Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another military dud torpedo

Early this month, after viewing Malaysiakini's 'Scorpenes to prevent repeat of 1511 attack on Malacca', I (initially) wakakaka-ed at the laughable lunatic ludicrousness of such an absurd asinine assertion by Malaysia's top naval man, RMN chief Laksamana Abdul Aziz.

But immediately after I had gotten over the guffawing, I realized the import (or disaster) of such a public statement by the Malaysian Navy Chief  for us Malaysians, and began cringing with shame and embarrassment.

How the f* did we go so very wrong in the development of our senior military officers?

As Sakmongkol AK47 commented on that statement in The Malaysian Insider:

"We must remember to sack the imbecilic navy chief when PR takes over the government. [...] The reason given by the navy chief must be taken as signs of incompetence spawned by an inept and corrupt government."

Today, when I saw Malaysiakini’s US nuclear warships bring 'economic benefits' I read with much trepidation what Deputy Defence Minister Abdul Latiff Ahmad said about US aircraft carriers docking at Port Klang being 'not an issue' for Malaysia.

The pathetic political pygmy from UMNO said that allowing the US nuclear-powered warship into its waters has been acceptable, despite Malaysia being part of Southeast Asia's Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality (Zopfan), because the US ship did not carry any nuclear arms.

As before I wanted to laugh but then remembering my earlier mistake, cringed (again) instead.

PKR's Tian Chua had in Parliament asked that wretched witless Wunderkind: "I don't think it's not an issue... as you said, we provide repairs and supplies. Do you know that the aircraft carriers is part of the US strike force for the Gulf countries.”

"A warning was issued against their presence in Iran, which is seen as a provocative move. What exactly is the government's stand on this?"

For obvious reason he evaded Tian's trap for Muslim him and UMNO, with the Deputy Speaker intervening to save him from his inability or refusal to answer directly to Tian's question. The Deputy Speaker censured Tian for repeating the question and of course acted dunno when Tian argued that the wretched witless Wunderkind had not answered his question at all.

There is one issue I want to address before I come to the words of that wretched witless Wunderkind.

Firstly, it's about his statement that "... allowing the US nuclear-powered warship into its waters was acceptable ...".

Quite frankly, there's f* all Malaysia could or can do even if the USN declared/declares its warship carries nuclear armaments and intends to sail through the Straits of Malacca, unless of course, the Lord Nelson-ish modern day Hang Tuah, our remarkable Malaysian Navy Chief, sends his two Scorpene submarines to attack the US Navy (instead of waiting endlessly for a descendant of Afonso de Albuquerque and the Portuguese Armada to invade Malacca), wakakaka.

Because Malaysia and Indonesian territorial waters have been extended from 3 to 12 nm in 1982, there is no or hardly any high seas for a third nation's ship to sail through the Straits of Malacca without entering the waters of the two SE Asian nations (and f* Singapore, wakakaka).

USS Washington

Besides, the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea III (UNCLOSS III) allows any 3rd party nation the right of "innocent passage" through such straits as the Straits of Malacca.

"Innocent passage" is defined by UNCLOSS III as passing through waters in an expeditious and continuous manner, which is not "prejudicial to the peace, good order or the security" of the coastal state.

Additionally, the US has always made it a point that it would not tolerate any country in SE Asia denying its warships passage (innocent or otherwise) through the vital sea lane in the Straits of Malacca.

Yes, Malaysia can say USN ships are not allowed to dock at Port Klang or any Malaysian ports but "... sailing into Malaysian waters such as the Straits of Malacca ...?

Okay, I will give that dimwit the benefit of the doubt when he recklessly said it was okay for US warships to sail "... into [Malaysian] waters ...".

But it's another thing altogether for him to assert that the US aircraft carrier and accompanying escort ships (like battlecruisers and destroyers) did not carry any nuclear arms. That was totally reckless, uninformed and, for a defence minister, an unmitigated joke.

USN nuclear-armed battlecruiser USS Ticonderoga

The US Navy has a strict policy of never confirming whether its warships carry nuclear armaments.

It has been this policy that had set the USA at odds with its ANZUS ally, New Zealand.

New Zealand, then under the PM-ship of David Lange enacted the NZ Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament & Arms Control Act 1987, which prohibits entry into NZ territorial waters (12 nm radius) by any ship whose propulsion is wholly or partly dependent on nuclear power ... or have any control over any nuclear explosive device.

David Lange

Because US policy does not admit carriage of nuclear devices on its warships, NZ would not allow US warships to enter its territorial waters, let alone dock at NZ ports. 

For years the US has applied diplomacy, deprivation of military support/obligations under the ANZUS Pact, and threats including denial of free trade agreements to get the NZ government to withdraw that ACT, but the NZ public is so supportive of the Act that neither major political parties dares do that.

So, how did our dimwit know that USS Washington did not carry any nuclear arms. Au contraire, it is more than likely the aircraft carrier has been and is still carrying a battery of such devices.

Was that wretched witless Wunderkind briefed by the Department of the Navy, or more probable, was he lying through his rotten teeth with his tap dancing (from Tian Chua's trap) and extraordinary excruciating extemporaneous parliamentary bull, abetted by another Wunderkind, the deputy speaker?

But more importantly, hasn't the wretched witless Wunderkind realized after the Naval Chief's dim-witted dungu debacle about forestalling a possible attack by the Portuguese Armada that his remarks would be published around the world, and not confined to within the Heartland for only domestic consumption?

As if that was not bad enough, our pompous pathetic political pygmy said: "We have to ensure that there are no nuclear leakages or radiation, etc. We give the green light after all procedures are adhered to."

His Bull is certainly of Godzilla proportion, equal to the size and complement of the USS Washington!

You all know I have not been a supporter of the ABU campaign - and why, wakakaka - and had only recently gave grudging acceptance of that Bro Harris' promotion, most reluctantly and with many qualifications and reservations, but it's moment like this that I believe there may be something in ABU after all, if only to remove such morons.


  1. I heard that there is some kind of collaboration or cooperation between the US armed forces and ours. According to this website, there were US marines & Navy staff on Malaysian soil, working together and also having a good time :

    While the politicians regularly indulge in anti-Yankee rhetoric, they are also realistic.

  2. As a matter of policy, the US will never confirm or deny that its warships carry nuclear weapons.

    However, authoritative sources have asserted that any US aircraft carrier battle group will sail with enough nuclear weapons to thoroughly destroy any nation on earth.
    Its part of their ultimate deterence. Even if a foe were able to destroy the continental United States, any of its missile submarines (the invisible force) or its carrier battle groups (the visible force) can exact whatever nuclear retribution is necessary.

  3. What 's with 1511 statement? Is so obvious that the sub is to defend against foreign aggression! We had once 500 years ago, and we will never let it happen again, ever! Better than some other country fight only with machine gun not. And what's who wrong nuke ship at our port? Dude, Nimitz is popular with tourist attraction, and when the ship docked at our port, we can make money of it. What you know about economy?!

  4. You think the sub is for tourist attraction? Of course they are for to fight against foreigner invasion! We will prevent invasion similar to 1511 and protect our sovereignty!

  5. I heard the Red Light "establishments" in town were very happy with the nuclear warship visit.

  6. Abdul Latiff Ahmad is known as a lightweight (and a lighthead). Once the moronic statement was written - and those who crafted it must have been quite aware how dumb it was - they had to get an airhead to present it in it went...

    Unfortunately, MPs like Tian Chua make it difficult to justify voting for PKR....his past antics have been infamous....

    That's why I no longer live in Malaysia...

  7. "the sub is to defend against foreign aggression"

    The operating tactics for submarines can be summarised in one short sentence - Run Silent, Run Deep.

    Much of the seas around Malaysia have an average depth of 40 metres, except for the Northeastern corner of Sabah.
    For a submarine, against a modern professionally trained and equipped navy, that amounts to a death trap.

    Those Scorpenes may have a very short life if they ever went into action.

  8. Anon of 11:46 PM, November 22, 2012, nothing wrong with a nuke ship but then in stating there was no nuke on board, the deputy defence minister had MISLED parliament, which in parliamentary rules is a VERY SERIOUS OFFENCE and should lead to the suspension of that MP.

  9. 1511 never happened again? What about the Thais, Dutch, British, Japanese ... and now, wakakaka, Indonesians

  10. There is a 1511 happening recently in our geographical region : China - the latest bully in the South East Asian road, great territory-grabber. They draw their nine-dash-line of claims right up to our doorstep in Sabah & Sarawak! And beat the shit out those Filipinos & Viets. Yes, send our Scorpenes there and reclaim out Spratleys!

  11. Anon of 12:09 PM, November 23, 2012, I would like to propose you become the Chief of the Malaysian Navy because your assessment is zillion of times superior to that pathetic naval chief who wants to wait for the 1511 Portuguese navy to return, wakakaka.

  12. I propose Laksamana Bujang Lapuk...for Chief of Malaysian Navy.