Thursday, November 29, 2012

Political WTF 1 - Musa Hassan

Could/will it be!

Is it be likely that Musa Hassan will re-occupy his old job as IGP PDRM if Anwar Ibrahim becomes PM?

I ask only because the ex IGP, one of the most despised and most accused person, has lately been rubbing pally-buddy shoulders with PKR-affiliated NGOs, and making virtually anti-Government statements and accusations, some of which, laughingly, had been attributed to his term as IGP.

Has there been a done deal between Musa Hassan and PKR?

Or, is the ex IGP just another Dr M, wanting to rewrite his place and performance in Malaysian history?


  1. Forget it. PKR won't get to rule. God have chosen UMNO to rule this land.

  2. I agree with both Anons 8.25pm and 8.27pm.

    I don't believe this at all. Nonsense. Are you on Kool-Aid? If my memory serves me right, this is the FIRST time I disagree with you.

  3. Haiya, KT, this posting of yours is unbecoming of you and fall far from your standards. It sounds like a piece of irrelevant, toilet-urinal gossip - the kind that Utusan, Kosma, Metra are very good at.

    Anyway, don't you know - Old cops never die, they just get recycled.

  4. Uh oh - it's Kosmo and Metro.
    Too, lazy to check before posting lah!

  5. PR is like the rinse cycle in the washing machine....all the dirties get cleansed once they crossed over to PR....the corrupt becomes instantly transformed to 'clean and good' guys, no need to say sorry or repent and account for their previous crimes and return the stolen booty.

    And apologists not lacking either, filled to the brim, when it comes to explaining away those talibans' attempt to turn this multiracial country into a full fledge islamic state with full shariah laws and medieval practices.

    Why must it be either the UMNOes or the PASes ? Where is the 3rd force when we really need one ?

  6. kt,

    i tot this was the man who was openly accused of not telling the truth in court during rosli dahlan's trial.

    if so, how to vote for pr and risk having him as igp again?