Monday, November 19, 2012

The python hanging around the ceiling fan

I never thought this day would come when I ........

In fact I'm embarrassed to say it ........ but alas, I must brace my gonads and say it.

Okay, here goes - I feel sorry for Anwar Ibrahim.

There ........ I have done it. Now, should I go and wash my mouth, wakakaka!

Most of you know I dislike him, mind you, not as a private person, but as a politician. That's because he has always refused to accept his mistakes, wrong doings/utterances, etc when he was in UMNO in various ministerial capacities, even up to DPM/acting PM. And he has the cheek to promote himself as a political reformer without dealing honestly with his UMNO-demon.

If only he had bared his breast (not physically of course, yuck) and said, just as an example: "Look, I admit I had f* it up kau kau when I was in UMNO. I was ... la-li-da, yadda, yadda ... but now I'm different. Forgive my past because I want to start afresh, on a clean plate. I have learned from my mistakes which I believe can strengthen my resolve to remedy that I had taken part in ...", what a difference that would have made to many people like me.

We all have a capacity to forgive, but not someone who treated us like fools as if there was no evidence of his nasty performance during his 16-years tenure in UMNO?

But when I read of PAS' treachery against a Pakatan agreement, with the potential to AGAIN deny Anwar Ibrahim from his wannabe destiny to assume the PM's post, this time through no fault of his, I feel really sorry for him.

A couple of Shakespearean quotes for you then, my dear readers - yesterday I poked fun at Pak Haji Hadi Awang by quoting Mark Anthony's speech as per Act II, Scene 3 in Shakespeare's 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar:

You all did see that on the Lupercal
I thrice presented him a kingly crown,
Which he did thrice refuse: was this

... adding that the Roman senators who ganged up as the Liberatores (Liberators) suspected Julius Caesar of bersandiwara-ing when he refused the crown 3 times, though mind you, at least, he didn't say “Saya lebih rela jadi khadam daripada PM" (I’d rather be a servant to the country and the people).

Caesar didn't have the opportunity to say "I accept" but Pak Haji Hadi Awang did, stating in Kota Bharu yesterday "I welcome being elected as the prime minister ... but I ask Allah to grant us victory."

No one had elected him - he was nominated by his own party, but never mind.

PAS is so damn confident it will emerge as the Pakatan component party with the most number of seats, standing in 60 choice federal constituencies that, on the eve of GE-13, it has made its most alarming aggressive avaricious move.

As I stated in a post over at Malaysia-Today (very much expanded here): ... insofar as who in a winning coalition shall assume the PM post, on the basis of convention, if PAS wins far more seats than PKR, then it should rightfully have a claim to the PM position.

However, I added: ... but a coalition is also based on cooperation and agreed policies, arrived at by consensus prior to victory and we need to remember that it's precisely that consensus which permits the coalition to work together with synthesized syncretised and synchronized strength as a unified political entity, thus the very instrument which ensures and enables victory for Pakatan. Therefore the consensus must be respected and honoured.

One fundamental Pakatan consensus or agreement has been that Anwar Ibrahim shall be the PM of a Pakatan government. Regrettably, PAS on the eve of a Pakatan victory has grown selfish, arrogant and hubristic, and is now publicly indicating it will renege on the consensus.

PAS in indicating its dishonourable intention, has demonstrated bad faith in not respecting a coalition agreement. What other coalition agreements will PAS abandon arrogantly, disrespectfully and dishonourably?

PKR and DAP must now have second thoughts about the reliability, integrity and sincerity of such a so-called ally.

In the lead up to the 2004 GE, PAS in its pre-election campaign showed it was being two-face, presenting only the ‘moderate’ one to the non-Muslims because it wanted their votes, as it does today to enable the party to secure 60 federal seats.

But we now have to ask again as we did in 2004, once these votes have sent PAS into federal power, what ‘face’ will it then reveal?

More importantly, while we know PAS wants to implement hudud, will it maintain its promise not to apply the Islamic code of criminal punishment to non-Muslims?

Did I just head ‘yes’? But didn't PAS say ‘yes’ too to Anwar Ibrahim becoming the PM of a Pakatan government?

Pak Haji Hadi Awang's "reluctant" acceptance of the PAS proposal for him to be PM has not only been arrogant (as he didn't even bother to consult/discuss that with PKR or DAP) but truly calls for a second Shakespearean quotation, yes, another one by Mark Anthony:

For Brutus, as you know, was Caesar's angel.
Judge, O you gods, how dearly Caesar lov'd him!
This was the most unkindest cut of all;
For when the noble Caesar saw him stab,
Ingratitude, more strong than traitors' arms,
Quite vanquish'd him: then burst his mighty

- Tragedy of Julius Caesar (Act III, Scene 2)

Indeed, Hadi Awang's unilateral acceptance of his party's arrogant and selfish go-it-alone nomination of him as the Pakatan PM was 'the most unkindest cut of all' for Anwar Ibrahim.

As per Shakespeare's words, it would be PAS' treachery, especially Hadi Awang's, that will finish off Anwar - 'Ingratitude, more strong than traitors' arms, Quite vanquish'd him: then burst his mighty heart'.

The PAS scorpion just has to be true to its venomous nature, stinging its vital carriage even in mid stream, for Anwar Ibrahim has indeed been its carriage, carrying the Islamic Party across the stream to (be acceptable to) the non-Muslim side.

Now I seriously wonder about the viability of the coalition, with such a treacherous and arrogant party within its midst.

In the midst of such treachery, Anwar Ibrahim should be relieved to hear Lim Guan Eng joining his father in affirming DAP's support for Anwar Ibrahim to be PM.

Let's consider a few possible scenarios, assuming Pakatan will win GE-13, and BN will not roll out the tanks, or declare a national emergency, or the number of votes counted will not exceed the number of registered voters for any particular constituency, wakakaka.

At last count, the Malaysian Parliament has a total of 222 federal seats, 166 in Peninsula and 56 for Sarawak and Sabah. To become the new ruling party/coalition, Pakatan must win a minimum of 112 seats. 

Say (using simple notional figures to project a hypothetical picture) and ignoring the kutu parties:

PAS contests 60, wins 45
PKR contests 66, wins 42
DAP contests 40, wins 30

Total for Pakatan = 117

Therefore BN wins 105

Leave aside UMNO's usual tactic in such an above situation, wakakaka.

Putting together the issue of who'll be PM and hudud, what then will most likely transpire when (not if) DAP says no to both PAS' demands for Hadi Awang to be PM and hudud to be implemented?

Three scenarios may occur:

(a) PAS accepts DAP's no, and Anwar becomes PM - no hudud is implemented.

(b) PAS says f* off to Pakatan and forms a United Islamic Front with UMNO (plus MCA, MIC and Gerakan, if any still survives) to form government, with an UMNO man (not necessarily Najib or Muhyiddin) still as PM while PAS picks up a few choice ministerial positions. Hudud is implemented as a quid pro quo for PAS joining UMNO as the new majority ruling coalition. And so sorry to poor Anwar.

(c) That boa constrictor (reticulated python) hanging around the ceiling fan called 'Malay Unity' suddenly drops down, and PAS, UMNO and the core section of PKR unite to form government, again with hudud implemented as a quid pro quo for PAS' willingness to join up with its old enemy UMNO which then becomes its rediscovered ethnic brother. I'm afraid poor Anwar will not be considered for the PM's position.

Hasan Ali rejoins PAS and becomes a cabinet member, as Minister of Technology (solar division, wakakaka) and Nasharudin is awarded the Tan Sri-ship. Most probably sorry again to poor Anwar.


  1. Kaytee,it is easier said than done.Hehehe.

  2. It is like the Hamas saying that they will not shoot anymore rockets into Israel,as long as Israel let it exist and everybody lives in peace.

  3. Hassan Ali as minister of Janator's Dept. of cleaners.

  4. How about your buddy,the Monsterball.Minister of Dentures?

  5. Kt,why not write something constructive of the old porno president of mca,CSL.Something sexy(hamsut).

  6. Do not be fooled by ktee's sympathy for Anwar.
    Read his many posts and know his character.

  7. PAS is counting the chicks before the eggs hatch. The issue of Hadi as PM-to-be will be played to the hilt and all other issues, scandals etc will be forgotten. And BN is quietly savouring another tactical victory without doing much.

  8. It is 'hamsup' not 'hamsut'.Hehehe.

  9. Barisan Najis MPs then becomes the king makers in event :-

    1) Barisan najis has lost in elections to Pakatan Rakyat

    2) The 3 Pakatan parties among themselves cannot agree on who becomes PM.

    In above event, you can b sure Barisan Najis MPs will support as PM the person who they think will most likely in the short term cause the break up of Pakatan Rakyat.

    DSAI has so far been the glue that has held Pakatan together much as u hate him.

    So u can almost bet your last bottom dollar Barisan Najis will support the person PAS puts forward as PM knowing that the opposition pact will crash within a few months.


  10. sunwayopal, you anwaristas sure do like extreme words such as 'hate'. As I have indicated in my post, I dislike him, not as a private person, but as a politician.

    But you guys are like Bush, that if a person doesn't like or love Anwar, he/she must "hate" him.


  11. Anwar's final words..

    "Et tu, Azmin?"


  12. me anwarista ?

    u must b nuts. I think it must drive u bonkers that there r so many Msians who would back DSAI to b PM.

    unlike u, we all know who is a bigger screw up in this country. There r lots of wrongs in this country that are greater than DSAI alone.


  13. Kaytee,
    I thought Mursi the current egyptian president is from the muslim brotherhood. Which supported Hamas. That calls for the destruction of Isreal till July 2009. So long the palestinians got the right of returns & East Jerusalem as the new capital of Palestine
    Let emphatise on Isreal's position. Possible meh? It's like asking the melayus to remove Islam as national religion.