Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Haram-ish heels-dragging & tap-dancing PAS

Star Online - Nik Aziz admits ‘oversight’ in gender policy on hair-cutting

... but as I commented on same article in Malaysia-Today, PAS is merely making a tactical withdrawal because it badly needs non-Muslim votes in the coming general election.

'Tactical withdrawal' means its strategic intent is still to impose Islamic laws on everyone and to f* with the non-Muslims.

Notably, nowhere in the Star article has PAS said one single word that Islamic laws do NOT apply to non-Muslims.

Besides, it took PAS several days after the unisex haircut brouhaha before it was prepared to crawl out to make a half-hearted and vague statement.

That the PAS Kelantan government mumbled "... did not intent to implement any Islamic moral laws on non-Muslims ..." is nothing more than a hypocritical 'ooops' and not the same as stating explicitly that it is NOT imposing Islamic laws on non-Muslims.

If fact, the news article reported:

However, it has yet to decide whether to revoke the municipal by-law that prohibits women and men hairstylists from attending to customers who are of the opposite gender, regardless of whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims.

“I will bring it up at the state exco meeting to be confirmed
before making any official stand on the issue,” Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat said yesterday.

... meaning, the official stand could be anything ...

“First and foremost, we must up-hold the Syariah-based laws. Insya Allah (God willing),” he said, responding to questions on whether he would consider the appeals by hair salons to either scrap or review such by-laws.

... tap dancing again ...

“It is possible because they (those who object) are non-Muslims.

... surprise surprise ... [but basically a Bullshit act dunno!]

“Islam allows them to practise their culture, as long as it is not in violation of the (Islamic) religion.”

As can be read, Pak Haji Nik Aziz has been heels-dragging tactics, when it could easily come out firmly with a government ruling that syariah laws would NOT apply to non-Muslims, full stop.

Instead, and very ominously, he said “Islam allows them to practise their culture, as long as it is not in violation of the (Islamic) religion”, which is the same as saying Islam laws does apply to non-Muslims.

Meanwhile, PAS President said in KL: ... the Kelantan Government did not intend to implement any Islamic “moral” laws on non-Muslims. This was proven with the introduction of the Syariah Criminal Code (11) Enactment, which did not apply to non-Muslims.

But if it already has, then why couldn't Pak Haji Hadi Awang come out with a simple statement, that Islamic rules do NOT apply to non-Muslims, full stop!

Instead, he tap-danced around with words like “The party central committee ... is ready to consider suggestions from non-Muslim groups on the best ways of solving this problem based on the concept of freedom of religion for non-Muslims” and ...

... “PAS is committed to solving any problems through discussions.” 

All we want is no no no, not heels-dragging 'discussion', and not the bullshit of 'offering suggestions', BUT for PAS to fulfil its promise and state unequivocally and explicitly that it would NOT apply Islamic laws on non-Muslims.


  1. The writer must b blind.

    At least in a PAS led govt, you can get hear Nik Aziz talking about a review and possibility of a cancellation of the rules for non Muslims.

    In a Barisan Najis govt, this law would have been rammed straight down your throats, if u dont like it get out of Malaysia threat. ala Lynas!

    Understand the difference between a PAS govt and a Barisan Najis govt or not.

    And when future Kuantan babies grows 3 hands and 6 legs, maybe u will start to realise whats the priority, getting your hair cut by males or females or your future mutant babies is more important.


  2. so malaysians, continue voting Barisan Najis by all means.

    U deserve the govt u vote for.


  3. Blind? I'm just holding PAS to its words that Islamic laws would not be imposed on non-Muslims. That's the crux of the whole issue.

    If it can't keep its words now, how do we expect it to keep its words when it's in federal power.

    Whether we vote for BN or not is a separate issue (and a very childish merajuking sulk) but not voting for BN doesn't mean we should vote for PAS.

  4. PAS screwed up on this one. With a little more hoo-haa and pressure the summons will be canceled.

    Now, on the other side of the divide, Sharizat is invoking the May 13 ghosts, with the following logic :

    UMNO loses -> Malays weak -> country unstable -> May 13 v2.0.

    See if we can pressure her to stop such kind of provocative talk.

  5. but not voting for BN doesn't mean we should vote for PAS.

    ??? what kind of logic is this ? so means what ?? stay at home during elections izit when it comes to a BN candidate vs a PAS candidate ?

    what nonsense statement


  6. If it can't keep its words now, how do we expect it to keep its words when it's in federal power.

    PAS anyway may very well reverse the policy anyway for non Muslims like Nik Aziz said. So lets see first.

    In any event at least u have feedback from PAS.

    This is not something u will get from Barisan Najis MOFOs.

    its not a separate matter, its THE ONLY THING that matters !


  7. and luckily its PAS i am defending today lest some stupid idiot who usually blindly accuses all and sundry Pakatan supporters who stand up to his DSAI hatred as a Anwarista !


  8. PAS in Kelantan actually has a long history of respecting the rights of non-Muslims, and by-and-large has not imposed restrictions on non-Muslims.
    The penalty that was imposed on the hairdressing salon was more of an abberation.

    Have you ever been to Kelantan ?
    Or just read MCA-controlled STAR articles about Kelantan.

  9. whether I read Star or not is irrelevant as PAS has admitted so, as depicted in my post.

    Aha, that "hatred" word - only anwaristas would use it.

  10. Let's get this straight: Religious fanatics WILL NEVER QUIT in their attempts to impose their way of life on EVERYONE until they succeed.

  11. yeah yeah yeah, getting yr hair cut by male or female is super important.

    yada yada yada abt religious fanataics.

    purleeez, get a life lah!


  12. Anyone knows of any full fledged islamic country that allows exemptions for their non muslims citizens as far as laws and rulings are concerned ?

    If and when PAS has federal power and Hadi becomes the PM, it is shariah laws for ALL, period.

    This hair incident is a hint of things to come should the turbaned ones sit in the driver's seat. Discussion eh ? Check out the MB in the northern state with his carved in God's stone fatwas. Discussions are only possible precisely because GE13 is just round the corner. It is perfectly A OK for islamists to renegade later on to the kuffars as long their holy objectives are achieved....

    They might be raving fanatics, but even they know that these kuffars' votes are crucial for their setting of their decades' wait to implement their long-sought-for islamic state.

    When PAS takes over, hair salons and the banning of Elton John's concert will be piffling concerns. The real hair-raising stuff awaits.

  13. This blog author has a highly prejudiced, non-fact based stance towards Anwar and PKR.
    I used to think it was just some personal bug about Anwar/PKR - a bit understandable, everyone has such blind spots.

    Reading this highly judgemental article about PAS, lacking in real knowledge and understanding, I realise this is actually a broader defect in the mental makeup of the blogger.

    Bye...what a waste of gigabytes...

  14. the toothless fella7:55 am, November 29, 2012

    This is a non hudud issue.Making a moth hole out of an ant hole.Hehehe.PAS and Hadi has the last laugh.

  15. Hi dearest Kaytee.

    I never trust this turban man. He speaks in forked tongues. Haram has become halal and halal has become haram according to his whims and fancies. To suit his 'affair' with DAP.
    Yesterday yes, Today no, Tomorrow Maybe.
    Wonder how long is his hair? Maybe his two wives take turns with the young sexy one giving better massage than the Amoi hairdressers.
    But to me this 'saintly man' is impotent.

  16. this is sort of chicken egg problem, if non muslim reject pas entirely, would pas come up with welfare state, policy not apply to non muslim, n pas for all? ergo it is crucial for non muslim to give our vote to pas and pull them to the middle.

    the saying that "not voting for BN doesn't mean we should vote for PAS." is one that sound childish, we will only run in circle to nowhere. hence i suspect petra, kt and his sweetheart is either blinded by hatred, or childish, or have a role as bn propagandist.

    that said, the gender haircut is not a small issue, it reflect pas values and attitude, we must speak up and let pas/pr know our stance and wish.

  17. There is a fundamental flaw in this whole episode on PR. We can't go on further having rules to differentiate Muslims and non Muslims. We will be less and less Malaysians. We are going to head further into religious schism.
    We can't have supermarket queues for Muslims and non Muslims. Cinemas for Muslims and non Muslims. Perpetuate futher Schools for Muslims and non Muslims. Concerts for muslims and non muslims. We are going to further live apart and divided. How can we be Malaysian first.
    We should put our foot down. Something's need not be regulated should not be regulated. Shopping queues for example. Just say no. Banning of cinemas. What's wrong with this? Then After this what? Separate trains for muslims and non muslims? Separate hotels for muslims and non muslims? Just say no and we should not only fight for separate rules on Muslims and non Muslims.
    My main gripe about pas is their intrusion of unnecessary social conduct further splitting us apart. I can agree that laws be based on society's mores and values. But to regulate queues or monitoring hair shop is not part of our mores. We regulate what's necessary.
    For Muslims to many hudud is still the main ingredient. I can buy this but disagree that it should be implemented on Muslims only. Islamic treatises show it applies to all. The Muslims instead must get the buy in from all to implement. But you cannot have separate penal criminal provisions for Muslims and non Muslims. Once you do this, then we will go into this flawed logic we must always live separately. From different religious schools to separate supermarket to separate cinemas to separate trains to etc etc. have we lost our senses?

  18. ellese, long time no read from u. a few point.

    1) the flaw is not pr exclusive, our const allow dual law, i can agree pas aggravate the problem.

    2) i think pas apply their policy to all, not basing on muslim / non muslim, but never make clear on hudud. i personally dont subscribe or think it is practical to have diff law for diff people (hudud). in this aspect, i think pas is purely politicking.

    3)i hope there is more muslim to come out and say no to regulation on gender, some rule n regulation is estremely ridiculous. however i am not sure is that is a religion thing or merely own delusion hence most of the time, i prefer not to comment.

  19. elisee is back.hehehe.

    Hei honey,ni how ma.

  20. Yoohoo, Buttercup of 8:45 AM 29/11:

    Yo! Buttercup, dah lama tak jumpa kau disini. Is that really you?

    You wrote: "Wonder how long is his hair? Maybe his two wives take turns with the young sexy one giving better massage than the Amoi hairdressers."

    OmiGosh - you getting quite vulgar lah! Quite uncharacteristic of the way you write. Maybe someone pretending to be you!??

  21. I like the way sunwayopal writes - direct, in-your-face, blunt, no apologies!

    Hey, sunwayopal, way to go! I like your style even though it's not Oppa Gangnam Style! hehehe

  22. you jokers are blinded by ABU if you think this is a non hudud issue.

    this is exactly the "backdoor" practise that PAS trying to implement , eg in Selangor with the beer sales...etc

    KT is just stating the fact that PAS has never says no hudud for non-muslim and in fact, PAS is trying very hard not to even mention that phrase because they don't get bit in the ass later.

    A simple press statement from PAS will do, then doesn't matter if the report comes from the Star or Malaysiakini ... apa cakap Tok Guru?

  23. Yalah. it's not Buttercup lah. Buttercup is so posh and polish. Maybe it's Monsterball who hates Buttercup. Now our ball pal is at Sakmongol's blog. Here he used other people's name.

  24. Hey, Reezal say UMNO is God's chosen one.... Don't you dare vote against God's choice in the coming GE13!


  26. "eg in Selangor with the beer sales...etc"

    So ??...I just bought beer at a 7-Eleven a few nights ago in Subang Jaya...didn't notice anything amisss...

    That's the problem with people who only look at headlines without considering reality on the ground.

    Anon 4.29 PM

  27. Dear HY,

    Have been away.

    1) our dual law system has limits. Thus Islamic banking will be under civil jurisdiction. The laws on cinemas hair salon and queuing should be under local planning and authority jurisdiction. Thus pas Kelantan passed the regulations for both Muslims and non Muslims. Its still a valid law and enforceable against non Muslims. That's why they can issue summons.
    2) To regulate queing cinema salons etc is not a necessity. Ie if you don't regulate It's still fine. It can be commendable but not an obligation like hudud. PAS wants to create a new social more. This is not necessary. There are more bigger issue than this like economy health education etc which PAS is weak on.
    3) many have not contemplated this. If PAS is so strong and they merge with UMNO (ie Umno under tutelage) then its a whole new ball game. We move from race based to religious base. There will not be options for Muslims for check and balance. Most Muslims are not very well verse in religion as those from PAS and it will be a one way street.
    4) I prefer PAS to compete with UMNO on Islam. One pushing conservatively and the other pulling in a different way.. We have check and balance. Though Islamization will creep in further it will be acceptable to many. A case in point is the concept of Islamic state. Mahathirs conception of Islamic state is similar to LKS secular state in pith and substance. By doing that it opens up further debates on what constitute an Islamic state. If PAS dominates it will be one way interpretation and none can disagree. Whatever you say other non Muslims parties including DAP will not have leverage then.

  28. hi ellese.

    pas deed is no diff with mao cultursl revolution, not sure if u r familiar with china contemporary history though, both r with sacred and well intention but ignore the basic human feature of greed and wants to seek for better life, in materialistic context. like u said it is commendable but rarely work in the long term, unless they have a solution for economy slow growth.

    the possibility that pas merge with umno is there but not likely, unless umno lose badly. there is always left n right whether we like it or not, hence in the long term, malay /malaysian will split no matter how unless there is external force that brough the divide back to one. we need the check n balance whoever they are.

    i personally dont think umno change much, we can/could observe this thru the umno gen. assembly. umno need new blood for the good of our country. this can only happen when they lose power.

  29. I better read more in the revolution. Btw, if you don't mind, I'm impressed by your deep knowledge of Chinese history and philosophy and wonder whether most of these are self read or learned in uni/ school.

    On the parties, I think all parties have changed be it bn and pr since 08. This is directly brought by the competition of a two party system. Weved come a long way since then. Previously I thought were so far of from the social cohesion value of our constitution. But now a lot of realism have set in and being appreciated. My main concern now is that many are still not fighting for cause but personality. Will write more on this.

  30. I'm a Muslim, and i say NO to hudud.

    Muslims should learn more where this so-called hudud came from. Once they understand the origins, the support will dwindle and we can close this chapter forever.

    This problem is not PAS specific, but for Muslims in general, they just don't understand enough and nod mindlessly at what PAS says. Education is the issue here.

    To not vote for BN does not mean that you should vote for PAS. This statement is not childish, its being realistic. More people should think like this.

    If you have no choice, then not making a choice is the way to go. It is your way to speak up and tell the politicians- WE want better candidates, and we don't agree with your policies.

    I can't believe people are actually considering of voting for a Religious Party. It is definitely a step backwards. One that many developed countries have overcome and buried 100ft underground.

  31. Hi Bro, your comments reveal that you are apparently a reasonable, level-headed person. It is good if you'll continue to contibute your views here. There are probably very few Muslims participating here - you and Buttercup being the known ones.

    A diversity of views makes the discussion/forum more dynamic and "pedas". That's why sunwayopal, a minority dissenting voice, is so refreshing. To have everyone in total agreement with each other's views will definitely be mind-numbingly boring.

  32. Bro - 6:12 PM December 1

    Your viewpoint about hudud is also shared by Syed Akbar Ali who often castigates religious leaders for their wrong-headedness in his blog.

    He is of the opinion that most of those who take up a religious career are rejects from other more rigorous academic disciplines like science and engineering. In other words, they are of low intellectual calibre and hence find themselves naturally gravitating to a much less demanding course like religious studies. What he writes makes a lot of sense.