Sunday, November 11, 2012

P-cube 1 - buah langsat

Some of my readers have complained that my posts are too long. Maybe I'm long winded? Maybe they don't like or can't read long posts (short attention span problem)?

Aeons ago an American publisher (perhaps) found a solution to those having reading problems. He published both the Time and Life magazines - 'twas joked that the former was for people who can read and the latter for those who can't.

Life was a mainly pictorial magazine, with emphasis on photojournalism, one which purportedly told a story from mainly images. But obviously being an American magazine it focused mainly on Americans and the West, one of the criticisms hurled at it.

Due to financial losses, Life finally stopped publication on 24 March 2007, though its website is still maintained by Time Inc.

I don't propose to imitate Life magazines for those who don't like to read long posts, which will continue to be my preferred style. But from time to time I'll post very short pieces - where I once posted my shortest piece comprising of only one word, wakakaka. I'll call it P-3 or P-cube which stands for pendak political piece, wakakaka again..

My short piece today is just a brief saying (Malaysian-ized from a Western idiom), as follows:

The buah langsat* doesn't fall far from its tree.

* Lansium domesticum

buah langsat


  1. i dont like to read long article unless were written in simple english, i doubt your readers did, 8look at their remarks at the preceding post, most choose to talk about nurul and ellese personality and not the issue, i believe most commentator are like me, read the title, perhaps the first para, skip the entire piece n go direct to the comment section :)

  2. KT, we don't mind the occasional Life mag brevity, but please do continue with your 'cheong hei' ( self-styled, btw ) pieces.

    If one were to look at the comments in other blogs too, most of the comments also have many 'side-tracks' too, some even completely veering off topic.

    With time constraints, and the need to get certain stuff off the chest, ( and not forgetting the need to 'cross swords' haha, with each other here ), most comments do appear as though they ignore the main posting, but rest assured, we read your postings most faithfully and with relish.

    Your one-word or one-liner postings are meant only for the likes of the infamous Monsterball, who thankfully had decided to quit torturing us here and make a thorough nuisance of himself in some other blogs, amen to that !

  3. Who is the apple ( or rather, the langsat ) you are referring to ?

    Nasri's son ?

    Definitely not our sweetie Nurul.

    And certainly not the former former PM's son !