extensive use of sources of dubious character, as long as it serves his purposes, in Ktemocs case, to attack Anwar Ibrahim.
    E.g. Ezam Noor, Chandra Muzaffar, Nallakarupan.

    What is good for the goose should be good for the gander as well, ah so ?

  10. the toothless fella10:58 am, December 01, 2012

    Like I always said,Nurul for PM.Forget all the buggers.Nurul for PM,and it will be a landslide victory for PR.

  11. Like it or not, in less than half a year's time, Malaysia is going to be ruled by either BN or PR. There is no viable third alternative. You may decide not to vote or to spoil the vote, but this is the inevitable.

    As sunwayopal said, if you dig into the history, there will be lots of stuff on both sides of the divide, so might as well move on. (Even our beloved PM has an incident in a stadium rally). Things like APCET is despicable but does not affect the issues that are uppermost on everybody minds (day-to-day issues like cost of living, jobs, corruption...) . And when it comes to frogs causing a downfall, Perak IS a fait accompli by BN.

    If you live in the 70s, the politicians then have done worse things in the power struggles (using the communist bogey in the TV1 confessions). In the 80s it was Operation Lallang. In the 90s it was sodomy.

    Finally when it comes to KTEMOC, just keep in mind when you read HIS blog, anything on Anwar touches on his raw nerve. But it is his blog so he is entitled to this indulgement.

  12. An karpal must be senile to call anwar for pm. Better vote bn unless permatang pauh vote out anwar. And there's hadi too .. For safe better really vote bn.

  13. yeah yeah.

    if u want more corruption, pls vote BN.

    if you want your kids to grow 3 hands n 6 legs pls vote BN.

    if you indians want yr children to remain slaves forever in msia, pls vote BN.

    if u natives in sabah n sarawak forever want to depend on Najis Razak to save u with RM 500 once a year bullshit, pls vote BN.

    if you chinese continue to want to b humiliated in msia, , pls vote BN.

    and finally the malays, yes, the malays. if u want to forever depend on the govt instead of standing up on your own 2 feet, yes, pls continue to vote BN.


  14. Yeah, vote BN so Adnan can keep his ears.

    The man who brought you THE hand gesture.

  15. It has been remarked (probably accurately) that the Malaysian Chinese have a very high tolerance for corruption and abuse of power by the ruling regime.

    As long as they can continue to enjoy their PAGs - Pork, Alcohol and Gambling. Add Unisex Hair Salons to the latest list.

    March 2008 was an odd exception.

    MCA is grinning from ear to ear. PAS just gave them an early Christmas present. They have probably clawed back about 50% Chinese support for BN.

  16. doesnt matter.

    Like i said, if chinese is like ktemoc the stupid who values who cuts your hair more than your childrens future, pls continue vote Barisan Najis lor.

    we chinese reli deserve the govt we get. I hope Barisan Najis after PRU 13 reli f**** kaw kaw the idiotic chinese if we do reli choose MCA.


  17. Anwar Ibrahim is the one crying reformasi (in my opinion, with crocodile tears), therefore I am targeting such a double face person.

    I would have been prepared to forget his past in UMNO if he has truly reformed, repented but instead he merely reinvented himself without discarding his UMNO leopard spots.

    How can a reformer proposed 916, to cheat the voters of 30 constituencies, and even wasted party funds to send frog hunters to Taiwan? This man has no shame at all. He hasn't reformed nor repented in the least, and must be also ABU-ed.

    But having said that, he will be less dangerous without Azmin Ali controlling him.

  18. See MKINI's

    Former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory panel member Robert Phang has ticked PKR off for allegedly "sleeping" with their former enemy ex-inspector general of police (IGP) Musa Hassan.

    "Thus, going into bed with this cunning man and supporting his cause will mean that the leadership of PKR has no principles.

    I say to PKR- dissociate yourself from this wolf in sheep's skin.

    "Ask why is he now attacking the government as evil, whereas he once was its key perpetrator.

    If PKR keeps supporting this evil man, then PKR will lose the support of the public for stooping so low just to undermine the BN government,"

  19. You guys why not go over to

    and have some laughs, to ease the tension?

  20. as i have repeatedly said, ktemoc is the one whos lost the plot totally.

    PKr or DSAI caused NO and i repeat NONE govt to fall by crossovers. But guess who did for Perak!

    ah yes, as usual zero mention from the prejudiced Barisan Najis and Najis Razak loving stooge.

    and also, the stooge doesnt talk about the party that can pass a law as well as constittuitonal amendment to ban party hopping.

    who doesnt want to ban party hopping here in Malaysia ?


    talk about being blind as well being a dumbass writer.


  21. none are so blind as those who refuse to see (or remember). Someone here seems to have forgotten about Sabah 1994. And that nothing happened on 916 was not due to lack of intent and effort but a consequence of abysmal failure and sheer incompetence

  22. "Mental Defect"

  23. doesnt matter whatever 916 failed due to whatever.

    fact of matter is it DIDNT happen!

    understand or not, u can talk about moons and stars 916 but it DIDNT happen!

    talk about a fella being blind and dumb

    but concerning Perak which DID happen, the Barisan Najis stooge has NOTHINg to say. NOTHING!!!


  24. oh yeah one more thing about Sabah.

    For your info, Sabah's downfall could have been very simply prevented.

    with what ?

    with a constituional amendment to BAN PARTY HOPPING!!

    Talk about explaining the same thing again and again to a mental retard!

    a retard who keeps talking about symptoms but not addressing the real disease!

    the mental retard who keeps yapping about party hopping should LOOK at who is refusing to ban party hopping !!!!


  25. Just give me one or two projects, and I'll be more than happy to support UMO...
    Butt off, Anuar..

  26. you are desperate sunwayopal, arguing about Banning Party Hopping legislation in 1994.

    If such a proposed legislation was forwarded (in 1994 or even a few years later) and UMNO by its BN majority in parliament prevented it from being passed, just remember, Anwar Ibrahim was the UMNO DPM and would have, under that visualized scenario, been part of the UMNO objections.

  27. as for 916, sure, it doesn't matter whether it failed, but underlying its failure (or success) was a Deformasi attempt to subvert the voters' choice, a shameful unprincipled character of a man who would hypocritically cry Reformasi and at the same time attempted a Deformasi action, just for his own interests.

  28. Yes, but the 2 key operative words are DPM and UMNO.

    In 1994, the person who holds power is Maha-tiu and no way u can convince anybody here that the final decision to do Sabah did not rest with Mahatiu.

    And finally its UMNO who didnt want to pass the legislation and not DSAI.

    So, end of day, u yap yap yap about symptoms but fail to see its always UMNO who has caused govts to fall by party hopping.

    DSAI alone?

    U must b kidding and a bloody joke for trying to imply Maha-tiu had no final approval for what happened to Sabah.

    So pls lah, like blaming DSAI ALONE for what happened in Sabah? Infantile mind with a myopic prejudiced analysis as usual.


  29. as for your charaterising 916 as doesnt matter if its failed, thats where your blind bias and clear prejudice shows. As a Barisan Najis stooge masquereding as a DAP supporter, never is this clearer.

    Clearly, you dont know how to differentiate between what happened in Perak and 916.

    DSAI - 916

    Najis Razak - Perak.

    no difference ? what a retarded comment


  30. sunwayopal, wakakaka, you're really clutching at straws.

    where is it that I said Anwar alone was to be blamed for Sabah 1994? In fact this was what I wrote just a few comments above: "Anwar Ibrahim was the UMNO DPM and would have, under that visualized scenario, been part of the UMNO objections"

    He was part of UMNO's subversion of the ballot box, and in fact play a major leading role.

    I'm surprised you haven't blame Mahathir for his shameless but failed DEFORMASI attempt at 916, wakakaka.

    And also recall, he stood beside Mahathir when Lord President of the Judiciary, Tun Abbas, was castrated by the executive.

  31. yes yes yes

    well, so if yours is above logic , well then Najis Razak and Mooyidin and the rest of the shit currently in UMNO was also standing beside Maha-tiu in UMNO now.


    I dont see u blaming Barisan Najis then?


    one person DSAI is now equal in blame to the whole pile of shit currently in UMNO?

    and u can now say Voting DSAI is the same as voting for the whole pile of shit in Barisan Najis?

    if i am clutching as straws, u r probably worse, trying to pool wool over peoples eyes by blaming DSAI for something that UMNO causes.

    and for talking rubbish like not voting for Barisan Najis doesnt mean voting for PKR.

    Talk about a sleeper UMNO agent masquereding as a DAP supporter. A chink version of Ibrahim Ali would be a more or less accurate description.


  32. Let me quote the closing line from my favourite columnist, Josh Hong.

    To achieve all these noble goals, one must first and foremost stop whining but be courageous enough to get rid of Umno.

    Now don't you dare accuse me of being an Anwarista, I'm not...

  33. Oh yeah one more response to the mentally challenged one.

    You always talk about party hopping subverting the wishes of the electorate of the particular constituency!

    As though thats the ONLY thing that matters.

    What about Barisan Najis and their EC stooges :-

    1) doing postal votes where army officers have to vote in front of their superiors? or simply throwing postal votes here and there to whatever constituency they so choose ?

    2) not allowing Malaysians overseas to vote?

    3) not cleaning up the electoral rolls with multiple names all over the place.

    4) having like 5000 voters in Putrajaya but 500,000 voters in Kapar?

    so, the wishes of the entire Malaysian electorate is being honoured then izit ?

    so, get off that stupid high horse of yours. u only have ONE and ONE thing to yap about, party hopping as though thats the only thing that subverts the wishes of the electorate.

    The disease is UMNO! NOT DSAI.

    Its Barisan Najis and NOT PKR.


  34. before we get emotional and lose the plot, let's please remind ourselves of this post's thread - why is PKR (Anwar) in bed with a man like Musa Hassan?

  35. They r not.

    Its u and your idiotic fantasies that u think they r .


  36. Those who leap to conclusion that Anwar is leaping into bed with Musa don't know anything about the past history.

    Musa Hassan got his series of promotions in PDRM, ultimately as IGP for his key role in fabricating evidence against Anwar in Sodomy 1.
    I do not think there is any love lost between Anwar and Musa Hassan.

    For whathever reason, probably linked to his poor standing with the Najib administration, Musa Hassan is hedging his bets against a possible loss by BN in GE13.

    PKR is exploiting his new-found willingness to talk, and I personally don't see anything wrong with that.

  37. The evil of South Africa's Apartheid regime was so deep and pervasive that almost everyone who directly or indirectly worked for the South African government, White or Black was in some way complicit in it.
    It wasn't just the racism. It was the entire structure of authoritarianism, repression and violence which was employed to defend and perpetuate the South African regime... Sounds a lot like BN/UMNO's Malaysia , no ?

    One of Nelson Mandela's wisest actions was to establish the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which allowed the truth of the wrong-doings of the period to be aired by those who were in the middle of it.
    For most, except the most severe cases, the threat of criminal prosecutions was waived. The Commission was instrumental in allowing South Africa to heal and move forward as a nation.
    The knowledge and skills of its White population, which South Africa badly needs, continue to be harnessed and recognised.

    Over to Malaysia, 2012...many opinion makers have suggested that if Pakatan Rakyat takes over after GE13, such a Truth and Reconciliation commission is necessary to purge Malaysia of the wrongs of the UMNO era.

    There are, however, at least two officials, one past, one still in power, who definitely SHOULD NOT ever be offered any amnesty. A Pakatan Rakyat Federal Government must ensure the Full force of the law be used to bring these two to justice.

    The one who was called MUSANG Hassan , and the present AG, Gani Patel. The abuse of power and perversion of the course of justice that they engaged in (and still engage in , for the current AG) is absolutely unforgivable.

    I think both men understand full well they are in Deep Sh*t if faced with a Pakatan Rakyat Federal Government.

    Gani Patel has completely thrown his weight into the UMNO camp. No turning back for him. Anyway, as the incumbent AG, he has no possibility of buying any "insurance policy" either.

    MUSANG Hassan, being out of power, and reportedly not well received by the Najib gang, may well be tempted to cut a deal with Pakatan Rakyat.
    To that possibility I would say - NO !

    I don't know what is PKR's thinking about this, but I'm quite sure DAP will make it position clear, if we ever get to that situation..

  38. To add to Rocketman, the Truth commission should also investigate, among others, the following :

    - alleged abuse of power in the 70s by the then Home minister when 2 political secretaries (known as tghe two Dollah's)confessed on TV that they are communists (one later retracted)

    - detention of people who have nothing to do with the escalating racial tensions of operation lallang in the 80s

    - removal of chief justice & judges, also in the 80s, recently described by deputy Agung as "few years of darkness in our country's history"