Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Urgent letter to Dr Mahathir


His Most Exalted Excellency, Mahathir bin Mohammad, By the Grace of Allah swt, Lord Protector of Malaya, Brunei Sarawak and Sabah

My dear Dr Ol.... Crom.... Tun Mahathir,

All is forgiven. Please come back. We need you and your dental skills most urgently.

Yes, yes, we know you were a medical doctor and not a dentist but we need your fangs removing expertise.

Your most humble servant,


(remember me, Gomez?)

P/s attached is a photo of your younger self which I request you autograph for me. Thanks


  1. Hahaha.......one fang gigi sudah patah, the other fang very blunt. Sorry, no can do...the winds have changed, dulu lain, sekarang lain laa. Our dentist ini always play to win and most importantly, to protect his own self interest 100% at all times.......so this time, he's siding the other side laa.

  2. Bring back Mahathir ?? You might as well resurrect the tyrant Oliver Cromwell.
    Mahathir's past action in pushing through restrictions to the power of Malaysian royalty was a necessity, but his motivation was really self-serving.
    Mahathir at the peak of his powers steam-rolled over any possible obstacle to getting his way. It was simply in line with his modus operandi....

  3. Mahathir might have you guys for supper.Hehehe.

  4. I eat Maha snacks hahahaha..