Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sting in the tail (or at the end)

“PAS conducts tahaluf siyasi with an understanding that Pakatan Rakyat upholds the concept of commonality and not focus on differences,” he said.

“This tahaluf siyasi should not make us lose sight of PAS members’ understanding towards the concept of Fiqh al-Taat (loyalty) to the party,” he said.

Hadi said should PAS be given the mandate to rule as part of Pakatan Rakyat, the party would strive for a shift to an economic philosophy that was fairer.

“In this regard, the fiscal as well as the fair monetary policy must be utilised fully to pace growth,” he said, adding that future implementation of economic policy must be complemented by the concept of reward and punishment according to the Shariah, holistic accountability and preventive laws to prevent extravagance, leakage, fraud and corruption.

These are not just the words of a PAS President but that of a PM-in-waiting.

Pak Haji has now projected his very very presidential prime ministerial persona, and proclaims he/PAS is “ready” to rule Malaysia …. er … together with Pakatan of course.

Throughout his more than 2-hour speech at the PAS Muktamar, he studiously avoided any mention of the hudud word, and stressed instead on PAS’ concept of an Islamic welfare state.

Coincidentally, The Malaysian Insider (TMI) had carried the news earlier that some leading PAS delegates want party leaders to tread lightly on sensitive issues where it reported:

Several PAS delegates have expressed fear that the outspokenness and eagerness of some leaders to comment on sensitive issues would only invite trouble for the party ahead of the coming general election.

Though they used Nurul Izzah’s ‘no compulsion in religion’ as the example to showcase the improper, inappropriate and indiscreet haste of some over-eager PAS leaders to speak out, and unwittingly use words which could hurt PAS’ election prospects, I suspect those PAS delegates have something more important in mind, namely, the implementation of PAS avowed hudud.

Today, TMI’s Muktamar PAS lebih matang, elak bicara isu sensitif untuk kekal sokongan bukan islam left us in no doubt on that, reporting clearly PAS' pre-election strategy:

Muktamar Tahunan PAS ke-58 yang terakhir menjelang pilihan raya umum (PRU) ke-13 akan melabuhkan tirainya hari ini dilihat lebih matang berbanding tahun sebelumnya, kata penganalisis politik tanah air.

Mereka turut berpendapat, PAS dilihat mengamalkan sikap berhati-hati dalam menyentuh isu sensitif seperti hudud yang berkemungkinan akan memberikan kesan sokongan daripada penyokong bukan Muslim mereka.

In short, ... (translated in kaytee's way) ... so far so good mateys, you've shown maturity but make sure you don't blurb out sensitive stuff that'll frighten away the non-Muslim votes for PAS.

To be fair, PAS has never hidden the fact it is an Islamic party with an Islamic obligation to turn Malaysia into its vision of what an Islamic country should be.

And no matter how many examples or empirical evidence we present to it in hopes those would convince the Islamic party that a syariah system, inclusive of hudud, will not cure away or even minimize corruption, injustice and misrule or for that matter, install a better regime of social justice, proper governance and compassion (as per the Compassion of Allah swt), it will fall on their deaf ears ...

... as PAS firmly believes it’s not only its Islamic duty to implement hudud successfully but that it can do what couldn't be done/achieved in other Islamic hudud-ruled countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and even Shia Iran, etc.

hudud-ruled Pakistan

In those and any other Islamic countries, you will not find one single Islamic country which can demonstrate those aspired Islamic qualities of social justice, proper governance and compassion, as ironically can be found in many secular nations.


Aiyah, PAS obviously hasn't heard of the non-Islamic advice given by:

(a) Lord Acton who said "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men", or

Lord Acton

(b) British PM William Pitt the Elder who advised "Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it", or

(c) French poet Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine who gave us It is not only the slave or serf who is ameliorated in becoming free ... the master himself did not gain less in every point of view, ... for absolute power corrupts the best natures.”

And that’s what a hudud-ruled nation would confer on its leaders, total unchallengeable unquestionable absolute power as witnessed in Afghanistan under the Taliban, Iran under the ayatollahs, Saudi Arabia, etc, and even a whiff of that in our own Kedah where PAS has passed legislation stating its fatwa's may not be questioned or challenged.

The common denominator of hudud-ruled countries seems to be the 3-P's, that of 'prohibit', 'persecute' (note, not 'prosecute') and 'punish'.

Missing instead are the 3-C's of 'counselling', 'care' and 'compassionate' (a la the Compassion of Allah swt).

Nonetheless, for PAS to achieve its religious dream it must first be in (majority) rule, and that in turn relies on two equally important factors.

Firstly, it must win for itself mucho federal parliamentary seats, on which it is fairly dependent on non-Muslim votes, to help secure, say, around 60-ish federal parliamentary seats if not more. Every single vote counts a la Julia Fietcher Carney’s:

Little drops of water,
little grains of sand,
make the mighty ocean
and the beauteous land 

Yes, every non-Muslim vote helps if it is to realize its desire to emerge as the Pakatan component party with the most number of parliamentary seats and thus, with the loudest say in the coalition, in other words, as Pakatan’s primus inter pares (first among equals).

PAS supporters club

Naturally, at this most crucial moment (on the eve of GE-13) it most certainly doesn't want some inflexible (immature, wakakaka) hardcore ulama to say stuff that will frighten away its non-Muslim supporters ...

... non-Muslim supporters whom it has now gained substantially for the first time in its long history, thanks to a combination of the brilliant strategy by its Erdogen faction (one which Pak Haji Hadi Awang joined late, perhaps after his ulama eyes were opened to the ‘bigger picture’) and the support of its Pakatan allies.

The ABU campaign which I only support with much reservation and many qualifications has also contributed greatly to the pro-PAS non-Muslim supporters' blind rage to get rid of everything and anything BN, even if the consequences can in some cases be far more forbidding.

In this, PAS' Erdogan-ists have to be complimented for brilliantly projecting to the non-Muslims that it’s an inclusive political party with the welfare of the rakyat foremost in mind. Of course in the process it had to marginalize those obdurate and blinkered Myrmidon ulamas within its fold.

So basically, it’s a crucial juncture in time that calls for the following reminders:

(a) Loose lips sink the PAS ship,


(b) please shut the fuck up.

Secondly, for PAS to be in government it must cooperate with PKR and DAP and any other Pakatan member. Yet in this, in spite of the absolute need for close cohesive cooperation and good will, the PAS scorpion has stung again.

No siree, it's not exactly brilliant for PAS' excited members to come up with avaricious statements that renege on a Pakatan agreed policy, which has been for Anwar Ibrahim to be PM in a Pakatan government.

TMI reported in its Anwar says ‘no problem’ if Hadi made PM that a PAS delegate, Hairun Nizam, proposed that:

... the PAS president was the “best person” to lead the country. In response, the delegate earned enthusiastic shouts of “takbir” from the over 1000 gathered for the annual meet ...

“I’d like to ask the delegates — who is the best person to lead the Malaysian government if not for Tuan Guru president ” he asked “This is not for the sake of revering him but he is the most qualified person to become the next prime minister and we as protégés of an Islamic party should not campaign for others to take on the post ”.

So, PAS wants to renege on its part as a coalition partner, by not campaigning for others in Pakatan. 

Shortly you will understand what I mean by, 'tis the nature of the PAS beast, or scorpion.

Poor Anwar bravely said it's okay for PAS' Hadi Awang to be PM. Of course it's not f* okay for Anwar. He didn't come on this long arduous road just to hand over his long-sought-after dream job, the PM-ship, to a PAS man, whose party couldn't and wouldn't have achieved such a broad based multi racial multi religious support if not for Anwar Ibrahim.

But DAP's Lim Kit Siang loyally reaffirmed DAP's support for Anwar as the new PM. Hmmm, maybe  PAS' melayu mudah lupa but not DAP Indians and Chinese, wakakaka.

Of course lovely Pak Haji Hadi Awang said modestly (as reported by TMI): I’m not chasing PM’s post but TMI also reported:

The veteran politician however stopped short of saying if he would accept or decline the post if the offer was made should Pakatan Rakyat PR succeed in wresting federal power in the coming pools.

At this stage, I like to invoke an extract from Anwar Ibrahim's second fave book (his most fave being of course the Quran - smile)

You all did see that on the Lupercal
I thrice presented him a kingly crown,
Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition?

 - Mark Anthony, Tragedy of Julius Caesar, by Shakespeare (Act II, Scene 3)

... though we know that Casca, one of conspirators who murdered Julius Caesar, believed that Caesar in refusing the crown thrice was nothing but an actor bersandiwara-ing to curry favour with the public.

Anyway, from ancient Rome to contemporary Malaysia - PAS is terribly excited, as is Anwar Ibrahim wakakaka, at its recent assessment that Pakatan is on the cusp of victory over BN.

Suddenly, for PAS, that far away misty mirage-like Putrajaya is within its reach. So, we now hear PAS President Pak Haji Hadi Awang issuing statesman-like policies and promises, but cleverly omitting mention of hudud. Yes sir, there was not a skerrit of anything hudud-ish in his presidential address at the PAS Muktamar.

But there is a story of a frog, nay not what you think, as this time the katak is different from the manmanlai or Ah Jib Gor’s variety.

It’s the one in a well-known fable, about a scorpion asking a frog to carry it across a river. Naturally the katak was sh*t scared that the kala jengking would sting it during the trip, but the scorpion said: “C’mon Bro, if I sting you, wouldn't you die and sink and drown me in the same process, huh?”

“Hmmm, sounds logical,” the katak thought and thus carried the scorpion on its back, but alamak, midway across the river the scorpion did indeed sting the frog, screwing both of them up fatally.

The frog gasped out with its last breath, “WTF, why did you do that and doom yourself as well?”

The kala jengking replied, “Sorry Bro, it’s my scorpion nature to sting, just couldn't help myself what!”

You see, the katak made a fatal mistake in thinking logically, because on issues as binding and blinding as a religious obligation, there is no logic, scruple or principle that can be applied. Perceived duty to God overrides all other earthly considerations.

And thus we have PAS ulama chief, Harun Taib speaking at the PAS Muktamar in Kota Baru on Thursday, claiming PAS had clarified its views on hudud with DAP on many occasions, even before Pakatan Rakyat was formed.

Harun Taib

He even audaciously claimed that while Karpal seemed disagreeable to the implementation of hudud, that “does not mean he disagrees”.

Wakakaka. He obviously believed in the old adage (paraphrased by kaytee) that ‘Fortune favours the brave bullshitter’ - it's the nature of the scorpion (it just can't help itself), or as kaytee likes to term it, 'tis the nature of the beast.

Good old Bhai went ballistic and responded pungently that “… Harun’s assertion on DAP’s stand on hudud was mischievous and a long way from the truth”, which wakakaka, means Harun was, as mentioned, bloody blatantly bullshitting.

And by the way, do you recall what I say about the significance of the word ‘mischievous’ in politics or current affairs or among adults who aren't intimate friends. It’s not an adjective describing something ‘playfully annoying’ as in a ‘mischievous’ act by a budak, but rather one which is ‘malicious, injurious or intended to cause harm’.

Hmmm, I wonder what’s the hudud penalty for blatant bullshit, especially one which is patently “mischievous”? wakakaka.

Free Malaysia Today reported (in the following extract) Karpal Singh stating unequivocally:

“I have always disagreed and publicly stated my reasons for saying so based on the provisions in the Federal Constitution and interpretations of this provisions by the highest court in the country.”

“The position of the DAP on this issue cannot be subject to any compromise. It is fundamental to its existence.”

 “The DAP has time and again publicly asserted its stand against the introduction of hudud in the country. Hudud cannot exist in Malaysia which is a secular state.”

But the scorpion cannot help itself as it continues to sting, as per:

Okay, I just read an article by Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa, a director at Islamic Renaissance Front, who first penned it for New Mandala but which is now republished in Free Malaysia Today as PAS’ unwavering pursuit of Islamic state (extracts only):

If there is anything unmistakably clear from the recent muktamar or general assembly of Islamic party PAS is that despite the acceptance of the concept of tahalluf siyasi or political consensus among the three major components of the opposition front – Pakatan Rakyat – PAS’ ambition in establishing an Islamic state and implementing hudud laws is unwavering, if not more resolute.

It appears rather incongruous that despite the acceptance of Buku Jingga or Orange Book as a comprehensive framework of the opposition front on how to govern the country when they come to power, PAS seems to have a higher agenda – to transform the multiracial and multi-religious country into a full-fledged Islamic state with Islamic laws.

Islamic laws and hudud were never mentioned in Buku Jingga and neither was the establishment of Islamic State. PAS even came out with its own manifesto “Nation of Care and Opportunity”. However this concept of a benevolent state is not well received by many PAS members themselves.

Reason being, the so-called Erdoganists in PAS mainly mooted it.

Recent spate of debate about the concept of Islamist Democrat – a term popularised by the Erdoganists – between the ulama faction and the young Turks clearly proved that they are considered contaminants in the “pure and pristine” PAS struggle.

Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa

Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa continues with succinct advice for PAS leadership:

Perhaps the most important thing that PAS should appreciate and understand is that the appeal for hudud and Islamic state is not there anymore in the post-Islamism period.

PAS should not misunderstand the votes they received as amounting to the support for their Islamic agenda. More than a hundred thousand went to the street for demonstration during Bersih 3.0 recently. The demand was not to implement hudud or establishing an Islamic state.

People of various races and religions from all walks of life marched together for a better democracy. They wanted a clean and fair election and a government free of corruption. It was an act of defiance to the draconian and unconstitutional Act that prevented people from any peaceful assembly.

It must be heard loud and clear that the people want a truly democratic state. Not a state ruled by a group of Mullahs who considered themselves to be above the law.

The precedent was already set when one state under PAS passed an enactment that a fatwa or religious verdict from a Mufti cannot be challenged in the court of law.

Dr Ahmad was referring to pro-Malay Unity Kedah MB Azizan Abu Bakar and his draconian and undemocratic-dictatorial legislation on fatwa.

KUIN students protesting Kedah MB's anti academic freedom

It has to be understood that the state is not something from God but from the people. The state has to serve the benefit of the people and not just a certain group based on their faith. The state has to be neutral in all aspects. It must also be made clear that a state is a human product and managing a state requires human endeavor and not divine inspiration.

The governance of a state falls under the realm of political and is not in the realm of revelation.

Any observance of religious values must never be through coercion. A state should respect personal beliefs and moral values and not imposed itself on its citizens. Unfortunately, the current situation in states under PAS rule failed to prevent this obtrusion of the state into private sphere.

... as evident throughout the Islamic world where it's even worse in that NOT ONE SINGLE Islamic country has ever shown it practises the basic (not highest) standards of Islamic governance, justice or the compassion exemplified by Allah swt.

A state should not dictate how we should wear in public as this falls under personal affairs. However to regulate how women should dress seemed to be the first agenda under many Islamic governments, PAS not excluded.

Could it be a nasty fallout from granting absolute power to a bunch of bullies, as had happened at the Zuok nightclub, when raiding JAWI religious officers degenerated into disgraceful depraved demons, lustful monsters who abused their powers to humiliate as well as terrorise young Muslim women.

Yes, bullies, being the cowards they really are, usually start bullying the weaker gender.

Matters of the heart such as faith should be left to individuals. It is not the state to meddle in matters of the heart.

There is no value in observing a faith that was made through coercion. Coercing people to believe in a faith they have no believe anymore through state’s coercive tools only turn them into hypocrites.

People are created free and any effort of the state to coerce people from embracing or leaving a faith is worthless and futile.

Indeed ...  though I opine PAS won't give two figs about his advice.

So now, what will happen when we have a PAS that has voiced its preparedness to renege on an agreed Pakatan policy regarding the PM-ship and its covert Islamic aim to implement hudud to replace the secular civil justice system once it comes into power?

Have PKR and DAP unwittingly entered into a Faustian pact with PAS?

To be continued ...


  1. Sebut hudud salah. Tak sebut hudud pun salah. Apa sebenarnya kau nak, ktemoc?

  2. Sungguh angkuh sekali penulis ini, seolah pkr dan dap tidak mendapat faedah dari bkerjasama dengan pas. Bila semua perkara diberi interpretasi negatif, maka memangla hasilnya negatif.. tak paham ke pemikiran dia bukannya diterima oleh semua, jadi belajar2 la berbudi bahasa dalam pada tidak setuju akan sesuatu.. ingat pas tu terdiri dari 10 orang ke, yang mempunyai pemikiran yang sama.. kalau inipun tak paham tak payah la nak tunjuk pandai, kalau nak kenal orang punya isi hati, adalah dengan bersikap terbuka dan berkawan dengan ikhlas, walaupun dengan mereka yg berbeza pendapat, bukan dengan berlagak pandai seolah boleh membaca pemikiran orang.. dan memandang rendah pada mereka yg kau anggap kolot..

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  4. Anwar is toast the moment PAS decides the PM post belongs to them.
    As far as Malay votes go, Pakatan is heavily dependent on PAS machinery, because PKR doesn't have one in most areas.

  5. The average non-Muslim Malaysian would have felt very uncomfortable and out of place in the PAS muktamar hall. Like a stranger in a strange country.

    Are you 'Non' dudes really ready vote in that kopiah crowd ? Hatred for BN is not a good basis for voting in a new government.

  6. screw PAS, i'm going to vote BN this time round. i don want malaysia to become like another iran.

  7. "screw PAS, i'm going to vote BN this time round. i don want malaysia to become like another iran."

    I think that is precisely what Ktemoc is suggesting, in his long-winded, circumlocutious way of writing...

    Next he will write (effectively) "screw Anwar Ibrahim and PKR - vote BN"....

    I think Ktemoc remains a DAP supporter , though, but in all other situations, he's suspect.

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