Friday, November 23, 2012

Haris Ibrahim & RPK

Today I'll make a minor change or rather, adjustment, to my posting plan. I have prepared a post on the recent verbal stoush between Pak Haji Hadi Awang and Dr Mahathir on the subject of who is the Devil, wakakaka.

But this morning after reading Bro Haris Ibrahim's post (via Free Malaysia Today) titled Laying my RPK ghost to rest, once and for all I feel very very sad in realizing that a potentially marvellous partnership in the promotion of Malaysian civil liberty (cum nouveau political) awakening has now come to an end - thus this post instead of the prepared one on the 'Devil' you know all too well.

I hope the current war of words between them won't affect their friendship, despite the infamous Malaysian Bush-like attitude towards political differences. 

Needless to say, those who have been long riled by RPK's comments unfavourable to Anwar Ibrahim and some PKR senior leaders have lapped up Bro Haris' post like starving hounds and smacked their lips with much relish, wakakaka - hah, at last their suspicions and anger against RPK have been vindicated by a credible person.

But for me, I reckon it's a very sad moment in the campaign by both to instigate Malaysian political-civil-liberty awakening, one that calls more for a dirgeful rather than celebratory or triumphant reaction. Anyway, that's kaytee's personal feelings at the humongous loss of this erstwhile tremendous partnership.

Another Anak Bangsa Malaysia, one of the commentators at Bro Haris blog, stood out from the pack of syiok sendiri salivating wolves in stating (note in particular my highlighted bits):

I am sorry to hear that you and RPK have called it quits. Together with others, the both of you have contributed much to making Malaysia a better place and I doubt if we would have come this far without you guys providing the leadership you have in the past and which you, Haris, are still providing today. 
I am taking on faith, the claims that RPK has been bought over but I also bear in mind that there is no solid evidence other than the words of others who have said so. 
On my part, I have no intention of ostracizing RPK despite what I have been told for the simple reason that I find some of his writings interesting from a philosophical perspective, eg some of his essays on Islam. 
Many of his articles are rather tiresome and bland due to the predictable nature of his ranting and it is easy to see why many people object to what he says. Personally, I think his intentions are to make people think but, unfortunately, slapping someone around the head and ramming something down a person’s throat whilst insisting it is good for you does not always endear one to others. 
RPK’s abrasive attitude is probably one of his shortcomings. I don’t know if it is due to his royal status or his bitterness at being excluded from the Malaysian political scene or the personal toll which exile has taken on him or what. 
Where you and ABU are concerned, my stance has not changed. I have always believed you are a person of great integrity and honesty deserving of my total support.
The fact that you stand up as being a Malaysian first and foremost also finds resonance with my own personal thoughts as I have always found it strange that when I was growing up, I seemed to be the only Malaysian amongst my Malay, Chinese and Indian friends. 
Maybe circumstances will change after GE13 and you and RPK can settle your differences under calmer conditions. Who knows? Until that happens, 
More power to you, Haris Ibrahim.

My exact thoughts!

Before I end this sad reflection, I suppose I could offer my personal thoughts on what I believe to be the possible cause of their current regrettable difference.

Bro Haris is very dedicated to the concept of ABU, which incidentally I don't agree 100% but support in general and only grudgingly, with many qualifications (I will soon have another post on this, my personal reservations about ABU).

He is single-minded about his ABU campaign because he cannot stomach any longer the gross excesses of the BN government, in particular UMNO. Every reservation or 'but's ...', etc, on and about this sweeping anti-UMNO campaign is to him trivial or insignificant by comparison to the unmitigated evil of UMNO.

RPK, on the other hand, has qualms about replacing UMNO with an UMNO-clone or more correctly, an UMNO entity all this while in sheep's clothing.

He had for years tolerated a known ferocious and carnivorous political macan tutul memakai kulit kambing (one which hasn't, can't and more dangerously, won't changed its spots) until, as I suspect, no longer has any expectation of the leopard, nope, none of Isaiah 11:6 (KJV) which tells us that:

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

I believe therein in their difference is the reason for their parting of ways a la Ezekiel 21:21 (KJV):

For the king of Babylon stood at the parting of the way, at the head of the two ways, to use divination: he made his arrows bright, he consulted with images, he looked in the liver.

One is prepared to tolerate Anwar Ibrahim in the highest political post if it means removing UMNO from government, while the other considers that there will be no change to the Malaysian political scenario if it is just about replacing UMNO with Anwar Ibrahim (and inner core).

Just my thoughts.


The other difference between Bro Haris and RPK that I have observed (correctly, I hope) and wish to add is that the former (Haris) is very scrupulous in his information while RPK (wakakaka) has a more easy going whatever-it-takes & bend-it-like-Becker attitude in presenting his stories, a sort of 'the end justifies the means' approach. ;-)


  1. one simple question, how many geniuses were there in the so called mclm, one hundred, one thousand or one million? if I am not wrong, it is not more than 20, mere 20 people that cant even get their act together and this kids r thick face enough to criticize pr, who are with millions people from various background and diff ideology/race/religion/region that willing to work together and challenge a bloody merciless with relatively unrestricting employed of resources regime?

    and what make u n petra think most readers don’t empathize pr problem and n limitation they face, n therefore take drastic step like abu? and u think pas would support anwar to be pm unconditionally? ask your buddy petra stop blowing hot air la.

  2. Pray tell me, how many "geniuses" are there in any organization? I know that there are millions of such "geniuses" in PKR alone, wakakaka.

    And don't hide PKR under the brand of PR, macam macan tutul memakai kulit kambing, wakakaka again.

  3. The wooden bridge is broken
    On the Sandy storm months ago
    The change each seek to divide
    Anything but a new page...

    Bee Anne cybertroopers
    They are paid well to get on the wagon
    They can drink, eat and sing
    With money flowing into sweating palms

    The wooden bridge is broken
    The opposite sides shouting to even score
    The cash handouts to fool the people
    When the country is owing in debts

    The country needs a new history
    The old makes so many bad memories
    It's time to lay for a new bridge
    Bring the country to a better tomorrow

  4. Regarding the " ... gross excesses of the BN government, in particular UMNO..." BN should come out and counter the recent hoo-haa about the 24 plots of land in Selangor sold to BN component parties for RM1 per square foot. Especially the remarks (reported in the alternative media) from Kuang assemblyperson Abdul Shukor Idrus that UMNO is the people so it is entitled to this cheap land. If these remarks are true, then UMNO cannot differentiate between public property and that of political parties. We don't get to read these in the MSM.

  5. "Pray tell me, how many "geniuses" are there in any organization?" on KT ! Lee Kuan Yew once said that in order to rule properly, all that's required to run a country of any size is a few exceptional people at the top with 200 to 300 very competent, non corruptible technocrates under them.

    And spot on too for that comment by that Anak Bangsa Malaysia.....he puts it just right ! I myself have no great love for AI ( in fact, I am extremely leery of him and his gang of umno kakis in sheeps' clothings ) AND I find RPK quite pitiful now, how the mighty have fallen....he have unbelievably gone to the 'gutters' so to speak, baiting the chinese and the malays, using the 'one bamboo pole to swipe down all' very very often now in most of his recent articles, almost perverse and definitely over reactive in his replies to those comments that riled him. But I can understand his stand against AI and his wolves gang. But the thing is, he apparently had no problem with AI all these years until very recently ? What gives this recent awakening ?

  6. Harris knows that his old buddy RPK is a turncoat,flipped sides and is fucked.Harris knows that it is time to sever off ties and cut the losses short.Everyman,no matter how noble he looks has a price.

    Anwar should not have cut off RPK's monthly allowance.And RPK should not have demand for a raise in the first place.It serves both of them right,one for been too stingy and the other for being too greedy.

  7. All we know as facts is the fact that there's a falling out between 2 buddies, and that RPK's no longer pulling for PR, that he won't mind if Umno wins in the next election.....

    But all those talks about him staying in Mamak's London's apartment, being under Mamak's payroll, or that Anwar gave him an allowance or his allowance being cut off, all such stuff...not a shred of evidence.

  8. Just read through kaytee article and you can see his tendencies in supporting you know who. If he's so concerned about Anwar or even PAS betrayed humankind trust, one question : What makes you think that RPK would not betray your trust?

    Isn't it a joke that Kaytee talking about the sting of scorpion when he describes PAS? I can use the same analogy on Palestinians, Fatah, Hamas & even Mursi, the current Egyptian president. Oh so now, you are still supportive of Palestinian issue? Hehehe....

    Ramming down the throat.....Don't you think RPK'S style no difference then as compared to LKY.

    Of course, I don't really agree that RPK has gone to the other side. He's just being appalled because he felt that it's because of him, there is new political awareness.

    It's very hard to explain to people like who thinks very highly of yourself.....I think you would have agreed with me on my assessment on you.....Agnostic/atheist folks tend to think highly of themselves