Sunday, November 11, 2012

P-cube 2 - Gentlemen and hooligans

Continuing with my P-cube series of short posts.

'Tis said soccer is a game designed for gentlemen but played by hooligans.

'Tis said rugby (union) is a game designed for hooligans but played by gentlemen.

'Tis said hockey is a game designed for and played by both gentlemen and hooligans.


  1. Real gentlemen are losers10:33 pm, November 11, 2012

    My experience is that most men are really hooligans. Some have had the benefit of socialization which enables them to diplay a veneer of 'civility' which allows them to pass off as 'gentlemen'. It's all a matter of personal marketing.

  2. Real gentlemen are losers10:37 pm, November 11, 2012

    And I would add that most women are bitches.''Ladies" are also just a superficial veneer of socialization.

  3. Dear Gentlemen Are Losers,

    My deepest commiseration to you....obviously you seem to meet only assh*les (both the male and female species) in your miserable life. But do take heart, tis said that birds of a feather flock together. So you are obviously not alone eh ? What do you do when you see a hooligan every morning when you look into the mirror ?

    Some would advise you take a soul detox by taking a hiatus in a remote farway place to mingle with the 'purer' souls there....may be in due time, you might find your soul back and take a more kindly view of humanity. Good luck.

  4. As if readers do not know this famous descriptions that needs ktee to copy and tell us.

  5. They said politics are played by hooligans, gangsters, ogres and vampires.
    So true. The perfect specimen is Anwar Ibrahim whom wife and daughters (not son) called Gift of Allah.
    That's saying Allah's name in vain.
    That scum of the earth is so thrilled when his lickers call him Pak Sheikh.
    Sheikh of Araby? Of course not. Sheikh of Sodom and Gomorrah - that's so him.

  6. Buttercup 8.58 am - how about our de factor law minister with his f-word in a press conference recently, his son's antics ...?

  7. Talking about politicians' behaviour, the recent hoo-haa about the Batu Caves condo is an interesting example :

    First, the Selayang council approved the project during BN's reign.

    MIC lead by Samy Vellu led a protest on OCt 26, including Kohilan.

    Then it was discovered that Kohilan was among the council members who approved the project.

    When confronted by theSun he stonewalled.

    Today, on Deepavali, Najib promised to cancel the project if BN wins.

  8. Malaysia is a country with a Constution designed (originally) by gentlemen, which is now run by a Federal government party led by , and full of hooligans.