Saturday, November 24, 2012

Angkuh PAS has struck again

Malaysiakini - KB hairdresser in trouble for styling man's hair

A female hairdresser of a salon in Kota Bharu has been summoned by the municipal council for cutting a male customer's hair.

Kota Bharu municipal council secretary Mohd Anis Hussein explained that unisex service is banned in the town's hair salons.

According to a Sin Chew Daily report, the incident happened to Ong Lee Ting, a hairdresser with E-Life hair salon located in the KB Mall shopping complex.

Ong reportedly said that while she was working on the hair of a male customer at around 9 pm on Tuesday night, a municipal council enforcer in plain clothes suddenly appeared and issued her a summons for cutting the hair of a member of the opposite sex.

She claimed that her brother, also a hairdresser, was also banned from serving female customers, significantly reducing his commission. To make ends meet, he was forced to leave Kota Bharu two months ago to work in Johor.

"This is a shopping mall. The monthly rental is more than RM10,000. The operating cost is very high. The lady boss chose to open the salon here because of its crowd.

"In addition, our salon setting is very open, (outsiders) can see us cutting or dying hair for customers. It is impossible for anything unhealthy to happen here," she was quoted as saying.

Ong commented that
Kelantan state government should not enforce Islamic rules on non-Muslims.

PAS preferred barber for men

What says you PAS? What about your "guarantee" that hudud won't be applied to non-Muslism when such a simple non-hudud-ish situation like unisex hair dressing by non-Muslims (not Muslims) was pounced upon by your Islamic police?

or this

The scorpion has stung AGAIN in mid-stream - 'tis the nature of an increasing arrogant (angkuh) creature.

but definitely NOT this


  1. kaytee,hello.the toothless fella is here.what say you,hehehe.

  2. Kaytee,comon.We are buddies,no?I was the protector of your blog.Until you grow to big for your shoes.

  3. An Umno Selangor adun wants to mind Eli Wong's personal hairy jungle.What does he want.To google about whether she is having her period or sex life?

  4. I'm afraid the latest Kota Baru episode is just a small taste of what Dhimmi-hood will be like in an Islamic state.
    There is no real boundary between civil administration and Islamic religious laws in an Islamic state. For administrative convenience, the authorities will maintain a civil administration, just like in Saudi Arabia, but their charter will be to enforce "civil regulations" which are based on Islamic law.

    The PAS spin that Hudud is only for Muslims is a lie. Once they are in power, the Penal Code will simply become a copy of the Syariah laws - so the Non-Muslims will effectively be subject to the Syariah.

    It appears the choice in Malaysia is between an administration dominated by Putrid, Corrupt UMNO or Primitive, Islamist extremist PAS.

    I chose neither. That's why I have left Malaysia for the last 7 years and left Islam for the last 4 years. What a huge relief that was.

  5. Malaysia is fucked,either way.Either ways it will be ruled by Umno goons from Umno B,or Umno clones from PKR.Either way it is doomed.

    It is better to have the toothless fella to rule Malaysia,than these corrupted goons.Yes,Kaytee?

  6. Now Umno adun goons are saying that Eli Wong doesn't know how to look after that patch of hairy jungle between her legs.

  7. This blog is again been overwhelmed by that toothless fella and crazies.

  8. Ktemoc,
    You better do some housekeeping here before your "pollution" problems starts to grow again.

    Looks like a previous toxic almost-ghost is coming back to haunt your blog again....

  9. We all know only the malays are allowed to rule this pick your choice, hehehe.....(a) umno goons from UMNO (b) umno goons from PKR (c) tablibans from PAS.

    With the umno goons, we might not be harrassed by the religious police and get our limbs lopped off but we still face the very real prospects of being ended up like Greece.

    With the talibans, we will not only become like Greece but have the priviledge to live like the Pakistanis and Afganistans and the Arabians.

    Any 3rd option ? besides migrating like one ex muslim commentator above.

  10. Anon,
    You sure you are not harrassed by religious goons when UMNO goons in charge? What have you been smoking? Can I have some please?
    What makes you think that if PAS rule, it would surely become an islamic state? What the heck! It's already an islamic state in disguise. Didn't Mahathir tell you so?
    The current demographic doesn't really benefits the non malays actually. The only best way is to align with the moderate malays so as to preserve status quo.
    The question is.....Does ktemoc contribute to this development? Very good in highlighting issue already made known. Any extreme measure in correcting this may lead to the ouster of the leaders we wanted to keep.
    Have you guys forgotten how DAP was decimated? How Karpal Singh & LKS were kicked out parliament? Just like playing tick tack possibilities of winning.....So what's the fucking beef in all these actually
    Follow RPK way to change mindset long you wanna wait 100 years, 1000 years.....never & ever

  11. My dear looes74, so, shall we close our eyes, ears and our mouths to the Islamic rules and regulations that a PAS state authority has been applying to non-Muslims, especially when PAS promises that hudud won't affect non-Muslims.

    Be the 3 wise monkeys or the head-in-sand ostrich?

  12. 3 wise monkeys or the head-in-sand ostrich?

    u meant dap?

  13. There's absolutely no win-win solution for the non muslims in this country, or for that matter, for even some of the muslims too, and we see quite a number of bumis migrating too.

    Many have termed this coming GE13 as a watershed which supposedly will affect our lives greatly. But with the choice narrowed down to either the umno goons or the taliban goons, what future are we talking about ? Ominous as it may sound, we have to admit we are doomed. Those with some smarts still intact should at least make some plans as an escape hatch.

  14. Guys,

    one thing that I know.Eli Wong will be forever harrassed in her personal capacity because of her sex scandal by Umno goons.Already the Umno goons are talking about her "hairy jungle'.

    And these Umno goons are in the opposition(minority) in Selangor.Wait till they win back power.Eli will have to relinguished her state seat and migrate to Australia or New Zealand,to have peace of mind.114 torshou

  15. Eli Wong has no sex scandal. A man she trusted breached her privacy and took unauthorized photos of her while she was sleeping, and sold those photos for them to be published on the web.

    The shame has not been on her but on that person and those who paid for the photos.

  16. HuaYong, read what I wrote in my new post:

    I recall before the demise of Lim Kean Siew, the well-known Labour Party politician and subsequently MCA leader, he remarked with a cynical laugh about (perhaps even sneered at) MCA’s ignorance on the significance of Dr Mahathir proclaiming Malaysia as an Islamic nation, stating (words to the effect, that’s the best I can do) “they don’t know what an Islamic nation means, and just what they are getting into!”

    So, MCA has been just as culpable and complicit in Dr Mahathir’s Islamic Malaysia, and thus in no f* position to point any finger at anyone, until it does so at itself, first!

  17. The solution to Malaysia is most Chinese become good Muslims and rule the country. But of course, reject CSL and co.

  18. i can agree with u on mca stand wrt islamic state, however i also think ellese have a point that mahathir version is merely semantic.

    i rarely comment on mca because i know them well, perhaps i choose to talk mca only in ur sweetheart blog bec her (intentionally or pretence but not of my concern) ignorant wrt all those suckers, but what this have to do with dap keeping mum? i think u should write a piece to condemn lks n lge silence to avoid being label as double std.

  19. The UMNO members continuing hounding of Eli Wong exposes typical Malay Muslim attitudes towards any perceived transgressions of a woman's "modesty".

    Its mostly or wholly the woman's fault.

    Women have been punished for "allowing" themselves to be raped. Or blamed for it because they were dressed or behaved "inappropriately".

    Even a mostly respectable scholar like Nik Aziz has been guilty of such retrograde mentality.

    Sisters in Islam has been a lonely voice within the country, subject to persistent persecution.
    Nurul Izzah tried to put across a thoughtful point, but as a politician facing reelection in a Malay-majority seat, I can understand why it was impossible for her to defend her statement.

    It was such a relief for me when I renounced Islam. However, those who remain in Malaysia have no such choice, and those who attempt to reform attitudes from within the relgion are continuously hounded.