Monday, November 05, 2012


Malaysians are very emotional about their politics, particularly in their political allegiance. For most of us, it's either black or white, with no shades of grey in between. One either loves or hates a political party, and one either loves or hates a political leader.

UMNO or PKR supporters wakakaka

It's called tribalism, and of the most acute Mrymidon-ish kind. But it's a more recent political phenomenon in Malaysia, coming into prominence after, I suspect, the acrimonious Mahathir-Anwar split.

Hence I see it'll be unlikely for Malaysian politics to develop into a mature 2-party system, let alone ever entertain that nebulous word 'bipartisanship'.

But there are other forms of emotions (including wakakaka-ism) that would rack us from time to time. Let me provide the following examples from my personal experience:

(a) Malaysiakini - 'Scorpenes to prevent repeat of 1511 attack on Malacca'

My emotion: First I guffawed at the ludicrousness of such an assertion. Then I cringed (and still do) with shame and embarrassment that such a moronic absurd statement could come from the mouth of Malaysia's top naval man, RMN chief Laksamana Abdul Aziz.

Portuguese man-of-war

How the f* did we go so very wrong in the development of our military officers?

As Sakmongkol AK47 wrote in The Malaysian Insider's The Navy Chief and the MCA Aryan Race:

"We must remember to sack the imbecilic navy chief when PR takes over the government. [...] The reason given by the navy chief must be taken as signs of incompetence spawned by an inept and corrupt government."

I like Sak's use of the word 'imbecilic' to describe that half-baked sailor and his half-past six nonsense.

(b) Malaysiakini - DAP's war truck goes missing in Johor

DAP truck named 'Afonso de Albuquerque', wakakaka 

My emotion: Ashamed that some people would resort to this sort of childish hooliganism. But DAP should take comfort that the truck was probably requisitioned as an essential war requirement for the defence of our shores ... against those marauding Portuguese, wakakaka.

(c) The Malaysian Insider - Arrested youth’s family fear Johor palace interference, urge cops to help

My emotion: Oh no, not again. But then, where is Dr Mahathir when you need him, wakakaka.

F* you ungrateful bastards, wakakaka

(d) The Malaysian Chronicle - 'Bin' & 'Binti' RUSE to force Islam on bumiputra Christians in Sabah & S'wak?

My emotions: What! Then snatching dead bodies, now snatching live ones!

The word 'bin' (from 'ben') is of Middle-Eastern origin, where we had:

Yeshua ben Yosef (Isa bin Yusuf - I hope you recognize this name; if you don't, ask my blogging mateys Susan Loone or Lucia Lai),

Jaazaniah ben Shaphan (taken from Ezekiel 8:11, Orthodox Jewish Bible), and

a relatively more recent one, David ben Gurion, etc.

I wonder whether they were Muslims?

But I'm just appalled at the NRD's avowed action, making it clear 'it would continue to list bumiputra Christians in Sabah as Muslims as long as they are known by bin or binti. It would also not rectify past entry errors by way of changing the religion listing back to Christianity in the identity cards (MyKad) of those affected.'

Unshamed (live) body snatching!

(e) Malaysiakini - PI Bala threatens to bare all if MACC keeps mum

My emotions: Yawnnnnn, not again please, this bloke has no credibility lah.

First, according to him (supported in several parts by his lawyer), he resolved bravely to tell the truth and planned for months to come out with his carefully crafted 1st SD. Revealed his SD with Anwar Ibrahim at a press conference. Why Anwar Ibrahim was there, we can only speculate - hmmm, maybe he was there to help Bala ring a (temple) bell, wakakaka.

Amazingly, after that press conference where he badmouthed the (then) DPM, he reported as required to the police station, alone, yes unaccompanied, though with his lawyer's knowledge but who didn't accompany him.

Brother Haris Ibrahim questioned this glaring incongruity deficiency when it's well known that the Malaysian police station (in competition with the MACC) has been the most dangerous place in the country. How in the world was he allowed to report to a police station unaccompanied by his lawyer when he had just made damning allegations against the DPM.

A day (or two) later, he released a 2nd SD repudiating all he wrote in the 1st, subsequently claiming he had to because he was threatened.

Buckled to threats after a day or two despite his original brave resolve and several months of planning and determination? Went to police station alone and not accompanied by his lawyer after serious allegations against the (then) DPM? How the f* does he expect me to believe him that the events were a result of his innocent naivety?

My suspicions about the two SDs in series have remained consistent, that they were planned as a package.

Now, he addressed MACC "I have given you enough time (to act), so far nothing has happened, zero."

"I am sitting here in India and cannot come back to Malaysia as I am afraid for my safety. I have got no job. How long do you think I can survive?"

Afraid for his safety? Cannot come back to Malaysia? Didn't he reveal earlier he was in and out of Malaysia several times since the 2nd SD? Pordah!

And don't threaten to reveal all. Just do it, or shut up!


  1. KT you are generalising too much. There is a sizable middle ground, and sometimes this causes the election results to swing from one party to another.

    The so-call party allegiance also happens in other countries, like in the US elections, and in Venezuela, as recent examples.

  2. Royal Malaysian Sampan6:33 pm, November 05, 2012

    Criteria for promotion to the Royal Malaysian Navy's senior commanding positions

    a) Politically subservient to UMNO and Barisan Nasional.
    b) Cooperative with artificially and massively inflated weapons procurement costs
    c) Accepts priority for non-military criteria in selection of weapons systems and contractors.
    d) Allegiance to Agama, Bangsa and Negara (last and least criteria)

    No wonder the idiot of a current incumbent talks the way he does..

  3. Weren't the CT's who fought in the jungle for decades surviving on subsistence rations, the archetypal Malaysian Myrmidon ?
    They continue to be a blight on the Malaysian political scene long after they are gone.
    The culture and attitude of the Ruling Party, Police and Military treating any political dissent as potentially dangerous subversion has its roots in the Emergency era, and continues to this day.

    You are either with us or against us......

  4. Supporters of the US Military (and they have included some very respected people, not nutcases) have frequently justified the massive power of the American military-intelligence machine as necessary to prevent another Pearl Harbour.

    Every country has its historical nightmares.
    America's is Pearl Harbour, December 7, 1941.
    Among Malays with a sense of history, it is Malacca, August 15, 1511 and the subsequent loss of sovereignity for the next four centuries.

  5. Could it be that Mr Bala is indirectly asking for more money to shut his mouth from you know whom ?

  6. "The word 'bin' (from 'ben') is of Middle-Eastern origin, where we had:

    Yeshua ben Yosef (Isa bin Yusuf - I hope you recognize this name; if you don't, ask my blogging mateys Susan Loone or Lucia Lai),

    Jaazaniah ben Shaphan (taken from Ezekiel 8:11, Orthodox Jewish Bible), and

    a relatively more recent one, David ben Gurion, etc.

    I wonder whether they were Muslims?"-----KT

    The malay muslims at one time or another were shaken to their core when they came to know that their "race" was just the converted muslims and that the muslim prophet Mohammad is not a malay and he was not born in Malaya and that Islam was brought to this shore by foreign traders and that only by watching P Ramlee's films like Semerah Padi did it dawned on them that prior to becoming muslims, they had names like Dara and Bawang ( just a single name, like some Indonesians now ) and the bin/binti ( "ben" ) was adopted after they convert to muslims. wakakaka

    But in their ketuanan deliriousness, they feel that malay is the supreme race and they have proprietary rights to words like Allah and Bin/Binti......

  7. Many of us are all for bipartisan politics . I don't want to reject something coming out of a politicans mouth just because he is from BN. But the life of me , can't recall anything intelligent , non racial and that contributes to nation building that had come out of a BN politicans mouth inthe last few years . I thought Saifuddin was different but he proved me wrong in hit recent tweet regarding nurul's statement on religion . Razaleigh often says the right thing but had not followed that with action . Ong tee Keat - he may be sincere but he is virtually someone like u and me now with absolutely no power to help this country to the right part and a vote for him will only keep this current regime that has been going around abusing every single wing of the coil service for its own interest , entrenched in power . And esp so as massove cheating on BN's part leaves no room for pakatan to lose a seat just because otk is a nice guy! like any party , Pakatan is not perfect and many Pakatan supporters have attacked Pakatan when they were wrong . This has helped purge the party of the likes of zul nordin and Hasan Ali . But at the end of the day giving Pakatan a go at running the country is going to be good for everyone - for Pakatan a chance to run the country , for the people a chance to take back control of who we want to lead us and for Barisan 2terms as opposition will help them purge themselves of all the dinosaurs running the party and allow the younger more progressive members a chance to come to the top. Right now many people join BNnot because of ideology but for govt contracts. If they are out of power , they can go about attracting people who really believe in their struggle and not opportunist . And we people should ensure that no party are allowed uninterrupted rule of this country lest they become arrogant self serving monsters that we created with the current Barisan .